Flashbang - Fan Mail Unboxing

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  • Sir Winklebutt
    Sir Winklebutt 2 hours ago

    I love his reactions to everything: "Look a hat. HBA, whatever that means. :)"

  • Twitch.tv/nightcodex
    Twitch.tv/nightcodex 4 hours ago

    18:10 Flashbang

  • thegamenwizard
    thegamenwizard Day ago

    Oh and im gonna prob send u somthing soon

  • thegamenwizard
    thegamenwizard Day ago

    10:00 thats a fidget spinner damnet lol

  • Alucard Gaming
    Alucard Gaming Day ago

    In soviet Russia box opens you!

  • Weke
    Weke Day ago

    Suomi mainittu

  • iiMinecraftlover 123

    Are you real?

  • kostas kostas
    kostas kostas Day ago

    Pios tou esteile riganh re

  • xDoritox Films
    xDoritox Films Day ago

    wait he likes MRE?! do u no how many calories are in there!

  • Fx Master
    Fx Master Day ago

    ı love your videos man

  • Anthony Curiel
    Anthony Curiel Day ago

    8:17 ahh u thought lol 😂

  • Heroninja112
    Heroninja112 Day ago

    if i could id give everyone maple syrup and waffles rn

  • Mick Bosscher
    Mick Bosscher 2 days ago

    He looked so dead inside while spinning the Orange fidget spinner XDXD I'm crying...

  • Soppy Moon 98
    Soppy Moon 98 2 days ago

    i have a knife like that

  • Frederick Roy
    Frederick Roy 2 days ago

    Taurus: wooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Its a Rolex (box sais ralix). 😂

  • Kristen Belcher
    Kristen Belcher 2 days ago

    That Gerber knife is very sharp like cut you open with no problem

  • Mr.beast
    Mr.beast 3 days ago

    Soviet gets sent weapon of mass destruction 1967 colorized

  • Ruben Chiu
    Ruben Chiu 3 days ago

    hey you should make merch called: BOOM!

  • How to gaming
    How to gaming 3 days ago


  • The Suicide Crew
    The Suicide Crew 3 days ago

    okk i will send you a swiss knive:D

  • aye lmao
    aye lmao 3 days ago


  • alone 123
    alone 123 3 days ago

    crazy russian hackes can you please give me your photo and sign please

  • Zack Galasso
    Zack Galasso 3 days ago

    17:34 it's that good kush!

    COUNTER STRIKER 3 days ago

    that long box is amozon

  • maxdankprogamer
    maxdankprogamer 3 days ago

    u are crazy russian hacker

  • Rohail Sheikh
    Rohail Sheikh 4 days ago

    Nobody is ever gonna think to send him food... ill send him that

  • AirProduction AirB
    AirProduction AirB 4 days ago

    Cosmonaut! 😂 (On the picture is an American Astronaut)

  • ESTKingHD
    ESTKingHD 4 days ago

    how dare you to send a american sirt to russian

  • aku sedö
    aku sedö 4 days ago +1

    Hmmmmmmmmmm suomea saapeli kaapeli AB oy

  • Amko
    Amko 4 days ago

    Flashbang at 18:15

    Thank me later.

  • iSpawnedThere
    iSpawnedThere 4 days ago

    I have that flashbang hotsauce. It's definitely one of the hottest things i can get my hands on.

  • Magic Man 101
    Magic Man 101 5 days ago

    How to you do the fan mail thawing I wanna try it

  • Marineguy1232 Lol
    Marineguy1232 Lol 5 days ago

    I thought that was A REAL flashbang until he says it's hot scauce

  • Ray Mills
    Ray Mills 5 days ago

    2:26 is that mold??

  • Levemealone Forchristsake


  • dans channel and life
    dans channel and life 5 days ago +1

    Taras should get a tattoo

  • Dustin Gerke
    Dustin Gerke 5 days ago

    This guy really appreciates everything you guys give him. That's awesome. Thumbs up, boom.

  • Alan Sasindran
    Alan Sasindran 5 days ago

    He has one the best personalities, always humble and happy with what he has. If he was the leader of something he do really well.

  • Porky Beef
    Porky Beef 5 days ago

    eat the hot sause

  • The Savage Craft
    The Savage Craft 5 days ago

    "NAILED IT" ^ _^

  • Stolen Nightmare
    Stolen Nightmare 5 days ago

    There is no Flashback!?

  • Skupe
    Skupe 5 days ago +1

    "This packet comes from...Finland" me: 8]

  • Angel Man
    Angel Man 5 days ago

    Ur the best

  • Yoshimura Eto
    Yoshimura Eto 5 days ago

    Test flashbang please

  • Adam Stoy
    Adam Stoy 6 days ago

    Im just smh at 9:54 when he grabbed the fidget spinner by the end piece and tried to spin it

    THE PRO GAMER 6 days ago

    Oh nice I got some news paper

  • Fpsmexico1112
    Fpsmexico1112 6 days ago

    What's it called? It's for fidgeting and you spin it....

  • Sonani Akshay
    Sonani Akshay 6 days ago

    Hello Russian Hacker,

    i Am your Big Fan, And I wish that you can Unbox Indian Army MRE on you Upcoming Episodes

    Am Glad for You,

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear 6 days ago


  • gawky Colt
    gawky Colt 6 days ago

    In Mother Russia flash bang, bang you..

  • MariusTheNorwegianGamer03

    Oh look a recycled amazing box. *rips it in pieces* I destroyed the box. XD

  • DarkErrorCode
    DarkErrorCode 6 days ago

    >paid actor

  • DingleBerries
    DingleBerries 6 days ago +1


  • alfinito44
    alfinito44 7 days ago

    the bread is all moldy

  • Carl Burley
    Carl Burley 7 days ago

    sum the stuf u get sent is so cool i want lol

  • Blockycat2016
    Blockycat2016 7 days ago

    Flashbang at 18:12 thank me later🤗

  • VACation
    VACation 7 days ago

    this box its soo tide

  • Pro Yıldız Oyunda
    Pro Yıldız Oyunda 7 days ago

    Fan mail

  • iphone player
    iphone player 8 days ago

    18:10 is where he showed the flashbang.

  • Knight King
    Knight King 8 days ago

    Chick repablik

  • zebraxus
    zebraxus 8 days ago

    Mold on the bread @ 2:26

  • Shaun Lestenkof
    Shaun Lestenkof 8 days ago +1

    Figget spinner

    X GAMER 8 days ago

    5:00 just putin my collection 😂

  • DJ_COCoNut
    DJ_COCoNut 8 days ago

    Sees dirt "woaaah dirt!"

  • علي الحبسي
    علي الحبسي 8 days ago +1

    The title of the next video is 10 survival gadgets from the fan boxes 📦

  • ceak Lopez
    ceak Lopez 8 days ago

    Is he Russian

  • Copperstar Metalclan

    He's Russian so he says cosmonaut instead of astronaut

  • CrunchyDelTaco
    CrunchyDelTaco 9 days ago

    How dare they soil him with that fidget spinner

  • Jami 596
    Jami 596 9 days ago

    iam from finland

  • Schnitzelbrötchen 69
    Schnitzelbrötchen 69 9 days ago +1

    What a Spinner Pro...😁

  • Loco bopz
    Loco bopz 9 days ago

    awrrrsome :-D?

  • Victor Aragon
    Victor Aragon 9 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbaited so did you

  • caprisun
    caprisun 10 days ago +1

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    you came for the flashbang,
    at 18:02

    TONY PALLARES 10 days ago

    bruh he is greatful for every thing aw nice some news paper

  • XxGlass WolfxX
    XxGlass WolfxX 10 days ago

    Calls an american astronought a cosmonaut

  • Nate Petersen
    Nate Petersen 10 days ago

    good man

  • Joep c
    Joep c 10 days ago

    Woah news paper😂😂😂

  • John Perez
    John Perez 10 days ago

    "Woah no way... what is this"

  • santeri laitinen
    santeri laitinen 10 days ago

    Oo teko suomalaisii

  • Xxxfuckurself Xxx
    Xxxfuckurself Xxx 11 days ago

    Rolex 😂

  • RZYao
    RZYao 11 days ago

    bag out bag

  • milldabeast519
    milldabeast519 11 days ago

    this guys stilllllll kickn...

  • Xgilety YT
    Xgilety YT 11 days ago

    How many people are Serbian watching this and being like I love pashteta

  • Cazzer44
    Cazzer44 11 days ago

    I like how positive he is even when the package is shit😂

  • Solaire of Astora
    Solaire of Astora 11 days ago

    If you send him sticky notes he will be like *time for life hacks*

  • Isaac Johnson
    Isaac Johnson 11 days ago

    7:47 boom

  • dcarr5754
    dcarr5754 12 days ago

    Your accent makes me laugh

  • Streak Gamer
    Streak Gamer 12 days ago

    The bread was moldy

  • SuchMeat
    SuchMeat 12 days ago

    Did somebody say what's inside?

  • Johnny Nunya
    Johnny Nunya 12 days ago

    The guy who sent the massive box of survival items REALLY wants you prepared for the apocalypse.

    SWISS BRICK 12 days ago


  • vishal v
    vishal v 12 days ago

    Its made from Bumbooo

  • Kevin Vert
    Kevin Vert 12 days ago

    You are the best youtuber aks love your videos keep up the good work

  • Reppupu
    Reppupu 12 days ago

    Turns out the flashbang was real and blew up in his face

  • Elite gamer 369
    Elite gamer 369 13 days ago

    He Was holding the knife the whole vid

  • Darknet45 Gaming
    Darknet45 Gaming 13 days ago

    Is he amarican

  • Timothy Franklin
    Timothy Franklin 13 days ago

    Frag out

  • #JustBjörn Gamers
    #JustBjörn Gamers 13 days ago

    Flashbang on 18:19

    Pls like

  • silverspade 8
    silverspade 8 13 days ago

    Xmas in a box.

  • Danizi
    Danizi 13 days ago

    18:15 Flashbang

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