WH Spokesmen, American Oligarchy, Public Service | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

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    Bill and his Real Time guests – Rep. Adam Schiff, Jon Favreau, Michael "Killer Mike" Render, Matt Welch, and Annabelle Gurwitch – answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • Runtime: 12:08
  • Adam Schiff  Democrat  California  House Intelligence Committee  Annabelle Gurwitch  speechwriter  President Obama  podcast  Pod Save America  Michael Render  Killer Mike  activist  musician  Run the Jewels III  Matt Welch  Reason Magazine  

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  • Zephyrus411
    Zephyrus411 19 days ago

    www.latimes.com/projects/la-na-pol-trump-firings-resignations/ An unprecedented number of people who have been fired or replaced under the Trump administration. What is the GOP hiding??

  • Abdullah al-Amreekee
    Abdullah al-Amreekee 26 days ago

    Killer Mike is about his topics, but really ought to eat better.

  • Sammy Hannat
    Sammy Hannat Month ago +1

    Long Live Comrade Killer Mike

  • A. Smith
    A. Smith Month ago

    Hey, that's Annabelle from TBS' "Dinner & A Movie"

  • FreeThinkers Society
    FreeThinkers Society 2 months ago

    ive been saying the US is an oligarchy way before i saw this
    glad to see others think the same

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson 2 months ago

    i like Bill Maher a lot, but in this episode, he said that the average smart phone user interacts with his phone 2,600 times a day... Come on Bill do the math, that's impossible. When you use obvious lies to prove your point, you make it seem like we can't trust anything you say. In an America who can't seem to decide who to trust, you're not doing yourself any favors by making up statistics.

  • Batman
    Batman 2 months ago

    Schiff is such a softie lol

  • balle733
    balle733 2 months ago +1

    Certified coon. Dude can't even close his white teeth on the show.

  • Prof. Michael O. Zimmermann JCD ECS

    Imagine for a moment, TRUMP was POTUS during the CUBA.Crisis... HORROR, because this planet would be gone... well, TRUMP will probably use the real-estate to build a BiiiiG Golf-course...

  • Prof. Michael O. Zimmermann JCD ECS

    When SCROTUM is finished with AMERICA, Republicans will be a sorry bunch!

    LEONIDAS MARTEL 2 months ago +3


  • Anne Jochum
    Anne Jochum 2 months ago

    too much cursing kills his argument with conservative people. We need to change their ideas and that turns them off immediately.and they tune out. Especially older americans. Just like calling them deplorable doesnt' help your argument. I dont like trump but be wise about why you are trying to change views. wrong tactic

  • Anne Jochum
    Anne Jochum 2 months ago +1

    why is it ok for bill maher to talk about menapause in a nasty way but not the trumps i hate trump but it is hypocritical and that woman looks like a moron for going with it

  • Laura Martens
    Laura Martens 2 months ago

    Improvement quarterback screen own rise why.

  • Dwindle Deeds
    Dwindle Deeds 2 months ago

    hey,why do you not get wedded with a pot,i believe you will then have everything you loved.

  • iMergeAndSee
    iMergeAndSee 2 months ago

    Wasn't Annabelle there to promote her book? #cmonbill

  • Bubbles McGee
    Bubbles McGee 2 months ago +1

    If you haven't noticed this is the democrats plan to win the back the house or senate. Keep the silly Russian gossip story running for 2 years but this will blow up in their face again.Americans are turning away from democrats in droves. A guy body slams a reporter and they still can't win. Instead of looking at themselves and their failures they Concoct some crazy Russian story to distract the American people. I'm not a republican or democrat but this just looks crazy. Obama himself said trump was crazy thinking the election could be hacked. I've never heard of a losing presidential candidate not accepting the defeat and not going off quietly. She blames everyone but herself and frankly as the first female presidential candidate she makes women look petty and whinny.

  • when kittens fly
    when kittens fly 2 months ago +1

    liberals are upset with themselves.

  • when kittens fly
    when kittens fly 2 months ago +1

    let's take advice from a person named killer mike. good job liberals, that's what makes us take you so seriously.

  • Adam Kelley
    Adam Kelley 2 months ago

    I just realizes how many people in this country are just party hacks who don't actually care about policy but rather only care about their team winning the next match (election). That is right I am talking about all of you on here who actually think Clinton would be a good president.

  • Sparkie Lyle
    Sparkie Lyle 2 months ago

    Don't Kill ur Masters, Kill ur Greedy, Selfish, Capitalist. Along with all ur Board of Directors, & there Wall St Cohorts/the 1 %'ers. 4 Ruining this Stupid-Cuntry 4 every 1 XCEPT-THEMSELVES ! ! !

  • Sparkie Lyle
    Sparkie Lyle 2 months ago

    Assad, is not doin the Gassing. Ur Mis-informed, its the Western Backed Rebels who r responsible 4 the Gassin. & when u follow the Money it leads bck 2 whom ?  Well ?

  • Alexander Moss
    Alexander Moss 2 months ago +1

    Comparing Trump to Hussein is so fucking hyperbolic.

  • HotPocketsBoy
    HotPocketsBoy 2 months ago

    Schiff was right. he is too nice.

  • Michael Coslo
    Michael Coslo 2 months ago

    Have the Republicans checked wioth their leader Putin about this? I want to ask =Comrades McDonnell and Ryan under oath about their dealings with Russia.

    And as tehy sy, "If you haven't done anything wrong - you have nothing to worry about, comrade.

  • Knowledgeis halfthebattle


  • Knowledgeis halfthebattle

    Did you hear Schiff choke on his words. Everyone on Overtime are fooling themselves. Trump isn't going anywhere. Why hasn't a military commander such as Robert Abrams stepped up and started taking legal statements and arresting D.C. officials especially those that committed treason rigging the DNC election? And as for Annabelle Gurwitch, I guess we have already forgotton about H clinton's scandal over wealthy elites such as top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills buying their way into Clinton's inner circle? TREASON TREASON TREASON! ITS TIME FOR GENERAL ROBERT ABRAMS TO MOVE HIS ARMY INTO WASHINGTON D.C.

  • energeez
    energeez 2 months ago

    "killer mike" lol just stop

  • Adam Kelley
    Adam Kelley 2 months ago +3

    Once upon a time Bill you actually stood for something but now you are just a Hillary-bot who carries water for the corporate Democrats. I once respected you like I do Killer Mike but now instead of watching you show for you I watched this episode despite you because I wanted to watch Killer Mike!

    • HotPocketsBoy
      HotPocketsBoy 2 months ago

      LMAO. so im a mindless puppet for the establishment if I believe Clinton would of been less of a disaster than Trump? what are you 12? Do you not see how Trump is fucking up all our alliances? He wants to blow NK up. He wants war with Iran. wtf are you talking about? The guy bombed Syria because Ivanka cried to him. He disrespects our ally Germany but cozies up to the Russians in the oval offices. He's a warmongering little child who worships dictators and who's probably going to kill us all if Climate doesnt get us first. You might think a reality TV star with nukes is better than Clinton but Im sure as hell not

    • Adam Kelley
      Adam Kelley 2 months ago

      "yeah I stopped reading after there lmao."
      Which is when I realized you are mindless puppet for the establishment. Hillary Clinton wanted to start world war 3 so yes her presidency would be far more dangerous than trumps, if she had been elected we would not have had to worry about climate change killing us all off because we would all already be dead form nuclear war with Russia far before the effects of climate change caught up with us.

    • HotPocketsBoy
      HotPocketsBoy 2 months ago

      "She was just as much of a threat as Donald Trump if not more so..."

      yeah i stopped reading there lmao.

    • Adam Kelley
      Adam Kelley 2 months ago

      Well you have drank to Kool-Aid too it seems. Hillary lost because she was the worst candidate ever not because I and many like me would not vote for her because she is a corporate shill. She was just as much of a threat as Donald Trump if not more so. She has pushed fracking all over the globe, the clinton family has taken $3,000,000,000 thats right three billion dollars from special interests and foreign governments over their careers and she wanted to start world war 3 with Russia by creating a no-fly zone in Syria.

      I agree that climate change is the greatest threat of our time I would even say the greatest of all time but Hillary would not have been any better how could she be she has taken millions of dollars from the fossil fuel industry and as I said has pushed fracking all over the planet.

      The only way we are going to get any change is to get money out of politics and the only way to do that is to vote for people who don't take PAC money or large donor money. The only way the Dems will start winning again is if they become the party of the people again and stop being bought off. I am proud that I voted for Jill Stein and even knowing the outcome I would do it again I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils because they are still evil.

      There is a new wave of democrats coming and they have passed our purity test and they are going to take out the old corporate Dems and take back our government from the Republicans because they are popular with people on both sides of the aisle since they stand with the people not the owner class. They are called Justice Democrats, they take no PAC money or special interest money or large donor money and are instead funded by the people like Bernie was. They are for a green revolution and against fossil fuels, they are for single payer health care, they are for free collage, they are for ending the wars, they are for ending the drug war and most importantly the are for getting money out of politics since nothing will change while both parties are being bribed like Hillary and all the others.

    • HotPocketsBoy
      HotPocketsBoy 2 months ago

      No he told progressives with stupid purity tests to fuck off. Because in the end the left will keep losing if we're at each other throats like every democrat is a common criminal and he's right. He recognized Trump as the threat he is and he is right to scold all the idiots who didnt vote for clinton because of bernie. Now the planet is fucked for four years with global warming and like he says that is the single most important issue of our time.

  • kommisar
    kommisar 2 months ago +1

    Why is this dumbass rapper on here? I guess Bill will invite any idiot on here, whether they side with him or not. Just the fact that he showed up in a t-shirt with some dumb, meaningless, cliche slogan on it while everyone else wore a suit should be a red flag. Can he not afford a suit with that lucrative hip hop career? He is a race baiting propagandist who is mad affirmative action isn't applied to politics. He's an idiot. Anyone can see this glaring fact with all the glaring evidence is an idiot too. You can love his music all you want, but don't for one second believe he is an intellectual.

  • MzShaybutta
    MzShaybutta 2 months ago

    Why the condescending answer to Killa Mike's statement? "He speaks so well" Rolling my eyes and vomiting.

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 3 months ago

    If we had a popular vote system of election and not some archaic electoral process , then we wouldn't have to worry about a lot of this shit. Until then, every bible thumping wingnut from the hinterlands will have waaaay to much say in this country. It's a little off topic but I feel it's at the heart of all our problems...that and elderly congressmen making policies for young America.

    CITIZEN 4JUSTICE 3 months ago

    Democracy is Rule by Majority, Republic (that the us has been traditionally) is Rule by Minority, and Rule by 1 is Monarchy! WHY is the Great America/USA so Afraid of 1 man ?!!!

  • shnoopio
    shnoopio 3 months ago

    Bill you should invite Mr Shapiro to join the Panel!

  • cmz8706
    cmz8706 3 months ago

    god someone shut that hole up

  • Bob McKenzie
    Bob McKenzie 3 months ago

    Killer Mike is pretty good.  Although there was Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy pretty much every Kennedy after JFK got access and position directly connected to their family name.

  • monokhem
    monokhem 3 months ago

    "Hey. I'm a dumb fat fuck who talks shit about dawgs. What people need to realize is that pissing your vote away on some ignorant fuck who can't fix shit is the only way to be cool in the voting booth."

  • John Helfrich
    John Helfrich 3 months ago

    Adam Schiff is a liar. He should become a Republican. How he can say Conaway is bipartisan is a joke !!

  • Kelby Smith
    Kelby Smith 3 months ago

    Listening to all of these opinions everywhere is so exhausting. I can not do it. It is so unfair that we have to second guess everything we hear. We all have to do our own homework. I watch Bill for entertainment and sometimes intellectual conversation is had. What a mockery we as a people have made of our politics. Politics is not entertainment. I have to laugh at it so much of the time or I would cry. I do not want to look at politics as a sport. There are so many opinions, opinions, opinions out there. No wonder everybody is so mean to each other. Everywhere you turn is bad example of how to talk. Talk at each other and not to each other. The blurring of journalism and entertainment. So many celebrities and public figures that have no credentials what so ever come out and give these grand opinions and it is so obvious they do not know the first thing about government. I support their freedom of speech, but the sad thing is, people are listening to these buffoons. The young generations have so much more work to do, to figure out the truth. To figure out the facts. And the generations that should know better have brought themselves down to the gutter. We are not facing the right direction here. I hope we will chip away at this before it is too late.

  • Sean Lang
    Sean Lang 3 months ago

    A plutocracy is the way we are heading.

  • Radel Dadel
    Radel Dadel 3 months ago

    ok so far we had politician who did what the oligarchs told them to do. now you have some oligarchs doing it directly. can't see much of a difference.

  • Eric Brinkman
    Eric Brinkman 3 months ago

    "The graft goes through the princelings." I'm taking odds on whether Trump gets impeached over his Russian connections or his business conflicts of interest. Right now, odds are going down on the Russian connections, but keep your eye on the emoluments clause because it's also heating up.

  • duckificationish
    duckificationish 3 months ago

    Killer Mike killed it. GET THAT MOFO IN CONGRESS

  • John Nycto
    John Nycto 3 months ago

    Has our country dropped the soap, Killer Mike?

  • Just B
    Just B 3 months ago

    what the fuck is this bullshit? Why does the link on his webpage take me to a fucking week old video?

  • Paul Willis
    Paul Willis 3 months ago

    The word you are searching for is "nepotism".

  • Lisa Nelson
    Lisa Nelson 3 months ago

    Killer Mike should run for office

  • Dan Delpha
    Dan Delpha 3 months ago

    killer mike asked a great question and it wasn't answered.

    • Dan Delpha
      Dan Delpha 3 months ago

      though since taping there's been a special counsel appointed so it may be moot at this point anyway

  • Munquis DeSade
    Munquis DeSade 3 months ago

    non partisan is basically code for we only want us to investigate so we can destroy any incriminating evidence.

  • Nacho Gonzalez
    Nacho Gonzalez 3 months ago

    have u seen chef

  • oxideman1
    oxideman1 3 months ago

    Bill always invites leftist jews on the show. this is HIS agenda. Just MSNBC and CNN. Jewish communst values.

  • Messagefrom Montie
    Messagefrom Montie 3 months ago

    "Regular man's street version of American history?" That was condescending as hell.

  • Dood 1997
    Dood 1997 3 months ago

    Dang the crowed got really quiet when Rep. Adam Schiff spoke!

  • segan25
    segan25 3 months ago

    haha americans are so funny... yeah you guys live in an oligracy... its too obvious...
    sincerly, a citizen in another oligracy.

  • dave87gn
    dave87gn 3 months ago

    How come every time someone self identifies as an independent...they walk talk and act just like a republican...like this guy with the glasses.

  • Jim Daniel
    Jim Daniel 3 months ago

    Schiff had to say that...

  • Andres Cosetti
    Andres Cosetti 3 months ago

    So tired of Americans talking about their inherent superiority. "We don't do that in this country", "we'll end up like all these other countries"... You've got some lowbrow Berlusconi in the White House now, but that's hardly the first crook to occupy that space. You're just like plenty of other countries, except that it's more dangerous because of the heft of your military and economy. Stop flattering yourselves!

  • Mark Kilian
    Mark Kilian 3 months ago

    violation of the constitution and trump supporters voted for him because they don't like public service.... nice reverse psychology from a bunch of people who wish to tear up the constitution and hate free speech because you despise anyone with a different opinion.

    little hint: this is why trump supporters voted for him. you call them names like racists and yet you use and treat them like lesser people.

  • MansaWear...Custom-made Clothing

    Love Bill Maher's show

  • Lesley Noelle
    Lesley Noelle 3 months ago

    It's a kleptocracy, Killer Mike.
    Also, Kushner's deal with Sinclair
    Broadcasting won those Rust-Belt States.
    Please watch Robert Reich's daily videos on FB or Utube.

  • Fred
    Fred 3 months ago

    Dammit I was expecting Jon Favreau who plays Happy Hogan in Avengers

  • Steverino
    Steverino 3 months ago

    Not a good day to be making fat jokes.

  • Nadine Kellman
    Nadine Kellman 3 months ago

    Why does he keep interrupting that woman he asked a question to?

  • Alejandro Nopasanada
    Alejandro Nopasanada 3 months ago

    Killer Mike: intellectual window dressing for the dying establishment.

    QV STRONG 3 months ago +2

    Killa Mike's T-shirt is BOLD AS FUCK!!!

  • Ashamed US Eagle
    Ashamed US Eagle 3 months ago

    Adam Schiff - an American Hero!

  • MegaLangosta
    MegaLangosta 3 months ago


  • sir_NICKS_allot_ment
    sir_NICKS_allot_ment 3 months ago

    I watch this drum beat of marginal leftists and i am eternally thankful that we are not a true democracy!
    One guy says have some respect for what exists instead of wanting to blow it to hell and its treated as blasphemous...

  • Jordan Carver
    Jordan Carver 3 months ago

    Dude Trump hasn't even d0ne anything...

  • Jordan Carver
    Jordan Carver 3 months ago

    Adam Schiff has creepy eyeballs

  • portalplayer
    portalplayer 3 months ago

    weak panel tonight

  • Mrmedia046
    Mrmedia046 3 months ago

    Bill is really pissing me off lately.. "Purity is what is killing the democratic party." Really?! IMPURITY is what is killing the democratic party!

    The argument he us trying to bring about that "To beat Trump, this is the best we can do." To keep taking money from donors.. To suck the cocks that fucks all of us!! I and many others refuse to believe that! From where I stand, Trump isn't our only problem.

  • c dean
    c dean 3 months ago

    Killer Kill from Adamsville!!!✊🏿✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾

    And I fucks w/ that Gurwitch lady too

  • Cody Closson
    Cody Closson 3 months ago

    "He assures me he will follow the fact wherever they lead." -Republican goon.

  • jaime delgado
    jaime delgado 3 months ago

    Trump asked Colmey to vouch his loyalty to him. He denied. Was fired. The new guy will have to swear his loyalty before taking the job. that "investigation" doomed

  • Jobri
    Jobri 3 months ago

    When, not if, treason is proven...

    there better not be a pardon.

  • cyberen
    cyberen 3 months ago

    "Russians","nut huggers","facists","deplorables","trolls", keep it up and watch Trump win in 2020. You do nothing but alienate others when you name-call your opponents.

  • Heather Knight
    Heather Knight 3 months ago

    Why does Bill always overtalk women?

  • Those Who Slay Together Stay Together

    "I'm Outraged!" - Then there was a rant that just seemed unrelated to what he said. Anyone understand her point?

  • Andy Plata
    Andy Plata 3 months ago


  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 3 months ago

    Trump had a quiet meeting away from the US media with two of the top Russian spies where he passed on classified information. If not for the Russians blabbing about it to embarrass the GOT Americans would not know about it.

  • Busterpeek21
    Busterpeek21 3 months ago

    Still waiting for proof of Russian election rigging and that Assad gassed his own people! This propaganda is on overload on overtime. If you like being manipulated, deceived and wrong, continue your patronage to corporate media and corporate comedians. 👍

  • Real-Batman
    Real-Batman 3 months ago

    It never amazes me how many will follow a lie. Lie perpetuated by Clinton, Podesta. Such dumb shit shallow minded sick MF in this world. No wonder we are fucked. Never Mind the Radiation loose in the world, maybe it is affecting Brains of half a brain idiots.

  • Prateek Sabharwal
    Prateek Sabharwal 3 months ago +1


  • J Altenburg
    J Altenburg 3 months ago

    K. Mike, great point....

  • RubberSoul846
    RubberSoul846 3 months ago

    I just want to be happy again.

  • Alexander Yarborough
    Alexander Yarborough 3 months ago

    I never got the chance to listen to bill but I took the time to listen to bill and I have so much respect for him and I believe that he is my new hero

  • Fleck Smugbrother
    Fleck Smugbrother 3 months ago

    A disfunctional Congress, and now a disfunctional WH? Our only hope is the judiciary branch? America could well be done soon.....

  • Joe Chandler
    Joe Chandler 3 months ago

    Killer Mike got dis shit figured out.

  • Jason Givens
    Jason Givens 3 months ago

    The senator has that 'Obama' esq voice. I like it.

  • Hendrixes
    Hendrixes 3 months ago

    righteous big black man speaking truth there

    I like him

  • Warren D
    Warren D 3 months ago

    What was up with the conversation on dogs? It went in a bad direction I was actually surprised.

  • The Everlasting Gold
    The Everlasting Gold 3 months ago

    Bill, I love you, but if something exists that is too easy, unfunny, and old, it's fat jokes. I realise Trump is fat in the same way I realise Killer Mike is fat: I don't tend to notice it. The way you shouted 'he's fat' at the very end was childish. Anyone else agree?

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 3 months ago

    I'm starting to realise in time that Bill Maher and his guests don't have a clue what they're talking about. I used to be a big fan. They all act like authorities on issues in Europe. The audience cheering Macron winning in France shows the pure ignorance of the left over there. Le Pen losing was a tragedy and the election was rigged to begin with. How about a word about the fraud that took place? Le Pen was actually going to do something about a little something called the MIGRANT CRISIS. Believe me, it is a crisis. Macron is an EU shrill that is going to try and complete the collapse of western europe, which is the goal of the elite. Maher, how about you talk about George Soros and his master plan once in a while?

  • DiamondzFreaxz
    DiamondzFreaxz 3 months ago

    Trump is fat, that the name of your book?! Please Bill grow up and move out of your home which is in the ass of the DNC

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones 3 months ago

      You speaking of false narratives, but yet it seems these "Bernie or bust" voters continue to push a false narrative like Hillary didn't get most votes during the primary and didn't win more states. Did the DNC try to undermine Bernie's campaign? Sure they did, but I cant really think of what DNC truly did as far as actions to truly effect the primary. As a matter of fact most of the negative news stories were about Hillary and how evil or corrupt she is......and despite politicians out to get her since the 90's nothing has stuck. Look I like Bernie Sanders and if he won I would have voted for him w/o hesitation because I like him although I do think he went after Hillary w/ a lot of nonsense like insinuating she is a racist because of a super predator comment she made describing gang bangers back in the 90s when if you weren't a politician who was tough on crime back you weren't taken serious, or when Bernie regularly described a situation where Hillary doesn't care about the middle/working class w/o any true basis except for some speeches she did or because she has taken money from corporations although Hillary does in fact have a record for fighting for the vulnerable and w/o any proof that she is out to screw the middle/working class, but because I know this is politics and both sides are trying to win and when in a primary you need to attempt to separate your self from the other although you agree w/ 90% of actual polices. But to stay on topic, Bill Maher has attacked Hillary quite a bit and actually during the primary was pulling for Bernie to win, but after the primary was able to quickly shift and try to protect our country from an overgrown child and doesn't even have a basic understanding of the US constitution. And if you wondering why he didn't talk about the emails much because there was nothing in those emails that was criminal as everyone suggests which is why a Republican FBI director who had no problem hurting HIllary during the election stated there was nothing criminal done except the carelessness of using a private email server. I am pretty sure if any of us had our emails hacked and put on national tv, we too would have some stuff in there that our enemies could twist or take out of context. And to go back to false narratives........Come one man?.....A sociopathic witch?...really?....you mean the woman who has improved the lives of hundreds of millions over her political career. Yea has she done some stuff that may be shady, but dude....she has been in high levels of politics for many decades while one said has been attacking her non-stop the whole time. This is the thing that irritates me, Hillary has been attacked probably more than any Politician out there yet there some conspiracy that the main stream media is all pulling for her. I mean I think you and people like you who feed into this conspiracy theory that Hillary is some murdering, pedophile, who hates middle/working class, and has only ever been a corrupt politician, are the ones who promote false equivalencies....oh yea in the whole lesser of two evil thing is bullshit, Hillary would have been light years better for this country and its not even close. She is just not slightly better than trump and the fact that Bernie or bust people say this shit is beyond insane.  And how is Russian collusion a false narrative. Is there a smoking gun? No, but there is tons of smoke and it is a fact they did interfere in our election to hurt Hillary and our country overall, and then when you add in the trump refusal to release taxes, many staffers who have actually admitted talking to Russians during a time when they were interfering w/ our election is all highly suspicious. And while I have heard bill Maher point out all these suspicions, I never heard him seriously say trump colluded w/ Russia as an absolute fact. Again, Maher is a comedian who talks politics. And I am not yelling you down......I was just responding to accusations that anyone who doesn't think like you is a fake liberal. And as far as going out to the streets and engage people in dialogue, I do many times even though it is difficult not to insult certain peoples intelligence (not you specifically) who refuse to accept the fact that our current immature president has put our country @ a great risk from the inside to out, and its hard to honestly discuss topics with people who truly think Hillary is evil for doing what all politicians do but yet seems to be held to a higher standard than everyone else.......but then there the batshit crazy people out there who literally think she is some murdering pedophile who is out to destroy America, and for those I have no problem calling them fucking idiots and refuse to even engage in a conversation with them.

    • DiamondzFreaxz
      DiamondzFreaxz 3 months ago

      Got a bit of news for you,, Bill Maher is on team Democrat. Sure he critiqued Obama here or there but not as viciously as Republicans.
      When did he point out that the DNC undermined Sanders campaign any way they could? Never
      The week the DNC email leaks came out did Bill speak out about the fuckery behind the scenes? Crickets.
      I never accused you of never talking about Trumps failures, I accuse people like Bill, he has a broad audience and he pushes this false narrative about Russian involvement with the Trump campaign.
      So stop with that bullshit!
      I too live in reality and know that sometimes you must vote for the lesser of two evils but Sanders was the people's choice and there are many polls out there explaining he would have crushed Trump.
      The DNC stole this from Sanders! I won't vote for a party that cuts down their own party member so a sociopathic witch can become president.
      What it all boils down to is the need for a new goverment, this is an oligarchy, people have few choices in things that matter.
      And it is very easy for you to yell me down in a YouTube comment section, come out on the street and engage people in dialogue if you want change. Speak to people who voted for Trump and Hillary alike, get people together. Calling names is so simple and naive from your context I consider you an intelligent person

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones 3 months ago

      Hey dip shit, I have talked about trumps horrible policies for the many other jack asses on here, but not going to repeat it every time. And I wasn't commenting on trump, I was commenting on your ignorant comment.....First off, you do realize BIll is a comedian and not involved w/ the DNC and is actually quite critical of them at times so if he wants to call trump a fat ass he can. By your philosophy why comment on here......what is it getting accomplished??? Not a damn thing. Not a trump supporter???......and then why does fat trump jokes bother you??? If you watch the whole actual show you would see bill an his panel talking about how trump is fucking up this country. And just to welcome you into reality, the fact is only two candidates really have a chance to win and they are for the Dem and Republican parties. So how about you grow up and vote for the side the best represents your beliefs instead of sitting on the sidelines and talking shit. Are both parties fucked.....of course....our political system is, but I know you all like to blame the politicians but how about you blame the American voter which is the minority of this country most of which vote based on their gut instead of actually looking at policies and the fact is.......this false equivalency needs to stop.....yea both parties are bad but one is (to quote are baby president) "very much more worst" than the other. One believes healthcare is a right the other thinks its a privilege. One believes people should do whatever the fuck they want in their personal lives while the other acts like they don't want to get involve in your personal lives but actually do.......One side thinks while civil/women rights have drastically improved and the other side thinks these issues are all resolved.....One side believes guns should come w/ some safety regulations while the other side thinks every human should be strapped no mater how fucking nuts they are. Yea these are generalizations and I am not referring to every voter individual.....I am referring to policy comparison over the last few decades.....and you can call me a fake liberal all you want but the fact is I am very liberal, but also logical and realize you cant vote for a perfect candidate to which you agree with everything......how about you grow up and stop whining while you are saying others a whining.

    • DiamondzFreaxz
      DiamondzFreaxz 3 months ago

      HAHAHA! Out of the blue you assume I'm a Trump voter, ridiculous!!!
      I dislike both partys.
      Yes Trump is a man-child I have no problem admitting that.
      If you want to critique Trump and the administration go ahead but use actually criticism..
      Talk about how his policies are screwing over the American people, get people informed!
      Talk about how corporate democrats waved through nearly all his horrific cabinet picks.
      Calling him fat is getting nothing accompished and makes "pseudo-liberlas" like Maher the whiny little bitches.
      The same as Trump and right-wing snowflakes

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones 3 months ago

      Oh buy low energy Jeb, crocked Hillary, small Rubio, liar ted, is so mature for the POTUS to use to define someone. I think Bill is just trying to piss Trump and his immature voters off by stooping down to your levels.....don't forget trump literally tried to sue bill maher for making a joke about his dad......yea talk about a sensitive little bitch.......oh but I forgot that is our strong leader of USA right (please note the sarcasm)

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame 3 months ago +1

    Link to the book? I want to see how fat Trump is.

  • Hadi Korr
    Hadi Korr 3 months ago

    bill the flaccid penis nose is not spewing venom against the voice less helpless muslims.very strange

  • D Mc
    D Mc 3 months ago +1

    Adam Schiff is a fucking hero.

  • Marco van Pelt
    Marco van Pelt 3 months ago +1

    Still, what was discussed about Ivanka and the Trumps has nothing to do with femism. I wish they could have discussed in wat ways women won't have access to abortion and other basic services because of the 'trumpcare'; or how many woman will be separated from their children because of deportation. That's not so feminist at all, Ivanka.

  • john2477
    john2477 3 months ago +1

    The Republicans have no shame, the Trumps have no integrity, and the Democrats have no spine. it's time for a million or 2 AMERICANS to march on Washington D.C. and straighten things out!!!

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