Matt Lauer and Ellen Play Never Have I Ever

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  • yodaddy82 daddy
    yodaddy82 daddy 7 days ago

    Why has Ellen not had the new President or First lady on yet? You know if she is so accepting?

  • yodaddy82 daddy
    yodaddy82 daddy 7 days ago

    hmmm Ellen. Body shaming much. Kinda hypocritical

  • alex tumbao
    alex tumbao 15 days ago +1

    I think Matt has a crush on Ellen

  • KritCat
    KritCat 2 months ago

    Now she forgot that Katy was married to Russel 😂

  • Emm star
    Emm star 2 months ago

    The handcuffs questions is a standard and it seems like every celebrity has been in handcuffs😂

  • asianwweblissfan
    asianwweblissfan 2 months ago

    Matt he seems us a nice guy in this

  • sexisaweapon lewis
    sexisaweapon lewis 4 months ago

    Matt is aging well, still very handsome, and great smile

  • Lilac 5
    Lilac 5 4 months ago

    When I was in Grade 1, I stole a toy bunny, because I loved it, but so did everyoje else. I was never caught😌

  • leila katayama
    leila katayama 5 months ago

    Both of you nice amazing

  • bob the builder
    bob the builder 5 months ago

    What does be in handcuffs or handcups mean??

  • srihandayani yustiyan
    srihandayani yustiyan 6 months ago

    I Love U Ellen 😊

  • Amy Tyrrell
    Amy Tyrrell 6 months ago

    Do it with Kate mckinnon

  • Susan Sandford
    Susan Sandford 6 months ago

    Love Ellen.

  • varenea
    varenea 7 months ago

    There are thousands of people that work really hard helping others. they just don't have the platform like Ellen. I'm glad she is able to reach so many people.

  • Archaic Youth
    Archaic Youth 7 months ago +2

    Matt lauer can suck it !!!

  • Derren Martinez
    Derren Martinez 8 months ago


  • s1012
    s1012 9 months ago +4

    Play this with Bruno Mars

  • Superwholockian fangirl -.-

    With Matt Smith or David Tennant?😘

  • Jeany Beans
    Jeany Beans 10 months ago

    is he gay?

  • Demy Mor
    Demy Mor 10 months ago +1

    in Greece huh??

  • Toaa Osama
    Toaa Osama Year ago

    what was the first question??

  • Mormy wolf
    Mormy wolf Year ago

    2:46 fnaf?

  • Nina Lavallee
    Nina Lavallee Year ago +39

    She should do it with her wife

    • FreddyFish
      FreddyFish 6 months ago

      That would be a great one. Where Ellen and Portia think of questions for each other 50 / 50. It would be very personal but I think it would be really funny. They are so long together and know each other so well by now. That must create great "I have never"'s towards each other.

    • Just flippin' out!
      Just flippin' out! 7 months ago

      Nina Lavallee she did say she was a lesbian haha

  • Sébastien Carron
    Sébastien Carron Year ago +5

    There's the "I'm Ellen" Kate is doing for years!

    • You get a car!
      You get a car! 10 months ago

      Sébastien Carron Yes!Id never heard Ellen herself say it until now and Kate says it the exact same way it's uncanny!

  • Maddy Matteo
    Maddy Matteo Year ago

    I really want to go see your show but every time I try to get 5 tickets they are sold out💔💔😕😕

    • Jake Montouro
      Jake Montouro Year ago

      You have to try for much later dates. Her shows sell out fast. I've tried too.

  • Moonstone Games
    Moonstone Games Year ago +7

    Tom Hanks would be awesome to see it. ;D

  • camryn dallas
    camryn dallas Year ago

    Never ever have I ever,Ellen😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Awesome Jaylen
    Awesome Jaylen Year ago

    he lpks like sugsey from Alvin and the chipmunks

  • Awesome Jaylen
    Awesome Jaylen Year ago

    he looks like from Alvin and the chipmunks

  • TheBikingGamer
    TheBikingGamer Year ago

    I jack

  • thekorystuhler
    thekorystuhler Year ago

    Ellen body shaming people. Someone needs to send the lynch mob

    • nudist0885
      nudist0885 8 months ago

      Or kidnap her and send her to a clothing optional gathering of some sort where she doesn't know where her clothes are, doesn't know any of the people that are with her, and doesn't know when she will be given her clothes back..............(8^).

      clothing optional beach, nudist campground or resort, backwoods clothing optional natural hot spring, winter time clothing optional health club pool party, nudist canoeing or hiking trip, etc. etc. etc.

  • drama2u
    drama2u Year ago name is katy

  • Anzy
    Anzy Year ago +19

    Searching Ellen forgets Katy Perry's name... it was 5 years ago lmao

  • koolish
    koolish Year ago +3

    searching.... "Ellen forgets katy perry's name"

  • Ege Akdora
    Ege Akdora Year ago +45

    She should play this with Taylor Swift

  • EquestrianLife
    EquestrianLife Year ago +1

    I'm sick

  • Elizabeth Vergil
    Elizabeth Vergil Year ago

    This was perfect cause I'm watching Ellen videos to take my mind off a scary movie I just watched today! Haha thanks Ellen for being so great!

  • Pappy Watch
    Pappy Watch Year ago

    I about died lmao

  • Wilson Guan
    Wilson Guan Year ago

    At 2:50 Ellen should of made someone scare him

  • RandomVids9987
    RandomVids9987 Year ago

    uploaded on my bday ayeee

  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams Year ago +1

    they got chemistry.

  • pokl
    pokl Year ago +43

    Can you please bring Tom Hardy in this

  • Brian Schlaf
    Brian Schlaf Year ago

    I have been put in handcuffs buy play ones not real ones.

  • Pamela Macias
    Pamela Macias Year ago

    He's pretty attractive! ♡.♡

  • Lena Asadi
    Lena Asadi Year ago

    You're awesome Ellen 😍😘

  • TheMsPlanlos
    TheMsPlanlos Year ago

    He seems like a fun guy. :D

  • Mr ZoOoBaAa
    Mr ZoOoBaAa Year ago

    we will play a game called never ever have i ever

  • Diamond Sister
    Diamond Sister Year ago

    I was expecting a jumpscare to see if Ellen would scream. :D I am so E.V.I.L

  • Rabha El Hajjaoui
    Rabha El Hajjaoui Year ago +51

    I was expecting to prank him at the very end while talking about scary movies. That would have been so funny!

  • єԀıʟ.ɞєsţ h
    єԀıʟ.ɞєsţ h Year ago +7

    The girl in the bubble hahaha

  • monkey socks
    monkey socks Year ago +107

    Ellen, you should play never have I ever with Benedict cumberbatch

  • Alexandra Masariková

    what is the first question ? hand coss , hand crocs ? :D I don't understand please someone tell me

    • nakedfaves
      nakedfaves Year ago

      +Alexandra Masariková

      Handcuffs. The circular metal bands that police officers put around your wrists when you get arrested.

      Or they can be used to keep you locked to a bed when someone wants to have sex with you in a way that you either can't escape.................or don't want to.

    • Alexandra Masariková
      Alexandra Masariková Year ago

      +Life with Bibi oh its hand cops ! :)

  • Nyce
    Nyce Year ago

    stuff doesnt scare me.. haha :D

  • Abeer Seven
    Abeer Seven Year ago

    What is the name of the beach that they keep asking about? I didn't get it

  • ThisIsCat Sousa
    ThisIsCat Sousa Year ago +1

    I have done most of those stuff xD

    • ThisIsCat Sousa
      ThisIsCat Sousa Year ago

      +nakedfaves mostly when I was younger. In Portugal is legal to be naked on the beach

    • nakedfaves
      nakedfaves Year ago

      +ThisIsCat Sousa

      Nude beach? Where and how many times.

      For me it's Gunnison in NJ and Fire Island in NY and more than 30 times in the last 5 years.

  • Anam Kashmiri
    Anam Kashmiri Year ago

    Am I The Only One Who Thought Ellen's Gonna Scare Him In The End After The Horror Movie One !!

  • skittols   golithgly skyla   matchinsky

    wow you have never stolen a piece of candy. I remember my brother got cauht. stilling candy by my. friends mom. when we. were having a sleepover

  • Cheryln Yang
    Cheryln Yang Year ago

    Most of the questions are the same

  • jenny vega
    jenny vega Year ago

    I stole a candy from a store one time, my mom beat the living shit out of me lol and then she was like "lets just go lets just go move dumbass"

  • Denis Shrestha
    Denis Shrestha Year ago

    Matt Lauer's like the Peter Griffin.

  • Renee S.
    Renee S. Year ago

    Poor Matt! Kudos to him for being such a good sport.

  • Milk Master
    Milk Master Year ago

    matt's life is so grand. 💋

  • Moni Acon
    Moni Acon Year ago

    This shows how Matt Lauer went to Ohio University.

  • Nafees Shaikh
    Nafees Shaikh Year ago

    I am you biggest fan

  • MandaPanda's Adventer

    Does Matt love you?

  • Kaneza cherie
    Kaneza cherie Year ago +3

    aw I was expecting him to get scared at the end :(

  • Navanna Lawrence
    Navanna Lawrence Year ago

    she keep asking every1 same questions in this game 💁 bruh

  • Ravnit Brar
    Ravnit Brar Year ago

    Any one else waiting for the scare that never happened?

  • That'sSo Mabby
    That'sSo Mabby Year ago

    Subscribe to my channel please!!

  • therealitybeforeyou
    therealitybeforeyou Year ago +200

    Really Ellen? You've never stolen a JOKE? Come on!

    • brian lucore
      brian lucore Year ago

      +therealitybeforeyou i'm sure the question was a reference to physical objects, but point taken.

  • lorena rodriguz
    lorena rodriguz 2 years ago

    Samme omg.... I was with my brother and we both stole gumm... We chewed it... Our tongues were blue and purple..... My dad made us go back tell the cashier what we had done and my dad made us pay for it....the cashiere was like whatever and omg I was so embarrassed

  • maria montoya
    maria montoya 2 years ago

    Why didn't you scared him?

  • Stefan Alexandrescu
    Stefan Alexandrescu 2 years ago +8

    lol on that katy perry story

  • Karla Vásquez
    Karla Vásquez 2 years ago

    That was a perfect moment to scare him. Perfect. Kinda disappointed.

  • Roggiedodgie
    Roggiedodgie 2 years ago

    Matt, you suck.  You're nothing but a democratic poster boy pushing everything PC on the listening public.

  • Anissa Wilson
    Anissa Wilson 2 years ago

    I thought I was the only one who had that problem with horror movies. I used to love watching scary/gore horror movies but after I had my daughter I cant watch them anymore. The only thing I can handle are horror animes and video games.

  • Rickie Triandafyllidi
    Rickie Triandafyllidi 2 years ago

    I'm Greek!
    Gia Sas

  • Leon G
    Leon G 2 years ago

    Lol @ all these "everybody's body is beautiful" comments. Let's not kid ourselves. Some people look good naked and some people look horrifying naked. It's a fact of life.

    • nakedfaves
      nakedfaves Year ago

      +Leon G

      The point they're trying to make is that there is a much higher percentage of people that look acceptable (non horrifying) than what most people would currently believe.

      Even with all of the fat people that there are in some countries in the world, if you're not "obese", than you're not horrifying.

      That is what they're trying to say.

  • Katie McWay
    Katie McWay 2 years ago

    Ellen is saying the whole time NEVER EVER HAVE I EVER.....omg it's NEVER HAVE I EVER

  • brejnhardt
    brejnhardt 2 years ago

    Matt Lauer should always be naked! He is YUMMY!

  • Mariah Donley
    Mariah Donley 2 years ago +1

    I was waiting for someone to jump out at Matt and scare him.

  • Daniel Gómez
    Daniel Gómez 2 years ago

    This was a perfect opportunity to scare him.

  • Mary O'Brien
    Mary O'Brien 2 years ago

  • yixxing
    yixxing 2 years ago

    i like to watch scary movies at morning only and when someone is with me 

  • Alicia Grass
    Alicia Grass 2 years ago +2

    i was so waiting for her to scare the crap out of him!! 

  • Tavga Hawramy
    Tavga Hawramy 2 years ago +2

    Matt is really is interesting and entilectual jurnalist

  • Quinn S.
    Quinn S. 2 years ago

  • starrish
    starrish 2 years ago

    You should have scared him in the end lol

  • Shariden Cote
    Shariden Cote 2 years ago

    Hey ellen

  • Maddi smiles
    Maddi smiles 2 years ago

    Should of had "never have I ever tried to say a member of a boyband was doing drugs while he was sick"

  • OneDayInSaBrina's Life

    I love Ellen!!! I really do like Matt Lowery after seeing this episode! He is so down-to-earth this up assault really open him up!

  • araci jara
    araci jara 2 years ago

    Is it mw who just thought that this was a good moment, at least at the end, to scary.... him...wait what's his name again? ;)

  • Naia Moore
    Naia Moore 2 years ago

    I thought she was going to scare him at the end!

  • Din H.
    Din H. 2 years ago

    gotta make this game into the new heads up. 

  • Alex
    Alex 2 years ago

    What a baby (him I mean)

  • Richie Williams
    Richie Williams 2 years ago

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  • Richie Williams
    Richie Williams 2 years ago

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  • Richie Williams
    Richie Williams 2 years ago

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  • X K
    X K 2 years ago

    Ellen get the cast of pretty little liars, all of them! Thanks!
    Plus ik that she had Only Lucy hale.
    Also, interview Lana del rey!❤️

  • Guyanese_Girl
    Guyanese_Girl 2 years ago +1

    All the guys on the show have gone to nude beaches

    • nakedfaves
      nakedfaves Year ago


      Because men are more willing (and more likely) to accept being naked in public. It's partly because we don't feel as embarrassed as females do, it's partly because people won't attack naked men in public as they will naked women.

      But if there were hundreds more locations in countries where it's somewhat frowned upon maybe there would be less women getting attacked as well.

      More people being naked in public means less people feeling embarrassed about being naked in public.

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