TWICE ESCAPING Burnt Night Club AFTER Setting Off Alarm

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  • Connor Siladi
    Connor Siladi 23 hours ago

    I would shit my pants so fucking quick

  • Ken Taylor
    Ken Taylor Day ago

    Outlast 3 is looking great

  • AleJandroLeal3
    AleJandroLeal3 Day ago

    Bring a mirror


    Will you make a third attempt? Lol

  • mister x
    mister x Day ago

    Nice trailer, what name is this game?

  • A person on the internet


  • Clive Jones
    Clive Jones 2 days ago

    looks out window only sees a light in the distance then bam light just trips over and all u hear is a ow fuck

  • Hobo Joe
    Hobo Joe 2 days ago

    both times the alarms scared the shit outta me xd

  • wafflehacks67
    wafflehacks67 2 days ago

    Now they got your fingerprint on that alarm.

  • Haze
    Haze 2 days ago

    Dude you set the alarm off the first time but you went there a second time lmao what

  • 卐卐卐 卐卐卐
    卐卐卐 卐卐卐 3 days ago

    That place burned cuz his mixtape was too lit

  • Reece Batt
    Reece Batt 3 days ago


  • LoneWolfAkela
    LoneWolfAkela 6 days ago

    Shiey, what'd we learn. :3

  • AC OZ
    AC OZ 7 days ago +1

    this looks like a video game to me

  • Jaw Tooth
    Jaw Tooth 9 days ago

    Jawtooth approved!

  • alah alah
    alah alah 9 days ago

    Do you use headphones when doing this stuff? If any could you please recommend me what you use I’d like to hear, thanks

  • eightyninety
    eightyninety 10 days ago

    The new slenderman arrival looks great!

  • Whitetiger
    Whitetiger 10 days ago

    Smash the alarm with a brick or something

  • k tuccillo
    k tuccillo 11 days ago


  • Pewdiepie's Dank meme's JinglerooftopJones

    Mate, did you burn the club down??! 😂😂

  • Bryan Amaro
    Bryan Amaro 15 days ago

    hopefully game developers can take some notes to make horror games a lot more sense...

  • Juraj Jakub
    Juraj Jakub 22 days ago

    I've just found this channel and I like it sooooOOOOOooo much!!! You are amazing :)

  • Nicolas Jancek
    Nicolas Jancek 23 days ago

    That has gotta be such a shitty feeling. Walking through a dark hallway doing great then "Click"

  • Whiskey
    Whiskey 23 days ago +1

    Why dont you get a head mounted powerful flashlight and a chest mount for the gopro

  • F34R RECON
    F34R RECON 26 days ago

    Alarm:2 Shiey:0

  • AnonAMoose
    AnonAMoose 27 days ago

    "God damn it"

  • Armando A.
    Armando A. 27 days ago +1

    I'm like "RUN BOI RUUN!!!"

  • Meta tron
    Meta tron 27 days ago

    You are a retard.

  • PorkDump
    PorkDump 27 days ago

    I know how this goes...You watch one then you can't stop

  • dj kane
    dj kane 28 days ago

    The oh shit moment when you see the sensor light turn red lol

  • oscar hd
    oscar hd Month ago +1

    i was in that same building about 2 months ago and that alarm went of at the same time :D

  • fugblulives
    fugblulives Month ago

    Denzel was here.

  • El Cho
    El Cho Month ago


  • Saif Mohammed
    Saif Mohammed Month ago

    Please explore haunted places

  • Adrian Bruno
    Adrian Bruno Month ago

    What alarm is that?

  • D T
    D T Month ago

    This is like some horror type game haha

  • Evan Au
    Evan Au Month ago

    holy shit you can run

  • MJGC-Jonathan
    MJGC-Jonathan Month ago

    only if there were abandoned buildings in the area I live.

  • Gaybob Fagpants
    Gaybob Fagpants Month ago

    Do cops come when the alarms get's set off or something ? I really don't understand why the fuck you need an alarm in a burned down place.

  • CRTukker
    CRTukker Month ago

    Tripping the alarm twice at the exact same location...
    First one should have been enough to skip that building

  • - Roger -
    - Roger - Month ago

    From the thumbnail I legit thought it was a horror game lmao

  • Ayberk Toy
    Ayberk Toy Month ago

    Bizimkiler cinli bina diye video çekerler alarmıda cinler yapıyo derler.Adam tek başına nerelere giriyor mk.Helal olsun!!! 👏🏻

  • Arath Cortes
    Arath Cortes Month ago

    Estaba durmiendome y suena la alarma y me di un pvtazo en la nariz >:'v

  • Wolf KOTTO
    Wolf KOTTO Month ago

    2:42 Heart attack

  • George GLM
    George GLM Month ago

    When your club burn down but the alarm still do his job..

  • Adam Karacay
    Adam Karacay Month ago

    Just smash the shit out of that alarm or something.

  • Breezetix
    Breezetix Month ago

    You could have cut off the alarm wire. I mean, why do abandoned buildings have alarms when its just you and your friend or brother?

  • Asunas-Hole
    Asunas-Hole Month ago

    You need gloves, like thin work gloves with the fingertips open.

  • 12-Volt
    12-Volt 2 months ago

    For every situation there is the pipe wrench for smashing it till it stops

  • Gmoney Records
    Gmoney Records 2 months ago

    Tou must conquer this spot one da

  • RandomGamesEnZooiTO Tanki Online

    1:00 slenderman the right pages in real live

  • SirPlushy
    SirPlushy 2 months ago +1

    yo that warning sound for the alarm was scary af

  • Nadnerb
    Nadnerb 2 months ago

    Where could the owner have been to shut off the alarm that quickly??

    EL JOTT 2 months ago

    running away in the dark with lights on... best to be seen!

  • Dub n Trap™
    Dub n Trap™ 2 months ago

    seen the red flashing light, " oh lets walk towards it " Alarm goes off.... SHIT RUN

  • Hamza Tas
    Hamza Tas 2 months ago

    alarm olduğuna göre önemli bir şey var orada alarmın çaresine bak

  • jonnywaselectric
    jonnywaselectric 2 months ago

    someone might not have come, alarms stop and reset by themselves after a while

  • Sky 2020xn
    Sky 2020xn 2 months ago

    You should do Area 51 next XD.

  • RealNukerity
    RealNukerity 2 months ago

    mission failed, well get em next time

  • Criss
    Criss 2 months ago

    Sounds like after it went off the second time he went "Gah fuck off..."

  • boogjerom
    boogjerom 2 months ago

    next time, once you hear that high pitched noise, already run, it means its about to go off. it is a delay so someone who knows the code can shut it off

  • Kye's stupid place
    Kye's stupid place 2 months ago

    I'd recommend getting a filtered lens for your torch, red is a good choice, since it's hard to see at a distance, white light is the most noticeable in the dark and at distance

  • Iván Chudyk
    Iván Chudyk 2 months ago

    Keep making these type of videos. Next one visiting a hospital please.

  • Sergey Shar
    Sergey Shar 2 months ago

    use red light flashlight its not so noticeable from the distance

  • Vintolex
    Vintolex 2 months ago

    I really want to start a hobby like this, but I live in Estonia, which is much smaller than your country. How did you start? How can I also start enjoying stuff like this?

  • Jangles
    Jangles 2 months ago

    night club?

  • MisoJapanese
    MisoJapanese 2 months ago

    I can just feel your frustration after the second alarm goes off. you want to explore it so bad but that pesky alarm kept going off.

  • TheTayz
    TheTayz 2 months ago

    I wonder if the alarm is only a bluff or if it's actually monitored and responded to. Looked like it was still flashing from the first time when you went back.

  • Dawn BoxHead
    Dawn BoxHead 2 months ago

    2:25 sees the alarm.
    "please don't do it"
    2:36 hears the buzz
    "oh shit"
    2:44 alarm goes off
    "shit shit shit-"

  • Lefa
    Lefa 2 months ago

    that second alarm fcking jumpscared me

  • 贖罪の猫ジョン
    贖罪の猫ジョン 2 months ago


  • ravencraft
    ravencraft 2 months ago

    What game is this?

  • fearme1012
    fearme1012 2 months ago

    What are you doing? Get out of here Stalker.

    TAMITI 2 months ago

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  • succ my roblox
    succ my roblox 2 months ago

    I love this guys videos there so suspenseful

  • Sir Fox_
    Sir Fox_ 2 months ago

    fuck the what? an alarm on a place like that? lmao

  • Fredy M.
    Fredy M. 2 months ago

    where is that place?

  • Snophals DcM
    Snophals DcM 2 months ago

    that was no night club that was a god damn strip club

  • fourtalons
    fourtalons 2 months ago

    you shouldnt be using your flashlight while you are outside, you can be seen pretty easily, if you let your eyes adjust you can see fine in the dark outside

  • lee shen
    lee shen 2 months ago

    just so you know using a old sheet or blankets and moving slowly can get you past any motion alarm

  • Plester
    Plester 2 months ago

    How do you even have the nerve to be in the dark? Bish I can't even stand in a dark room for 5 seconds

  • Паv лоv vолк
    Паv лоv vолк 2 months ago

    survival horror game name?

  • Thomas Firmin
    Thomas Firmin 2 months ago

    You need a Red Light for night exploration brother! Red Light is the least noticeable to the human eye, draws significantly less attention.

  • senko ukura
    senko ukura 2 months ago

    I can understand setting the alarm off the 1st time but not the 2nd time. you knew the place was alarmed yet you went back a 2nd time? did you think they were just going to leave the alarm off for your 2nd attempt or something?

  • XxJoshDaGamerxX
    XxJoshDaGamerxX 2 months ago

    Who else hates the sound of alarms going off

  • Rusty Old Dog
    Rusty Old Dog 2 months ago

    I have a bunch of abandoned places around me, but unfortunately they are all getting torn down. I have nothing to do now..

  • Audi Malvin
    Audi Malvin 2 months ago

    why they still run the electricity

  • Bradley of the Old Guard

    Does super parkour and sneaks into buildings* still looks both ways before crossing railroad*

  • TheCansOne
    TheCansOne 3 months ago

    love your videos but something feels odd here, the moment things go south you talk in english? idk but when i'm afraid it's kinda difficult to use another language other than my native one, awesome channel tho, keep ip the great work

  • urbanxphotography1
    urbanxphotography1 3 months ago

    Lol, state of that! Amazing its still got power!

  • Timothy Crowe
    Timothy Crowe 3 months ago

    I scared myself when I saw my face reflection on the screen

  • Mario Horta
    Mario Horta 3 months ago

    I would have not left but hide since it's soo huge

  • Beatz Pop
    Beatz Pop 3 months ago

    I think I can clearly see how nerve-wracking this was. He dropped his flashlight in such a panic. I would too if an alarm came out of nowhere.

  • Kane Bunny Psychopath
    Kane Bunny Psychopath 3 months ago

    where are you from? I'm terrible with languages and i can't tell what you speak. i mean i know you speak english here but other videos it's hard to tell

  • Raymon
    Raymon 3 months ago

    when you hear the quiet ringing that is the alarm panel letting you now that the system is active and ready to sound within the next few seconds if the security code is not imput into the keypad the alarm will sound

  • Nero Manasan
    Nero Manasan 3 months ago

    So it's a burnt night club but didn't reach enough so that the alarm and sensor still work?

  • Raja Moman
    Raja Moman 3 months ago

    In 0:43 seconds he got out wow he is usain bolt

  • WaveForceful
    WaveForceful 3 months ago

    Whenever I watch your videos I feel like I'm watching someone play outlast.

  • xYv4Nx
    xYv4Nx 3 months ago

    your videos like this are amazing!

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