A World Without Humans,The Aftermath Of Mankind Leaving This Planet

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  • Human beings have been spreading across earth for thousands of years. It is believed that we originated from Southern Africa around 200,000 years ago and Around 130,000 years later we migrated out of Africa and colonised pretty much the entire planet.
    Within these tremendous years humans have used and destroyed parts of the earth for our own benefit. We have invented all sorts of things to improve our own quality of life and have only recently started to worry about what our actions mean for our home planet. But what if our time is nearly up? What if the human species was wiped out, or maybe we drained the resources we use to survive and just upped and left? What would the earth be like without humans. Well it is said that one of the first things to happen if humans disappeared would be very destructive. Man kind has built 437 nuclear power plants around the world and if we left, the generators that circulate cold water around the reactors would lose power. This could lead to over heating and melt down, causing hundreds of radio active areas. Some of the air, rivers and oceans close to the reactors would be polluted with radiation for many years. But in the other areas of the world, Mother Nature would start to recover, trees and plants would be allowed to grow freely and certain animals would thrive. General livestock would struggle without human aid and most would likely become prey. But other more wild animals become free to wander the abandoned streets of our city's and towns.even domesticated animals would have to rediscover there wild ways. Monuments like the Eiffel Tower that are made of steel would start to rust and The roads would be rubble and overgrown with weeds. Many buildings would start to fall apart, Walls would groan and creak, roof tiles would lift, joints between walls and roofs would separate. Books, photographs, electronic data would fade away, leaving little evidence that we ever existed.The natural world would take back its land. Some more hard wearing structures would likely survive over many years, maybe even some of the ancient structures would out last our modern buildings and look as if they were the last civilisation on earth. But it is still believed that even after thousands and thousands of human free years, you would still be able to find many objects that we had left behind in our legacy. From plastic shopping bags to frames of airplanes or even some buildings. Maybe after millions of years even a new species of animal would become dominate and evolved in to a Homo sapiens like creature. Some scientists believe that pretty much any vertebrate land animal could evolve intelligence, provided it finds the right environmental challenges that favour strategic thinking. Obviously this would not happen overnight, but it is still a possibility that with the right amount of time an animal could evolve a complex brain like our own. This would take millions of years without the presence of humans to happen, but if we can still find traces of the dinosaurs from 65 million years ago, surely parts of the human race would still exist to be discovered. I suppose we would never really know what would truly happen unless we left and monitored the planet. But when you look around in your day to day life and see how we have changed and shaped the planet. You do have to wander if Mother Nature could ever wipe the evidence of man kind away completely.

    Homo sapiens à Quison - Véronique PAGNIE
    Museo di civico di Scienze Naturali a Milano - Stefano Bolognini
    Homo sapiens- MARCUS NUNES
    Altaileopard SVG - Magasjukur2
    Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Jason Woliner & Paul Scheer of MTV's Human Giant-Nate "Igor" Smith from Brooklyn, NY, USA - Drivenbybored
    Dressed in traditonal style clothing Tibetan people at Kalachakra walking down the street -Wonderlane
    People-Zack Sheppard
    Beached Russian warship- John Nuttall
    Four unfinished and abandoned houses in Salton City, CA on the west shore of Salton Sea -Gentle
    What Remains Of The Public Baths - Dun Laoghaire
    Abandoned ATSF railyard, Albuquerque- Ingrid Truemper
    Riga: Abandoned factory - David Barrie
    Abandoned Service Station -Daniel Lloyd Trucker Dan
    Whilst many of the buildings still stand the interiors are often in an advanced state of dereliction -Ashley Burton
    Roadblock to abandoned road II -Max Edmands fireballsedai

    Frozen star
    By Kevin McLeod (incomptech)
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  • Christopher hellcat P
    Christopher hellcat P 7 hours ago

    Maybe robots should take over.

  • Christopher hellcat P
    Christopher hellcat P 7 hours ago

    This is sad

  • Christopher hellcat P
    Christopher hellcat P 7 hours ago

    Maybe humans should hurry up and go extinct.

  • Marie Cruickshank
    Marie Cruickshank 2 days ago

    This is interting but scarry to think this could happen.x

  • Trillin 09
    Trillin 09 8 days ago

    Then Splatoon happened... Because humans are extinct in that timeline...

  • Nada Karam
    Nada Karam 19 days ago

    You are so depressing lol.

  • Tray Garner
    Tray Garner Month ago

    White People have fucked us all

  • Tony Guzman
    Tony Guzman Month ago

    yikes that sucks

  • Jena Gella
    Jena Gella Month ago

    This is Brace 😐
    He doesn't have any food help him by...
    1-Like=Free Meal
    Subscribe to this channel=Free food forever and becomes President.

  • Luxi Turna
    Luxi Turna Month ago

    *Hey, that was GOOD, dude!*

  • fjr pejaa
    fjr pejaa Month ago

    the maker of this vid must be leaving his home without turning off any switch

  • J Kincaid2
    J Kincaid2 Month ago

    almost time...

  • Azathoth Asul morgul

    we would become a toxic layer of extinction like the black layer left by the comet that wiped out the reptiles

  • jboydamazan
    jboydamazan Month ago


  • jboydamazan
    jboydamazan Month ago

    dosent work at school xD im not lying

  • jboydamazan
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  • Red Raven
    Red Raven Month ago

    Anyone else totally creeped out by the idea of another human-like creature? Especially with that imagery. Eeeeiisshhh~~

  • Abdul khalique
    Abdul khalique 2 months ago

    we are the last humans

  • Jack Gnomez
    Jack Gnomez 2 months ago


  • Natasha Madeline
    Natasha Madeline 2 months ago

    So... Basically something similar like The 100 tv show? 😂😕

  • Techter Less
    Techter Less 2 months ago

    the why you explained it is like here people left to die here's something useless

  • James M
    James M 2 months ago

    Plastics ought to survive a while. I favour the evolution of an intelligent species from cats - they are very intelligent creatures,

  • Strider Soft
    Strider Soft 2 months ago

    That was a good one, Vendor.

  • Karan Chawla
    Karan Chawla 3 months ago

    You used some pictures from the walking dead. Lol

  • Noble King
    Noble King 3 months ago

    Satan will unite many in a false world peace. Yeshua (Jesus) calls His own out from it before God destroys evil!
    "Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on, five in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three" Luke 12:51 Jesus came to divide us; God's sheep from Satan's goats.

    Peace can't happen where evil rules - this is the truth - Satan is the prince of earth, but Jesus is the prince of peace.
    "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them" 1 Thessalonians 5:3

    Do not be fooled by mortal men who preach "peace & safety" in gov'ts, cults, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, or with rituals of righteous works. Repent and be saved by God's lamb before God destroys the evil on the earth in fire.

  • Afin the great Green
    Afin the great Green 3 months ago

    If I was alive in there for 34 years I hoped I'd found a Apple Store full of iPads and iPhones
    And if GameStop is abandoned i hope its full of games

  • jacian podell
    jacian podell 3 months ago

    Nature fucked up, big time, with the evolvement of homo-sapiens.

  • David
    David 3 months ago

    good video. good logic. thanks

  • MaximumCHROM3
    MaximumCHROM3 3 months ago

    I hate the sentence that starts with: SOME SCIENTISTS BELIEVE...First, there's just SOME (few), and second, they just BELIEVE, they don't know it.

  • Bob Spencer
    Bob Spencer 3 months ago

    the first part is interesting, the animals into humans I think not.

  • Clickbait o saurus
    Clickbait o saurus 3 months ago

    thumbnail is creepy

  • DDS
    DDS 3 months ago

    We'll be extinct because a lot of people release bad things into air. When they smoke or its a big factory, that smoke can break ice forcing sea levels to rise.

  • Nikola slijepcevic
    Nikola slijepcevic 3 months ago

    what will earth look like 430 quintillion years from now

  • super captain Lyall man

    if we left the planet to go explore other planets with life I'm taking my dog and my tortoise then so they don't die in the destruction. it wont be in my lifetime anyway though

  • Do you even carrot all?

    Humans are instinctively good but are taught to hate and exploit by previous generations. This is all because of money.

  • Slammed Subaru
    Slammed Subaru 4 months ago

    Once the ractors explode no much would happen besides animals would get cancer

  • Super Yy68
    Super Yy68 4 months ago +1


  • Alexbluewelcome
    Alexbluewelcome 4 months ago

    Nukuler power plants actually have a fail safe were the reacter shuts off if it gets to hot

  • Saving Genocide
    Saving Genocide 4 months ago

    when I look at t this video I think of fallout shelter lmao

  • Mikosch2
    Mikosch2 4 months ago

    Well, only one way to find out, eh?

  • AMTV Fan Page Savages
    AMTV Fan Page Savages 4 months ago

    If there were no humans that what's up with that airplane in the title.

  • TheKickingGuy
    TheKickingGuy 4 months ago

    The beginning was wrong it was Ethiopia not South Africa

  • TheExtreme Challengers
    TheExtreme Challengers 5 months ago

    Hi again I meant

  • NCR Ranger Veteran
    NCR Ranger Veteran 5 months ago

    *2 millon years later* *new species Mafia* "Hey, Boss what's this uhhh thing?" *Boss* "Oh that's from the crickets who used to live here!"

  • NCR Ranger Veteran
    NCR Ranger Veteran 5 months ago

    "We have created many things to make quality of life better." Shows a picture of a nuke. Yeah!!! Quality of life!

  • Dev Shyamala
    Dev Shyamala 5 months ago

    Homans shod eat dog biskits, it will calm down - Pet Doge

  • TravistheHuman
    TravistheHuman 5 months ago

    Another species is likely to evolve in our place, so we should stick around and let them learn from our mistakes.

  • Lucius Vorenus
    Lucius Vorenus 5 months ago

    Whatever hybrid squirrel becomes dominant millions of years later must make sure he looks up Wikipedia to find out more about us. Wonder what he'd think of us..

  • Seth Morse
    Seth Morse 5 months ago

    Fousands and fousands of years

  • Naman Gupta
    Naman Gupta 5 months ago

    he told so many new things we never would have imagined!!! this is what happens when a person is unemployed

  • rockstarcrossing
    rockstarcrossing 5 months ago

    Humans are destroying the Earth very slowly, though yes, if humans left the planet or were to go extinct, the earth would take very slowly but surely to recover from the damage to caused.

    ҜIΠG LΣΩΠIDΔS 5 months ago


  • Toni M
    Toni M 5 months ago

    "man will destory earth"

  • crimedia
    crimedia 5 months ago

    the world would be much better .

  • supernaturalterror 420
    supernaturalterror 420 5 months ago

    This video is ridiculously void of critical thought. Maybe after a few million years you'll develop enough brain power to get the point.

  • PixLSoft TV
    PixLSoft TV 5 months ago +1

    if ppl will come again thell find a lot of Nokia 3310s

    DEFF TONE 5 months ago

    nah if we left the world would just replenish it's self and the same thing would happen some one would come along and repopulate and we would evolve again

  • MotorSpeed
    MotorSpeed 5 months ago +1

    When videos were pictures.

  • Farouk Majed
    Farouk Majed 5 months ago

    At 3:15 epic fail there is a human

  • Gérard Masson
    Gérard Masson 5 months ago +1

    so intresting!love science!

  • Lixre
    Lixre 6 months ago

    What if oxygen is a drug and since we always breathe it our life is just a hallucination

  • kamal prem
    kamal prem 6 months ago

    thank you

  • Bud D
    Bud D 6 months ago

    if humans didn't exist

    1. zootopia

    2. I'm happy

    3. CAKE!!!

  • Liberal Antivenom
    Liberal Antivenom 6 months ago

    sounds like the liberal Democrats dream come true.

  • Dylan Agee
    Dylan Agee 6 months ago

    i subscribed

  • Lilou84x
    Lilou84x 6 months ago

    I love that accent. Where is the narrator from? Anyone?

  • Ankush Shetty
    Ankush Shetty 6 months ago +1

    What if this all has happened before

  • super abdo
    super abdo 7 months ago

    basically earth becomes land of ooo from adventure time

  • endofdays !
    endofdays ! 7 months ago +2

    earth is better off without homo sapiens!

  • Gracelyn Woods
    Gracelyn Woods 7 months ago

    2:45 Im going to have nightmares

  • MrCreep Neighbour
    MrCreep Neighbour 7 months ago +1

    Did anyone else realise that some humans went away from Africa, and among them some went to Britain. Then after some time came back to Africa then made the people who live there their slaves, giving them no rights or anything. And now their mixed children are fighting for their rights and equality. Human are strange man.

  • Ledz3pp
    Ledz3pp 7 months ago +2

    Hw can ya say humans came 200,000 years ago when its only 2017?
    Stoopid video.

  • BabyTrexSmelly
    BabyTrexSmelly 7 months ago

    yay no humans

  • Sue Lee
    Sue Lee 7 months ago

    a world without aliens.=p

  • Walter Johnson
    Walter Johnson 7 months ago

    The documentary "Life After People" covers this exact subject in great detail. You can probably borrow it from your local public library.

  • MrCreep Neighbour
    MrCreep Neighbour 7 months ago +1

    What of the dinosaurs biluliy the pyramid. *Dun dun dun* *Illuminati confirmed*

    • BabyTrexSmelly
      BabyTrexSmelly 7 months ago

      MrCreep Neighbour does that mean dinosaurs exist yay!!!!!!! no more humans

  • shashi kanth
    shashi kanth 7 months ago

    humans can't leave this planet becz there is no other planet which support life and many natural Destruction can kill human life

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 7 months ago +2

    If the world were a film up to this point, humans would be the villain, and like any great villain we've refused to see ourselves as the bad guy.

  • Colina _Plays
    Colina _Plays 7 months ago

    if humans dissapeared. . . . the world would be a better place

  • StruckOne
    StruckOne 7 months ago +1

    The first thing to happen is that trump's wall will crumble to pieces without humans constantly repairing it

  • Dagr8est Penguin
    Dagr8est Penguin 8 months ago

    To all those people who think this would be great. Think about all those dogs that would starve to death.

  • ZeXcell
    ZeXcell 8 months ago +1

    "We have invented all sorts of things to improve our quality of life"

    *shows a massive explosion*

  • yellow and blue make green

    HI IM 8 yeara old and please stop doing the cind oh vids lick this ok you will scare the death out of pepol

  • Gnarlytreesn3x
    Gnarlytreesn3x 8 months ago

    extinction OF humans


  • Malak Makonnen
    Malak Makonnen 8 months ago

    After that near genocidal annihilation of Rome, the great Roman orator Cato(PINK-TOE), ended every speech with "Delanda Cartago est!"- "Carthage must be destroyed!". Thus, a half-century later, in the Third Punic War, Roman legions marched into Carthage, burned it to the ground, and killed every man while enslaving or murdering every woman and child. The Romans then supposedly salted the land upon which the metropolis of Carthage once flourished. Carthage and its people's were gone forever.
    In the ninth century, at the enlightened height of the cultured-and-civilized Muslim world, the Catholic Patron Saint of Spain, St. James the Moor Slayer, sat on His throne.

  • Roland Fletcher
    Roland Fletcher 8 months ago


  • MrDodo
    MrDodo 8 months ago

    If we disappeared everything on earth that we built and created would crumble decay rust and disappear it's pretty simple and is something that everyone should already know

  • James C
    James C 8 months ago

    I always think of me in a coma and waking up to another world were I'm not a human.

  • Mister X
    Mister X 8 months ago


  • mr hi254
    mr hi254 9 months ago

    3 year mark gunny that just found this

  • Jerred Leto
    Jerred Leto 9 months ago


  • Karen  &  Hal Geddes
    Karen & Hal Geddes 9 months ago

    Very interesting documentary.  Makes you realize how fragile humans are.  I can see this happening in about 200 years if we don't change!  Maybe for the best!

  • canineKING45
    canineKING45 9 months ago +1

    and thus zootopia happenes

    • Alpha Derpy
      Alpha Derpy 9 months ago

      yea your right, It may look like a zoo

  • Daniel Bishop
    Daniel Bishop 9 months ago

    it's buitiful

    ABDULAI JALLOH 9 months ago


  • Lego Master
    Lego Master 9 months ago +1

    Woah, the houses are all abandend

    • SI S
      SI S 9 months ago

      Thundering Fox sorry I share this account with my brother.... My bro is 9 years old... I'm 16 y.o. and I gonna delete that comment immediately.... 👌👌👌

    • Thundering Fox
      Thundering Fox 9 months ago

      SI S I bet you're the same age mate, so stop hating on his comment, he did nothing to you.

  • Kaiju Fanboy
    Kaiju Fanboy 9 months ago

    I hope this happens in the future

  • MegaMGstudios
    MegaMGstudios 9 months ago

    that thumbnail is amazing

  • amin16
    amin16 9 months ago

    no more geopolitic boundaries, the remnants species who evolves will make new boundary as greed in their mind arise. new war and colonization.

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