BG Kumbi Jesse Watters Interview... My Fox News debut

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  • I went on Fox to smash the fash comrades
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  • stuyipiovnmd
    stuyipiovnmd 11 days ago +759
    its fucking real

    • Krappy Doodlez
      Krappy Doodlez 4 days ago


    • PaganWolf
      PaganWolf 7 days ago

      He is the fucking king of trolls

    • ManAtWork
      ManAtWork 8 days ago

      Nice. Which department told him that? Does BG Kumbi have a lawyer yet? LEO threatening satirist because of the content of his speech is squarely a Section 1983 case.

    • Emanuel
      Emanuel 8 days ago

      Sue Sally Did he say they werent fake? Obviously this video proves that Fox News is fake, just like CNN. No difference between them

  • Abominated Films
    Abominated Films 4 hours ago

    You can see Jesse's face being quite much like "Oooh maan, who did they send me to talk to? What is this dude at? Some soviet Russian kind of shit? What has he smoked too, some fucking grass founded from grandpas old garden from around 1880's? Good lord, he could have had a good future, but he decided to do this kind of shit.. me working in the news, and knowing some news stuff often being crap, but this? Fucking a.."

  • Rudie _
    Rudie _ 9 hours ago

    We are reaching levels of satire that should not be possible!!!

  • YoureTheObi WanForMe
    YoureTheObi WanForMe 19 hours ago


  • Taylor miner
    Taylor miner 21 hour ago

    What a kumbstain

  • Eva Brannon
    Eva Brannon 2 days ago +2

    The horse is fcking racist? What the hell is wrong with you.. jesus how can a person be so dumb

  • Ruth Farrell
    Ruth Farrell 2 days ago

    Damn I am impressed

  • Timothy Bunton
    Timothy Bunton 3 days ago

    BG kumbi u are the biggest dumbass I've ever seen im must not be hearing right did u really say police horses are racist really let me tell u something antifa is going down you're anti police anti free speech anti America anti constitution crybaby group will perish

  • DJ
    DJ 3 days ago

    I've been here since the beginning, always thought you were hilarious, but this has added a new level of respect.

  • Joel Morris
    Joel Morris 3 days ago

    Jesse can't even tell it's trolling. XD

  • Beef Stew
    Beef Stew 4 days ago

    Great job man. First Martin Shrekel, now Fox news. What's next for the great BG Kumbi?

  • KillerGames
    KillerGames 4 days ago

    Illusion Level 100. BGK you are a god a master troll you deserve a Skyrim meme

    GOT THAT ASMR 4 days ago

    The horse is racist

  • insane assassins
    insane assassins 4 days ago

    ur a dumbass secret service gona get ur ass i dont lik trump but your being retarted

  • Uncircumcised Kekistani Terroist

    I wonder what ANTIFA is thinking when they have this guy taking their name *(what little weight that it even carries)* and smearing it with police horse never fucking disappoint cumbi

  • ehy
    ehy 4 days ago

    Our friend Bernie the Jewish communist

  • Geo Walzak
    Geo Walzak 4 days ago

    Things I want to see. During this enforcement breaks in and arrest him on sedition and terrorist acts.handcuff and hauled off live on camera.

    • Rudie _
      Rudie _ 9 hours ago

      Geo Walzak You know he's making fun of the ANTIFAGS right?

    • Geo Walzak
      Geo Walzak 4 days ago

      Krappy Doodlez yea yea yea he's real proud of himself. Just a nobody desperate to be somebody. Lonely in his parents basement using his lotion dating the mom and her four daughters.smh needs to grow up . he's tainted any credibility like the boy who cries wolf.

    • Krappy Doodlez
      Krappy Doodlez 4 days ago


  • ben orr
    ben orr 5 days ago +2

    Its funny because he argues the points better than real antifa members.

  • irish brother
    irish brother 5 days ago

    This little fuckn weasel needs to be severely dealt with

  • Charles Martel
    Charles Martel 5 days ago

    I don't know you kept a straight face throughout the interview. Top tier trolling.

  • Quincy McBurgerking
    Quincy McBurgerking 5 days ago +1

    You can tell he's trying not to laugh

  • Liu Aaron
    Liu Aaron 5 days ago

    wow. fuckin pathetic, like how you tried to do ANYTHING to get sorely defeated by pewdiepie.
    horse is racist. smashing and destroying things that dont even probably belong to trump supporters in the name of self defense.
    fuck you

    COMMITY DENTALTM 6 days ago

    dude i subbed to you so many years ago and i never expected you to take it this far holy shit, once pewdiepie made a vid about you i knew you were about to blow up, good job man

  • George Stoj
    George Stoj 6 days ago

    The Marx picture had me dying...



  • sonic slaughter
    sonic slaughter 6 days ago

    I know BG is trolling everyone in this situation, including the left, but I'm still pro-Antifa. I think Jesse Watters' question and attitude towards action by the left is so perfect: "Why don't you protest peacefully like Martin Luther King or Gandhi?" Well, you see Mr. Watters, both of those men were attacked brutally, arrested at times, and eventually assassinated, so the idea that peaceful demonstrations will be met with kindness and understanding by the authorities is completely fallacious.

  • Danny Cooper
    Danny Cooper 6 days ago

    Bro your officially on "Legendary troll" level! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Your a killa man!

  • Danila Berezin
    Danila Berezin 6 days ago

    As soon as Kumbi said he was "voting for hillary clinton" the reporter, if he knew anything about anarchists should've immediately realized it was a fucking troll.

  • Flippin Bella
    Flippin Bella 6 days ago


  • BarkeyBear
    BarkeyBear 6 days ago

    BG Kumbi aka little Lee Harvey, did I hear you say it was OK for someone to stab a Police horse? Well then PETA needs to hear this how you advocate for violence against animals. PETA will have to protest you. BTW, John Lennon said it best in his song Revolution. when he sang "if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao. You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow. A commie is nothing more than a failed Capitalist. You could run a lemonade stand with out more than doubling the fee with taxes. You're stupid and need to move to North Korea.

  • No Name
    No Name 6 days ago +1

    Wait... Do they seriously not know?

  • Chad the Lad
    Chad the Lad 6 days ago

    Stay Golden Proud Boy

  • Horace Gunn
    Horace Gunn 6 days ago

    I fail to see how this can be classified as trolling. All I saw was a basement dwelling momma's boy lying and obfuscating, and telling the rest of us what we've already known about antifa for years. Nothing epic about it. But hey, if he is just a troll unaffiliated with antifa, well, he's antifa now and everyone knows what he looks like.

    • LondonLock
      LondonLock 6 days ago

      Only morons who cant do 2 seconds of research think he is antifa

    • Horace Gunn
      Horace Gunn 6 days ago

      Ok, he's a satirist affiliated with antifa now. Not a smart game to play--faggot.

    • LondonLock
      LondonLock 6 days ago

      Its satire faggot

  • Manden
    Manden 6 days ago

    Fuck gold

  • Lewis Elmquest
    Lewis Elmquest 6 days ago

    this dude is a joke I bet he a fag

  • xantochroi
    xantochroi 6 days ago

    this is proposterous

    well done bg kumbi

  • Mrbigweeknee
    Mrbigweeknee 6 days ago

    BG Kumbi is now officially the GOAT of the pewdiepie cinematic universe.

  • Bane?
    Bane? 6 days ago

    You're my hero, man.

  • PaganWolf
    PaganWolf 7 days ago

    I don't even know if he's still trolling, what if he's fucking serious?

    • LondonLock
      LondonLock 6 days ago

      He has been a troll on youtube for years man

  • Brian
    Brian 7 days ago

    Smash the Fash..get the gash.

  • Providence
    Providence 7 days ago +1

    This is compromised NatSocs, if you came here from an old link hes an actual enemy red. If you see him around you should say HI.

  • Swee Suri
    Swee Suri 7 days ago

    Kevin is out producing videos saying he is the TROLL of the WORLD. This boy needs to go to jail.

  • Ruth
    Ruth 7 days ago

    Top kek lad

  • RacerX Whats Up Doc?

    first Off Kumbi
    You have never been to any antifa demonstrations.
    you would have been spotted by fellow Anonymous members.

    It really is all in your head.
    have fun riding the antfa BS train...

  • John Morel
    John Morel 7 days ago

    I saw this live on tv

  • briansaysdie
    briansaysdie 7 days ago

    the marx picture over his shoulder, i lost it

  • Huswagn
    Huswagn 7 days ago

    Fucking amazing

  • Chad Bell
    Chad Bell 7 days ago

    Bunch of lies

  • Tonatiub
    Tonatiub 7 days ago

    how do you manage to keep a straight face?, professional shit

  • maxbeagles11
    maxbeagles11 7 days ago +1

    Dude, you are a legend.

  • FlyingOverTr0ut
    FlyingOverTr0ut 7 days ago +2

    Wait...this was real? I skipped this video initially thinking Kumbi edited himself into a Jesse Watters interview.

  • JEB BY
    JEB BY 7 days ago

    It is sad that a young man like Kevin could be so misinformed and brainwashed.

    • JEB BY
      JEB BY 6 days ago

      Sadly, it's not Satire. This guy believes this shit.

    • LondonLock
      LondonLock 6 days ago

      Its sad that morons like you take the bait

      He is a troll and this is satire

  • James Mattison
    James Mattison 7 days ago

    The Absolute Madman! He actually did it

  • Zalife 2801
    Zalife 2801 7 days ago +1

    So how was this a troll since a youtuber who a month ago joined antifa was on fox ....if he wasn't apart of antifa I could see this being a troll but he is so what's the big deal?

  • Varcolac
    Varcolac 7 days ago

    Hmm. Strange. You say you are a communist meaning you are a there for the working class, yet you said that you didnt care about them and they can starve. (Taking into consideration that you said u would be royalty). This has confused me, arent you counter your ideology? Please clear up as many are curious! Thanks!!

  • Christian Correa
    Christian Correa 7 days ago

    Fuck Watters and fox fake news

  • Christian Correa
    Christian Correa 7 days ago

    HAHAHA my TROLLIN' HAT goes out to you sir! +BGkumbi

  • Fisheswithfeet
    Fisheswithfeet 7 days ago


  • blubase06
    blubase06 7 days ago

    oh my goodness my sides. I'm not worthy

  • blubase06
    blubase06 7 days ago

    what is antifa's reaction to this

  • Tyler J
    Tyler J 7 days ago

    that karl marx portrait in the background is killing me

  • Anthony Parry
    Anthony Parry 7 days ago

    This kid is a dumbass! To y'all who think that this kid was awesome, how big of a dumbass do you got to be to follow another dumbass who thinks that an animal can be a racist Trump supporter?

  • Exposing The Truth
    Exposing The Truth 7 days ago

    Your hypocrisy is stunning

  • Chad Thundercock
    Chad Thundercock 7 days ago

    you are a liar and a fraud

  • javier guzman
    javier guzman 7 days ago

    Karl Marx in the background!!! He went all the way...

  • Christmas Girl
    Christmas Girl 8 days ago

    It's not Trolling, it's called Satan follower. Get away from this liar who inflicts violence! Self-defence? You think you owned Fox? You are so young and immature! All of this violence you insight will come back to bite you because you will tale it way too far!

    • ChurroGang
      ChurroGang 6 days ago

      Agreed! This satan worshiper was a former gay pimp as well! check his old videoS! We ''right wing trolls'' are onto you kevin!

  • empxth
    empxth 8 days ago


  • TheTruthiest
    TheTruthiest 8 days ago

    He may be trolling, but he needs to do a better job of it. He didn't say anything funny or go at the host in any way. Just getting on a show by saying what they want you to say is not an accomplishment.

  • nkcred
    nkcred 8 days ago +1

    Needs to change name from bg to og kumbi

  • Josh Morello
    Josh Morello 8 days ago

    its not hard to act like a moron and get pulled up as a punching bag on fox, esp when you say exactly what they would in defense of the insanity. Its not like you need to be verifyed antifa to get on plus its obvious you were to piss scared to say anything really troll like an have proved nothing. You are a fail troll. Next time pull your ass out on live tv or some offensive shit , then we will be impressed. 1\10

  • Janavito Andreanto
    Janavito Andreanto 8 days ago

    Kevin Antifa. I got your name, ha!

  • Europa H2O Alien
    Europa H2O Alien 8 days ago

    "Was the horse racist?"

    . . ."yes" LMFAO!!

  • Random Guy From Texas

    Trolling aside, Antifaggots don't stand a chance in an all-out civil war. 😃

  • YoYO Semite
    YoYO Semite 8 days ago


  • YoYO Semite
    YoYO Semite 8 days ago

    Big ass whooping coming your Kevin you dumb fuck.

  • NoYouDontRenameMyAccount Cooper

    I love you bg kumbi

  • Derrick Longoria
    Derrick Longoria 8 days ago

    You're woke af

  • Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson

    Awesome work. This isn't the first time the idiots at Fox have fallen for something like this.

  • William Filer
    William Filer 8 days ago

    The knothead will be starved to death in the "Great starvation of 2018" where Red County food suppliers cut off food to these idiots in the City. They will just eat there own for awhile and then radio silence....bye bye knotheads.

  • DirectorJoshHarris
    DirectorJoshHarris 8 days ago

    Not to nitpick but I would have preferred oversized aviator sunglasses* but you pick the color.

  • Mr. Midnight
    Mr. Midnight 8 days ago

    I thought kumbi was a white supremacist! What the fuck is this shit.

  • bubby b
    bubby b 8 days ago

    all hail our supreme leader bg big guns kumbi

  • Paul Zeus
    Paul Zeus 8 days ago

    this douchebag says "our fellow peoples of color". LMAO, what a retard!

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco 8 days ago +1

    when reality becomes so much like satire that you can't tell what's what 😂😂😂

  • Mictlantecuhtli
    Mictlantecuhtli 8 days ago +1

    This is Sith Lord level trolling at the highest level.

  • jimjam3s
    jimjam3s 8 days ago

    OMG, how can you say this stuff with a straight face? I,m just listening to it and am laughing so hard I think I've hurt myself. I don't know whether to beg you to stop, or beg you to never stop. Good Job!

  • Evan Serrano
    Evan Serrano 8 days ago

    GOOD SHIT....🙄

  • Triumphant Ape
    Triumphant Ape 8 days ago

    I'm cornfused, is this guy for real or did he get on FOX as a joke?

  • Dranzo Draack
    Dranzo Draack 8 days ago

    lol funny shit

  • MattsGotIssues
    MattsGotIssues 8 days ago

    You should have been aborted, you shit sniffing brat. The world is confused enough without some troll muddying the waters. Is it against the rules to tell someone to hurt themselves? Not saying you should. Just asking.

    • MattsGotIssues
      MattsGotIssues 8 days ago

      Im a liberal, btw. Fuck fox "news" and fuck you, you little bitch.

  • Joey Miller
    Joey Miller 8 days ago


  • Devan H.
    Devan H. 8 days ago

    holy fuck how did you not crack up?

  • Roderick Moore
    Roderick Moore 8 days ago

    so is he antifa for real or....

  • frostyman52
    frostyman52 8 days ago +1

    You are a god! 🇬🇧💂

  • Joseph
    Joseph 8 days ago

    How can he keep a straight face?

  • Pälle _
    Pälle _ 8 days ago

    Kumbi you are such a god, didnt expect this was real

  • ChuckD MSB
    ChuckD MSB 8 days ago

    this kid is genius. Wonder if Jesse will appreciate just how bad he got trolled when he figures it out.

  • Caroline17
    Caroline17 8 days ago

    taking my words out of context LMFAOOOO THE TROLLING

  • Peter Kazavis
    Peter Kazavis 8 days ago

    Poe's Law

  • SmoothKeys
    SmoothKeys 8 days ago


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