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  • grav3yardgirl
    grav3yardgirl  2 months ago +2042


    • Danielle Cox
      Danielle Cox 9 hours ago

      grav3yardgirl hey I live in Japan and it's only like $11 here, if you need more without the hefty price tag let me know! I'm here another three years!

    • aylin loves sallymeatballs
      aylin loves sallymeatballs 23 days ago

      you should try to make fluffy slime with that
      like if you agree

    • Remy Dawn
      Remy Dawn 27 days ago

      That would be really very cooooooooool!!!!😃😄

    • Cupcake G
      Cupcake G Month ago

      grav3yardgirl very time I here that i laugh

    • heather
      heather Month ago

      grav3yardgirl hey I love cream!!

  • Shan BoB
    Shan BoB 18 hours ago

    I'm a new subscriber and Ive noticed on all of these type videos you drop everything 😂 and I drop everything to so you mean something special to me 😂😂😂

  • kaykay Brown
    kaykay Brown 3 days ago

    🖐🏻I would buy roach face wash 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻

  • Emma Welker
    Emma Welker 3 days ago

    Did anyone see the chair move at 4:48

  • Andrea Carrasco
    Andrea Carrasco 5 days ago

    Lets stop and smell the roaches!! Lol

  • Mallerlyn
    Mallerlyn 7 days ago +1

    I really want to try this

  • Chloe fromer
    Chloe fromer 9 days ago +1

    This video literally made my day because when I was little I woke up and I had a baby doll named rose and I said "good morning roach"

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 9 days ago +1

    At 1:25 to 1:40 when she realized she said roaches instead of roses was hilarious I was literally laughing about it still as I'm writing this comment and @grav3yardgirl I would buy soap that comes out in the shape of roaches to scare and prank others and it would be cool if it was like exploding or bath bombs in the shape of roses would be bomb

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 9 days ago

    Little itty-bitty roaches XD

  • Danielle Karr
    Danielle Karr 10 days ago

    love the phone case

  • Jillian Lewis
    Jillian Lewis 10 days ago

    "feels very thick and creamy" DEAD

  • Kirsty Oshea
    Kirsty Oshea 11 days ago

    Couldn't leave without saying this made me laugh so much when you had it on your face reminds me of mrs doubtfire... one lump or two dear haha

  • Kirsty Oshea
    Kirsty Oshea 11 days ago

    Peach smelling cosmetics are the beast ahhh

  • Ashley Galdamez
    Ashley Galdamez 13 days ago

    Nobody else saw something moving behind her at 4:48 ?????

  • ganashree kr
    ganashree kr 13 days ago

    I love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Elena Marcum
    Elena Marcum 14 days ago


  • Natty Morinaga
    Natty Morinaga 15 days ago

    You can get the Rose Cleanser from @evitasoap on Instagram

  • vanessa stallard
    vanessa stallard 15 days ago

    When you said boogers all I could do was try and look up your nose to check

  • ella elise
    ella elise 15 days ago

    Hyaluronic acid (sp) is what your skin produces for its own moisture :)

  • Sugar Plum SweetHeart
    Sugar Plum SweetHeart 16 days ago

    Love your sassy bun💗💗

  • Aodhbha Mahon
    Aodhbha Mahon 17 days ago

    this is so interesting

  • Kelly Hoffman
    Kelly Hoffman 18 days ago

    My dad just got back from Japan and brought me back this and all I can say that IT IS AMAZING

  • Pyper Renee Jones
    Pyper Renee Jones 18 days ago

    At 4:48 into the vid

  • Pyper Renee Jones
    Pyper Renee Jones 18 days ago

    No it moved 2

  • Mari M
    Mari M 19 days ago


  • kk70x7
    kk70x7 20 days ago

    So... this stuff is $90 on Amazon! Nope.

  • jacqueline
    jacqueline 22 days ago

    You have the best energy ! Legit can count on getting into a better mood watching your videos

  • lena bean
    lena bean 23 days ago

    I'd imagine it feels like shaving cream.

  • Autumn Miller
    Autumn Miller 23 days ago


  • Sabine Bianco
    Sabine Bianco 24 days ago

    I like your phone case

  • Emily Bruner
    Emily Bruner 24 days ago

    A Person : Roaches Me : {giggle giggle}

  • Lexi Hallmark
    Lexi Hallmark 25 days ago

    When she said "GOTTA HAVE IT" her face looked like the mad hatter😂😂😂

  • driannafay fernandez
    driannafay fernandez 26 days ago

    I went dead and revive everytime she says 'sodium hynskqns'

  • Marisa
    Marisa 26 days ago

    Salad Fingers, yes! Cream is ooky.

  • undecided1
    undecided1 28 days ago

    am i tripping or did whatever is behind her move

  • Malita Ashura
    Malita Ashura 29 days ago

    instagram girls use scissors to cut the rose off and put it in their hand. cake decorators to it too.

  • Mandy Rice
    Mandy Rice 29 days ago

    Hey sweets! Warm/hot water thins mucus and makes it wanna run out of your nose. If you're ever sick and congested, hold a warm towel to your face while leaning over the sink and then blow ;)

  • Someoneonline14
    Someoneonline14 29 days ago

    Video starts at 4:04

  • monroexoxo lee
    monroexoxo lee Month ago

    great vlog, have a blessed day.

  • Codi
    Codi Month ago


  • Rikki-Lee Burley
    Rikki-Lee Burley Month ago

    For some unknown reason, I had stopped watching Bunny so much but the last few days I've been catching up and I've missed her so much! Your videos always make a smile, Bunny! Thank you for always being able to brighten my day xxx

  • Michelle Chance
    Michelle Chance Month ago

    hello bunny

  • Grace Davis-Harpold

    I'm dying!! Your so funny!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Savage Girl
    Savage Girl Month ago

    Who else likes her phone case

  • Amandia Mccarty
    Amandia Mccarty Month ago

    her face calmed down and was less red after she washed her face

  • Δημητρης Αρμπετινος

    I looooooove your phone case!! 😍😍😍

  • Nazifah Hashim
    Nazifah Hashim Month ago

    It feel so satisfied when she squeezes the foam like.. urghhh

  • Tracy Marie
    Tracy Marie Month ago

    xD This made my day lmao!!!

  • Tori Reiners
    Tori Reiners Month ago

    Bunny your videos always make me laugh. Love you bunny. Your videos make me in a better mood

  • C.W. MUN
    C.W. MUN Month ago

    you should try korean beauty products

  • Cloe Ensz
    Cloe Ensz Month ago

    Oh my Gosh ROAChes

  • Kiley Decelle
    Kiley Decelle Month ago

    Bunnys videos give me life omg😂

  • Costas Papageorgiou

    its so weird but i want it

  • Marie G91
    Marie G91 Month ago


  • K.endall _xx
    K.endall _xx Month ago

    I love your phone case x❤️🃏

  • XOXO AuBri
    XOXO AuBri Month ago

    Your eyes are literally blinding me with their beauty!!!!!

  • Tajah Henry
    Tajah Henry Month ago

    someone please tell me where she got this phone case! 😩

  • Lauren Louderback
    Lauren Louderback Month ago

    your werid

    • cumbo
      cumbo 14 days ago

      Lauren Louderback im gay

  • Crazy Hair
    Crazy Hair Month ago


  • theglassgirl17
    theglassgirl17 Month ago

    I'd buy the roach shaped soap Bunny XD also were you about to cry from laughing so hard?

  • ruben montalvo
    ruben montalvo Month ago

    This is the fist video I watched that I heard you say you were from Texas. I am also from Texas

  • Forever Jazzy
    Forever Jazzy Month ago


    ~ Bunny 2017

  • Melissa Sutton
    Melissa Sutton Month ago

    I would say they scraped it off with a knife.

  • Ayee_naudia Xo
    Ayee_naudia Xo Month ago

    Texas weather is bipolar right now I walked out my room today and it started raining for a good 5 minutes and when it was done I went to the mailbox and my FEET WERE BURNING THROUGH MY SHOES ON THE GROUND

  • Ziana Martinez
    Ziana Martinez Month ago

    FACE DEMONSSSSSSS who remembers that

  • TopDogJen1234
    TopDogJen1234 Month ago

    I'm it's called AmeriCAN for the very reason we use cans for all packaging

  • Tina L.
    Tina L. Month ago

    I have very VERY dry skin. Can anybody tell me if this product would work for me?

  • fredyxfreak
    fredyxfreak Month ago

    bunny! i want a tour of your bathroom!

  • Emma's Beauty Channel

    Is it just Me or does Bunny remind you of Dory

  • Jeremiah Hall
    Jeremiah Hall Month ago

    Does anyone know what watch she is wearing here?

  • ckgandy
    ckgandy Month ago

    I really want to hang out with you! I thought I was the only one who dealt with the "booger" issues every time I wash my face. #boogeravalanche.

  • Nicole Baum
    Nicole Baum Month ago

    Out of everything my family could choose to watch on YouTube/the World Wide Web and we choose to watch bunny. My sister and I feel like Bunny would fit right into our quirky lil family. We love you bunny! You make us smile and giggle and you entertain us when we are bored. You're like a 3 ring circus, but in the best way possible. We love how your channel is always family friendly, I never have to worry when I catch my 17 year old watching one of your videos. So thank you. In a world of darkness you are a much appreciated light. We love being members of the swamp family. And if you ever get sick of the Texas heat come pay us a visit in Alaska. Lmao.

  • Lisa Iacovacci
    Lisa Iacovacci Month ago

    I don't watch many videos on YouTube & somehow, I stumbled on your videos! You are so honest & just out there with everything you feel! I LOVE YOU! Funny, sarcastic awesomeness! I have many things you can try out for me in the beauty category. First is: Disaar Bamboo Charcoal mask, "My Scheming" face masks from Taiwan, Derma E Overnight peel with alpha hydroxy acids, Last, is the charcoal whitening toothpaste called Charcle. All items are on eBay. I've been very curious about those items & wondering if they are as good as they claim. Thanks for reading😜

  • Skyler Cochrane
    Skyler Cochrane Month ago

    of course she dropped it 😂😂😂

  • Marisa Frances
    Marisa Frances Month ago

    Beautiful face

  • Rachael Baglione
    Rachael Baglione Month ago

    Am I the only one who thought Bunny looked like, uh, well kinda like a *bunny* when her face was covered in that foam?

  • Bailey Andersen
    Bailey Andersen Month ago

    Oml!!!! I actually smelled the screen when she asked if we wanted to smell it

  • Bailey Andersen
    Bailey Andersen Month ago

    I would buy roach face wash if it was off of your product line

  • Kitty Mennie
    Kitty Mennie Month ago

    When you watch this one after her jelly one and can't help but wonder which one made the cut for her daily routine

  • shelby boleware
    shelby boleware Month ago

    lmao I've watch everything that the guy that made salad fingers came out with ...cream was weird but he has weirder 😂😂😂😂

  • Emma Tierney
    Emma Tierney Month ago

    adore your watch! 😱😍

  • Courtney Chedester
    Courtney Chedester Month ago

    This video was hilarious and had me cracking up the whole time! Thanks for the laughs Bunny!

  • TheMagpieRoost
    TheMagpieRoost Month ago

    Bunny, you might want to check out Seiwa Market in Houston. It's a Japanese grocery store that has a beauty aisle! You might be able to find stuff there that you'd otherwise have to order.

  • Emma Halderman
    Emma Halderman Month ago


  • vee aquarius
    vee aquarius Month ago


  • juliet
    juliet Month ago

    when you haven't blown a load in a week

  • Kimberlydawn Ryan
    Kimberlydawn Ryan Month ago

    bunny, okay i free up in Pearland and Pasadena so i am very familiar with where you are. in this video you mentioned there was no Asian markets. oh how wrong. China Town in Bellaire is amazing. i go to 2 different mail supply stores to buy supplies to do hard gel nails, as well as a few stores for soda supplies and facial supplies. feel free to dm me

  • RestInPeace MitchLucker

    2:14 best part of the video. Every time I watch your videos it instantly makes me feel better & takes my mind off of what's bothering me & going wrong in my life. I love you, Bunny ♡

  • Devlyn La'Vey
    Devlyn La'Vey Month ago

    David Firth created salad fingers and cream. also crooked rot. check it out of you want nightmares.this video made me smile after a really shitty day. thank you Bunny.

  • Biff Snoof
    Biff Snoof Month ago

    Who is this hyper boy

    TAMMY SCOTT Month ago

    I have so many bumps on my face and I'm 13

  • Tammy Wallace
    Tammy Wallace Month ago

    "Boogers having a rave." LMBO!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

  • CherrySunnn
    CherrySunnn Month ago

    With all that foam it must have pH 12, don't do it girl

  • xXGeorgieBear Xx
    xXGeorgieBear Xx 2 months ago

    I just watched cream.. I will never be the same again 😂

  • Kelly Leyden
    Kelly Leyden 2 months ago

    Between the Sting shirt and the rose cleanser was anyone else singing Desert Rose in their head this whole time?? No? Just me?

  • Jasmin Hernandez
    Jasmin Hernandez 2 months ago

    i love you bunny but when i come here i always skip the first 10 minutes to get to the content

  • Asia Hill
    Asia Hill 2 months ago

    7:41 😂

  • Frizzy Fox
    Frizzy Fox 2 months ago

    Bunny omg I looooooovvvvvvveeee ur phone case

  • E. Phillips
    E. Phillips 2 months ago

    "Boogers having a rave!" lmao 😂😂😂Bunny you are so funny! I feel the same about my boogers when I wash my face!

  • Honey_bear07
    Honey_bear07 2 months ago

    I swear she did this video before!! I must have some sort of deja vu going on cuz I remember the thumbnail and this product!! and I'm 100% it was bunny.................. (●.●) weird...........

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