Rube Goldberg Machine- High School Project

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  • 추운더위 TV
    추운더위 TV 2 months ago

    that's fake.I saw him bringing the mashed potatoes.......
    but it was cool

  • HJHG Studios
    HJHG Studios 2 months ago +1

    Everyone stop with the "fake" it was a joke

  • grazianomism
    grazianomism 2 months ago


  • Asherberry Vlogs
    Asherberry Vlogs 2 months ago

    That was fake

  • jacob eves
    jacob eves 4 months ago

    how did you make that potato cannon id like to make my own

  • Froggity Toad
    Froggity Toad 5 months ago

    I ship Maury and evan

  • millerrsd
    millerrsd 5 months ago

    The potatoes were there >:(

  • Seth Kirk
    Seth Kirk 5 months ago

    do you know someone named nona if so nona businesses and i WILL SHAVE YOUR BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM (+_+)

  • Christina Campoverde
    Christina Campoverde 5 months ago

    pull up your pants fagot

  • Akellas channel
    Akellas channel 5 months ago


  • jacob eves
    jacob eves 6 months ago

    how did you guys build that potato cannon

  • Sara Dickerson
    Sara Dickerson 6 months ago

    wow looks fake. Sorry but it does

  • Jake Eves
    Jake Eves 6 months ago

    how did you guys make that potato cannon

  • Jake Eves
    Jake Eves 6 months ago

    nice job with the setup but i think it could not have made the mashed potatos but whoever made them did a good job with them

  • ROBLOX Is life
    ROBLOX Is life 6 months ago

    It's totally fake because when it was in slow motion I saw the guy running with the mash potatoe

  • 99DOMINOZ99
    99DOMINOZ99 6 months ago

    +Nick Name so true

  • Nickname
    Nickname 7 months ago

    Stop talking about the freaking mashed potatoes. They knew it was fake, they just wanted to make an unfunny joke.

  • PremierVoltage
    PremierVoltage 7 months ago

    Amazing. Mine might be better though lol see for yourself

  • #Chubbypuggaming
    #Chubbypuggaming 7 months ago

    Dat is amazing! 😳

  • Pixel Wolf
    Pixel Wolf 7 months ago

    Shut up and stop using swear words

    • Nickname
      Nickname 7 months ago

      Also, this is the Internet; swear words are the least people do. Just look at 4chan and Deviantart!

    • Nickname
      Nickname 7 months ago

      You just used one though

  • Devil Boss 789
    Devil Boss 789 7 months ago


  • Big Slay
    Big Slay 7 months ago

    Here's a crazy idea.. A good way to explain how it works would be fucking filming it actually working instead of explaining what you want it to do.

  • InkyFloater
    InkyFloater 8 months ago +2

    Hey even if they didn't successfully make mashed potatoes, they still made a rube Goldberg machine to activate a potato canon

  • MuserTV
    MuserTV 8 months ago


  • City Girl
    City Girl 9 months ago

    You could see him put down the plate

  • Barry Mason
    Barry Mason 9 months ago

    pull your damn pants up, unless of course you are deliberately walking around advertising that you are ready to take it up the ass in which case good luck with that.

  • Henry Reichle
    Henry Reichle 10 months ago


  • The Swimming Superhero
    The Swimming Superhero 10 months ago

    Why do you even have an Obama stand up?!?

  • Anthony Arreguin
    Anthony Arreguin 10 months ago


  • Giancarlos Machuca
    Giancarlos Machuca 11 months ago

    omg seriously this is so fake people don't even try it

  • Maury Jackson
    Maury Jackson 11 months ago

    Wow. This is 7 and 1/2 years old now. Time flies.

    • Nickname
      Nickname 7 months ago

      I missed the internet when it was like this. No stupid drama, no corporations running YouTube, just random people posting random things.

  • KleverStudios
    KleverStudios 11 months ago +2

    Rip Plastic Plate

    • Nickname
      Nickname 7 months ago

      This is untrue. That plastic plate's existence started before the video, and before these teenagers got a hold of it, so I'd say that it existing for less than 2 minutes is untrue.

    • KleverStudios
      KleverStudios 11 months ago


  • jacob eves
    jacob eves 11 months ago

    I don't believe this rube Goldberg machine made those mashed potatoes  but it was a very good project  and how did you guys build that potato cannon I would like to try and build one like yours

  • nikkidouch 21
    nikkidouch 21 11 months ago

    that was amazing

  • Frostbite
    Frostbite 11 months ago

    Rip plate

  • Weston Bills
    Weston Bills Year ago


  • rod Samimi
    rod Samimi Year ago

    so fake i saw the the guy put it there

  • terminatorX2
    terminatorX2 Year ago +20

    my god, that potato impact was so powerful that it changed the color of the plate; it also spawned some celery out of nowhere

    • Gavinhollywoodvlogs
      Gavinhollywoodvlogs 6 months ago

      terminatorX2 lol

    • HenDoggyDog
      HenDoggyDog 7 months ago

      And it made the guy move a plate with the potatoes to the place where the red plate was!

    • dan smith
      dan smith 8 months ago

      terminatorX2 ikr

  • Joanne Ellison
    Joanne Ellison Year ago

    so cool hay we did a ruby gold berg machine to


    The guy came out and put the mashed potato on the ground and picked it up again you guys got everything right except the potato

  • why do people think theyre mlg when theyre not

    I hate Obama so much. My dad lost his old job because of him. He was like "Alright, were taking out our troops"

    • Nickname
      Nickname 7 months ago

      Well trump's going to be in office in less than a week (at the time of posting, 1/16/17), so you'll get your wish

  • Spill ツ
    Spill ツ Year ago


  • The_Mining _Joe
    The_Mining _Joe Year ago

    4:03 i saw that

  • Aaron Mackay
    Aaron Mackay Year ago

    Trial 7

    all day i guess.
    Good stuff!

  • Steve Hingle
    Steve Hingle Year ago

    Awesome! The lovely potato plate had me lol. Nice work.

  • Shark Attack
    Shark Attack Year ago

    the red plate was hit though the railings and then one of you went over with a new plate thay has premade mashed potateos on it. if you did not see that when it happened it was clearly shown in the slow mo.

  • Cal Martine
    Cal Martine Year ago

    Thanx obama

  • Christopher Flahr

    I agree

  • Ryan Fo
    Ryan Fo Year ago +1

    Everything else worked just the last part was a prank

  • BlueEyedTechieInTxReviews

    OMG this is hilarious!

  • Lukas Cordova
    Lukas Cordova Year ago

    Thats fake!!!

  • Ali Shiha
    Ali Shiha Year ago


  • Hailey Egerton
    Hailey Egerton Year ago


  • The Diamond Enderdragon 1

    politics are involved

  • That Blue Eyed Wolf
    That Blue Eyed Wolf Year ago +13

    OMG this is fake everyone knows Obama Does not like potato cannons SHEESH!

    • zekerockz
      zekerockz Year ago

      It is fake because the plate at the end was glass and the red plate was paper and the red plate got shot away

  • Restive Leech
    Restive Leech Year ago

    All the balls look like eggs!!

  • Hotboy 5273
    Hotboy 5273 Year ago

    Cool thank you friend

  • Youhi Ootani
    Youhi Ootani Year ago


  • Sarah Chappell
    Sarah Chappell Year ago

    best video

  • Jack D'A
    Jack D'A Year ago

    WOW good job!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Krygowski-Caron

    I'm surprised nobody's said "Thanks Obama." yet.

  • Mavae Sefesi
    Mavae Sefesi Year ago

    your fake

  • Lazy Duncan
    Lazy Duncan Year ago +1

    oh pranksters... you had me believing that for a second...!!

  • Lazy Duncan
    Lazy Duncan Year ago

    ..HOW??? HOW HOW HOW?!?! 3:14- 3:20 JUST DOESN’T ADD UP!!!!

  • richcampoverde
    richcampoverde Year ago

    i have never said fake but you are a fake youtube whore

  • Trisdog1
    Trisdog1 Year ago

    fake they used a different plate the red plate exploded

  • M1 Gaming
    M1 Gaming Year ago +1

    It didn't really make mashed potatoes

    • Frostbite
      Frostbite 11 months ago

      +M1 Gaming the green beans were in the potato so when it hit they flew out, the red came off to the plate and ta motherfuckin da

    • M1 Gaming
      M1 Gaming Year ago

      +Daegan Glesne not with all of the green beans. It also wouldn't make potatoes like that

    • Daegan Glesne
      Daegan Glesne Year ago

      +M1 Gaming really?

  • John Burton
    John Burton Year ago

    You guys are fuckin awesome.

  • Natalia Saenz-Vazquez

    This is awesome 😃😧😮😯😳

  • Anssi Aurum
    Anssi Aurum Year ago +10

    At first I thought: why mashed potatoes? But then I saw a shamrock on his shirt and it made sense.

  • benjamin vazquez
    benjamin vazquez Year ago

    that cannon tho

  • SkydiverTyler
    SkydiverTyler 2 years ago

    3 dudes and, an Obama, and mashed potatoes. My favorite.

  • Maggie Lewis
    Maggie Lewis 2 years ago +1

    Thats not the same plate, it was a red plate not a white plate you can see him carry the white one over WASTE OF TIME!

    • Frostbite
      Frostbite 11 months ago

      +Braydon Tahu a really slow clap

    • Braydon Tahu
      Braydon Tahu Year ago

      You my friend, deserve a slow clap.

  • Video Lover (I ♥ Videos)

    +xdarklight999 You guys are so creative. That was an awesome and funny video. :-)

  • Harvey English
    Harvey English 2 years ago +1

    Less explanation, more action

  • kidiamondzs tv
    kidiamondzs tv 2 years ago

    Very very cheesy

  • Cole Bernath
    Cole Bernath 2 years ago

    And dang that red tray shot realllllllllly far out

  • Cole Bernath
    Cole Bernath 2 years ago


  • Amber Seidel
    Amber Seidel 2 years ago

    you put the plate there

  • dvdfrnzwbr
    dvdfrnzwbr 2 years ago

    Obama says, there are hungry people in Kenya that would appreciate those potatoes.

  • Raptor306090
    Raptor306090 2 years ago

    White people are so stupid.

    • Tdude
      Tdude 2 years ago

      Why would you be racist to yourself, that is just stupid.

    • Payton Kane
      Payton Kane 2 years ago

      Dont give a fuck if your white or not

    • Raptor306090
      Raptor306090 2 years ago

      +Myles Hamilton -Flack I'm White Also, And White people are stupid!!! 

    • Myles Hamilton-Flack
      Myles Hamilton-Flack 2 years ago

      im white and thats racist

  • alexander zegarra
    alexander zegarra 2 years ago +1

    That was soooo cool how you did all that just to make mashed potatoes

  • Junior Luna D
    Junior Luna D 2 years ago

    me gusta

  • Xtract
    Xtract 2 years ago +1

    I like this video, lol i gotta do a science project too, so I need inspiration. The end was funny. :P That's some nice mashed potatoes.

  • Elena W
    Elena W 2 years ago

    Haha! Love the mash potatoes!

  • Grease
    Grease 2 years ago +6

    I absolutely love how they have premise mashed potatoes at the end XD

  • Lawrence Cook
    Lawrence Cook 2 years ago +34

    My only question: Why do you have a life size Obama?

    • Richard Watterson
      Richard Watterson 2 months ago

      Lawrence Cook stop it get some help

    • Seth Kirk
      Seth Kirk 5 months ago

      what else is supposed to fuck

    • Nickname
      Nickname 7 months ago

      I think they made this in alaska. Alaska's a red state. They hated obama when he first became president.

    • Fulltime Fangirl
      Fulltime Fangirl Year ago

      The more important question is: why do you not?

    • Lawrence Cook
      Lawrence Cook 2 years ago

      +Latios 427 Well, I mean... no. I swear. _say nothing_

  • rakia burger
    rakia burger 2 years ago

    I finshed My in 2 O:-) # traild

    I_DO_STREAMS 2 years ago +1

    Mmmmmaaaaaaassssssshhhhhhheeeeeeedddddddd ppppooooottttttaaaaaattttttooooooeeeeeeessssss

  • Cool Stuff
    Cool Stuff 2 years ago

    Awesome DUDES!

  • Christina Moyle
    Christina Moyle 2 years ago +1

    Cool! ;)

  • DaNateandMax
    DaNateandMax 3 years ago +2

    Saging is for gay tards

  • ZoomOG
    ZoomOG 3 years ago

    Eric your so stupid

  • Collin Pribula
    Collin Pribula 3 years ago

    Major epic!

  • mindopen002
    mindopen002 3 years ago

    pull your pants up yo

  • Eric Wu
    Eric Wu 3 years ago

    So fake

  • Hatty Hattington
    Hatty Hattington 3 years ago +1

    2:46 rube goldberg machine actually starts

    • Nickname
      Nickname 7 months ago

      I didn't expect to find you here Hatty.

  • Gavin Hill
    Gavin Hill 3 years ago

    mashed potatoes

  • Gavin Hill
    Gavin Hill 3 years ago

    4:12 XD

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