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  • So here it is. The mercedes g500 4x4 squared. Thank you @dealsonwheelsuae for the test drive. Yes this car is a beast. So do you guys think i should buy this bad boy or not :P .

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  • Zacarias Luis
    Zacarias Luis 2 days ago

    I likeeee this car

  • Roi Ogayon
    Roi Ogayon 2 days ago

    Cool car

  • MaxSpk2
    MaxSpk2 4 days ago

    OMG you can pick up a so much beautiful girl with this car ahahah

  • Richard Ofori
    Richard Ofori 6 days ago

    It's nice... But it's not the Yetti.

  • hussain.shahid ghaloo
    hussain.shahid ghaloo 10 days ago

    you are the coolest people on this planet the video is superb and you are great
    God bless you hope you will show more videos

  • Jort Brouns
    Jort Brouns 10 days ago +1

    Whats the name of the song at 5:30

  • يوسف باسم باسم

    Your chanel is shit .

  • Dede 254
    Dede 254 11 days ago +1

    Lana you do really need a d*ck(a 6+ inch) coz you wont marry your brother, Any one who agrees/disagrees???

  • Kalle Kalle
    Kalle Kalle 13 days ago

    By the car

  • Sarah Waheed
    Sarah Waheed 15 days ago

    My name is seif

  • ashok kumar
    ashok kumar 16 days ago

    Hello friend....
    आपकी वीडियो अच्छी लगी,

  • Bigwetdog Gil
    Bigwetdog Gil 17 days ago

    these people are fucking corny cheese

    AYODEJI EKUNDAYO 18 days ago

    MO it's a nice car get it if u can and dat video is cool

  • Stéphane Therence
    Stéphane Therence 18 days ago

    Poor souls ! The shopping mall seems to be the only place to be...

  • Gopi Deva333
    Gopi Deva333 21 day ago

    I fell this beast not fit for "King"
    this beast fit for KING MAKER thats i feel.. bcoz i love the big one

  • dima dimach
    dima dimach 23 days ago +1


  • domalaza kaizenred
    domalaza kaizenred 24 days ago

    Buy yes

  • Emmanuel Abela
    Emmanuel Abela 24 days ago

    Yes mo

  • Sparta Boss
    Sparta Boss 24 days ago

    Guys she said date

  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 25 days ago


  • Sai Nikith
    Sai Nikith 25 days ago

    Rolls Royce and they mercedec

  • Sai Nikith
    Sai Nikith 25 days ago

    Do u own all those cars ???

  • Abd El Rahman Amr
    Abd El Rahman Amr 26 days ago

    Buy this car it is a monster

  • Toni
    Toni 27 days ago

    8:54 the ass is getting bigger and bigger day after day, thank me later

  • swaraj joye
    swaraj joye 27 days ago


  • Hammadb1 حمادb1
    Hammadb1 حمادb1 27 days ago +1

    تلعب علينا

  • Marco Makley
    Marco Makley 27 days ago

    What is the name of the song of the time 5:25

  • abdulaziz talal
    abdulaziz talal Month ago

    yes yes yes mo it is the best

  • Aurelio Rosas
    Aurelio Rosas Month ago +1

    How many cars do you have

  • laziz pitbox
    laziz pitbox Month ago

    buy it I agree

  • aleem nicholas101
    aleem nicholas101 Month ago

    yes what do mean yes it is the boss shout out to aleem

  • Fahad Mohammed
    Fahad Mohammed Month ago

    by a lambogjini

  • Sarah Strong
    Sarah Strong Month ago

    so u r the dudes who give money to the poor muzzles who have been indoctrinated to kill for your pig prophet ?? u r abut the same as the super rich yanks and brits.....

  • Rifqi Destriawan
    Rifqi Destriawan Month ago +1


  • Gvlogs
    Gvlogs Month ago

    No I didn't like

  • coastallAly 439
    coastallAly 439 Month ago +1

    beacouse i drive it

  • coastallAly 439
    coastallAly 439 Month ago +1

    no i don't think

  • EaSy Nahnah
    EaSy Nahnah Month ago

    Fucking riche

  • snehal pevekar
    snehal pevekar Month ago

    you should

  • Masar Iqbal
    Masar Iqbal Month ago

    Buy it

  • mubk77
    mubk77 Month ago


  • stephen mucha
    stephen mucha Month ago

    Every car is his new car

  • Max Bryce
    Max Bryce Month ago

    Buy the car!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dimand slayer 24
    Dimand slayer 24 Month ago


  • Prasanta Dutta
    Prasanta Dutta Month ago +1

    you should buy this car

  • Huskerliving
    Huskerliving Month ago

    I've been working since 1987. I can not afford. These kids own us. When their world goes to hell, They will the ones I hunt down,

  • millan Perez
    millan Perez Month ago

    Help me brother soi fanciful of your videos

  • Gen-Fluffy-Pants
    Gen-Fluffy-Pants Month ago

    Yes get the car

  • Arif Mohammed
    Arif Mohammed Month ago

    yes lol

  • Ahmad
    Ahmad Month ago

    That youtuber you reacted to unsubscribed from your sister Lana rose.

  • MR7
    MR7 Month ago

    in 0:24 wtf is MO vlog sister is there

  • None Ya
    None Ya Month ago

    1:46 ok?

  • Roseleen Sidhu
    Roseleen Sidhu Month ago

    Call her haviney

  • A&V talks!
    A&V talks! Month ago


  • Granit Makolli
    Granit Makolli Month ago

    Ooooo my God that is my dream auto😍😍 inshaAllah sometime i can have something like your cars bro😊 god bless you and your family bro!

  • Amir Khan
    Amir Khan Month ago


  • Don't hate Dro
    Don't hate Dro Month ago

    Bro lana fine af

  • vaibhav pevekar
    vaibhav pevekar Month ago

    Yes you should I will tell you why you don't have a travel car so only the lambo

  • James Nepolo
    James Nepolo Month ago

    are you insane

  • Thomas Witgoed Service

    Love it !!!!
    I have a g class (old) great cars
    Inclusive portal axels 😍 offroadingggg!!!
    Greets from holland 👌🏻

    GALIZEKRA Month ago

    you should buy the 6x6

  • Senu Varghese
    Senu Varghese Month ago

    mo comeon man go buy it

  • De'lon Cheers
    De'lon Cheers Month ago

    yes I want my mom to get one

  • Marko Demic
    Marko Demic Month ago

    omg !! she said i dont need a di**k when i got this . yoo girl u crazy

  • zone6 channel
    zone6 channel Month ago

    movlogs ....great video...

  • Mitch Fisher
    Mitch Fisher Month ago


  • riteshsoni09
    riteshsoni09 Month ago

    and the d thing

  • riteshsoni09
    riteshsoni09 Month ago

    u should buy it man

  • Umer Malik
    Umer Malik Month ago

    your sister is very beautiful

  • Umer Malik
    Umer Malik Month ago

    your sister is very beautiful

    CHRIS VENTER Month ago

    i love your cat

  • Jarrett Evans
    Jarrett Evans Month ago


  • Yusra Khan
    Yusra Khan Month ago

    8:20 she got wild

    KUFE TV Month ago

    m8 it isnt a monster kuzzz there is a g63+a brabus edition wich has 850 hp peace

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar Month ago

    Time pass

  • himanshu singh
    himanshu singh Month ago

    from which country does you belong

  • Arsyad Arsyad
    Arsyad Arsyad Month ago


  • Guer Djilal
    Guer Djilal 2 months ago

    empty life

  • Thomas Jurgensen
    Thomas Jurgensen 2 months ago

    Buy it

  • sanmy jhor
    sanmy jhor 2 months ago

    from nicaragua ..hi

  • sanmy jhor
    sanmy jhor 2 months ago

    nice car,nice sister

  • isthu ismail
    isthu ismail 2 months ago

    I love you mo

  • Babin Gurung
    Babin Gurung 2 months ago

    he mo I am a fan of you

  • DIY Dan
    DIY Dan 2 months ago

    This G wagon is the definition of ridiculous. :)

  • VickySecret
    VickySecret 2 months ago

  • Marcelo Huaquisto
    Marcelo Huaquisto 2 months ago

    did she really says "i don't need a d*ck when i got this?"

  • Desmond Suber
    Desmond Suber 2 months ago

    get the car

  • Prathamesh Kanojiya
    Prathamesh Kanojiya 2 months ago

    Yes u must buy it

  • Tenzin Paljor
    Tenzin Paljor 2 months ago

    yes ss sure

  • sayem head
    sayem head 2 months ago

    please buy it. Its awesome

  • Lucas Gameboss
    Lucas Gameboss 2 months ago


  • Brian Occoner
    Brian Occoner 2 months ago

    you know u rich when u flip cards cuz u dont have coins lawl.

  • Justin Kahlil Jimenez
    Justin Kahlil Jimenez 2 months ago

    why is 250.000 in that big

  • ramboy_0313
    ramboy_0313 2 months ago

    7:01 thts sad those are small

  • mrcadoia
    mrcadoia 2 months ago

    I think you should spend that money on greening the desert instead.

  • venkat sai Vaibhav
    venkat sai Vaibhav 2 months ago

    You should have a mv car

  • mustafiz 1420
    mustafiz 1420 2 months ago


  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali 2 months ago

    wtf/wth What did Lana said at 8:20 OMG!!!!?! check it out mo has no reaction man she's your sister man?!?!

  • Billy Mmar0
    Billy Mmar0 2 months ago

    Please get the car it's amazing

  • Naufal Bagri
    Naufal Bagri 2 months ago


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