Reptilian Invaders in Florida!

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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote tracks down one of the most invasive reptiles in Florida!

    No it’s not the Burmese Python, it’s the Black and White Tegu! These large lizards are very popular in the pet trade and are known for their docile temperament...however in the WILD these beasts are FIERCE! Scouring disturbed habitat devouring anything in sight, including the eggs and offspring of native species, these scaly creatures are reaping havoc on Florida's delicate ecosystem.

    Have you ever seen a Tegu before?

    Get ready to meet the new king of the Reptilian Invaders!

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  • Rex Ryan Sr.
    Rex Ryan Sr. 13 hours ago

    Give it to ugly god he would love it

  • Naiixlife2 4
    Naiixlife2 4 21 hour ago

    8:08 when you meet coyote Peterson for the first time lol👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻


    Ur mean

  • Matthew Mora
    Matthew Mora Day ago


  • Savannah Plymale

    i think everyone should sub to his channel because he is awesome 😎😀🤗

  • CATLORD1001
    CATLORD1001 3 days ago

    Coyote go to komodo island and find a komodo dragon or get bitten

  • Professorkomodo
    Professorkomodo 4 days ago

    Sliced up appendages and ripped open his arm. Wow definitely some over sensationalizing. This lizard is not a threat to humans if you dont grab it and pick it up

  • Jianping Ren
    Jianping Ren 6 days ago

    Can you take a challenge were you get bitten by a black and white Tegu

  • Kim Jong Un UN
    Kim Jong Un UN 6 days ago

    0:05 WELL U DO MARK

  • Noel Drennon
    Noel Drennon 7 days ago

    That will be pretty awesome plz

  • Noel Drennon
    Noel Drennon 7 days ago

    Coyote and brave wilderness iam a big fan huge fan can you please make a carnivorous plant video plz!!!!!!!

  • Sami Tancredi
    Sami Tancredi 7 days ago

    This is what life in Florida is like. We have alligators in our back yards. There was a panther in the forest by my elementary school. We visit the Everglades as a field trip for school, like once a year. They have a festival. Literally, it's called Everglades Day and everyone just goes into the Everglades and walks around the marshes. Iguanas and snakes and other fun guys are just a fact of life. (Pretty sure we're the Australia of America if that makes sense.)

  • Zainab Mir
    Zainab Mir 8 days ago

    The Black and White Tegu Is Such A Cool Reptile

  • Emina Osmanagic
    Emina Osmanagic 8 days ago

    Lel or lolz or lol

  • Evelyn Griffin
    Evelyn Griffin 8 days ago

    Make a jaguar video

  • Cooper McMahon
    Cooper McMahon 9 days ago

    Tegus can be good pets if u can give them proper care and have the space

  • Abbi Byrne
    Abbi Byrne 9 days ago

    I love u your sooo good

  • MmmCreamy
    MmmCreamy 9 days ago

    I was at a reptile show in Cleveland once, and I got to pet a Tegu that was raised from birth by humans. It was really cool. His name was Romeo. Just thought I would share my experience lol

  • Rouge Tanks
    Rouge Tanks 10 days ago

    dude iam getting a pet Argentine black and wight tegu

  • Tabatha Silbaugh
    Tabatha Silbaugh 10 days ago

    You are my hero

  • Tabatha Silbaugh
    Tabatha Silbaugh 10 days ago

    I'm kyeo

  • Jyotishko Koley
    Jyotishko Koley 11 days ago

    tegus are actually very docile so it is not too hard to catch them

  • Cresties Maniac
    Cresties Maniac 11 days ago

    Black and White tegu's can be aggressive in the wild but if handled from a baby they can be the most docile reptile ever

  • Ashli Watts
    Ashli Watts 11 days ago

    LOL this video was posted on my Birth Day

  • fallout is life
    fallout is life 12 days ago

    Deez nuts

  • Isabella Aguirre
    Isabella Aguirre 12 days ago +1

    THIS IS NOT TRUE! I have a black and wight tagu and her name is oreo I live in California she is very nice she could never hurt somebody I just want everybody to not be afraid of reptiles like snakes and lizerds I have multipul and they love me and I love them.

  • gedo mado
    gedo mado 13 days ago

    good eye coyote.

  • Dallin N
    Dallin N 14 days ago

    There are just so many invasive species in Florida..

  • Mark Axel Bacalso
    Mark Axel Bacalso 14 days ago

    Do a video with a tornado

  • Nathan Jimenez
    Nathan Jimenez 16 days ago +1

    Are they venomous

  • JennK
    JennK 16 days ago

    Tegus are found throughout Florida. We have them in Orlando too.

  • pransovideo popular
    pransovideo popular 16 days ago

    How do you get dislikes. Your the best.

  • Savvage Monitor Productions

    Coyote Peterson pisses me off every

  • DeMorte Kleihege
    DeMorte Kleihege 17 days ago

    It looks like a iguana mixed with a Komodo dragon

  • Luke Douglas
    Luke Douglas 17 days ago

    That lizard has chubby cheeks

  • Backyard Wilderness
    Backyard Wilderness 17 days ago +1

    He should get bitten

  • Ashley Gendreau
    Ashley Gendreau 17 days ago

    it would be so cool if you went to everglades holiday park and met the gator boys that would be amazing

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson 18 days ago

    I grew up having one of these as a pet and hes right they are a difficult species for beginners with reptiles but once they adjust to you their wonderful & loving pets. Mine wasn't as large only about 2ft. his name was Shakespeare :')

  • Keiza Bilqish
    Keiza Bilqish 18 days ago +1

    the tegu looks like a komodo dragon who else agree?

    • Keiza Bilqish
      Keiza Bilqish 18 days ago

      but komodo dragon were bigger and has a short tail

  • Pinky Blushbottom
    Pinky Blushbottom 18 days ago

    Poor boy looks thin as heck

  • Leaping Weasel
    Leaping Weasel 18 days ago

    wow, he found that Tegu exactly where he put it. what are the chances of that? that is a captive raised animal, cooled so it will stay put. if it was wild, it would be chewed up and shitting all over him. BS just like the gila monster he "found".

  • Tingme Gameplays
    Tingme Gameplays 19 days ago


  • Warden Azrael
    Warden Azrael 19 days ago

    The lizard when he first picked it up was like "Oh one o these guys, I always wanted to be on tv." And then he says,"Now it pains me to say it but I cannot release this animal back into the wild, this lizard is going to a research facility" and that lizards like "Wait what the f*ck?" He opened his mouth like "F*ck you ho!"

  • XoXo.Chloe. XoXo
    XoXo.Chloe. XoXo 19 days ago

    omg i didnt know they have those here in fl

  • LastHumansGarage
    LastHumansGarage 20 days ago


  • Sarah Welsh
    Sarah Welsh 20 days ago

    I almost bought a black and white Tegu

  • Josh Derpsss
    Josh Derpsss 21 day ago

    I have one as a pet

  • RainforestRaptor Gaming

    Tegus are only a good pet if you have the resources to take care of an adult argentine tegu.

  • Jeovani Aguila
    Jeovani Aguila 21 day ago

    tagu's got released either by a irresponsible owner or andrew that let out the pythons because owner's didn't secure them....anyways i don't think we can do anything about invasive but law is law "invasive species must be eradicated...LONG LIVE FLORIDA ✊✊

  • Thamo Shami
    Thamo Shami 22 days ago

    But these things shouldn't be killed

  • Tyler button
    Tyler button 22 days ago

    Can you get bit by the tagu?

  • Christian Graham
    Christian Graham 22 days ago

    It's a Koolasuchas

  • Ulimate Destroyer
    Ulimate Destroyer 22 days ago


  • Boi D1 bound
    Boi D1 bound 22 days ago

    I have a tegu it's a baby

  • Grant - Saturn
    Grant - Saturn 22 days ago

    I have a pet tegu. they're smart little sweetie pies.

  • Taylor Sengkhounmany
    Taylor Sengkhounmany 22 days ago

    Fun fact- tegus are thought to be the smartest lizard in the world and are master escape artists. This species of tegu, the argentine black and white tegu, live in, you guest it, Argentina

  • Taylor Sengkhounmany
    Taylor Sengkhounmany 22 days ago

    Tegus are so cute!

  • GrampaGamers
    GrampaGamers 22 days ago

    catch a monitor in Florida.. they r basicly mini Komodo dragons, they kill dogs, break through fences, and are released by their owners in Florida

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker 23 days ago

    The tegu is also notorious for being extremely cuddly.

  • q t π
    q t π 23 days ago


  • q t π
    q t π 23 days ago

    it looks like a mini me of the 1998 version of Godzilla, on my yeezys fam...

  • CVENarwhal Lover
    CVENarwhal Lover 23 days ago

    Mark: It's not a rock.....

  • Alex Philemon
    Alex Philemon 24 days ago

    chilli in Florida really

  • Chane1073aj and others

    I seen a purple tegue there soooo cute his name is oreo

  • じょーこーよしなま勢


  • Abel G
    Abel G 24 days ago


  • Lisbeth Tejera
    Lisbeth Tejera 24 days ago

    U should try to list and find as many animal that do not belong in the Everglades

  • Ducky Do
    Ducky Do 24 days ago

    I once came across a black tip reef shark

  • BigDinoBuilder
    BigDinoBuilder 25 days ago

    Do a video of getting hit by the tagou like if you agree

  • Kendall Shaw
    Kendall Shaw 26 days ago

    I have a almost 4 foot Tegu that acts calm when indoors but when I take him outside he acts like that tegu very defensive and wild like as he should because thats one of the ways that helps them survive,He looks just like that tegu too :)

  • Sewumber Darmendra
    Sewumber Darmendra 26 days ago

    that animal call Komodo dragon

  • Sewumber Darmendra
    Sewumber Darmendra 26 days ago

    that lizard call Komodo dragon

  • ddeerr taco
    ddeerr taco 26 days ago

    i live in Florida who else does

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 27 days ago

    I'm getting one as a pet at the august reptile expo in California

  • blaster sans
    blaster sans 27 days ago

    florida's taking ALL the animal buse.

  • Anthony Thegreat
    Anthony Thegreat 28 days ago

    They do make good pets. You jsut have to know how to take care of it and what you're getting into

  • Crafty Tom
    Crafty Tom 28 days ago

    I have a tegu as a pet I love him

  • project game squad
    project game squad 28 days ago

    Its impossible for it to be "chili" in Florida

  • Miranda Ross
    Miranda Ross 29 days ago

    love this


    at 9:09 the lizard was like : yay im on camerah !!! better give an open mouth smile , ugh I cant wave my hands , nvm ill just use my tongue to do that , BYE!!

  • Zach Jackson
    Zach Jackson 29 days ago

    All of the *tense* music is a bit much for just a tego dont you think? lol

  • Matthew Tansley
    Matthew Tansley 29 days ago

    how many snakes have you seen and pat

  • JRF
    JRF 29 days ago

    thank you for not re releasing it back into the wild -floridian.

  • FishingMaster Studios
    FishingMaster Studios Month ago +1

    People seem really irresponsible with these animals thinking it's a good idea to release them into a non native habitat , people in the state shouldn't even own them if that's what they're doing

    • Jonnyapple
      Jonnyapple 24 days ago

      FishingMaster Studios sometimes, it's people that think it's cool to own a lizard like this but then get bored or can't pay to feed it so they release it. And yes, I do realize he said this in the video. He said this as I typed this😅

  • Christoph Matthews
    Christoph Matthews Month ago

    hold tf up

    i'm blond so why is my asshair black?!?!?!

  • Gertruda Michel
    Gertruda Michel Month ago

    What I wonder is how did they came to FL and if some one can go S A CHECK OUT THE areas

  • chefgiovanni
    chefgiovanni Month ago

    I know a guy who would eat it and make a hat band / belt from that creature.

  • Lito Rodriguez
    Lito Rodriguez Month ago

    What's in your backpack?

  • St. Carter
    St. Carter Month ago

    Mate you should do a vid down under (Australia) we got some nutty lizards, snakes, spiders, wombats, koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, bogans ...............Pauline Hanson. Just to name a though.

  • The Coopster
    The Coopster Month ago +1

    Awwww, the poor lizard. He had lived there his whole life. And because of his ancestors mistakes, he got dragged out of his home and and put in a strange research facility with a bunch of creeps that he's never seen before in his life☹️

  • Chris 8 Plays
    Chris 8 Plays Month ago

    it looks like a Utahraptor that just stands with 4 legs

  • Elijah loves reptiles

    they are great pet lizards

  • Jon Marsh
    Jon Marsh Month ago

    in my opinion, an invasive species is nature running its course. just let nature be and deal with itself in its own way. just because humans dont like something doesnt mean its wrong

  • BlackAnvil47
    BlackAnvil47 Month ago

    Non natives need to be eradicated when encountered

  • Caitlyn Molinario
    Caitlyn Molinario Month ago

    Dude I live in Florida so this made me a bit nervous even though I'm not at the least bit afraid of reptiles they're actually my favorite animals but I didn't know what animals would be on this video

    • Caitlyn Molinario
      Caitlyn Molinario Month ago

      But now that I know that it's a tegu I'm kind of happy because I love tegus and reptiles

  • Call Me Awesome
    Call Me Awesome Month ago

    You are the best

  • Young Naturalist
    Young Naturalist Month ago

    This tegu looks like Kepa lizard.

  • Carnodude 5
    Carnodude 5 Month ago

    go to north carolina and go outside at night and i promise you there will be billions of amarican toads

  • Mikayla Simone
    Mikayla Simone Month ago +1

    My cousin has one as pet.

  • Julie Casiano
    Julie Casiano Month ago

    find a bearded dragon

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