The best moments from the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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  • Take a look at all the best moments from the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs
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  • Brandon Ramirez
    Brandon Ramirez 4 days ago


  • Jacob Swidorsky
    Jacob Swidorsky 5 days ago

    I find it hilarious that the Pens beat Washington in game 4 and almost in game 3 without Crosby or Letang.

  • R. M
    R. M 7 days ago

    Tortorella telling Columbus "you belong here" you don't.

  • Carter Kirkpatrick
    Carter Kirkpatrick 10 days ago

    This a very cool video

  • Delta and task force 141

    Go pitts

  • X1gamer2000 !
    X1gamer2000 ! 24 days ago

    Pittsburgh penguins 2018 Stanley cup champions

  • Alaa Almajrabi
    Alaa Almajrabi 24 days ago

    Blackhawks better do better this season, now that they have Sharpie and Branden Saad :/

  • Shiba Diba
    Shiba Diba 24 days ago

    Watch the video to feel good about the Pens winning back to back cups. Read the comments to get a good laugh at all the crybabies blaming the refs because their team wasn't better.

    JUAN CENA Month ago

    Saddest moment in all of sports Crosby lifting another trophy

  • Tecfrey
    Tecfrey Month ago

    wat music is there here?

  • Aditya Sheth
    Aditya Sheth Month ago

    Yeah so you're not gonna show any of the other playoff teams highlights right? It's all about the Preds vs Pens which I understand, but cmon from 3:05 all the way to the end of the video were all clips of the predators and the penguins. At least have some decency to show some highlights for the teams that got eliminated in the first or second round. The way I see it the title says the best moments from the 2017 Stanley cup playoffs, not a video that shows teams advancing to the next round. Fans of the Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues, San Jose Sharks, Montreal Candiens and not because I'm biased, the Anaheim Ducks I'm terribly sorry that you may have not gotten to see your favorite team enough in the clip and it is not because they're trash or anything * Buffalo Sabres *, the NHL has no class to extend the video for another 3-4 minutes to show clips of ALL the best playoff moments from 2017.

  • X1gamer2000 !
    X1gamer2000 ! Month ago +1

    One more year one more year one more year.!!!!!!

  • AJ Styles GirlTM
    AJ Styles GirlTM Month ago

    As a San Jose Sharks Fan
    Penguins Did Deserve To Win the stanley cup

  • captain lazer
    captain lazer Month ago +1


  • Ублюдок младший

    I love this game !

  • Pontiac Enthusiast
    Pontiac Enthusiast Month ago

    It would be fun to see Minnesota and some canadian teams go further in the playoffs next season (coming from a bruins fan)

  • The Con Man
    The Con Man Month ago +2

    I love hockey.

  • Steven Peralta
    Steven Peralta Month ago

    Penguins got all easy match ups for their status, except for Washington. Look at Nashville. Nobody expected them to make it to the Finals, but they did. They were the underdogs. Imo, Nashville deserves more recognition.

  • OkanoLucas
    OkanoLucas Month ago

    wow what if Pittsburgh could complete a three-peat?!

  • Buff Me
    Buff Me Month ago

    Can we all agree that the refs where awful? I'm a Preds fan and I'm not talking about the one call our so called "fans" complain about. In that same game the Pens were penalized for almost nothing. The refs were totally inconsistent. Either let them play and let the game be played more physical or call it like the regular season.  Hope there is an improvement next season

    • Brett Mack
      Brett Mack 21 day ago

      Yeah, they were very inconsistent, but that's really the story every year. For some reason, certain refs will put their whistles away while others don't. In the final game, I think the refs felt that they obviously blew that first no-goal call, so they wanted to try and make-up for it. I didn't really like it either, but I expected it a little.

  • Joe Melillo
    Joe Melillo Month ago

    that first doc emerik call was from stepans goal in 2015

  • JustSomeGuyWhoDoesThings 888

    Nashville had three power plays and a 5 on 3 they could have easily scored again

  • Tyler McCandless
    Tyler McCandless Month ago

    LETS GO PENS!!! #proudtobefrompittsburgh

  • Darkrise EQOA
    Darkrise EQOA Month ago

    Song: "Into the Shadows"

  • Gabriel M
    Gabriel M Month ago

    Preds should've won. They've got a great team, Rinne just wasn't there at Pittsburgh during the finals.

  • Austin Mimis
    Austin Mimis Month ago

    song and singer?

  • Mitch Halutick
    Mitch Halutick Month ago

    Blue Jackets lol

  • Pensfan48
    Pensfan48 Month ago +1


  • Temur Saidjanov
    Temur Saidjanov 2 months ago


  • MaxtheMonster
    MaxtheMonster 2 months ago +2

    Preds should have won it but it was a well fought series by both teams congrats pens

    • Jamie Marshall
      Jamie Marshall 21 day ago

      MaxtheMonster no team should win anything. You have to do it. The Penguins are worthy champions. Nashville and their fans have a ways to go. They can start by not complaining about referees.

  • Pens 4life
    Pens 4life 2 months ago +4

    The preds goal should've counted I'm a pens fan and come on like these refs clearly should've saw it was loose and I will say the preds showed some sportsmanship

    Another thing P.K u were great I don't hate u or anything because I like him off ice

    Go pens Go

  • Patriot Games
    Patriot Games 2 months ago

    Ottawa and Nashville fans were so damn cocky and arrogant all series long...revenge is a dish best served cold!!  have a heaping helping of humble pie clowns

  • Justin Michel
    Justin Michel 2 months ago

    I love my Penguins but we had WAY too many calls go our way! Crosby is crushing PK's head into the ice in front of the ref and nothing?? That puck was never frozen it should have been a good goal and there were a ton of others.

    • Brett Mack
      Brett Mack 21 day ago

      And you're absolutely right about the blown call on the first Nashville goal. But there's nothing the refs can do after he blows the play dead. I will say this though, it was obvious that the refs called the rest of the game in the favor of the Preds following that blown call. 5 penalties against the Pens, including a 5-on-3, and most of these infractions were non-existent or obvious embellishment. I think what the NHL needs to do, is change the rules involving a video review. Too many goals have been called back from weak off-side calls that really would not have even influenced the following goal. Or in a case like this one, if the ref whistles right before the puck is put in the net, and it's obvious that his whistle didn't stop the opposing team from defending the goal, then a review should be allowed.

    • Brett Mack
      Brett Mack 21 day ago

      I mentioned "punching" b/c some of the commentators said that, even Laviolette said "cross-checking his head into the ice." Give me a break. These are all the same people who called Niskanen's hit on Sid a "hockey play." And I have to disagree with you on your second point, Crosby wasn't doing the holding in this case, PK was. Overall, I think Crosby is an excellent leader, especially compared to when he was younger. (he was given the 'C' way too young) Sometimes he does things that are stupid or cheap, but every other hockey player is guilty of the same from time to time. I played for 15 years and I would much rather have someone irritate me by doing what Sid did in this incident, then try to seriously injure me with a borderline to illegal hit. And yet many players who go around delivering these sort of checks/headshots, are many times seen as "energy" guys who play the game hard. While something like this means Crosby is "dirty." - and, no, I'm not saying that you called him dirty, just that many ignorant fans do.

    • Justin Michel
      Justin Michel 21 day ago

      First, I never said 'Punch' you came up with that on your own. Second, I just don't think that holding PK down is something that I would want to see from my team leader and a champion nonetheless.

    • Brett Mack
      Brett Mack 21 day ago

      First, he did get a call, they both did actually, since PK was holding onto Crosby's leg the whole time. Second, "crushing his head into the ice" really? I can tell you first hand that what he did wasn't nothing, but it also wasn't anywhere near a 'punch' or 'crushing' was closer to a noogie or a face-wash which happen often in games.

  • Andrew M.
    Andrew M. 2 months ago

    I'm sad

    I'm an ottawa fan.

  • Harrison Hurwitz
    Harrison Hurwitz 2 months ago

    smh no Zibanejad OT goal?

  • ElizaSmith
    ElizaSmith 2 months ago +1

    Oilers are gonna go to the SCF next year. I'm predicting Oilers-Penguins, and it'll be the most electrifying Finals in a long time. Not gonna say who'll win the Cup, but the series will go the distance.

  • Eric LaChappa
    Eric LaChappa 2 months ago

    Does anyone realize that we had the least amount penalties called on the pens

  • livetotell100
    livetotell100 2 months ago +8

    Funny how some  people that aren't happy with the winner of a championship, regardless of the sport, always cry about the officiating, or how there is some kind of conspiracy that allowed the other team to win. You can probably go back to the time of the Gladiators of ancient Rome and find some guy bitching about how the fight was fixed.

    • livetotell100
      livetotell100 Month ago

      I agree. He was out of position.

    • Zachary Noe
      Zachary Noe Month ago

      livetotell100 I think the officiating through the finals were fine. I'm a kings fan but I thought that one goal should have counted. It was a really bad mistake by that referee.

  • Total Chaos
    Total Chaos 2 months ago

    Pittsburgh is the new Mecca of Hockey. Mario Lemieux (the best player ever) has built in an incredible organization in Pittsburgh. At this point we in Pittsburgh are wishing for one thing. That is a Stanley Cup final against Chicago. Let's find out who the real dynasty is!

  • Les Schoenberger
    Les Schoenberger 2 months ago +2

    You gotta feel good for Ron Hainsey, played all those years and NEVER was in a playoff game, then finally gets in and goes all the way. Look at him hug Murray at the end, tell me he isn't happy?

  • the sky Lander geek of Skylanders

    I enjoyed watching the Edmonton Oilers this year if they hadn't blown that game 5 lead

  • the sky Lander geek of Skylanders

    I feel so bad for Craig Anderson when Kunitz scored that overtime goal in Game 7 in double OT I felt so bad for him 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😿😿😿😿

  • the sky Lander geek of Skylanders

    JG pagul is a Beast four goals the tying goal in the game winner in double overtime wow and I love to see that against the stupid Rangers

  • the sky Lander geek of Skylanders

    at 2:36 can I see some more Toronto fans please cuz there's none LOL

  • the sky Lander geek of Skylanders

    love this video

  • the sky Lander geek of Skylanders

    game 5 round two what the hack Edmonton

  • the sky Lander geek of Skylanders

    smashville I feel so bad for them stupid penguins

    • Andrew 81104
      Andrew 81104 2 months ago

      the sky Lander geek of Skylanders remember that mad scramble in the second round against the caps. save of the playoffs by fleury.

  • the sky Lander geek of Skylanders

    lightning Rangers Penguins Bruins 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • the sky Lander geek of Skylanders

    as an Islander fan I hate the Penguins but congratulations on repeating

  • skipgap
    skipgap 2 months ago

    Las Vegas are going to make out like bandits, in that, they will be able to just pick their pieces very easily...for the forseable future.

    GARRETT DZIUBEK 2 months ago

    LETS GO PENS! Been a pens fan since I was born (2006)

  • MrNNumbers
    MrNNumbers 2 months ago

    Who the hell edited this? These plays deserve so much better than this!

  • EpicTree Gaming
    EpicTree Gaming 2 months ago

    1:13 onward and now a 4 minute compilation of goalie humiliation

  • mrlabear crouse
    mrlabear crouse 2 months ago

    Go Pens!!!

  • Sweaty Shots
    Sweaty Shots 2 months ago +1

    every single team should watch this before a playoff game or any game. it's emotional but gets you hyped

    • Mateo Fruck
      Mateo Fruck 2 months ago

      Sweaty Shots I absolutely agree, I've reffed a couple big spring tournament finals since they won and it's a nice way to start the game

  • Devin Syhanath
    Devin Syhanath 2 months ago

    I love how they included the miscall about the frozen puck to make the ref look bad. You gotta love it, but it is still wrong

  • Tristan Kennedy
    Tristan Kennedy 2 months ago

    Even though the ducks didn't win it all, coming back from 3-0 with 3 minutes to go and winning in double OT was the best moment I've had watching hockey. Great playoffs, and let's have a great season next year!

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 2 months ago +1

    Pittsburgh got to be stopped

  • Brian Basista
    Brian Basista 2 months ago


  • Jenifer Faye
    Jenifer Faye 2 months ago +3

    song title?

  • #Beast Mode
    #Beast Mode 2 months ago

    Good thing pens won game 6

  • Flender
    Flender 2 months ago

    New York Islanders 2018 Stanley Cup Champions

  • Isaiah Harper
    Isaiah Harper 2 months ago

    Was another beautiful playoff experience ever since I started watching since 2010 I'm 14 btw. This league is an honour to watch, the players coaches organization and many more! I just hate how addisas and bettman ruin it for me (because they're making new jerseys) but other then that this league is why I'm alive. I'd prolly die if hockey wasn't here. #IsitOctoberYet ?

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B. 2 months ago

    1:59 The real MVP's

  • MightyWreckage
    MightyWreckage 2 months ago

    1:59 : the reason the playoff ended the way it did

  • Hr. BoM
    Hr. BoM 2 months ago


  • chriscim
    chriscim 2 months ago +1

    I love this game.

  • Sal Pappalardo
    Sal Pappalardo 2 months ago +3

    for those who are saying "so what if the refs called off the preds goal, they gave them two powerplays in return" power plays dont give the preds a 100 percent chance to score, were they should have had a goal earlier, which would make it a tie game. Nice job refs!

    • Isaac Foote
      Isaac Foote 2 months ago

      You're an idiot. They had FOUR power plays in their OWN building, including nearly 40 seconds of a 5-on-3. If you don't score on that, you don't deserve to win.

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 2 months ago

      Sal Pappalardo Yeah I guess so...

    • Sal Pappalardo
      Sal Pappalardo 2 months ago

      One Subscriber nope he was being pushed by a pens player

  • R. M
    R. M 2 months ago

    PENS WIN! PENS WIN! PENS WIN!!! Against all odds...minus their best offensive and defensive defensemen in Letang...not to mention countless other injuries to key pieces of the puzzle all playoffs long. All the "experts" said they wouldn't make it. What an effort, what a team.

  • VarpsGaming
    VarpsGaming 2 months ago

    This makes me sad the hockey seasons over

  • AL
    AL 2 months ago

    5:06 it's a shame a horrible call by the refs basically won Penguins the cup. Had they not screwed up that play, Preds would've had a 1-0 lead and by the time Hornqvist scored Pens would've probably already had an empty net. That Preds goal would've totally changed the whole game. Not a fan of either team but as a fan of hockey it sucks to see the freakin' cup-winning game being decided by a horrible call like that.

  • Noah Song
    Noah Song 2 months ago +3


  • Alfredo Montes
    Alfredo Montes 2 months ago

    I hope the ducks can make it to the finals next year.

  • Josh Gitt
    Josh Gitt 2 months ago +3

    These playoffs were awesome. Everything the NBA playoffs can never be. Every game had you on the edge of your seat, no matter which team you were rooting for. Sad that it's already over. Can't wait for next season.

  • Raphaël Simard
    Raphaël Simard 2 months ago +3

    What are the music used in this video?

    • Darkrise EQOA
      Darkrise EQOA 10 days ago

      Raphaël Simard The first song: The Ending by Trïbe. Second song: "Into the Shadows" Third: "Call the Shots"

  • Awesome Me50
    Awesome Me50 2 months ago

    Ryan couldn't have jumped any higher

  • Cooper91
    Cooper91 2 months ago +2

    It was a great playoffs but at then same time it was really bad. Bad cause I don't like the Penguins cause of their sore winner fan base.(majority of those are probably the bandwagon fans ) real penguin fans have class and know a thing about hockey . Mario is the heart and soul of that franchise The most frustrating was the refs and calls and review system . For example the Hornqvist goal in game 6 (which I thought was a good goal) I've seen plays like that get overturned resulting in no goal . The Anaheim series was cringe worthy and a few others . Too me it seems like the people who review these calls roll a dice and decide it like that or flip a coin. So inconsistent....

  • anand narwani
    anand narwani 2 months ago +1

    GO PENS! GO!!. don't blame the refs ppl. they gave PREDS 4 power plays and one 5 on3!! Preds did SQUAT with it. Shutout back to back!!

  • Ronny Schickler
    Ronny Schickler 2 months ago +9

    what a beautiful video

  • Nisaxo13
    Nisaxo13 2 months ago +2

    As a Rangers fan, it sucks that we went home early, but it was an awesome run. The first round matchup with Montreal was one of the best playoff series I've ever watched! The round against Ottawa was awesome too, even tho it sucks that we lost in 6. But we gonna come back next year stronger than ever! Can't wait!

    And what a hell of a Finals matchup for the Preds and Pens! As much as I hate Pittsburgh, they played awesome and I had a feeling they were gonna repeat. As for Nashville, they have nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone on the team, including Pekka Rinne, did AMAZING. Sucks that they didn't win, but they should be happy on how great they've played in the playoffs! God, I miss hockey already!! 😭😭

  • Stephen Gillis
    Stephen Gillis 2 months ago


  • Ryan Sonntag
    Ryan Sonntag 2 months ago


  • TGrantSniper9
    TGrantSniper9 2 months ago +2

    "Into the Shadows" , Cyrus Reynolds
    "Call the Shots" , Louise Dowd

    • TGrantSniper9
      TGrantSniper9 Month ago

      Mateo Fruck No worries!

    • Mateo Fruck
      Mateo Fruck 2 months ago

      TGrantSniper9 thanks I've been looking through the comments and online for that lol

  • sens army 2017
    sens army 2017 2 months ago

    see you guys next seasoon

  • Samuel Suys élève
    Samuel Suys élève 2 months ago +2

    The Kunitz goal... It hurts so bad.

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 2 months ago

      Samuel Suys élève I know right? I was really looking forward to that matchup.

    • Samuel Suys élève
      Samuel Suys élève 2 months ago

      And an 07 rematch in the finals would've been so great too.

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 2 months ago

      Samuel Suys élève The Sissons goal... It hurts so bad.

  • Fallsy31
    Fallsy31 2 months ago

    Pittsburgh Penguins entering the ice at 1:59.

  • VolumeTurnedDown
    VolumeTurnedDown 2 months ago +1

    I was just thinking to myself the NHL should do a "One Shining Moment."

  • The_Chipmunk_
    The_Chipmunk_ 2 months ago

    GoLeafsGo ! ........ Leafs !! :-)

  • gavin Adams
    gavin Adams 2 months ago

    What's the song?

  • Christopher Uhl
    Christopher Uhl 2 months ago +21

    Let's Go Pens 🐧🏒🥅🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    • Matthew Singer
      Matthew Singer 2 months ago

      Better step your game up or the Pens are gonna ruin hockey for you. If we got the refs in our pocket might as well stop watching hockey. Maybe sell the franchise to another city or even just close your doors and let the Pens have your best players so they can enjoy a Stanley Cup victory.

    • MightyWreckage
      MightyWreckage 2 months ago

      lol its funny that you use emojis, they're more annoying than the refs were when they were against sens and preds

  • Frederick Sherman
    Frederick Sherman 2 months ago

    Like for Hype about the Pens winning

  • PenSteelersPirates86
    PenSteelersPirates86 2 months ago +1

    real cool video! nicely done!

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 2 months ago +7

    Something happens that's against the pens* "I hate these stupid penguin fan crybabies" something happens that benefits the pens* "cries"

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 2 months ago

    These playoffs were awesome. Much better than the NBA

  • combatguy1234
    combatguy1234 2 months ago

    so the flames were in the playoffs....

  • St.Sasquatch
    St.Sasquatch 2 months ago

    The pens have great players, and 2 elite goalies. There is still no reason they can't do it again.

  • Firestorm films
    Firestorm films 2 months ago

    damn the league must hate the ducks it showed them do one thing good

  • Bobby T.
    Bobby T. 2 months ago +1

    This is one of the greatest closing montages I've ever seen. I haven't seen the hnic one yet, but this one looks awesome.

  • John John
    John John 2 months ago +34

    This should be the intro to NHL 18

    • Carter Kirkpatrick
      Carter Kirkpatrick 10 days ago

      I agree with you john john

    • Captain Ace
      Captain Ace Month ago

      well, when ur not so good at NHl.... your controller dosent use to work alot :D sometimes my buttoms dont work :P

    • Merk
      Merk Month ago

      That's why the "skip" option was invented.

    • Captain Ace
      Captain Ace Month ago

      Liam DaCosta well IF u wanna wait allmost 6 minutes before u can play, GO Ahead.....

  • Anderson Medeiros
    Anderson Medeiros 2 months ago

    hockey only in october now, i'm crying 😭😭😭

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