French army band medleys Daft Punk following Bastille Day parade

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  • DraftyArt
    DraftyArt 11 hours ago

    Trumps face lol "What the fuck I'm doing here"

  • kirsty carpenter
    kirsty carpenter 13 hours ago

    Amazing!!!!! Trumps face though, what a twot

  • Avner Crow
    Avner Crow 13 hours ago

    I don't know if i m the only one who noticed it but it's a cover of Pentatonix's Daft Punk Medley :)
    A good choice btw.

  • HateCrewMurder
    HateCrewMurder 13 hours ago

    0:53 ;-)

  • MikeyD
    MikeyD 14 hours ago

    Not even the presence of Trump could ruin the awesomeness of this.

  • TutanchAnup
    TutanchAnup 15 hours ago

    I think the reason Trump looks so unhappy is either he doesn't know Daft Punk, or he just can't simply and openly like something awesome which isn't his own!

  • Krispy Kimson
    Krispy Kimson 19 hours ago +2

    Amazing performance, may god bless France.

    -from an American

  • 93200Jonas
    93200Jonas 19 hours ago

    Ridiculous as Macron's communication strategy to appear "progressist", "modern"... The ridiculous doesnt kill yet. Macron has been elected by politicly uneducated people.

  • Tracer Love!
    Tracer Love! 20 hours ago

    I don't think trump likes him, or is that just the face he makes when he's happy?

  • BurritoWarrior
    BurritoWarrior 20 hours ago

    Why does trump always look like such a mong

  • CyLeT _
    CyLeT _ 21 hour ago

    Damn, this made me so happy! The look of Macron's face, France giving Daft Punk the attention they deserve is amazing. I'm crying from the inside.

  • swaraj murthy
    swaraj murthy 22 hours ago

    Pentatonix medley

  • Squintward
    Squintward 1 day ago

    That's exactly Pentatonix Medley

  • Life Could Be A Meme
    Life Could Be A Meme 1 day ago +1

    Greetings from the Uk

  • TitanHeat
    TitanHeat 1 day ago +1

    Trump is like -_-

  • Griffith Femto
    Griffith Femto 1 day ago

    Isnt the melody from pentatonix?

  • Chi Guevara
    Chi Guevara 1 day ago

    07/14 is not Bastille's day but union day of 07/14/1790

  • Cole Torres
    Cole Torres 1 day ago

    Wow trump no reaction like fuck you frfr

  • MrFloneil
    MrFloneil 1 day ago +1

    Ils ont géré pour ce coup là

  • Randall Wolf
    Randall Wolf 1 day ago +1

    To anyone, not a US citizen, watching this... I as a US citizen, apologize for the sour puss seen in this video. We are not like that. PLUR

  • Emperatriz Lemus
    Emperatriz Lemus 1 day ago

    This was amazing, like wtf is wrong with Trump? lol

  • Whoknows Knight
    Whoknows Knight 1 day ago

    What's so good in music is that it when it hit you feel no pain

  • mmilerngruppe
    mmilerngruppe 1 day ago

    schon damals ein beschissenes lied gewesen.

  • Ryu Vaporwave
    Ryu Vaporwave 1 day ago

    Then they surrendered

  • TimRT Howard
    TimRT Howard 1 day ago

    trumpu is uguu

  • mat trix
    mat trix 1 day ago

    fuck Macron

  • Thomas Moll
    Thomas Moll 1 day ago

    France: 12 points ;-)

  • Jibis
    Jibis 1 day ago

    Discovery was by far the best Daft punk album.

  • Herghun
    Herghun 1 day ago

    I think it was a good idea from the french army to take the medley of Pentatonix (who are americans) it makes a sort of link betwin the two countrys :)

  • The Lady Travels
    The Lady Travels 1 day ago

    This is absolutely superb (apart from the ominous aerial 'airstrike' camera shot 90 sec in, and Trump's grumpy face).
    The French 'Riverdance' x

  • FeyFishify
    FeyFishify 1 day ago

    This is the Pentatonix Daft Punk Medley. So they covered a great accapella medley.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 1 day ago

    The french prez is like:
    ''I cand believe im here right now!''
    Trump is like:
    ''What the f..k am i doing here?!''

  • Locki Holmes
    Locki Holmes 1 day ago

    so great stuff. Daft Punk funk the parade :-) Only the orange desaster is out of emotions !!!! bad bad bad !!!!! ;-)

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte

    I want to troll Trump real bad.

  • Line One
    Line One 1 day ago

    Every one is super happy here about this video, but actually in France a lot of people hate that move from the French President... And as a french citizen, i don't know why.. this was awesome !!

    • Line One
      Line One 1 day ago

      MrPedro9128 Mdr t'es un rigolo toi nan ?

    • MrPedro9128
      MrPedro9128 1 day ago

      merci de laisser les français en dehors de ça, donne ton avis mais ne parle au nom des autres, merci

    LHB GAMING 2 days ago

    0:49 "It is at this very moment that he knew....... He fucked up"

  • Arctic Chod
    Arctic Chod 2 days ago

    Beware, the comments below are all "Trump didn't smile like he should've! >:("

    Maybe the dude just doesn't know who made the song? I don't smile during performances like these because I saw them all the time during high school. Does that make me an emotionless asshole? Sheeit

  • Red&Blue 202
    Red&Blue 202 2 days ago

    That was awesome! Nice job France! And since I've seen a lot of other people doing this, Greetings from Canada.

  • Josh On Two Wheels
    Josh On Two Wheels 2 days ago

    Their rendition of One More Time brought a tear to my eye. Sounds so beautiful

  • Teodor Galitev
    Teodor Galitev 2 days ago

    lol - our buffoon didn't even know what's happening

    BNKAB 2 days ago

    They are performing petatonixes daft punk meledy, watch this then watch that

  • Woo Woo
    Woo Woo 2 days ago

    oh, Daft Punk, treasure of France

  • calvinmonkey
    calvinmonkey 2 days ago +1

    what the fuck

  • Lasara Damiana
    Lasara Damiana 2 days ago

    Trump e sua cara de que chupou limão azedo!rsrs!

  • Ralph Körner
    Ralph Körner 2 days ago

    This seems like the best possible way to troll Trump.

  • Brogan Rees
    Brogan Rees 2 days ago +1

    I want these guys to play at my funeral

  • oalan vici
    oalan vici 2 days ago

    Only donald trump's hair was dancing with the rythm of the music

  • Antoine D.
    Antoine D. 2 days ago

    Putain c'est énorme d'avoir fait ça, quel kiff!!

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 2 days ago

    Down with Macron. If only the French armed forces would sort him out.

  • Mauicio Gonzalez
    Mauicio Gonzalez 2 days ago

    how dare they have a band without filling it full of muslims and north africans. the band should match how france looks today. these people must be neo-nazi alt-righters.

  • Sawyer Waitneight TV
    Sawyer Waitneight TV 2 days ago +1

    Nothing impresses that bastard Trump? I want to just punch that disgusting, disappointed look on his face. They worked hard on that, and all he gives is a disgusting frown.

    Rock on france!

  • Tanspar 117
    Tanspar 117 2 days ago

    Trump ain't give a damn fuck xD

  • 1 957 896 vues
    1 957 896 vues 2 days ago


  • super duper
    super duper 3 days ago

    AHAHAHAHAHAH seriously, Trump totally looks like a frog, ahahahahahah

  • Mac Lochlainn
    Mac Lochlainn 3 days ago

    You don't fool me, French culture doesn't exist anymore.. you had your chance France.

  • Zod
    Zod 3 days ago

    Europeans need to chill on the jump cuts, omg

  • Eduard Diamantidi
    Eduard Diamantidi 3 days ago

    Trump seems to be listen Daft Punk the first time

  • Sonam Liberman
    Sonam Liberman 3 days ago

    You have to love any civilization that can produce this

  • HolyMerchant
    HolyMerchant 3 days ago

    Baguettes hate when u talk about white flag and flooding France with muslim immigrants. Hmm interesting. I have seen that coming. Once u surrender u cant stop. Only thing i can say is "good goyim. take some more poor migrants *hehehehehe*"

  • Mathieu Hanouz
    Mathieu Hanouz 3 days ago

    Le défilé de beauf. regarde t'as vu c'est daft punk , un chevelu et un mec aux dents en avant qui font de la musique éléctronique, ils sont français, gniéhé

  • Sekki
    Sekki 3 days ago

    Fake no white flag anywhere.

  • KFlorent13
    KFlorent13 3 days ago

    Quelle démonstration de puissance ! La crédibilité de la France et de ses armées n'en est qu'aggrandie.

  • BurninRevolver
    BurninRevolver 3 days ago

    Everything was amazing until Trump appeared with his orange face

  • resi_22
    resi_22 3 days ago

    Very cool! 👍🏻

  • Faraja Montgomery-Weiss

    I love how Macron and Trump's hair are having more fun than Trump himself 😂😂

  • DoctorDisco [SweetTv]

    En vrai les français ont piqués l'idée à la garde royal anglaise :)

  • Luxy Lux
    Luxy Lux 3 days ago +3

    Embrace life, embrace music like Macron! Awesome performance!
    I'm proud to live next door. A lot of love from Germany!

  • Philipp Rosa
    Philipp Rosa 3 days ago

    trump is like "i could do better"

  • Bukovic 1971
    Bukovic 1971 3 days ago

    Great ! :D  Vive la France !

  • Patrick Daniel
    Patrick Daniel 3 days ago

    it will be an epic soundtrack for a movie

  • TonganToko Gaming
    TonganToko Gaming 4 days ago

    Its daft punk, wtf is trump doing with his grumpy ass face

  • maddi ric
    maddi ric 4 days ago

    Ptx x

  • Steve Becerril Pariente

    Waow this is great

  • Pelukis Melendez
    Pelukis Melendez 4 days ago

    quiero casarme con todos esos tipos para que me toquen siempre canciones de dadf punk 😍😍😍

  • Bijoy Barua
    Bijoy Barua 4 days ago

    best thing ever

  • TiBag
    TiBag 4 days ago

    darude sandstorm :v

  • Dan McLaughlin
    Dan McLaughlin 4 days ago +1

    1:15 Trump yells at Macron "I love your National Anthem."

  • Jacckeyy
    Jacckeyy 4 days ago

    Trump's hair was more happy than him.

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 4 days ago

    2:22 chills

  • robert kelly
    robert kelly 4 days ago

    3 minutes 9 seconds of my life that I will never get back.

    MARC SOYER 4 days ago +1

    Franchement les mecs, ça nous change des 14 juillet Mitterrand et Chirac, non?

  • Mr. Mobile Fanboy
    Mr. Mobile Fanboy 4 days ago +1

    Songs please?

  • MithWorld_ RO
    MithWorld_ RO 4 days ago

    0:42 Trump's hair is dancing

  • Stephanie Mujan
    Stephanie Mujan 4 days ago

    Stupid Trump ruined it.

    MARC SOYER 5 days ago

    The only difference in levels reactions it's because the French president is only thirty nine years old

  • togusa75
    togusa75 5 days ago

    This is the Daft Punk medley arrangement from Pentatonix.
    Give credit to them, also.

  • PantherGX
    PantherGX 5 days ago

    It seem odd how the close cam show only Trump face, and when it doesnt everyone has a 'pokerface' aswell

    FLYBOI2782 KENO 5 days ago

    Trump frowb's and has no clue of the music that is playing...... Macron is extremely proud and trying his best to contain himself

  • Countfoscolikesmice
    Countfoscolikesmice 5 days ago +1

    guy at 3:00 goes Game of Thrones and throws his baton through Trump's chest.

  • Gage Aldrich
    Gage Aldrich 5 days ago +1

    France did it again!

  • Robert Barker
    Robert Barker 5 days ago

    Trump like "I don't like house music, I'm more of a trap guy"

  • Katala casaverde
    Katala casaverde 5 days ago +1

    trump just realized he is old

  • Diogo David
    Diogo David 5 days ago


  • gauloiscalifornien
    gauloiscalifornien 5 days ago

    Ils auraient pu jouer aussi la digue du cul, quelle merde ce Macron!!

  • Karen R.
    Karen R. 5 days ago

    Maravilloso! Viva la France!

  • Theodoяe Kяap
    Theodoяe Kяap 5 days ago +1

    yeah yeah alright still doesn't beat Russian army spongbob march lol

  • Antonio Marino
    Antonio Marino 5 days ago

    America and France have a good relationship, so yes, Trump is there to support them, get over it

  • John Neil
    John Neil 5 days ago +1

    isnt that Pentatonix's remix

  • JoUtan01
    JoUtan01 5 days ago

    cnn anchor woman. "oh, they are playing the american national anthem"

  • Dimitris Michailidis

    soooo cool!!!

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