Passage: North Korea frees American student

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old University of Virginia student who spent almost a year-and-a-half in captivity in North Korea, was released and returned to his family in the U.S. this week. Doctors said Warmbier, who was comatose, suffered severe brain damage while in detention. Jane Pauley reports.

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Comments: 8

  • Curtis Robinson
    Curtis Robinson 2 months ago

    He just died smh R.i.P.

  • patimuse
    patimuse 2 months ago +3

    This is horrible & NK is wrong! but sadly the initial domino was initiated by him - just shows that a bull in a china shop can't be arrogant in thinking they can do no wrong just because they've been spoiled in their own homeland, as the saying goes "when in Rome..." lessons for all tourist to be respectful no matter if you're tempted to dare the local system

    • patimuse
      patimuse 2 months ago

      I agreed NK is very wrong, but the brief comment was misinterpreted. It was more about visiting such an archaic, harsh, backward nation. I wouldn't have dared to provoke and potentially put myself in danger while away from the judicial safety of my nation. We can't assume actions that are ok in the US like a prank are acceptable abroad. My humble opinion, like the etiquette briefings we get from the military when we're stationed overseas, was meant for my fellow Americans because its sad, as I stated initially, that tourist are getting snarled in unfair local law enforcement. It was meant to be helpful, not disrespectful. Peace

  • sr1834nx1
    sr1834nx1 2 months ago +6

    Poor guy is nothing more than a vegetable at this point! I feel for his family. Diplomacy failed here.

    • Murderous Melon
      Murderous Melon 2 months ago

      sr1834nx1 He is dead now

    • john doe
      john doe 2 months ago

      It really bothers me. I hope and pray Trump takes that evil Regime out. If we do go to war with North Korea. We need our slogan to be remember Otto Warmbier.

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