"SWALLA" - Jason Derulo ft Nicki Minaj Dance | @MattSteffanina Choreography

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  • "Swalla" - Jason Derulo ft Nicki Minaj Dance | Choreography by: Matt Steffanina
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    Song: "SWALLA" - Jason Derulo ft Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign
    Assisted by: Trinity Inay
    Filmed by: Typo
    Edited by: Matt Steffanina

    Check out the OFFICIAL "Swalla" music video by Jason Derulo here:

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    Swalla dance Jason Derulo Choreography ft Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign
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  • Runtime: 10:50
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  • denmark jordan
    denmark jordan 12 hours ago


  • justine zabate
    justine zabate 16 hours ago

    i love this dance craze

  • Princess Kate Bitoon
    Princess Kate Bitoon 18 hours ago

    i like your moves

  • crown musers
    crown musers Day ago

    bailey sok❤😍

  • Belal Alsayadi
    Belal Alsayadi 2 days ago


  • andi maeyanti
    andi maeyanti 2 days ago

    Gabe is good to but Kenneth's move is so manly and so so so right 😅its not to much its reallly really good to watch , and bailey of course. And Matt of course, he is their teacher after all

  • The best super girl ever

    The boy white black and white shirt why is he making sad face

  • Badr T.O Road To 1k
    Badr T.O Road To 1k 2 days ago


    ALBA SWAN 2 days ago

    Matt Steffanina deberia poner una sede en Perú...

  • ᴄʜɪᴋᴇɴs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍᴇᴍᴇs

    When they dance they make wierd faces xD

  • Paola Cruz
    Paola Cruz 3 days ago

    Julian deGuzman😍

  • FuRo
    FuRo 3 days ago

    This videos make me want to dance so much, Matt you gotten do a dance video to naked by x ambassadors. I think you could turn that into a fun song to dance to.

  • Tarek Hassissi
    Tarek Hassissi 3 days ago

    omg love dance swalla

  • Zachary Gubatan
    Zachary Gubatan 4 days ago

    The guys at 2:15 went the fuck off

  • Ilhan Peker
    Ilhan Peker 4 days ago

    3:09 jordi wtf ?

  • Ev in
    Ev in 4 days ago

    Wish the girl in the first couple wasn't wearing a bra 😂😂😂

  • Erika Janet Ruiz Lopez

    fue mui difisil aprnderme el bailr

  • andi maeyanti
    andi maeyanti 4 days ago

    Ken san jose 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Teeejay ASAP
    Teeejay ASAP 4 days ago

    This fckn lit💯😂 i subscribed asfck💯

  • carlos perez
    carlos perez 5 days ago

    Who can say what is the name of the boy dancing with Gabe and Kenneth?

  • Amelia Perrau
    Amelia Perrau 5 days ago

    what video is where the dancer just goes into a deathdrop out of nowhere

  • T Rose
    T Rose 6 days ago

    Who else was giving gabe the death stare as he was slowly glancing at bailey. like "Nupe Its Kenneth x Bailey"

  • Ishika Narang
    Ishika Narang 6 days ago

    Bailey and Kenneth are amazing!!!!!

  • Lizz Rosas
    Lizz Rosas 6 days ago

    the guys on 2:24 are the best lol

  • Lizz Rosas
    Lizz Rosas 6 days ago

    i dont know who the guy is on 2:24 in the front but he dances sooooo goood

  • L&D Padicas
    L&D Padicas 6 days ago

    Did anybody see how the boy got dubbed at 3:26😂😂😂

  • Yellow Writer
    Yellow Writer 7 days ago

    nice ang dance nila gusto patoro sa mga magalin ng dance

  • Brelyn Pacheco
    Brelyn Pacheco 7 days ago

    I love all your dances !

  • STC Bell
    STC Bell 7 days ago

    Damn that girl can dance 💃💃💃

  • Anja Pavlovic
    Anja Pavlovic 7 days ago

    2:13 Kenneth San Jose and Gabe Da Guzman... Omg they are my favorite 👌❤❤😍😍😱

  • Maddi Marshall
    Maddi Marshall 8 days ago +1

    After Bailey and Kenny dance I usually turn off the video because that's all I came to see

  • Verde Menta
    Verde Menta 9 days ago

    Kripi kripi (8)

  • Ylda Amarilla
    Ylda Amarilla 9 days ago

    Eu amei ❤

  • Rebecca Becca
    Rebecca Becca 9 days ago

    When Kenneth didn't get his Up Top😂

  • Ana Boo
    Ana Boo 9 days ago

    God! This guy in the middle at 2:13 WHY IS HE SO LOVELY?! And I dont know his name yet >: Damn, I wish I could knew him. <3
    The guy on the right, the first girl of the video and the asian girl are fucking awesome tho, WELL DONE!

    • Ana Boo
      Ana Boo 9 days ago

      Oh! I see; Kenneth San Jose, Gabe DeGuzman, Samantha Caudle and Bailey Sok. KEEP DOING THIS AMAZING WORK! <3

  • ere wosetimi
    ere wosetimi 9 days ago


  • ImTheOne 101
    ImTheOne 101 9 days ago

    3:03 what is that called?

  • Amirah Akandji
    Amirah Akandji 10 days ago

    Who's the girl in all red?

  • Cabdi Qays
    Cabdi Qays 10 days ago


  • Cabdi Qays
    Cabdi Qays 10 days ago


  • Dounia Exol
    Dounia Exol 10 days ago

    please dance to exo ko ko bop

  • Nara Knez
    Nara Knez 10 days ago +1

    is nobody going to talk about how matt looks so proud and happy while watching them dance? <3 :)

  • Kawtar Ch
    Kawtar Ch 11 days ago +1

    the guys at 2.13 so amazing

  • Michaella
    Michaella 11 days ago

    Loving this dance

  • Musica Abierta
    Musica Abierta 11 days ago

    Le quite el volumen en el minuto 3:46 y me di cuenta de que parecian mongolos

  • JJ The DJ
    JJ The DJ 12 days ago


  • Aida Guaman
    Aida Guaman 12 days ago


  • lunna perez
    lunna perez 13 days ago

    Gabe also but his lips at the end of baily dancing proof- at 2:11 if u look closely 😱😱😱

  • lunna perez
    lunna perez 13 days ago

    I think gabe has a crush on bailey

  • CC Styles
    CC Styles 13 days ago

    that girl is a beast omg 😍😍😍

  • Makanaokalani Leialoha

    What happened to Dana? Haven't watched his videos in over a year

  • Denisa Avadanei
    Denisa Avadanei 14 days ago

    This one it my favorite ❤️😍🎸😜

  • minions attack
    minions attack 14 days ago

    Sorry if I don't know but who are the three guys who danced third? Please!!!

    • carlos perez
      carlos perez 5 days ago

      In the middle Kenneth san Jose, in the right Gabe de Guzman... Dont know left guy

  • Bella
    Bella 14 days ago

    im like the only one who doesn't like bailey's dancing that much lmao

  • Joel Quadros
    Joel Quadros 14 days ago

    Matt..still I am waiting for one of the best song & that is unforgettable -French montana...
    Plllllllllzzzzzzzzzz🤘choreograph on this song.....I know you will do it for me....

  • mira mikhail
    mira mikhail 14 days ago

    In the beginning I was so scared for the girl to hit someone accidentally with that cartwheel

  • Baixinha Raivosa
    Baixinha Raivosa 15 days ago

    que coreografia perfeita e dificil kkk parabens,estou apaixonada por essa coreografia, melhor canal do You tube

  • smail mozitta
    smail mozitta 15 days ago


  • Loulou Chien
    Loulou Chien 15 days ago

    Magnifque gg oui je suis fr

  • Khaalid Jibril
    Khaalid Jibril 15 days ago

    Dood swal matt very beuatifull all song very nays

  • Sangeeta Soni
    Sangeeta Soni 16 days ago

    Matt , Keycee , Ken n Bailey were awesome...👍

  • Tiffanie Tyson
    Tiffanie Tyson 16 days ago

    2:53. very very good (:V)

  • Steff Brames
    Steff Brames 17 days ago

    Please read bible verse, Matthew 24, new testament, please im begging you and warning you that the end is near, please.

  • Gracellamigumi Dacera
    Gracellamigumi Dacera 17 days ago

    3 guys is ssooooooooo SWAG goodness,, and the guy in the center is make my heart swaggin lol :*

  • Soph Cannell
    Soph Cannell 17 days ago


  • Evelin paredes
    Evelin paredes 18 days ago

    Ja weno

  • Pietty Laouni
    Pietty Laouni 18 days ago +1

    Daamn the first girl is full of energy

  • Ayeshimaaa
    Ayeshimaaa 18 days ago

    I love how much they enjoy the choreography! It's like they are playing with moves <3

    POOJA VERMA 18 days ago

    awesome 😘

  • Afg On Sans Bat Les Couilles

    Tous le français pouce blo

  • Keana Tiongco
    Keana Tiongco 18 days ago +1

    I wish I was a good dancer like them🙄
    If i try to dance like them i will litrally fail😭😭😳😳😳

  • Rhea Jacob
    Rhea Jacob 19 days ago

    What's the name of the first girl? I just love watching her! So much energy in her moves, she's amazing :)

  • Zamzam Mohamed
    Zamzam Mohamed 19 days ago

    The girl in the beginning that was dancing with Matt KILLEDDD IT 🤘🏾😜😍😍😍😍

  • gabriela lezcano
    gabriela lezcano 19 days ago

    💗😚😊 likeee

  • Jolie Aranda
    Jolie Aranda 19 days ago

    that was cool what the girl did the beginning

  • aiinarita rds
    aiinarita rds 19 days ago

    me encanta(i love it)💗💗

  • Hannah Pupo
    Hannah Pupo 20 days ago


  • Aaron Fox
    Aaron Fox 20 days ago

    Gabe deGuzman improv is insane!!!!

  • Diogo Ferreira
    Diogo Ferreira 20 days ago

    Wanna see you dancing Na sua cara. Love your work!

  • Emilija Jankauskaite
    Emilija Jankauskaite 20 days ago +1

    Good song😎

  • Angelina Saikia
    Angelina Saikia 20 days ago

    IN d scnd shot.... the blue top grl with short hairs..... c is amaizing dancer...... yaar ......

  • Camren  Thomas
    Camren Thomas 20 days ago

    Bailey killed that

  • Michie Pastelx
    Michie Pastelx 20 days ago

    Can you do So Good by Zara Larsson?

  • Deena Galante
    Deena Galante 21 day ago +1

    come sweet 15

  • Rayna Coyne
    Rayna Coyne 21 day ago +1

    One of the best covers ive ever seen tbh 😫

  • angry panda
    angry panda 21 day ago

    need music for my audition pls

  • Quit3Cut3
    Quit3Cut3 21 day ago

    And they say white people cant dance ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

  • lina Valgras
    lina Valgras 21 day ago


  • mahima doshi
    mahima doshi 21 day ago

    i love u kenn
    awesome dance
    i have a dream to meet u 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • jasmin lino
    jasmin lino 22 days ago


  • Bianca Rosarie
    Bianca Rosarie 22 days ago

    I'm fangirling at Kaycee over hereeeeee~

  • sudenaz arı
    sudenaz arı 22 days ago

    türk olan +1

  • Shiphrah Richardson
    Shiphrah Richardson 22 days ago

    who is the boy in the middle that dances in gabe's group he is in all black

  • Fernando Fjg
    Fernando Fjg 23 days ago

    Arrepiei do começo ao fim.

  • Samiya Abdiaziz
    Samiya Abdiaziz 23 days ago +1


  • Kawaii Crystal
    Kawaii Crystal 23 days ago

    You should do a dance for Sorry not Sorry 😊

  • Jamya Williams
    Jamya Williams 23 days ago

    SWA la la la I love that song

  • Patrick Neral
    Patrick Neral 24 days ago

    love this song

  • Chinny Cabatian
    Chinny Cabatian 24 days ago

    Dance is life im your number one fan mattstefanina i watch your youtube fanfest here in the philipines yahhhoooooooo

  • xKRIS x
    xKRIS x 24 days ago

    the first girl 😂 whats the point of wearing clothes

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