Kitchen Nightmares - Return to Amy's Baking Company (REAL EP)

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  • Silverelk
    Silverelk 10 minutes ago

    2:11 she does nazi salute

  • Silverelk
    Silverelk 12 minutes ago

    Just because you say something is good doesn't mean it's good

  • Minecraft Juice
    Minecraft Juice 24 minutes ago

    Top 10 anime chefs

  • 89jesusisking
    89jesusisking 38 minutes ago

    Please tell me this restaurant is closed now 🙄

  • depressing osteoporosis
    depressing osteoporosis 41 minute ago

    That reporter is hot

  • mrblurblur2003
    mrblurblur2003 Hour ago

    Wow a lot of Balls flying about

  • addahlyinne kendrick

    woow poeple are still trolling about this shit !! goosh for the love of God get a life !! move on !! this shit is old !! actually is getting old already !!

    this story has been on over 5 yrs. already & the update video 4 yrs ago ....

    this people who got bullied and troll by cyber bullies for there shitty ass mitakes already closed there restuarant a few yrs. ago "they move on with there lifes" !

    why u guys can do the same ??

  • DevilishAngel119
    DevilishAngel119 2 hours ago

    I think she would've done sooo much better as a lawyer😅

  • Xzavier Espinoza
    Xzavier Espinoza 2 hours ago

    Hopefully you read this Amy.... fuck you you disgusting human

  • random guy
    random guy 2 hours ago +2

    Even Captain Kirk would not fuck her

  • GM
    GM 2 hours ago

    The OG Danielle Bregoli's Cash me Ousside How bout Dat

  • PK Guitar
    PK Guitar 3 hours ago +1

    I like how she is soooo busy on her phone

  • PK Guitar
    PK Guitar 3 hours ago +1

    ...She is crazy

  • Matthew Xu
    Matthew Xu 3 hours ago +1

    Am I the only who absolutely loves Miranda?

  • Cole Halverson
    Cole Halverson 4 hours ago +1

    21:26 "criticism is healthy" your crazy I thought I was crazy. You still are amy

  • Grimmly Hollows
    Grimmly Hollows 4 hours ago

    I felt like I was being forced to walk through a very long, very dark, very frightening hallway filled with all of my nightmares that I've had from the beginning of cognition to this very point, the second I started watching the B roll from the previous episode.

    I am happy these people closed down their excuse of a business.

  • Tyler Tran
    Tyler Tran 5 hours ago

    1 dislike= one less angry little bitch of a amy

  • Gerpget Unknown
    Gerpget Unknown 5 hours ago +1

    35:09 she's just making it worse..

  • Hana Warida
    Hana Warida 6 hours ago +1

    I have a question:

    Has Amy and Sammy ever tried yoga??

  • Scribanater
    Scribanater 7 hours ago

    Satan himself would kick these people out of hell

  • xSmooths
    xSmooths 8 hours ago

    Bruh I would've popped this bitch

  • Ashley Glanville
    Ashley Glanville 8 hours ago

    I can't believe they don't understand that they are wrong and they need to change. Ramsey is there to help them but they don't understand.

  • Owen Schofield
    Owen Schofield 9 hours ago

    I've never hated humans before

  • Owen Schofield
    Owen Schofield 9 hours ago

    Amy was cringe and Sammy was thick both of them are stupid

  • Fijian Prince
    Fijian Prince 9 hours ago

    Psycho Bitch💩🐄

  • i dunno what to name my channel

    deluded maniacs cant tell whats hate and whats critisizm

  • Nyota Panthera
    Nyota Panthera 11 hours ago

    She's 100% one of those crazy bad "triggered" kind of feminists.

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis 11 hours ago

    Is this BITCH that FUCKING delusional. Stupid.

  • Vienna Celine
    Vienna Celine 11 hours ago

    Crazy couple very stressful

  • AcidPikachu97
    AcidPikachu97 11 hours ago


  • Snak3warrior 13
    Snak3warrior 13 13 hours ago

    Wow what idiots

  • SpookyCheesySax Player
    SpookyCheesySax Player 13 hours ago

    At least Amy didn't dab on the haters

  • 강현준
    강현준 14 hours ago

    I really recommend Amy to go to Hell's Kitchen and get roasted every time

  • Sam Marek
    Sam Marek 14 hours ago

    39:36 Uhmmm so have we talked about how she has Tourette syndrome? Or did I miss that

  • J Bach
    J Bach 14 hours ago

    At 42:23 Miranda looks at the camera man like...who the f@#k are these people? 😂😂😂

  • CowGoMoo
    CowGoMoo 14 hours ago

    anyone gets anxiety watching this episode or show LOL

  • Golden1_1Dragon
    Golden1_1Dragon 16 hours ago

    Amy n here cat things make me cringr

  • Norleigh Zondi
    Norleigh Zondi 16 hours ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if I saw them on some murder show because they're insane

  • Xian Wong
    Xian Wong 16 hours ago +5

    I don't want to be a mean but those two guys whose been waiting for 2hrs for their pizza, they go tell samy, how does he reply? Well he kicks them out then asks them for their money when they received no food at all. Watching this makes me really badly hurt someone. Like if you agree.

  • izzyxcole
    izzyxcole 16 hours ago

    this woman either never blinks or blinks 1,000 times a second there's no in between

  • izzyxcole
    izzyxcole 17 hours ago

    20:10 - 20:35 i'm sorry but what the flying fuck

  • Ka510TM Dragonuv
    Ka510TM Dragonuv 18 hours ago

    Pretty sure this is why u have 8k subs

  • Chicken
    Chicken 18 hours ago +6

    i wonder what the cameraguy was thinking while he was filiming this lmao

  • Luke Coburn
    Luke Coburn 19 hours ago

    In a way when Sammy was with Gordon on his own he was ok but when Amy gets involved he just backs down sticks up for her

  • roberto gurrola
    roberto gurrola 19 hours ago +1

    wtf is that intro hahaha

  • Zachary Moffa
    Zachary Moffa 19 hours ago +1

    God damn these people are so fucking delusional and crazy, probably as delusional as Donald Trump and his whole retarded ass crew like Amy and Samy are so fucking stupid, like how dumb do u have to be to think that Gordon and the rest of the fucking population are lying about how shitty their food is, they say that they have all the balls yet they can't get around the fact their food is putrid and absolutely horrendous.

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen 20 hours ago +1

    to be honest i kinda sympathize with the owner. His wife is a lunatic, sure, but I can see Sammy is really trying his best to cope with everything.

  • Mystic Knight 16
    Mystic Knight 16 20 hours ago +1

    I am so done... just... wow.

  • Gordon Ramsay Enthusiast
    Gordon Ramsay Enthusiast 21 hour ago +1

    i've said this before but amy still looks like a botoxed fish

  • Bolbi Stroganovsky
    Bolbi Stroganovsky 21 hour ago

    So were some normie memes

  • viatickingdom
    viatickingdom 21 hour ago

    Is fuck Amy

  • Cameron Andrews
    Cameron Andrews 21 hour ago

    All the dislikes are Amy-bots

  • ayub tan
    ayub tan 22 hours ago +2

    Do not correct a fool,they will hate you.correct a wise man and he will listen

  • antonis kyriakou
    antonis kyriakou 22 hours ago


  • Ulises Antonio
    Ulises Antonio 23 hours ago

    I really want to punch that woman

  • 951SPIKY
    951SPIKY 23 hours ago

    This place is now permanently closed

  • Anthony Lambert
    Anthony Lambert 23 hours ago

    1. They both admitted they take their tips. 2. These 2 nut jobs deserve each other

  • Kaiserdotexe
    Kaiserdotexe 23 hours ago

    Someone needs to make a soap opera about this company

  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed Day ago

    200 likes: Sammy burns in hell with Amy

  • Skull Capton
    Skull Capton Day ago

    The illusion at 18:04 spooked the crap out of me xD.

  • hernaldo14
    hernaldo14 Day ago

    Everyone giving them more fame and buying shit from them are fucking morons and sheep. Stop making stupid people famous and rich!! You fucking idiots!

  • Ethan Horne
    Ethan Horne Day ago

    Also they steal

  • Ethan Horne
    Ethan Horne Day ago

    So ignorant

  • Alaa Abou Hashish

    Who the fuck loves them (amy & samy)

  • WhyNotGaming
    WhyNotGaming Day ago

    She's dumb as fuck ugly bitch needs to stfu

  • John Mark Woodworth

    I'd shut down the restaurant

  • Highline Jedge
    Highline Jedge Day ago

    Schools should consider using this as their anti drug video. Watch drug use drop like a stone in water.

  • TheMemeFactory
    TheMemeFactory Day ago +1

    Hey buzzfeed remember the old buzzfeed when it was kind of good.

  • Kalya Tuwei
    Kalya Tuwei Day ago +1

    They need a pepsi

  • ClashOfClansTrolling

    Just take them back f the farm and put them down

  • Papi Lipe
    Papi Lipe Day ago

    that women never got hit as a kid.

  • Chase Bellamy
    Chase Bellamy Day ago +1

    When you realize that they're closed now

  • Nischal gowda
    Nischal gowda Day ago +1

    Amy is one arrogant 'bitch'😡

  • Leo Flores
    Leo Flores Day ago

    If they ran up on me like they did to that one customer I woulda slept that foo and slapped his bitch ON GOD

  • awsomepossum99
    awsomepossum99 Day ago

    I'm part of the mafia?

  • MrNospower
    MrNospower Day ago

    Ramsey this is great 😂😂😋

  • Tony G
    Tony G Day ago +1

    I hope they shut this place down.

    • Tony G
      Tony G Day ago

      I would never go there.

  • Specter Hawk
    Specter Hawk Day ago +1

    "I'm not in denial about anything"

    Too much irony here

  • Specter Hawk
    Specter Hawk Day ago +1

    "Men have too big of egos" - Amy

    See the irony?

  • Nikhil Madhu
    Nikhil Madhu Day ago +1

    29:08 the amount of times Gordon puts his index finger up is so weird

  • ConreGaming
    ConreGaming Day ago


  • Akaveka Othniel
    Akaveka Othniel Day ago +1

    I would tell Amy and Sammy but u know wut

  • Crimson Camellia


  • Klassic Gaming
    Klassic Gaming Day ago

    You know your restaurant is bad if people agree with buzzfeed

  • The Evil
    The Evil Day ago

    This video it's not copyrighte?

  • Rick Le Blanc
    Rick Le Blanc Day ago

    Pansy! LOL
    What a whiner!


  • Trunks Vegeta
    Trunks Vegeta Day ago

    they seem even crazier now 😂😂😂😂

  • Mr Guzman
    Mr Guzman Day ago +7

    Amy's face looks soooo slapable wow

  • Erik McCall
    Erik McCall Day ago

    4 years ago??????

  • Story Brooke
    Story Brooke Day ago +1

    Omg her voice hurts my ears!!! How does she even catch her breath??? She doesn't quit yapping!!!

  • iAmJack Skate
    iAmJack Skate Day ago

    No, we dont. We dont usually get criticism thats the problem -amy. Me* Oh really?

  • Guns1110
    Guns1110 Day ago

    If I was stuck in a room with Osama, Hitler, and Amy with a gun that had two bullets I would shoot Amy... TWICE!!

  • Alejandra™
    Alejandra™ Day ago +6

    God they gave me a fucking headache

  • Heather the anime lover

    Amy-says why we don't tell her she's crazy in front of her face-
    Me: Mrs.Crazy I can't go I live in America and it would just be a waste of money if I will just enter your so called "baking company",tell you that you are crazy,beat some knowledge and sense in to you and just leave your "baking company" and then stay for a while somewhere and then leave.

  • BTS_V_Army Yanisa


  • Liu Aaron
    Liu Aaron Day ago +1

    lil bitch tries to build a damned communism restaurant. i hope that hoe dies a painful death and gets the ultimate roast from every single fucking body.

  • Nailed the potato

    Sami... If u said to ur wife the true u and her would have been in an lot more better situation than now
    (Who doesn't Sami is in jail)

  • AlmostKentish
    AlmostKentish Day ago

    they genuinely are just making it worse for themselves aren't they?

  • tominparis
    tominparis Day ago

    "According to the website Arizona Central, Bouzaglo, 63, is in the midst of a US immigration court case (surprisingly enough, it’s unrelated to his appearance on “Kitchen Nightmares”) over his failure, upon immigrating to the US 13 years ago, to divulge his criminal background, which allegedly includes drug trafficking and extortion. Reportedly, his activities led French and German authorities to bar him entry.

    Bouzaglo was born in Morocco but is an Israeli citizen. The revelation of his criminal background is in line with some of his comments during the show, which included a retort of “I’m the gangster, not you” to Ramsay.

    Bouzaglo’s wife, Amy, a 40-year-old US native, also has a criminal background, including a year-long stint in jail over a social security scam, which was revealed during the court case."

  • Driven Reign
    Driven Reign Day ago

    Oh so she's sexist ....

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