Former Socialist: "My Father Escaped the Middle East"

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  • FreddyFish
    FreddyFish 8 days ago

    To be fair, Milo does suck. Just ask him or his boyfriend.

  • Christopher Brien
    Christopher Brien 2 months ago

    Everyone except tbe law abiding citizens can have guns. - Every libtard ever.

  • EdgyFinsk
    EdgyFinsk 3 months ago

    The west is not based on ethnicity but culture and this guy couldn't be more part of it if he tried.

  • tEMternet
    tEMternet 3 months ago

    The whole libtard thing is happening in U.K. schools as well and is spreading as they indoctrinate more into their cult! So good on him for escaping and breaking the shell!

  • Aaron Torres
    Aaron Torres 3 months ago +1

    you have to take the blue pill every day... but you only have to take the red pill once.

  • p f
    p f 3 months ago

    Brilliant kid. Took me 20 years to figure what he already did, better late then never. His Dad certainly helped, most kids have leftwing parents so there's little hope for them to red pill.

  • Patrick Wilson
    Patrick Wilson 3 months ago

    grats, u survived the cognitive slaughter house known as public high school. good luck thru your next 4

  • Wayne Jackson II
    Wayne Jackson II 3 months ago

    i like this middle eastern guy

  • Paul Sack
    Paul Sack 3 months ago

    This kid seems to have the confidence and will of milo from the way he presents himself

  • Julie Oakman
    Julie Oakman 3 months ago

    Chewing tobacco? lol he's not wrong but it still strikes me odd he said that.

  • Hazmat
    Hazmat 3 months ago

    I used to be a moderate leftie when I was younger at University: then I grew up, got a job and entered the real world.

  • Ken Reyes
    Ken Reyes 3 months ago

    This man is awesome ! You go-go kiddo !

  • Andy Clarke
    Andy Clarke 3 months ago

    Republicans are old white dudes chewing tobacco in the south??????? Uhhhhh those are Democrats homie......

  • nancy dominguez
    nancy dominguez 3 months ago

    Love you milo!!!

  • mamatwills
    mamatwills 4 months ago

    A young man with COMMON SENSE... how refreshing!!!

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards 4 months ago

    sounds about right school does that to you i freaking hate school with all the retards in it but there everywhere so you have to get used to it sadly..

  • Ishiku_542561_aka_xchoibitschibi hil


  • Sydnee Mikumuren
    Sydnee Mikumuren 4 months ago

    i remember when I was a kid in public school, they told me that the democrats are the ones that care about poor people and helping the needy and the republicans only care about the rich....

  • Seth Portland
    Seth Portland 4 months ago

    lol. Liberals. Their bible is the book "1984".

  • Delicious Ram
    Delicious Ram 4 months ago

    lol <3 he's kinda cute.

  • Æinarr Krigsson
    Æinarr Krigsson 4 months ago

    someone give this man a beer, a really good one

  • Julian 3
    Julian 3 4 months ago

    I love this - in fact, I almost dropped my chaw of terbacky! ;o)

  • Carex Antibacterial handwash

    I used to be a libtard socialist until my conservative friends woke me up out of my stupor and introduced UKIP to me. I am forever grateful to them.

  • Jaime Grayson
    Jaime Grayson 4 months ago

    its been to long milo......get your ass back out here

  • CJ
    CJ 4 months ago

    Alright, Dad, the hiatus is over. Come back.

  • BytyBits
    BytyBits 4 months ago

    fact of the matter is, it takes a chunk of common sense, and a decent amount of intellect to realize what kind of learning environment you really are dipped in, Rarely do people see it, and even rarer do that do something about it.

    But more and more are seeing, and it'll only spread more.

  • spirittammyk
    spirittammyk 4 months ago

    He's right about the schools brainwashing kids into voting democrat. They tell you, if you are poor, you vote democrat, you rich, then you vote republican. If you love animals and nature, you vote democrat, if you love guns and like to hunt, you vote republican. If you are a minority and not racist, you vote democrat. If you are a racist, you vote republican.

  • GreyboSneed
    GreyboSneed 4 months ago

    we love immigrants who love america

  • ruks79
    ruks79 4 months ago

    The one kid sounds like the "MxthrFxkxr" from Kick Xss.

  • cnoevl67
    cnoevl67 4 months ago

    Milo, your Daddy Trump is doing his "Mommy Dearest" globalist meltdown. Kooky Trump: "No more Syrian chemical hangers!"

  • love fire
    love fire 4 months ago

    bing bing bong bong bing

  • Malibu Dolphin
    Malibu Dolphin 4 months ago

    thanks ! for posting this Milo

  • You Wish
    You Wish 4 months ago

    It's interesting how the only people promoting the "virtues" of Islam and Communism are those who have never lived under them; meanwhile survivors from these toxic ideologies are derided and dismissed.

  • DK viking KD
    DK viking KD 4 months ago

    the only person who has enough victim status to come out as a conservative without getting kicked in the sack by libtards is a muslim - sowwy dude, pinch and get ready;-)

  • Levvy Is Awesome
    Levvy Is Awesome 4 months ago

    Socialism saved my country.

    From Russia.

  • David Hellan
    David Hellan 4 months ago

    Every person should take a serious look at reality. Use plain common sense and strip out your feelings. And finally, have real conversations and LISTEN. TRULY LISTEN and hear each other. My biggest complaint right now is that liberals won't listen and hear out the other side.

  • TheDoubleLibra
    TheDoubleLibra 4 months ago

    Darling, just saying we miss you and can't wait for your big comeback

  • Robgoren
    Robgoren 4 months ago +1

    Again, conflating SJW idiocy with Bernie Sanders-style socialism is a very calculated alt-right plot to brainwash people into accepting the same plutocratic rule that's dominated the last half century of America. Breitbart can suck my socialist dick.

  • brant ward
    brant ward 4 months ago

    Milo is still a man I will always respect

  • Gregory W Trump SS Colonial Militia

    Fuck you Milo.Kill yourself.

  • marcel gabriel
    marcel gabriel 4 months ago

    Huh, I am Lebanese too

  • Zeeara
    Zeeara 4 months ago

    Welcome to the club Ex-Liberal.

  • Oliver Sotir
    Oliver Sotir 4 months ago

    yeah I have been there too. I used to be a Swedish socialist fanboy. Then i grew up and read some books.

  • emozgay srnm
    emozgay srnm 4 months ago

    Inspirational story

  • Chielz0r
    Chielz0r 4 months ago


  • princbul
    princbul 4 months ago


  • Момчил Любчев

    Give this young man a Medal.

  • tammy edwards
    tammy edwards 4 months ago

    Smart kid! Thank-you Milo! Thank-you JESUS! MAGA!

  • Rory Mulligan
    Rory Mulligan 4 months ago +1

    that is my kind of Arab! right there! his honesty is sooo humbling. I mean why can't they all just be like this guy?

  • Rory Mulligan
    Rory Mulligan 4 months ago

    that is my kind of Arab! right there! his honesty is sooo humbling. I mean why can't they all just be like this guy?

  • The physics channel
    The physics channel 4 months ago

    My dad escaped Jupiter

  • Hetafacts
    Hetafacts 4 months ago

    Is this Michigan state? Shit! I should have stuck around

    ENGLISHANDPROWD 4 months ago

    Send that Paki back to middel east. fucking immigrants steal our money, cars and country!!!

  • Tom
    Tom 4 months ago

    Smart kid.

    EPLURiBusUNUM 4 months ago

    Milo, aside from your faults and the things about your personality that I do not support, you do some great work overall. This ex-Muslim kid is a testament to that.

  • AOD2874
    AOD2874 4 months ago

    31 "libtards" watched this video. Lol

  • jrjp01
    jrjp01 4 months ago +1

    Milo, here we are all waiting for you to come out of hiding. you upload seemingly random videos uplifting you but you have been dead silent since the accusations. we need you back on stage.

  • SempraLaura
    SempraLaura 4 months ago

    Why does this kid get it?

  • Christine Howell
    Christine Howell 4 months ago

    Your life is the reward for blood spilt by Americans to provide you with security and freedom. Welcome to America.

  • Noki Redtail
    Noki Redtail 4 months ago +1

    Milo where are you? There have been almost no speaking engagements uploaded since the "scandal". We need you to keep the fight up.

  • Skezeks Skybreaker
    Skezeks Skybreaker 4 months ago

    Good for him, I am glad that Milo Red pilled him. Before I was red pilled I thought about a lot of things pragmatically and kept and open mind, but I will admit that liberal indoctrination pushed me a bit more to the left in my earlier days until I found Ron Paul and he really changed my outlook. Sure I tend to mostly align with Ron Paul to this day, but I think that people like Milo, Trump's presidency, and Brexit is at least an interesting push against Cultural Marxism.

    I don't agree economically on many of Trumps plans, but on a cultural level I knew such a backlash was inevitable. Milo is one of the most entertaining people to watch. The idea of an open free market place of ideas is what we need to get back too. For the longest time we have tried to argue with them, but we were way too respectful even though we were not afforded the same. Milo isn't afraid to call these people out for what they are and he is right the best truth can be seen through laughter because you can't control laughter.

  • MDB
    MDB 4 months ago

    Chappies and Chappetts, I say we flock to every CNN social media post, tweet, etc. Mass comment "fake news," and report said post, tweet, etc. for spam and harassment/offensiveness.

    Kindly consider joining me.

    Praise kik. Or something.

  • what me worry
    what me worry 4 months ago

    ALL Christians are accepted from the middle east to our countries, they are the ones being persecuted day and night form Islam and we should protect them from Islam in our countries....

  • PuzzleHunter Ibmthi
    PuzzleHunter Ibmthi 4 months ago

    I already lost a few friends here in WWU because I like watching Milo and understand his perspectives... I just honestly can't hate the guy. He seems like a funny guy to hang out with and that's exactly what I like to see in people right now. Everyone's so serious and depressed about everything where I am; I'm a guy who wants to live life to the fullest no matter what cards I'm dealt and be happy, but that seems to be a problem to others for some reason.

  • Fed up American
    Fed up American 4 months ago

    Milo, With you not out there talking about what we are risk of losing,, etc.. there is an enormous hole, and I feel it, like a hollow shell. I wait for the day you come back to us? I want to kick everyone's ass who tried to slander your good name, and we all know this is what the left does to all strong figures with influence. We need you! We miss you! You are fabulous and no one can convey common sense like you can in your mischievous, charming and funny way.

  • Jordan Moore
    Jordan Moore 4 months ago

    Milo is quickly becoming the Left's biggest enemy. Greater even than Donald Trump. Because the great fear of Milo is the young. The Left has been brainwashing generations for decades now through their control of higher education (and when I say higher education, I don't mean engineering or any useful science), public schools, news media, and popular culture.

    And along comes Milo. The Left haven't been afraid of conservative speakers in the past. Rush Limbaugh, he's an old, rich white dude, he's exactly the what the Left preaches is will believe HE is evil. Ann Coulter...another figure the Left doesn't need to worry about. She's incredibly un-charismatic and ugly...we can call her a hate monger and the kids will believe it.

    But along comes Milo. He can't be homophobic, he's gay. He can't be racist, his boyfriend is black. He can't be a Nazi, he's Jewish. He can't be an Authoritarian, no one celebrates freedom of speech more than him. Milo is the antithesis of what the Left says he should be. And that's dangerous to them. Because now, all of sudden, kids are waking up. I can say with certainty that more young people have been red-pilled thanks to Milo Yiannopoulos than any other figure. The Left sees his actions and they're afraid of him, mostly because they think he might be right. He's persuasive, charismatic, intelligent, and most of all...he's funny. If you can be funny, you can sell an argument to a crowd. But it's not about converting, it's about persuading. Milo persuades with logic and humor...and those are two things that are hard for people to deny.

  • Real world lifehacks
    Real world lifehacks 4 months ago

    I remember so well the fury I felt when I entered a Business school for a year after attending a University in Norway for 2-3 years. After attending University my opinion was that everything that was wrong with society, was the fault of private companies, private companies and rich people being assholes was the cause of all damage to earth. It was a true renaissance to get the point of view of the advocates for the existence of privately owned anything. I felt so mentally raped for weeks, and didn't know who or what to trust. I had to sit and think for long periods of time to unlearn all the damage, and to build new understanding-constructs in my head with the new information on top of the ruins of the government-must-do-everything-thinking I had been taught. I needed to say sentences to myself: "No, its not necessarily wrong to be rich or own stuff" I just wish someone was there to challenge the unconscious indoctrination of anti-right-world-views when I went to University. I'm so happy to see Milo and others do exactly that many years later. <3

    • james roberts
      james roberts 4 months ago

      Real world lifehacks Milo's a washed up internet whore, he's had his 15 minutes of fame. Time for a new polemic ass hat to take over.

  • Lord Maxwell
    Lord Maxwell 4 months ago

    Bright young man good for him

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley 4 months ago

    Miss you Milo.

  • Good Dog Talks
    Good Dog Talks 4 months ago


  • Nihbps Mcgee
    Nihbps Mcgee 4 months ago

    "Shell of Glass containing Vapor" = Bong

  • sine jr
    sine jr 4 months ago

    did he really just say "liberalism and socialism" its two completely different ideologies

  • Christian J.
    Christian J. 4 months ago

    At least guy woke up and realised that the poison he was brainwashed into by leftist loon-atics was just that. Demonstrates precisely what children there are at those colleges right now. Mental cripples looking for the padded room..

  • Ela Neradim
    Ela Neradim 4 months ago

    thank you Milo
    thank you thank you thank you
    I wish you cme back to speak in colleges
    you are so important
    you are missed

  • Chelsie Ward
    Chelsie Ward 4 months ago

    Wow, this is great to hear! I use to be a feminist and I feel the same way. I'm so glad to see more people waking up!

  • Christopher Hayes
    Christopher Hayes 4 months ago

    They're gonna kill his dad for leaving Islam and kill him for leaving liberalism.

  • Greg M
    Greg M 4 months ago

    Good for you son. Freedom of thought is liberating isn't it?

  • Ray Stantz
    Ray Stantz 4 months ago

    Lets be honest, who isn't inspired by Ronald Reagan?

  • Charles Miller
    Charles Miller 4 months ago

    And the Truth shall set you free. Well done.

  • Permaculture Homestead
    Permaculture Homestead 4 months ago

    God bless you young man, you are free and unplugged now

  • chill dude
    chill dude 4 months ago

    That's great and everything but Milo is still a Pedo

  • Saoirse
    Saoirse 4 months ago

    Think how brave this young man's father must have been to see what he was not supposed to see, to step away from that which you may not leave...

  • PrincepsComitatus
    PrincepsComitatus 4 months ago +1

    Great stuff.

  • Phoebe James
    Phoebe James 4 months ago

    Smart kid... I'm glad he realized this before it was too late

  • The Sequential Rationalist

    A small glimmer of hope for the future.

  • TW0F4C3D
    TW0F4C3D 4 months ago

    That's what I like to see. Someone who abandons a culture that isn't good for their wellbeing and chose to have a healthy life. Guys, not all middle easterners are bad, it's the muslims that are. Follow Milo and hate people for their culture, not skin color! I'm glad this kid got the water out of his ears and finally listened to the truth! All the peoples God's bless you all (besides the Muslim God who hates you all) and have a great day!

  • BazookaAce
    BazookaAce 4 months ago

    same Bro

  • Mr Sluggo
    Mr Sluggo 4 months ago

    Smart kids...There is a smidgen hope for our future.

  • sabian 2014
    sabian 2014 4 months ago

    Refreshing! This video can give us hope.

  • Birch Williams
    Birch Williams 4 months ago

    Only the lucky ones wake up & shake off the shackles of liberalism.

  • Acesahn
    Acesahn 4 months ago

    This guy... I like this guy! I mean, the part where they may have just committed assault and theft worries me a bit, but this guy!

  • Acesahn
    Acesahn 4 months ago +1

    I wish more immigrants were like this guy. Someone who actually wants to be an American? Someone who likes what America stood for? Isnt that sad that its not always the case?

  • Maple Flavor
    Maple Flavor 4 months ago

    this guy sounds like a walking meme but good for him to start learning the truth

  • Ragemutt
    Ragemutt 4 months ago

    Holy fuck, this kid should be president.

  • srspower
    srspower 4 months ago +2

    His father is a good man :)

  • New Millennium
    New Millennium 4 months ago

    Why should the non-demoncrats let demon-crats demonize themselves? Demons want superiority, but not everybody wants to be demons and are demons. So it is time to learn how to un-demonize the demons gently, to make them puppies. Or at least find a powerful method of self-protection. But if the best defense is a good offence, then, it should be an intellectual but simplified offence, so everyone could use it.

  • GCarlin Disciple
    GCarlin Disciple 4 months ago

    I had a similar experience with Milo. All the horrible things I heard about him and when I finally listened to one of his talks, that was the final straw that finally got me to see that Dems. aren't just weak and ineffective, they are everything that I can't stand about this emerging matriarchal society. I'm glad the kid got it young. Although I went through Bush so I had a lot to work back, but lo and behold, Milo is an intellectual too. Has anyone noticed there are literally no intellectuals in politics or if there are, they're hiding it like a third nipple. I doubt voters could vote for someone smarter than them, enter Trump. Shitty part is no matter how much a simpleton Trump is, I'd rather vote Trump than ANY corporate/SJW Dem.
    If you read any of these comments Milo, Cheers!!

  • PhenixenFeu
    PhenixenFeu 4 months ago

    The phoenix always rises back to life after socialist-communist illiberal regressive try to kill it...!

  • J T
    J T 4 months ago


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