Jessica Chastain Tricks Michael Fassbender Into Breakdancing - The Graham Norton Show

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  • mitchtavio
    mitchtavio 4 days ago

    I think this is the first time I've heard his real accent.

  • Thee Matthew
    Thee Matthew 8 days ago

    that was not cool from jessica she kind of put him in the spot

  • Coffeejingler
    Coffeejingler 13 days ago

    Holy hell Jessica Chastain is fine

  • Brian Sevilla
    Brian Sevilla 16 days ago

    haha kevin bacon ...ive never heard of break dancing

  • Beth Craddock
    Beth Craddock 16 days ago

    That's the Worm!

  • Fionna Adeline
    Fionna Adeline 20 days ago

    Aahahaha Jessica was LIVIIING

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja 24 days ago

    Michael is a nice guy.

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja 24 days ago

    lol Jessica made it fun. Graham was like a scared mum- just do the robot!

  • Aitor Navarro
    Aitor Navarro 1 month ago

    Michael Fassbender and Jessica Chastain need to make a movie together.

  • rydeentertainment
    rydeentertainment 1 month ago

    Jessica...thank God for you!!!!!

  • Dom N
    Dom N 1 month ago

    Pretty sure Magneto wanted to kill Sebastian Shaw. Not out-dance him.

  • Pathrissia
    Pathrissia 2 months ago

    Michael... so chillaxed for the first time

  • TEC
    TEC 2 months ago

    Chastain and Fassbender are A+

  • Char Lottie K
    Char Lottie K 2 months ago

    There's something insincere about this man. He seems really outgoing, charismatic, but something is amiss. I think he's fake.

  • Giuseppe Sarto
    Giuseppe Sarto 2 months ago

    2:56-3:04. You're welcome.

  • R GM
    R GM 2 months ago

    So...a dancing episode where Kevin Bacon just sits quietly on the end of the couch? :O

  • Anto Nella
    Anto Nella 2 months ago +1

    "I don't need to hear sound effects as I'm going down" thought this would be top comment already

  • Roger Doger
    Roger Doger 2 months ago +2

    fasbender next 007 surely!! guys one cool dude!!

  • Mystical Potato Queen
    Mystical Potato Queen 2 months ago

    I want to marry Fassbender! I love him!!! ♡♡♡

  • Acoustic Cover
    Acoustic Cover 2 months ago

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  • NELLYNEL05 Robinson
    NELLYNEL05 Robinson 2 months ago

    Michael sexy😍😍😍😍

  • Zahra Zee
    Zahra Zee 2 months ago

    A career milestone.....
    None have ever been so taken aback by a Fassbender performance.
    Just look at those raving reactions lol

  • SJaddy
    SJaddy 2 months ago

    How can she not have heard of break dancing and she's older than me ☺.

  • RossHouston
    RossHouston 2 months ago

    I love this man (no homo brah)

  • GeneralZ
    GeneralZ 2 months ago

    I went round to Gary Newman's house once. I was 4. I don't remember it at all. Great times...

    • GeneralZ
      GeneralZ 2 months ago

      Yes sorry, like I said I barely remember anything.

    • Lisa Zoria
      Lisa Zoria 2 months ago


  • Joseph Baker
    Joseph Baker 2 months ago

    You aren't telling me he doesn't get into bed like that every night

  • Shan Shan2
    Shan Shan2 2 months ago +3

    great! now trick him into taking his clothes off. i'm counting on you Jessica!!

  • Personal Trainer Scott Bryant

    great show it was great i love it

  • Mich Partosa
    Mich Partosa 2 months ago

    A new Magic Mike needs to happen with Michael Fassbender as the lead!

  • Matthew Murray
    Matthew Murray 2 months ago

    He should be in the next step up movie.

  • andyv123
    andyv123 2 months ago

    I'd rather see him move the coin!

  • dank memes
    dank memes 2 months ago

    You know I thought this would make me cringe but it was actually pretty impressive. I couldn't do it for sure. Props to Michael.

  • Jacob Boos
    Jacob Boos 2 months ago

    I kind of want to be best friends with Michael Fassbender. So like Michael, can I call you Michael? If you see this, let's like hangout. I have super smash bros melee for the gamecube if you're interested. HMU.

  • Amanda Nu Moo
    Amanda Nu Moo 2 months ago +3

    Gary Numan is electro God. 🤖

  • Hai Le Quang
    Hai Le Quang 2 months ago

    Simply the best actor of his generation

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 2 months ago

    Where do I find the Mac Beth movie he was in?

  • MiMiC
    MiMiC 2 months ago

    Did you know fruits are plant ovaries?

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 2 months ago +2

    Damn Jessica was practically drooling... ah to be Fassbender for a day...

  • Guts No Glory
    Guts No Glory 2 months ago

    jessica chastain is so much fun!

  • ::__maggie__::
    ::__maggie__:: 2 months ago

    Yasss Jessica Chastain kweeen! On behalf of the ladies thank you!

  • Patriot of Justice
    Patriot of Justice 2 months ago

    That moment when you realize you want to see Magneto break dance in the next X-Men movie.

  • A M
    A M 2 months ago

    Enoch Powell was right.

  • Shikhar S
    Shikhar S 2 months ago +1

    I suspect he used earth's magnetism somehow

  • Alexandra Colace
    Alexandra Colace 2 months ago

    Michael should be in the magic mike movies

  • Vee Ardy
    Vee Ardy 2 months ago +7

    Kevin doesn't have to be impressed, he did his turn in footloose.

  • futebolcapixabatv
    futebolcapixabatv 2 months ago +4

    Kevin Bacon: - Meh...

  • Tracey Lynn
    Tracey Lynn 2 months ago

    Sexiest man alive in my opinion.

  • Keith Salinas
    Keith Salinas 2 months ago

    We will break dance in the shade!

  • Corey Howard
    Corey Howard 2 months ago

    Why do I feel cucked?

  • Vangelis Tyls
    Vangelis Tyls 2 months ago

    He is a treasure for humanity, we shall admit it

  • mesaw180
    mesaw180 2 months ago

    Good sport!

  • TheLeatheryman
    TheLeatheryman 2 months ago

    Bacon was keeping quiet. Just in case he had to cut footloose.

  • Kraig Cullen
    Kraig Cullen 2 months ago +3

    It's only at this point that I realise Michael Fassbender is Irish. Who knew...?

  • Garden-Variety Google User

    You can't be named "Fast-Bender" and not break dance man! Great name for one anyways.

  • Jaime Breen
    Jaime Breen 2 months ago +5

    it's wierd that Michael is being to nice to Kevin since you know... he shot his mom and tortured him and stuff.

  • angelica cecilia
    angelica cecilia 2 months ago

    Oh Michael you are amazing!

  • Wilber Nathan
    Wilber Nathan 2 months ago

    i love me some chastain

  • Chrispy Cine
    Chrispy Cine 2 months ago +14

    Kevin Bacon sitting there like "....Almost impressive, kid. Almost."

  • marty mitch
    marty mitch 2 months ago +1

    Isn't there anything this gorgeous man cannot do?!?

  • Raoulfr des Roches
    Raoulfr des Roches 2 months ago

    Shouldn't Kevin Bacon be the one to request a dance move from!?

  • L.A.B ART
    L.A.B ART 2 months ago

    Jessica totally wants it...and i ship them sooo hard!

  • darwin1638
    darwin1638 2 months ago

    NFS carbon days...

  • awkward bartender
    awkward bartender 2 months ago

    Michael Fassbender is hot!

  • Xervello
    Xervello 2 months ago

    After the show, Michael pushed Jessica out of his car.

  • LpsAngelTV
    LpsAngelTV 2 months ago +2

    Where is fassbenders boyfriend? Is James on a holiday or something??

  • Enzo Loren
    Enzo Loren 2 months ago

    This made my day. Thank you Jessica!! Wooooooo!!

  • sourabh karmakar
    sourabh karmakar 2 months ago +2

    Dr shaw (Kevin Bacon) and Magneto reunited after X men first class

  • Inuyasha TT
    Inuyasha TT 2 months ago +1

    I am needing James there

  • GG2K7AU05
    GG2K7AU05 2 months ago

    Weyland-Yutani did make a good Android.

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson 2 months ago +104

    Jessica Chastain is a professional troll. There's probably not another person on the planet that could have got him to do that.

  • ragnarox16
    ragnarox16 2 months ago +2

    Step away from MY husband everyone!

  • MrKoolmew
    MrKoolmew 2 months ago +16

    I think Jessica has a crush on Michael...

  • Bronwyn Van Croonenborg
    Bronwyn Van Croonenborg 2 months ago +1

    This is the best talk show 👌🏻

  • SpicyDragonWings
    SpicyDragonWings 2 months ago +2

    Michael Fassbender, Lord of the Breakdance

    • ANDYofzz
      ANDYofzz 2 months ago

      SpicyDragonWings you do know Kevin Bacon is there right?

  • HeyLila78
    HeyLila78 2 months ago +1

    Oh the things men do to impress a beautiful woman...

  • lovemysw
    lovemysw 2 months ago +1

    Michael Fassbender really great!!!!!
    where is James?

  • Artyush Pogosyan
    Artyush Pogosyan 2 months ago

  • Carl Os
    Carl Os 2 months ago +1

    plot twist: Jessica is a great actress (she knew)

  • heybigsplendour
    heybigsplendour 2 months ago +60

    Jessica Chastain aka Michael Fassbender's #1 fangirl 😂

  • Ariana Papastergiou
    Ariana Papastergiou 2 months ago +31

    "we' ll shove it somewhere else"....really?😂😂😂😂 and he' s like " excuse me?".

  • JJ Blue
    JJ Blue 2 months ago +51


  • Janhvi Nagi
    Janhvi Nagi 2 months ago +14

    Everytime he's on the show, he does something that makes you go, Is He For Real. every single time!!!

  • hard target
    hard target 2 months ago +4

    what was that? worst clip I've seen in this show.

  • JH Boob
    JH Boob 2 months ago +20

    Jessica just dropped her panties for Michael.

    • Vegan Peasant
      Vegan Peasant 2 months ago

      No. I think she wanted to embarass him but it backfired and made her want to bend over for the Fassbender.

  • Sassy Krish
    Sassy Krish 2 months ago +2

    My ovaries just shattered after watching Fassy break dancing!

  • Nabanita Dutta
    Nabanita Dutta 2 months ago

    I started my day watching this!! woohoo!!

  • Jayne Skye
    Jayne Skye 2 months ago +7

    my husband so talentedd

  • Tadashi Stark
    Tadashi Stark 2 months ago +6

    bless jessica

  • frankinsane and myrrh
    frankinsane and myrrh 2 months ago +172

    and on the eighth day, God said "let there be Michael Fassbender"

  • aylinc20024
    aylinc20024 2 months ago

    Jessica Chastain ñam

  • mamaveros
    mamaveros 2 months ago

    Wow! Hmmmmmm...Yes! The worm...

  • Viewer
    Viewer 2 months ago +10

    He's full of surprises

  • ussamah khan
    ussamah khan 2 months ago +8

    WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 张斯嘉
    张斯嘉 2 months ago +7

    Good waist. He is so sexy

  • Pedro Henrique Fonseca da Silva

    Not bad for a human

  • Eve Madden
    Eve Madden 2 months ago +94

    You don't need to hear sound effects as I'm going down....I disagree I would love to hear what it sounds like when Michael Fassbender goes down ;-)

    • Leone Ranger
      Leone Ranger 2 months ago

      Eve Madden *creepy head nod of agreement* 😸😸😸

    • Jade B.
      Jade B. 2 months ago

      I second this.

  • Adam657
    Adam657 2 months ago +46

    That suit is beautiful! So well tailored and the texture/colour <3, I want it!

  • Elektrita9
    Elektrita9 2 months ago +34

    Mr. Fassbender is just full of suprises. Very talented person

  • Brooks Weaver
    Brooks Weaver 2 months ago +4


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