Norwegian Government builds Deep Underground Tunnel Bases for Future Human Survival.

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  • Child of the Creator God

    That's for when 'The shy is falling! The sky is falling!!" Henny Penny. (there is so much TRUTH in Nursery rhymes. LOL!)

  • jack hunter
    jack hunter 10 days ago

    this is great long as you dont let muslims in there....yup

  • Kehn Outten
    Kehn Outten 10 days ago

    Major Problem, is, No Honey Bee's or other pollenating insects lost, means plants will not produce natural fruit and other eatable ripe vegetation, ending as a bunch of harmful weeds, and plant mutations. No known efforts has yet been made, to preserve living Pollenators, and the time needed to begin such a effort is running out, before global extinction. All flying insects able, are already leaving Earth's Surface, to reach Hollow Inner Earth, from which they will not return.

    • Kehn Outten
      Kehn Outten 10 days ago

      Bredah Jake, since your an expert on who is wacko, not knowing who in your flat earth your addressing, where is your evidence your smarter in hell, then on Earth, I have been places with others you will never see, as I will never have a chance to find the place of your expertise.

    • Bredah Jake
      Bredah Jake 10 days ago

      I was about to write a reply until I saw the words "Hollow Earth''. No point in wasting time with a wacko.

    A.I.P. ISHMAEL 11 days ago +1

    These, Gentiles are so fuckin Dumb, none of them will be alive to use the seeds.

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