My cat went to the neighbours to borrow a tiger plush toy :)

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  • MadHashashin
    MadHashashin 3 hours ago

    A training Khajiit in all it's glory.

  • Zak Burger
    Zak Burger 4 hours ago

    very cuuute

  • Komal Verma
    Komal Verma 10 hours ago

    and killed the tiger at end

  • Tommy Sin
    Tommy Sin 1 day ago

    At 0:27 pause...and then play mode!! :D

  • Robert Dougherty
    Robert Dougherty 1 day ago

    Time to buy that tiger from the neighbor.

  • Sigma
    Sigma 1 day ago

    Must have cut out the part where the cat furiously humps the tiger stuffed animal.

  • Liisi
    Liisi 1 day ago

    I just like everything in this video

  • So Phie
    So Phie 1 day ago

    That cat is like "I don't give a damn about the world, it's my plush now". Love it!

  • Catta Bonata
    Catta Bonata 3 days ago


  • Issie Gamer ;3
    Issie Gamer ;3 4 days ago

    My cat does this. But she does it with our clothes and even phones



  • u get a gain & u get a gain

    what a cutle little criminal haha

  • ifyoucouldseemenow
    ifyoucouldseemenow 4 days ago

    Awww :')

  • Deepa Lall
    Deepa Lall 4 days ago +1

    What a cute cat burglar 😻 Now,only if you can teach him to steal cash and jewellery 😛

  • JamesCreates
    JamesCreates 5 days ago

    this cat is legendary

  • Thecanadianwitch
    Thecanadianwitch 5 days ago


  • Pebble Pellets
    Pebble Pellets 5 days ago

    o yo
    can i borrow this
    I still take it
    k bye

  • Pooping Buffalo
    Pooping Buffalo 5 days ago

    The neighborhood has really gone to shit...

  • astafzciba
    astafzciba 5 days ago

    well, your cat needs to be shot.

  • Funkiebutch
    Funkiebutch 5 days ago

    Wow. That's just sad. the cat needs a toy to play. Please get him accompany or get another cat.

    • flupetepak
      flupetepak 5 days ago

      plenty of other cats in the neighborhood, judging from the gardens and orchards kitty lives happily in the countryside. Maybe he just needed a sparring partner that wouldn't fight back.

  • Antonia Brooks
    Antonia Brooks 6 days ago

    Love it.

  • firoz osman
    firoz osman 7 days ago

    Cute and sneaky lill' bugger! 😘

  • JRENG!
    JRENG! 7 days ago

    poor cat, she's lonely

  • KAT KT
    KAT KT 7 days ago +1

    This is so cute

  • Candice W
    Candice W 8 days ago

    Was his mama an orange cat? LOL So sweet. I'll save you mom

  • Sai Khaeo Leang
    Sai Khaeo Leang 8 days ago

    cuteness overlords...😍😍 awww

  • Leah Shannon
    Leah Shannon 8 days ago

    Love it!! Love it!!

  • Mercy Romin
    Mercy Romin 9 days ago

    awwwwtm that is such a cute cat. hahah taking that big toy alll the way to his spot to play with...

  • Asad Ali Malik
    Asad Ali Malik 9 days ago

    My plush toy went to the neighbours to borrow another plush toy :)

  • CleaningCaptain
    CleaningCaptain 9 days ago

    "Borrow". Right.

  • Powerade
    Powerade 9 days ago +3

    Looks like a Kleptocat..😻😻

  • John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

    As long as he puts it back when he's done playing with it.

  • The Illuminati
    The Illuminati 10 days ago


  • Mike Flynn
    Mike Flynn 10 days ago

    What a great catch! A great hunter that cat is!

  • panda tart
    panda tart 10 days ago


  • Ellya Ellfiya
    Ellya Ellfiya 10 days ago

    its sooo cute!! 😍

  • Newmoon Sparkling
    Newmoon Sparkling 10 days ago

    *These comments here has so many likes*

  • QuayQuay Swaydeja
    QuayQuay Swaydeja 10 days ago

    I came here to recover from death from that Halloween edition

  • Ratu Madu Racun Ratu Madu Racun

    nice 100000%

  • Ishna In Love
    Ishna In Love 10 days ago

    Borrow, he says. Yeah... seems legit.

  • CyberWolfAnkha
    CyberWolfAnkha 11 days ago

    That is the cutest video I ever saw! :D The best part is when he walks across the road with such serious face, like "I NEED THIS!"'

  • Usui Takumi
    Usui Takumi 11 days ago

    My cat also went to my neighbour once and borrowed a pigeon, except it was not a toy =(

  • GOT Fan
    GOT Fan 11 days ago

    I want part 2

  • catacomb kitten
    catacomb kitten 12 days ago

    Awhh how cute!

  • Priscila Garay
    Priscila Garay 12 days ago

    This video will never ever get old. I can rewatch it so many times tbh it's so cute it honestly makes me wanna cry

  • Dylan Aurian
    Dylan Aurian 13 days ago

    she need some friend

  • Snuffles
    Snuffles 13 days ago

    The cat acted like he was so proud.

  • AndyItaiDōshin AMV
    AndyItaiDōshin AMV 14 days ago

    Hahahaha!!! xD

  • Taylor Dean
    Taylor Dean 15 days ago

    That's so cute I love cats so much

  • Darren Fortunelius
    Darren Fortunelius 15 days ago

    too cute

  • GhANeC
    GhANeC 16 days ago


  • superpeluso1
    superpeluso1 16 days ago +1

    Wow that's crazy I never seen something like that!! I tough only dogs do that

  • Karthik Choubisa
    Karthik Choubisa 16 days ago

    She just wanted to have sex

  • jorge castaneda
    jorge castaneda 16 days ago


  • نادر الی راحمان

    LOL legally the neighbors could sue the cat owner for 'theft'. In America you could get sued for almost anything.

  • violet petals
    violet petals 18 days ago

    OMG!! Soooooo cute!!!

  • I'm nobody
    I'm nobody 19 days ago

    sneaky sneaky. got it. then kept his head high. walked like a king. came to his place, put it down, lay down & play like a kitten. cats are just funniest things

  • Careful What You Wish For

    this is the cutest thing ever :)

  • Henry Bascombe
    Henry Bascombe 20 days ago

    Someone is taking that to poundtown.

  • Rosana Mattos
    Rosana Mattos 20 days ago

    Que fofo!😍

  • Rhea C
    Rhea C 20 days ago

    that's so cute

  • John Cats
    John Cats 20 days ago

    ohhh has keepin that. lol thx

  • meow0meow7
    meow0meow7 21 day ago

    Is it weird that this made me cry?

  • Thamal Liyanage
    Thamal Liyanage 21 day ago

    beautiful neighborhood you have

  • R D
    R D 21 day ago +1

    Cat Burglar!

  • julio moreno
    julio moreno 22 days ago

    did that tiger consent? This can be seen as rape

  • Loretta Whitt
    Loretta Whitt 23 days ago

    so so cute and funny.

  • Saba Siddique Momo
    Saba Siddique Momo 23 days ago

    We also have a tiger plush toy but my cat is really scared of it and she freaks out every time she sees it 😑

  • ivegotheart
    ivegotheart 24 days ago +1

    look at all the bones!

  • Games Games
    Games Games 25 days ago


  • The Stoned Videogame Nerd

    In the Cats Mind...does it borrow a Toy ? Or Kidnapp a other Cat??

  • Billy McAuliffe
    Billy McAuliffe 26 days ago

    like a god well they are God's so that's ok 😁😁😁😁😁

  • kosmic dust
    kosmic dust 27 days ago

    that has got to be the cutest thing ever <3

  • B0ttlehunter
    B0ttlehunter 27 days ago

    А потом он их ебет!

  • Golf3819656
    Golf3819656 28 days ago

    in my country the cat will be prosecuted for break and entering, stealing and animal cruelty.

    2 CATS & 1 APARTMENT 28 days ago

    that cat is epic!

  • Serbian gamer Danilo
    Serbian gamer Danilo 28 days ago

    Wow stealing is adorable to you motherfuckers I'mma steal your head and that will be... not adorable but satisfying. Fuck all y'all.

    • Panzer Blitz
      Panzer Blitz 21 day ago

      I'm training my cat to steal everything you own. Are you ready for that?

  • Lesleyt58
    Lesleyt58 28 days ago


  • Michael Mell
    Michael Mell 28 days ago

    this is so fucking cute

  • Marias Project
    Marias Project 29 days ago

    Oke this goes in my list of 10 most adorable clips I've ever watched and will watch

  • 용재
    용재 29 days ago


  • Vicki Melillo
    Vicki Melillo 1 month ago

    How cute lol!

  • Nidhi Arora
    Nidhi Arora 1 month ago

    Ah! U've got more comments than subscribers! 😜😜

  • twilightstardust5
    twilightstardust5 1 month ago

    That's the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!🙆

  • yixnorb
    yixnorb 1 month ago

    Of course this prey is carried by the throat.

  • rslitman
    rslitman 1 month ago

    I saw a singer here in the US named Neil Diamond perform a song called "Crunchy Granola Suite" in a concert earlier this week. It contains the line, "Like a man with a tiger outside his gate." When I heard this line, I thought of Timmy, except he was a cat with a tiger outside his gate. Or maybe you are the man, and Timmy is the tiger outside your gate.

  • Edward Tan
    Edward Tan 1 month ago

    The only things that my cat brings are garbage and dead animals 😐

  • Yomiel50
    Yomiel50 1 month ago

    So, basically the cat uses it as a sex doll?

  • Mike Studmuffin
    Mike Studmuffin 1 month ago

    Pretty sure he's gonna mate with that.

  • Aqillah Hadi
    Aqillah Hadi 1 month ago

    im in love

  • TheWingedLynx
    TheWingedLynx 1 month ago

    Next time train it to get someone's wallet.

  • Any Cats
    Any Cats 1 month ago

    it is realy funny😂😂😂

  • DashedEuthanasia
    DashedEuthanasia 1 month ago

    a Fluffy Delinquent

  • conor mason
    conor mason 1 month ago

    you cant blame him for stealing his mum left when he was a kitten and his dad has a serious catnip addiction

  • YouthfulElf
    YouthfulElf 1 month ago +1

    I'll never forget the night my first cat came home with a little mink teddy bear from some unknown location! 😺😺😺

  • 박진영
    박진영 1 month ago +1

    넘 귀여워... 심장마비...

  • handyhippie65
    handyhippie65 1 month ago

    stole some rug rat's toy, and then tortures it for, he'll be surprised when the neighbors get a motion activated sprinkler to defend their kiddies toys.

  • Spring Day Is Not Today

    This is my life

  • BandfromtheBand
    BandfromtheBand 1 month ago

    You silly kitty cat!!!!

  • Tommy BRo
    Tommy BRo 1 month ago

    Burglar cat.

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