3D Sound - WEAR HEADPHONES - Virtual Reality Audio - WWI

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  • Bhaskar Das
    Bhaskar Das 1 hour ago

    it bloody consumed an entire generation.


  • Sandi Saputra
    Sandi Saputra 1 hour ago


  • Yumiko Yarida
    Yumiko Yarida 3 hours ago


  • DjN7 Music
    DjN7 Music 13 hours ago

    cool project! well done!

  • slyjayhawk 70
    slyjayhawk 70 19 hours ago

    I heard a bullet just miss my head... its hard to believe they would shoot you on the spot for cowardice back then...I would have been terrified... R.I.p to all the young men who fought for my freedom just hope with what's going on in the world today that they haddent fought in vain ...

  • Dj Bossman
    Dj Bossman 1 day ago


  • Ugihbihb Yughb
    Ugihbihb Yughb 2 days ago

    WWI in 2015 WWII is today

  • Laxativepie
    Laxativepie 2 days ago

    War is heck

  • No UploadzZZzz
    No UploadzZZzz 2 days ago

    i hear banging noises every night in my parents bedroom.. i'm very afraid.

    T-MOTAH 2 days ago

    2:56 was fucking terrifying...

  • Nox Stepheno
    Nox Stepheno 3 days ago

    I enjoyed this-but why do I have to be the pussy guy?

  • Alvin C
    Alvin C 3 days ago


  • iTaLk_TeCh
    iTaLk_TeCh 3 days ago

    sounds great in my car! loud af sounds like a theatre

  • iTaLk_TeCh
    iTaLk_TeCh 3 days ago

    where was this filmed? was this an actual movie scene?

  • C0GStheN3RD
    C0GStheN3RD 3 days ago

    real soundin, got me to fking take cover
    but this is only the beginning of the war
    not the worst yet

  • EthanHunter45
    EthanHunter45 4 days ago

    max up the volume, for more realistic sound :D

  • osman ozyurek
    osman ozyurek 4 days ago

    i shat myself.

  • test subject 0
    test subject 0 4 days ago

    closed my eyes for a minute and fell out the chair

  • Theo Montejo
    Theo Montejo 5 days ago

    this is from a movie

  • Edxander Perez
    Edxander Perez 5 days ago

    I was expecting Seven Nation Army but ok

  • Mike Clew
    Mike Clew 5 days ago

    I went from admiring the sound to wondering why they don't make first person movies to saying I won't climb the ladder.

  • SolidRays
    SolidRays 5 days ago


  • James Alcorn
    James Alcorn 6 days ago

    I salute all the Brave military men and women through out history and till present

  • Anas Quraishi
    Anas Quraishi 6 days ago

    very nice iPhone earphone is best effect working

  • Krostag GD
    Krostag GD 6 days ago

    Press F to pay respects

  • Gabe Bahen
    Gabe Bahen 6 days ago

    Damn...I died... how far did you guys make it?

  • JD stopmotions101
    JD stopmotions101 7 days ago

    2:51 that Irish guy thinks he's hard ahaha 😂

  • The Shadow Guy
    The Shadow Guy 7 days ago

    Bloody hell this is nice

  • pierce yu- Mitsubishi

    I'mma try this with my VR and headphones on

  • kenny
    kenny 7 days ago

    what kind of crap is this shit?

  • Greg Collins
    Greg Collins 8 days ago

    I'm WAYYYY to high for this.......

  • Jaxx 1812
    Jaxx 1812 8 days ago

    we all know, "You can never be a good leader until you send a man to his death and live with that decision even if he died without purpose" U-571

  • Professor Plzcheese

    LMFAO when he starts threatening about getting up the ladder!!! XD OMG IM CRYING

  • Adrian Galo
    Adrian Galo 8 days ago

    scary af!

  • Serbian King
    Serbian King 8 days ago


  • Niko Cəfərzadə
    Niko Cəfərzadə 8 days ago

    tıklaya basıp gelen deste burdamı

  • Vinay Desai
    Vinay Desai 9 days ago

    that last missile

  • p e a n u t
    p e a n u t 9 days ago

    If he would have gone up the ladder sooner, he would have survived. smh

  • Harry's Dimples
    Harry's Dimples 9 days ago

    I'm literally crying

  • Human Pelican
    Human Pelican 10 days ago

    The sound of a trench whistle satisfies me.

  • Gestapo Polizei 1940

    Now made World war 2 Please.

  • Czech Speare
    Czech Speare 10 days ago

    RIP those heroes TT I'm so saddd

  • Kevin Pickford
    Kevin Pickford 10 days ago

    I would run my ass off

  • Pretzelb
    Pretzelb 10 days ago

    You know we are in a constant battle of taking and defending trenches, and there is a possibility that this one will be overran, but hey fuck it lets make it out if some cement.

  • T7oken o0o
    T7oken o0o 10 days ago

    Brits in dis video was like "hey m8! we could die because of a mortar shell today, wanna cup of tea m8?"

  • Fairsy
    Fairsy 10 days ago

    Damn we ain't good soldiers, didn't even make it out the trench

  • Eleazar Acosta
    Eleazar Acosta 11 days ago


  • GarzukaTheGamer
    GarzukaTheGamer 11 days ago

    This was a fucking joke, horrible effects, horrible acting, horrible sound effects, this was nothing compared to the hell that was the real war.

  • Biaxailash 303
    Biaxailash 303 11 days ago

    Don't worry I have flak jacket equipped

  • Faze Eon
    Faze Eon 11 days ago

    it must of been hard in ww2 they had to wear a go pro and hold a gun with a knife and go up a ladder i mean wtf

  • Captain Goeby
    Captain Goeby 11 days ago

    My girlfriend was there! All of a sudden the crazy bitch just climbed up onto the battlefield with her fucking shield and fancy, bullet deflecting bracers! But she won the day I tells ya!

  • Head of a thousand sheep's wool

    I would have cried if one of the guys was called Mikey or Gerard

  • FoleyGames03
    FoleyGames03 11 days ago


  • PokeFails
    PokeFails 12 days ago

    this is real?

  • Kyle hefner
    Kyle hefner 12 days ago

    go up the ladder they said. IT'LL BE FINE THEY SAID.

  • Piesełke
    Piesełke 12 days ago

    That was not immpresive at all.

  • Stephanie Fields
    Stephanie Fields 13 days ago

    Reminds me of Call of duty

  • Gettersdeht Toßsent

    I got a Vietnam flashback

  • martijntenbokum
    martijntenbokum 13 days ago

    One soldier is still holding an cop of coffee......my man.

  • robdog15001
    robdog15001 14 days ago


  • Ilyas Fhg
    Ilyas Fhg 14 days ago

    Bro I just experienced all buz I was watching this in my big ipad with an best headphones bose

  • James Clay
    James Clay 14 days ago

    630w sound setup 10 at night scared the shit out of me

  • ADvrzn
    ADvrzn 15 days ago

    Who can do video recording at the time like this !?

  • Aleyna Demir
    Aleyna Demir 15 days ago


  • Ray Jen
    Ray Jen 15 days ago

    no more war, hope world peace

  • Joseph Banaszak
    Joseph Banaszak 15 days ago

    Played this with my headphones on with max volume.

  • Taylor Banks
    Taylor Banks 15 days ago

    This more like a vr video if any

  • Papa Hitler
    Papa Hitler 16 days ago


    BAT MAN 16 days ago

    There aren't any women.

  • III Cake
    III Cake 16 days ago

    Lol wtf I laughed really hard when that guy puked xD

  • Recchon Lie
    Recchon Lie 16 days ago

    it's cute.. i can't breathing in the last

  • kenkade strong
    kenkade strong 16 days ago

    The man can't fucking dodge that? THAT WAS LIKE A CARTOON!

  • Sumeet Moni
    Sumeet Moni 16 days ago

    Is that real❇


    Battlefield one on PC

  • jorge amador
    jorge amador 16 days ago

    holy hell i was shaking

  • Javier Charlier
    Javier Charlier 17 days ago

    3:08 The face everybody was making at the end http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/657/705/31d.gif

  • wili wilihey
    wili wilihey 17 days ago

    this was a very bad video

  • wili wilihey
    wili wilihey 17 days ago

    they were having fun back in the days

  • Harambe
    Harambe 17 days ago

    Imagine hearing this with 7.1 surround sound and a VR headset o-o

  • Alex Cvetkov
    Alex Cvetkov 17 days ago

    fucking 'ell that's so mad

  • SCE2AUX2
    SCE2AUX2 17 days ago

    3:13 Oh, hi Mr. Death.

  • Captainlevi 792
    Captainlevi 792 18 days ago

    Why is the guy that is shouting at the guy for not going up the ladder Northern Irish.

  • Mr Luo
    Mr Luo 18 days ago

    this is the best i had ever seen !

  • ThatsAHeavyStatement

    Went from asmr to this

  • iloveteaalot
    iloveteaalot 18 days ago

    Nothing says entertainment like PTSD and shell shock.

  • Pretty Princesses
    Pretty Princesses 19 days ago

    Really hope they make a no mans land experience.

  • Fortunamax1
    Fortunamax1 19 days ago

    Looks like my flashbacks is return.

  • Fortunamax1
    Fortunamax1 19 days ago

    1:40 minus ears

  • Boltz - Agario
    Boltz - Agario 19 days ago


  • Ryujinzzz
    Ryujinzzz 20 days ago

    Man what is this game? It's so realistic!

  • Pedro Barbosa Duarte

    i went from "Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg? SOUND EFFECT" to this XD

  • Pintexx
    Pintexx 20 days ago

    I wish battlefeild 1 sounded more like this

  • !gaming ghost!
    !gaming ghost! 20 days ago

    funny accents

  • Reyes Axe
    Reyes Axe 21 day ago

    See folks that's what's happen if you scared of making the wrong decisions

  • Kevin Ximenes
    Kevin Ximenes 21 day ago

    like si moriste :V

  • WeAllWantTo Die
    WeAllWantTo Die 22 days ago

    oh fuck this

  • Jean Franco Nieto
    Jean Franco Nieto 22 days ago

    Yo queria matar alemanes :v

  • Live 100
    Live 100 22 days ago

    I think I have ptsd now

  • deandre jones
    deandre jones 22 days ago

    I flinched at the ending

  • Santo29200
    Santo29200 22 days ago

    Okay I thought they started to put whistles on bombs/shells and shit during WWII ?

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