Why Is Eric Trump Like This?: The Daily Show

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  • Dai Lee
    Dai Lee 13 hours ago

    CROOKISM/CRIMINAL behavior is all in their DNA ! Lol!

  • Shadowstalker2025
    Shadowstalker2025 5 days ago

    This is beyond illegal and I'm not gonna say that they should be put to death because that won't happen but the moment that came out they should've been arrested and put away for a long time.

  • IneedMONEY
    IneedMONEY 5 days ago

    Trump supporters don't give a shit about this.. In their eyes, those kids got cancer because they were liberals

  • saintcharlezful
    saintcharlezful 7 days ago

    The balls don't fall far from the chin

  • Phix Phixation
    Phix Phixation 7 days ago

    Gosh your sooo funny.....and truelly original....not. Keep spreading the hate man, good job!

  • Sandy Armstrong
    Sandy Armstrong 10 days ago


  • Sandy Armstrong
    Sandy Armstrong 10 days ago

    I forgot Samantha B and Racheal Maddox. Thanks so so so much.. ... .... .

  • Sandy Armstrong
    Sandy Armstrong 10 days ago

    Oliver is awesome also. COBERT, NOAH, MAYER, SETH. Helping us through this Midevil Caveman Evolution that Trump can not interperate.

  • Sandy Armstrong
    Sandy Armstrong 10 days ago

    Cancer kids money is morally avoidant behavior typical of his dad and his father's OPRESSION on his relatives. Probably why the wives escape.

    DIVINE COMMERCE 10 days ago

    Has anyone EVER met an Eric that was not a lying cheating stealing scumbag??? Put the name Trump on the end and it just gets worse...

  • RawJewel
    RawJewel 10 days ago

    Where was Eric during his father's inhuman, immoral rallies??

  • David Hill
    David Hill 10 days ago

    It's hard to feel sympathy for Eric, but it is possible. He seems to have genuinely tried to raise as much money for kids with cancer, but then his dad has to gouge him. And Eric can't say, "screw this, I'm going to another golf course," because we know how vengeful Donald is, just ask Reince Priebus, Chris Christie and Smoochy.

  • Ana Maldonado
    Ana Maldonado 11 days ago

    He never saw hatred like this?, chanting 'crooked hillary' was and still is I see just a friendly recognition then.
    Ultimately call her or President Obama whatever you want. They have nothing to worry about now, what? being impeached? from where? yeah the Trumps are desperate, being just impeached would be the best outcome for them now.
    And is not just President Obama, loser 45 was about to take credit for the Panama canal too, Panama President had to remind him that happen like 100 years ago. Such a loser.

  • sandro
    sandro 12 days ago

    Trump supporters u should be a shame for elected such a bad family๐Ÿ™ˆ,

    WORK IN PROGRESS 13 days ago

    Yes said dummy your dad is bigger hater of them all !

  • Lisa Mercado
    Lisa Mercado 13 days ago

    "I've never seen hatred like this....." are you kidding me? Talk to the African Americans. They can clue you in on what It's like to suffer from hatred๐Ÿ™„

  • Dominique Brasseur
    Dominique Brasseur 13 days ago

    Trevor. You are just priceless. Thank you so much!

  • syed azhar syed ibrahim

    profiting from charity events are morally wrong if not a crime. But why is it only raised when Trump became president? This may be a lie to incriminate trump....just saying.

  • Mar Ag
    Mar Ag 15 days ago

    this is fake news.

  • TheWe1c0meMatt
    TheWe1c0meMatt 15 days ago

    Taking money raised for kids with cancer is soulless.
    As a ginger, I definitely know a soulless man when i see one

  • Sandra Greco
    Sandra Greco 17 days ago

    Eric TRUMP is a leader and is excited with the very real progress his father has made in just 6 months. Eric is correct about the democrats. Just look at the Seth Rich murder and DWS. Just look at the Awan brothers and the Muslim Brotherhood. Just look at Uranium One and Mueller and Hillary. Just look at Nancy Pelosi and her emails proving her connection to the whole cover-up. Look at Chuck Schumer's connection to the attempted coupe in Turkey and Fetallah Guellen. Look at Maxine Waters who does not even live in the district she represents, spewing hatred for TRUMP and she is guilty of many crimes. Look at Brennan a full supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Look at Rahm Emanuel openly defying federal immigration laws along with Jerry Brown. Look at the 9th district court judges appointed by OBAMA who openly defy our resident's executive orders. Eric is spot on and has a great future.

  • Dynamite Kid
    Dynamite Kid 17 days ago

    This show sucks and the left is looking for anything to attack the American president You will fail

  • Deana Farley
    Deana Farley 17 days ago

    You suck!

  • Alain Brice
    Alain Brice 18 days ago


  • dan flannery
    dan flannery 18 days ago

    The daily show guy is a fag

  • Sandra Wilson
    Sandra Wilson 22 days ago +1

    "Even though this is for kids with cancer, we want you to pay" - Now we can understand how Donald Trump ignored the little boy in the wheel chair. Right in front of him, hand waving, calling out and Trump acted as if he was invisible. Shook the Mom's hand right over the top of the child's waving arm. If it wasn't our current reality I would think we were watching a poorly scripted Reality TV show. Very sad times for the United States. Waiting for the nightmare to end and people to wake up.

  • RazielBorn
    RazielBorn 23 days ago

    So...no legal repercussions?

  • Nana Dlamini
    Nana Dlamini 23 days ago

    ma man hahahahahaha

  • Robert Holloway
    Robert Holloway 23 days ago

    damn, Trump is an AssHole.

  • Ingrid Reid
    Ingrid Reid 24 days ago

    The President cannot read. The tweet re ban on transgender was not written by him. The man is an ass. There is a dunce in the White House. OMG

  • Mister Perez
    Mister Perez 24 days ago

    A new low uncovered.This fkr cares only about money and he owes so much of it.He is too dumb to hold on to and grow it.

  • Razil DaKat
    Razil DaKat 24 days ago

    Eric Trump = Andy from "The Office". AKA Nard-dog.

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull 24 days ago

    Eric Trump is fuggin shit

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull 24 days ago

    Hannity is a POS! ( * )

  • Taylor Renae
    Taylor Renae 24 days ago +1

    How did this just disappear?! The president took millions of dollars from a child's cancer charity and a month later no one is talking about it??? Oh my god, I literally cannot believe how insane things have become under trump

  • Patrick Mcgee
    Patrick Mcgee 25 days ago

    Because he is an S.O.B.(Son of a Boss)

  • Joyce Dauzart
    Joyce Dauzart 25 days ago

    Sins of the father....

  • Stacy Chapman
    Stacy Chapman 26 days ago

    that dumb ass has no business talking about morals with the family he is a part of

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez 29 days ago

    That little bitch that donald never wanted is describing his family.

  • Myriam Lateur
    Myriam Lateur 29 days ago

    Love Trevor... he is the best!

  • Chris Eshelby
    Chris Eshelby Month ago

    ohh we are people...we the people. hate Trump

  • Mabel Caceres
    Mabel Caceres Month ago

    so so sad, morality thrown out the window.... Donald Trump you suck

  • Rolando Tillit
    Rolando Tillit Month ago

    Hannity you are the best Drumpf dog

  • Dustin Ducklow
    Dustin Ducklow Month ago

    lol so true trump tower is on the chicago river walk and all the window shops are empty.

  • Irene M Jones
    Irene M Jones Month ago

    He talks about morality! yeehaw

  • Chu Tuoc
    Chu Tuoc Month ago

    Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the orange.

  • Harissou Ouro
    Harissou Ouro Month ago

    "The sin of the son should not bother the father!"

  • bobbi hanson
    bobbi hanson Month ago

    WTF does he know about morality??? He is president WTF???,s seed... Here's your president! you got fooled by a big, fat, narcissistic fooler!

  • trying tobereasonable

    hannity also ripped off a veteran's charity called " freedom alliance " Google it

  • Flight Doc
    Flight Doc Month ago

    "Democrats desperately looking for anything they can, for evidence of collusion"

    fast forward to now.
    Hannity -_- what a retard

  • Kristiana St. Vincent

    Do they know we can all see/hear them??? This family is...there is no word. Wish absent applied!

  • Melissa Mosher Hanson

    children of the corn.....

  • EmeraldBoxer
    EmeraldBoxer Month ago +1

    Y'know, I'm actually thinking Kanye West wouldn't be that bad of a president. Because everyone just wants to ask the Trumps, 'How could you be so heartless'?

  • Jabez C. Hart
    Jabez C. Hart Month ago

    Comments seem to be from those sitting on their thumbs.

  • Desmond Akkari
    Desmond Akkari Month ago

    That anal joke is absolutely the funniest thing all year!!!

  • Mohammed Sheikh-ali

    Eric trump not even people" what it like republican s can say what ever they want to say but when someone else say something about them they get all mad I will tell you the teuth from my heart republican s are bad people

  • linda merchette
    linda merchette Month ago

    Trump and his kids , are all crooks, and they married crooks

  • Varun Mani
    Varun Mani Month ago

    Nailed that to Eric's Coffin.. the story of the richest 1% is simple selfish greed.

    PAMELA KNIGHT Month ago

    Trevor you so right like father like son ,Trump family is nuts .

  • gdouglas999
    gdouglas999 Month ago

    I've alway thought Eric looks like an outer space alien. Can we be sure......................?

  • ernie green
    ernie green Month ago

    Go work at the Crooked News Network you fraud ! Eric has been charitable ...plenty and been working since he was a kid ...not just sitting on his azz like you dopes !

  • Istiophorus
    Istiophorus Month ago


  • letsthinkitover1
    letsthinkitover1 Month ago

    look how many demos have watched.

  • Anh Benbrook
    Anh Benbrook Month ago

    You are all fake news. Trump Family doesn't accept salary from the government... liberals are bunch of lier!

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye Month ago

    A challenge nobody took me up on yet: ask your local church to open up their books to show how much of your 'charitable' contribution actually goes to the poor and needy... 'But my church serves a hundred homeless soup each week!' Sure... A hundred servings of soup they got for... 20 cents a can? Do the math. That's a mere $20.ย (if that, probably evenย the cans wereย just donated to them)
    If you do the math based solely on their observed spending habits, the vast majority of churches spend less than %5 of donations on actual charity for the poor/those who truly need it. (and no, giving money to otherwise middle class families to make their finances a little more comfortable is not charity)ย The rest is their own overhead. Not to mention how rich people use their 'church donations' to launder their money and get tax deductions...

  • Gyongy501
    Gyongy501 Month ago

    Say thank you to your father for the loss of civility. I am one of those "not even human" trump org is so much against --- that is the majority of Americans.

  • Joseph Roman
    Joseph Roman Month ago

    That's funny because most people don't see the trumps as human.
    "So Sad"

  • Kathy Nevenner Dontigney

    so what happened with St Jude's and the money
    sure hope his family never needs help
    so sad

  • Tiehnpo Resources
    Tiehnpo Resources Month ago

    Trevor Noah continues to prove how he isn't funny

  • Patsy Ta
    Patsy Ta Month ago

    we all village do not like The whole family Sad.

  • Rachel Carter
    Rachel Carter Month ago +1

    I was laughing before Trevor even began speaking. The little asshat (Trump's spawn) saying we have never seen hatred like this. LMAO Let us ignore all the nooses that hung up our last president. That wasn't hate at all lol just people kidding around๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜

  • Jing Li
    Jing Li Month ago

    For a moment, I read it as Epic Trump and I was like whoa, I know ERB is great and all, but don't dishonour Epic Lloyd like the man had to work to be known and is actually great.

  • PUFF the magic Dragon
    PUFF the magic Dragon 2 months ago


  • Justice Jensen
    Justice Jensen 2 months ago +1

    Omg do these fucktards ever stop i mean just when you think they cant go any lower ,,, boom,,,,, they show you theres a new low. they steal money from kids with cancer. shaking my head , you can tell they all have that shit gene running through the body, WTF how do they sleep at night. no amount of money could be given to me to ever say i was a Trump i would hide my ass!!!!! they are a poor excuse of a human being there low life pieces of shit and should all rot in hell !!!!!!! Im just waiting for your shit to crumble or someone takes them out !!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie Gomez
    Stephanie Gomez 2 months ago

    I wouldn't trust anything that has the name Trump on it. And Trump swears he has money but yet he has to take money from charity that was giving to kids with cancer ?! Like no fool ! You need to be more independent and stop relying on others for money. Dude he's a terrible person and not doing an okay job at all as our president. I'm really disappointed in this man

  • Ser Arris
    Ser Arris 2 months ago

    Cancer is what cancer does. Cease or delay any threat to ones own existence. Curing and treating cancer.

  • z .mn
    z .mn 2 months ago

    Poor KID. Being son from such a mentally sick individual, it's no wonder that they inherited the same disabiity, but also the same deviance to con people.

  • Marc Sandias
    Marc Sandias 2 months ago

    is that Fat Hitler interviewing him? put a lil dark mark on his lip and bingo

  • Waveluth
    Waveluth 2 months ago

    Hey Trevor,
    Your an idiot with zero credibility, why don't you just shut up. Your a pathetic and weak minded ass kisser.
    Your show sucks!!

    • Waveluth
      Waveluth Month ago


    • Waveluth
      Waveluth Month ago

      Danger Zone
      Excuse me, I dropped the phone and inadvertently hit send. As I was saying, I don't correct my comments. Apparently it's something I will need to do in the future. Is that correction the best you have?
      How can you listen to this leftist dribble? Full of lies and foolishness. Democrats are full fledged morons, no doubt about it. Democrats used to stand for liberty and fairness and freedom of speech was the cornerstone of the Democratic Party. Now it's full of radical left wing idiots and SJW dipshits dressed in black carrying sticks they took off their Moms brooms. They act like fascists and terrorist but carry signs denouncing the very thing they are guilty of.
      The hatred for President Trump is misplaced and misguided. Hilary Clinton and husband popped $145 million dollars into their coffers from a low down criminal deal with Russia for 1/3 of The USA 's Uranium reserves but no mention of criminal behavior or collusion on the MSM.
      It's all a big joke to the Democratic Party. If someone's in the way they kill them. Do you even know 147 people ? I don't. But somehow
      140 plus people have died around the Clintons starting in Arkansas at the beginning of their criminal lives. 80 of them committed suicide??? Are you kidding?? 52 of them by shooting themselves in the back of the head? Yah that's not how people shoot themselves and anyone with a lick of common sense knows that. So why did they die?? Look it up it's all factual.
      The left has gotten in bed with the DEVIL himself and the Left will pay for it. The party is in free fall and they deserve it.
      Asswipes like Trevor Noah aren't smart enough to pick the right side of History.
      I am gratefully
      God Bless President Trump
      God Bless America

    • Waveluth
      Waveluth Month ago

      Danger Zone
      I am well aware of the difference between the two
      but don't feel the need to cirrect

    • Danger Zone
      Danger Zone Month ago

      Please learn the difference between "your" and "you're" before calling someone else an idiot. Cheers!

  • BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]

    at this point I have given up. stealing money from children's cancer research is literally one of the most heartless things you can do.

  • Fadli Ramadhan
    Fadli Ramadhan 2 months ago


    MONICA MARTINEZ 2 months ago

    What the he)) does HE or his grifter family know about morals?

    TMGPROFANITY ! 2 months ago

    the cool the way Trevor let the audience know why Eric had to give money from the charity to Trump organization it wasn't really him skimming money is father just basically forced him and he couldn't stand up for himself

  • natalie chin
    natalie chin 2 months ago

    "baseless Russian conspiracies" lmao I can't with Fox

  • Thankful Nitz
    Thankful Nitz 2 months ago

    I am actually going off to watch another make up tutorial... psychic

  • Kimberly Jackson
    Kimberly Jackson 2 months ago

    This is dirty (Trump not Noah). If they can do this to children with cancer then what else are they going to do?

  • NetSunJin
    NetSunJin 2 months ago

    It's just so messed up that because of politics people look past all the BS these guys do. It's really insane.

  • LoriAnn Grilley-Jamroz
    LoriAnn Grilley-Jamroz 2 months ago

    IF HE TRULY DID THAT~ AND ST JUDE IS ONE OF THE BEST FOR KIDS W/ TERMINAL ILLNESSES ~CANCER~ DEAR GOD~ THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR "PPL" LIKE THIS!!! (God help us all) but FOR REAL!!! (and that is one of the BEST CHARITIES to GIVE TO!!)~now~ i don't even know anymore~~ i pray this isn't ......i just dont know anymore~ but i know one thing~ I DID'NT VOTE FOR THIS DIRTBAG!!!~and I DID VOTE!

  • Arianna
    Arianna 2 months ago

    What kind of piece of shit human being do you have to be to take money away from kids with cancer to further your own gain?

  • teresa curran
    teresa curran 2 months ago

    Funny really, look up basic narcisistic parenting, first child and middle child and no Eric, daddy will NEVER love you.

  • Wayne Modz
    Wayne Modz 2 months ago

    whos the hot presenter at 1:39?

  • James Sandy
    James Sandy 2 months ago

    Priceless: "They even put his name on a hospital wing. Not his picture, just his name...those kids have been through enough."

  • James Sandy
    James Sandy 2 months ago

    "How did this person get this way?"

  • Mark Tonight
    Mark Tonight 2 months ago

    So this is the comment section all the losers in the world congregate in.... interesting.

  • treesrgood666
    treesrgood666 2 months ago +1

    "I've never seen hatred like this," said the white male.

  • Jeena Celeste
    Jeena Celeste 2 months ago

    Trevor???? I hardly NOAH!!!

  • Zed Killer
    Zed Killer 2 months ago

    damn dude you roasted him to burnt ash lmao

  • PackersForever
    PackersForever 2 months ago

    By far the best episode ever

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