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  • Stikpro 19
    Stikpro 19 15 hours ago

    U suck at deeeep

    Edit: But u are lucky

  • Just Braainsio/Diepio
    Just Braainsio/Diepio 29 days ago

    I love your channel !

  • rajana musanipova
    rajana musanipova Month ago


  • rajana musanipova
    rajana musanipova Month ago

    kill me

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 2 months ago

    adam io ların Pro su

  • EpixF4ce360
    EpixF4ce360 3 months ago

    i cant play because its too laggy i have wi-fi and it will have no lag if somebody use the wi-fi

  • Pheonix TheFlamingLizard

    hola como estas

  • ScaryMendesvictor42
    ScaryMendesvictor42 3 months ago


  • AsAp 302
    AsAp 302 3 months ago

    1:10 he's sooo lucky😉

  • Victor Bezerra
    Victor Bezerra 4 months ago

    4:18 wth is that ? I.A or some animal skill

    • Buster Tornado
      Buster Tornado 3 months ago

      They're actually called pollocks, which are a fish in the North-East atlantic ocean. They have a weird jaw thing that sticks out and they like cold temperatures, hence why they live in the arctic.

    • When you know they lying but you listen anyways.
      When you know they lying but you listen anyways. 4 months ago

      They are an A.I. They are little blob fish to help players on the cold side of the map level up.

  • Magdiel Damian Rivera
    Magdiel Damian Rivera 4 months ago

    On which server plays chinardgaming

  • Mayson Gillespie
    Mayson Gillespie 4 months ago


  • DrAnarachy
    DrAnarachy 4 months ago +6

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The title is English
    So why aren't you

    • Pheonix TheFlamingLizard
      Pheonix TheFlamingLizard 3 months ago

      DrAnarachy ur messed up he's maybe half American and half Mexican and please don't make jokes like that it's other people that speak a different language because Mexican. if u do stop gracias

  • Zay vee_797
    Zay vee_797 5 months ago

    bruh when i first saw it i aint know wat it was

  • WarLord YT
    WarLord YT 5 months ago

    U so noob I got to 5000 k as cachalot in 10 min

    • Pheonix TheFlamingLizard
      Pheonix TheFlamingLizard 3 months ago

      WarLord YT ur the noob so stop picking on people

    • Thundo Gaming
      Thundo Gaming 4 months ago

      WarLord YT You just took an L by Buster Tornado

    • Fon UK
      Fon UK 4 months ago

      WarLord YT -_- really? It's impossible unless you kill steal all the time like a loser ;)

    • Buster Tornado
      Buster Tornado 4 months ago

      Yeah no. That would be 500k a minute, or almost 10k per second, which simply isn't possible, no matter how good you are at the game. The only way you could POSSIBLY do that is to spend almost all of the time stealing the last blows from fights between high scoring animals (and by that I mean about 2k each), which is an extremely cheap tactic, for a much longer time than you could actually do. So in other words, you would need cheap tactics, nobody killing you for 10 minutes and enough luck to win a lottery.
      If you're going to call somebody a noob, use grammar and try to run some calcs before you make a huge bluff, so that you know people like me can't just come along and destroy it.

  • мир моих игр мен


  • The Awkward Shoe
    The Awkward Shoe 5 months ago +3

    Looks like the Cachalot's face changed. I remember it being scarier than that.

    • Ed Wang
      Ed Wang 2 months ago

      What gave it away, the exp bar that's in a different language then English, OR THE FACT THAT NO ONE IN HIS SERVER HAS SKILL.

    • Pheonix TheFlamingLizard
      Pheonix TheFlamingLizard 3 months ago

      TheSerial KillerGardfield so if he's Mexican what I'm Mexican jeez

    • TheSerial KillerGardfield
      TheSerial KillerGardfield 4 months ago

      I think chirard speaks another language

    • Teri Culbertson
      Teri Culbertson 4 months ago

      Ya it used to have bloody teeth, more scars, and it's mouth was tan colored.

  • Ombre
    Ombre 5 months ago


  • erick nakano
    erick nakano 5 months ago

    Hey chinard i have a fun .io game xD is

  • Juxbg Jimmy
    Juxbg Jimmy 5 months ago

    very noobs

    • Gamer D
      Gamer D 5 months ago

      Juxbg Jimmy noob means new to the activity 😐

  • NSM Shadow
    NSM Shadow 5 months ago

    sick videos sub to me

  • Aliyana
    Aliyana 5 months ago

    где название песен ?

  • Alan Kawiak
    Alan Kawiak 5 months ago +10

    1:09 lucky :)

  • USB Thunfischヅ
    USB Thunfischヅ 5 months ago +1

    Are you from Lorraine? :3

  • yap xiangyang
    yap xiangyang 5 months ago

    please support the

  • Emykz
    Emykz 5 months ago

    Est tu quebecois aussi ?

  • Emykz
    Emykz 5 months ago

    Hey chjnard tu parle francais ? je suis quebecois xD

    iFIREBALL 5 months ago

    That moment when... find out a Youtuber  translated a whole game into French.

  • Jennifer Murphy
    Jennifer Murphy 5 months ago

    your vids r awesome

  • amy morin
    amy morin 5 months ago

    I saw SpongeBob house

  • Erin R.
    Erin R. 5 months ago +1

    I am American

  • Saniik EX
    Saniik EX 5 months ago


  • SHARK_DARK_911 D.
    SHARK_DARK_911 D. 5 months ago +2

    Man you not amireca

  • John Barile
    John Barile 5 months ago +1

    Comment est-ce qu'il ne meurt jamais?

  • adam Angel 1.8
    adam Angel 1.8 5 months ago +1

    tu es mon youtubeur préférée sur et deeeeeeeeep.oi

  • Timur Tripp Fan TTP
    Timur Tripp Fan TTP 5 months ago

    детайлен пример тук за всичките му албуми от всичките

  • Timur Tripp Fan TTP
    Timur Tripp Fan TTP 5 months ago

    мзоак да мечо пух за

  • Timur Tripp Fan TTP
    Timur Tripp Fan TTP 5 months ago


  • Timur Tripp Fan TTP
    Timur Tripp Fan TTP 5 months ago

    Я 3

  • Timur Tripp Fan TTP
    Timur Tripp Fan TTP 5 months ago

  • Timur Tripp Fan TTP
    Timur Tripp Fan TTP 5 months ago

    yay hey You see имсндхфйфклаллаллюлКкдкндкнфефныьвлшаалопроаллвдыдызэх?¿па

  • Татьяна Мавлян

    Я 3 урааааааааа!!!!!!!!

  • Akeno Nelson
    Akeno Nelson 5 months ago

    я 2

  • Yomaix
    Yomaix 5 months ago

    Fiiiirssttt !!

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