My cat went to the neighbours to borrow a tiger plush toy :)

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  • IMPORTANT!!! Timmy is very sick. Click on this link: and help Timmy to recover! UPDATE 18.8.2017: Timmy is back home and is recovering. Thank you all for your donattions, prayers and positive thoughts!
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    He repeated for two times as the toy is too big. On the second attempt he did it :)
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  • messmaker 2299
    messmaker 2299 10 minutes ago

    Omg that's toooo funny!!!!!!!

  • Trinity Aka_Batman
    Trinity Aka_Batman 14 minutes ago

    "This bitch mine, fuck you."

  • Serena Jaxon
    Serena Jaxon 28 minutes ago

    So cute when hes jumping with his big toy 0:01

  • catrionaakacat
    catrionaakacat 37 minutes ago

    Awww I thought he'd hump it πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Fizzy Pop
    Fizzy Pop Hour ago


  • scarlett rosales
    scarlett rosales 2 hours ago

    i love this so much 😩😩

  • C Evans
    C Evans 2 hours ago

    That there is a cat with a purpose

  • Niade Baima
    Niade Baima 4 hours ago

    Ownn! Calvin and Harold in a cat version πŸˆπŸ…

  • VXCV
    VXCV 4 hours ago

    That twist ending.

  • moonbeeps
    moonbeeps 5 hours ago

    I think im dying from cuteness overload, seriously.

  • carina stop
    carina stop 9 hours ago

    he protec but he also attac

  • Ece Duru
    Ece Duru 9 hours ago

    What's the problem with dating girlfriend?

  • Noperion
    Noperion 10 hours ago

    "I'm on my way to steal yo bitch"

  • JupiterJulia
    JupiterJulia 10 hours ago

    i just witnessed a crime

  • superdavico
    superdavico 11 hours ago

    The cat needs company and someone to play with

  • Black Light
    Black Light 11 hours ago

    Talk to your cat about importance of condims before anyone else does. =)

  • Door that Suga tripped over.

    but a cute one.

  • Azucena M
    Azucena M 11 hours ago

    That catwalk πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Dani Martinez
    Dani Martinez 11 hours ago


  • Whitney Jones
    Whitney Jones 11 hours ago

    Rofl! This is too cute!

  • ζŠ±ε…”ε…”
    ζŠ±ε…”ε…” 11 hours ago


  • Syed Bilal
    Syed Bilal 11 hours ago +1

    imaging if the real mother tiger saw this

  • Super Cow
    Super Cow 12 hours ago

    That moment when your being robbed but you realize how adorable the thief is LOL. I hope your cat gets better.

  • can't touch me
    can't touch me 12 hours ago

    In my country it is called stealing

  • tRapdontRap
    tRapdontRap 12 hours ago

    "hobbs mine now calvin WHAT!"

  • ΧαίρΡτΡ Lyrehc

    This video keeps growing every single day...

  • itsme_again
    itsme_again 12 hours ago

    cat burglar

  • Ma. Veronica Mabulac
    Ma. Veronica Mabulac 12 hours ago

    Omg my heart is melting!

  • Glori Castillo
    Glori Castillo 12 hours ago

    This is one of my favourite cat videos

  • Lexia Wunderli
    Lexia Wunderli 12 hours ago

    Catvin & Hobbes

  • GilbertSyndrome
    GilbertSyndrome 13 hours ago

    Awh, what a little rascal.

  • Thomas Costa
    Thomas Costa 13 hours ago

    "I think we're alone now" 😘😘😘😘

  • Hello, random fascist kid on the internet!


  • Aritra Dasgupta
    Aritra Dasgupta 13 hours ago

    We all need someone to play with haha

  • Eleni Belle
    Eleni Belle 13 hours ago

    This goes on my "sad day" playlist

  • Circle 25
    Circle 25 13 hours ago

    haha thats cool. how's the cat now?

  • Muhammad Zaid
    Muhammad Zaid 14 hours ago

    You know you really want to have real sex, but that is a bad thing.... So sex with your big plush and I don't have plush toy because I don't know...

  • Caitlyn Hazelwood
    Caitlyn Hazelwood 14 hours ago

    aww the cat just wanted to play with a toy :)

  • John Jeffry
    John Jeffry 14 hours ago +1

    Walking like Boss after Stealing

  • Saverio Russo
    Saverio Russo 14 hours ago


  • Ender Rr
    Ender Rr 14 hours ago

    The kitty is very confident, just look at that tail.

  • Nathan Wood
    Nathan Wood 15 hours ago


  • Lorem Ipsum
    Lorem Ipsum 15 hours ago +1

    Cumpara-i o jucarie πŸ˜“

  • Adam Matlack
    Adam Matlack 15 hours ago

    Hahaha, that made me laugh when the cat carried the tiger all the way there and went "alright", dropped the tiger and itself next to it, and immediately started kicking the sh*t out of it-funny without even knowing it:^{)>

  • といあ蕾破

    This is animal abuse

  • ramonypony
    ramonypony 17 hours ago

    Well that is- *IMPLODES FROM CUTENISS*

  • MultiMapping
    MultiMapping 17 hours ago

    0:27 "Getting ready... Engines started... ATTACK!"

  • nur aliyah aliyah
    nur aliyah aliyah 17 hours ago


  • LoudValves
    LoudValves 17 hours ago

    after 0:34 it becomes X rated ...

  • Staz
    Staz 17 hours ago

    lol that is a blow up doll

  • Staz
    Staz 17 hours ago

    lol that is a blow up doll

  • nilson kom
    nilson kom 17 hours ago

    You mean he stole it

  • Barsoom Herald
    Barsoom Herald 17 hours ago

    wattersons hobbes is alive and dead at the same time

  • kiki love
    kiki love 18 hours ago

    He is adorable and he is walking so happy and proud awwww😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

  • Poop
    Poop 18 hours ago

    he loves it! :)

  • UFCMania155
    UFCMania155 18 hours ago

    The cat's saying: "I'm going to be this tiger one day"

  • ash luv
    ash luv 19 hours ago


  • Bruuba
    Bruuba 19 hours ago

    "Dis mine nao."

  • Alfalfa Cat
    Alfalfa Cat 22 hours ago

    .....Meow! πŸ€—

  • Hey Simmers!
    Hey Simmers! 22 hours ago

    awwwe it's so cute!!!

  • mone luve
    mone luve 22 hours ago

    It's like the Sims ctfuXD

  • Andrea
    Andrea Day ago

    My cat steals too, and when he steals socks he steals the pair, not one lol hes intelligent

  • Daniyal A
    Daniyal A Day ago

    Impressive that he jumped through the fence while still holding onto the toy

  • Octavio Arreguin


  • AOX
    AOX Day ago

    That's illegal .

  • TurtleBurger
    TurtleBurger Day ago


  • KDigityDog
    KDigityDog Day ago

    AWWWW so cute

  • indra s
    indra s Day ago

    Alone 😭

  • GaTiChiKa
    GaTiChiKa Day ago

    Even cats need a doll mate?

  • Five Roses
    Five Roses Day ago

    borrowed or stole ?? Nobody can scold mischievous cats.

  • Fizzi
    Fizzi Day ago


  • Valerie Gagnon
    Valerie Gagnon Day ago

    Best one by far

  • Zaid Khan
    Zaid Khan Day ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww buy him some of thoseeeeeeβ™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  • Amia's Kids Video

    This is the only thief I wouldn't report to the police. Lol

  • EnderGamer Girl
    EnderGamer Girl Day ago


  • Arthur Bradley
    Arthur Bradley Day ago

    He did

    • Arthur Bradley
      Arthur Bradley Day ago

      He did`t waste any time, beating his new friend up.

  • Arthur Bradley
    Arthur Bradley Day ago

    That`s a fresh cat!

  • Cindy Noble
    Cindy Noble Day ago


  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable Day ago +2

    Maybe you can teach him to bring back wallets?

  • Farzin Farzani
    Farzin Farzani Day ago


  • George Cowsert
    George Cowsert 2 days ago

    You mean "stole"

  • fluffy kittys
    fluffy kittys 2 days ago

    aww cute cat

  • Keller Kramer
    Keller Kramer 2 days ago

    That was the purest thing I've ever seen

  • The Machinic
    The Machinic 2 days ago


  • Dorian Pillari
    Dorian Pillari 2 days ago


  • Mr Gill
    Mr Gill 2 days ago

    its trying to get love from all sides. holy shit is it forcefully trying to make love to that tiger in the end. that makes sense no!!!

  • Surfboardt
    Surfboardt 2 days ago

    this is the youtube i signed up for

  • Bella V.
    Bella V. 2 days ago

    Awww πŸ’•

  • Lavender Alexandrite

    The heaven side of YouTube

  • manney27
    manney27 2 days ago

    listening to Gillian Hills - Zou bisou bisou. hilarious!

  • Marg SR
    Marg SR 2 days ago

    he needs someone to play with

  • King Cold
    King Cold 2 days ago

    Hahahahaha hahahahahaha hahaha

  • jack ?
    jack ? 2 days ago


  • VincentAntoine
    VincentAntoine 2 days ago

    So cute aww bless him x

  • lps galaxywolftv
    lps galaxywolftv 2 days ago

    Cat is cute with tiger plush

  • Emilly Alves
    Emilly Alves 2 days ago

    catto thinks hes a doggo

  • 37Beers
    37Beers 2 days ago


  • emman 007
    emman 007 2 days ago

    Timmy is now all right?plz.....

  • Arsene Wenger
    Arsene Wenger 2 days ago +1

    Peoples mind: "aw so cute so adorable look at that tail"

    In the cats mind: "huahaha I killed a tiger and im going to rape him dead in the woods. meow!"

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