3 Genes That Give People Superpowers

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  • There are genetic mutations in the population today that can grant people some seemingly superhuman abilities.
    To get your 23andMe kit, go to: www.23andme.com/SciShow

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    MSTN - stronger muscles

    ACTN3 - fast-twitch muscles

    LRP5 - stronger bones
    oregonstate.edu/dept/biochem/hhmi/hhmiclasses/biochem/lectnoteskga/jan29.html journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0063323
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  • social3ngin33rin
    social3ngin33rin 3 hours ago

    Is Michael Phelps going to have great great great great great grandchildren who will become Aquaman?

  • NJG Gaming
    NJG Gaming 4 days ago

    I would love ELECTRICITY/PLASMA Powers.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 days ago

    My add before the video was about cancer seems normal right but on the corner of my screen it say ( DOWNLOAD ifunny! ) how ironic you assholes in adds

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 days ago

    That thumb nail doe

  • SpamSpamerSpamest
    SpamSpamerSpamest 10 days ago

    Two girls can control little parts of my muscles makin them move or like being poked. started in February 2015 i dont know if its their brain or something. even my nose sometimes. also i can feel two extra hearts in my body . i went to a hospital and they can actually hear extra hearts in my body.

  • wowstefaniv
    wowstefaniv 13 days ago

    Proud carrier of 1 functional copy of the power gene. Who wants babies?

  • :p
    :p 15 days ago

    Gimme all these powers :DDD

  • Nicolai Veliki
    Nicolai Veliki 21 day ago

    got multiple increased-function mutations in blood clotting ;-)

  • joaquin cervantes
    joaquin cervantes 23 days ago

    quirks from heroaca in real life

  • overclocked orange
    overclocked orange 25 days ago +1

    I have the power of building legos...


  • Dark Rainbow
    Dark Rainbow Month ago

    The Hank Green Lantern.

  • Bear and Polar Bear

    I have extra dense bones without medical problems I have yet to break a bone but get hurt nah already get hurt a lot because I'm a cults so yes this is good

  • Chris Courtney
    Chris Courtney Month ago

    shameless 23 and me promo .A company which after receiving your DNA obtains rights to commercialize your genetics. essentially own your genetics.I figured sci show had a commercial agenda with the subjects they cover and information they give.

  • Diana Perea
    Diana Perea Month ago

    I dont think I might have MSTN

  • spoonikle
    spoonikle Month ago

    So we need a myostatin antibody that blocks it from binding the the receptors.

    1 injection every day for a few months and anyone can get swole.

  • asasial1977
    asasial1977 Month ago

    I believe I may have the bone gene.
    I have always weighted about 50lbs more than I look like I should. and I have never broken a bone, even after several injuries and accidents a few of which even the medical staff at the ER was amazed that I didn't have any fractures.

  • Phương Lê
    Phương Lê Month ago

    are you Spiderman

  • Nathan Oubre
    Nathan Oubre Month ago +1

    Some people have better genetics than others but nothing will stop you from getting big/strong/fit if you PUT IN THE WORK 💪

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    So, if I don't have the gene to make me looks strong, I shouldn't waste my time to workout?

  • Abhemanyu Sarin
    Abhemanyu Sarin Month ago

    Gimme crispr and an lab hidden from the government, you'll have your superman in no time

  • SalveMonesvol
    SalveMonesvol Month ago

    You are 102% white with a 2% margin of error.

  • TheSwamper
    TheSwamper Month ago

    In the future, I can see wealthy parents insisting their child be modified to have special genes like these.

  • Max Timko
    Max Timko Month ago

    What about Macular/Foveal Enlargement? Would that create better vision?

  • Birki gts
    Birki gts Month ago

    I have the super power to be so socially awkward i have 0 friends and no job.

  • Amarok
    Amarok Month ago

    Soooo, can i please order all 3 genes to be inserted into my genome? Just for personal use, nothing much.

  • Rhapbus1
    Rhapbus1 Month ago

    Im sending in my 23 and me on monday when i get to the post office :) im so excited

  • Ramen Cookies
    Ramen Cookies Month ago

    I have osteoporosis

  • 1991birthday
    1991birthday Month ago

    I did 23 & Me, got the kit for Christmas. I never knew anyone related closely to me by blood since I was adopted so I was excited to take a look. I got the report back months ago & still haven't looked through everything fully since there's so much there.

  • Justin Shaw
    Justin Shaw Month ago

    Black people have higher testosterone point blank period

  • Brian Donnelly
    Brian Donnelly 2 months ago

    someone should get crispr to modify these genes in their new child

  • Chris craig
    Chris craig 2 months ago

    google CCR5-Ä32....

  • xo.perla
    xo.perla 2 months ago

    No way he's a teacher a my school😱😱😱😱

  • The Great And Powerful Trixie

    It's crazy, but what if some of these mutations are sort of the next step in human evolution? Having more muscular bodies and denser bones would clearly be more advantageous for us, so why wouldn't it spread and eventually be in the DNA of every human one day? =/

  • Daman4
    Daman4 2 months ago

    I got, I got, I got, I got

    LRP5 inside my DNA

  • Baxter Burgundy
    Baxter Burgundy 2 months ago

    Just to be clear, you can be denied life insurance or disability insurance based on the information found in a 23andMe test kit.

  • Beutimus
    Beutimus 2 months ago

    Myostatin Hank kind of freaked me out. D:

  • x- Negotiator
    x- Negotiator 2 months ago

    Lmao "hyper-trophy"
    It's "hi-per-tra-fe"

  • Dan
    Dan 2 months ago +1

    Sometimes I feel like I must have some sort of super genes. I should like to think that most of my personality, traits, and talents are due to nurture more than nature, but when I look at the world around me, I can't help but feel like I might just be special on some deeper level.

    Or maybe I'm just a narcissist.

  • acousticpsychosis
    acousticpsychosis 2 months ago

    super hank

  • Gage
    Gage 2 months ago

    But what about empaths? Is that fake?

  • sincerely
    sincerely 2 months ago

    I'm not allergic to poison ivy, is that a super power?

  • Heather Calun
    Heather Calun 2 months ago

    And then there's all the abilities that are brain related, but most of them are confused for learning disabilities.

  • Dzer Zin
    Dzer Zin 2 months ago

    when the facts get too complicated..
    you will find yourself lost in the comment section for the rest of the vid

  • culwin
    culwin 2 months ago

    What gene lets me talk to squirrels?

  • Ssundee34
    Ssundee34 2 months ago

    stan lee watched this and is searching for these people

  • kylejiahsmith
    kylejiahsmith 2 months ago

    yep. I'll have all 3 thanks.

  • Fruiplusel - Crunchy Rainbow

    can you tell me how can caffeine works ??

  • William Hanlon
    William Hanlon 2 months ago +1

    I can hear in the dark

  • Jay R.
    Jay R. 2 months ago

    Can you do a video on genes that give mental superpowers rather than physical? Great video!

  • tiuschiu
    tiuschiu 2 months ago

    Related: There are some mutations which give you above-average intelligence, if you have one copy of the modified gene, but cause diseases if you have two copies. See: slatestarcodex.com/2017/05/26/the-atomic-bomb-considered-as-hungarian-high-school-science-fair-project/

  • yueliangmoi majit
    yueliangmoi majit 2 months ago

    4:21 *osteoporosis not osteoperosis

  • Xpndable
    Xpndable 2 months ago

    Reminds me of GATTACA...

  • Anthony Marandola
    Anthony Marandola 2 months ago

    The thumbfail is just... wrong.

  • Lord Haberdasher
    Lord Haberdasher 2 months ago

    Sounds like what a group of nerds would call their live action roleplay group.

  • AtarahDerek
    AtarahDerek 2 months ago

    Here's a question: What kind of non-Newtonian fluid is a cat?

  • Elena Trout
    Elena Trout 2 months ago

    Is It Unusual That I Can Make My Eyes Blurry?

  • Vivian
    Vivian 2 months ago

    Do the 23andMe stats account for the possibility of genetic mutations making anyone seem like they're from somewhere they might not be? How do they account for the possibility of mutation changing the prospective ancestry group?

  • Lihim Sidhe
    Lihim Sidhe 2 months ago

    Wow THANK YOU for listing your sources!!!!!!

  • Test Account
    Test Account 2 months ago

    I have a gene that can resist clicking Skip This Ad.

  • Sunny Kumar Singhania
    Sunny Kumar Singhania 2 months ago

    I am superpower of being invisible
    my crush can't see me :v

  • Sebby19
    Sebby19 2 months ago

    What about those people that have super resistance to electricity?

  • Ardani
    Ardani 2 months ago

    the mutants are among us....

  • youssef korany
    youssef korany 2 months ago

    +Metroid250 you mean hulk green?

  • Dylan Van Loon
    Dylan Van Loon 2 months ago

    I've got osteoclerosis

  • Yògesh
    Yògesh 2 months ago

    10,000 doesnt make sense !!!!

  • Kaori Yukiko
    Kaori Yukiko 2 months ago

    5:32 "I'm a below average Neanderthal!" Hank should we be calling you Hiccup??? XD

  • John Clary
    John Clary 2 months ago

    I have one of those bone gene mutations, been hit 3 times by trucks and only got hurt once. Can't say the same for the trucks, they're all totalled out. The one that hit me going between 25 and 30MPH was probably rusted out. The one that was going about 35 I rolled up the hood and took out everything from the grill back. The one going about 60 MPH was crushed, and also the only one that injured me enough I couldn't walk home from the wreck. I had tib-fib fractures, tore both the cruciate ligaments in my knee, broke my femur in 2 places, and lost a big chunk of skin on the side of my leg opposite the initial impact that had to be covered in a graft. Lotsa road rash from sliding down the street and my face had to be sewed back on after I landed on it. My bell got rung so hard it hasn't stopped ringing for 15 years.

    Again, you think that's bad, you should see what's left of the truck!

  • Chris Courtney
    Chris Courtney 2 months ago +1

    when you use 23 and me ,does 23 and me obtain rights over your genetics ?You should Google their terms of service ,yes they do.

    • Baxter Burgundy
      Baxter Burgundy 2 months ago

      They make it very clear that they intend to use your genetic data in aggregate to make money selling it to researchers. They claim to anonymize it unless you consent to them using your personal information, but so did Google until they changed the wording around so that you implicitly agree to them using your personal information by using their services. I would expect the same thing to happen here eventually... especially since their founder is married to a Google founder.

    • Chris Courtney
      Chris Courtney 2 months ago

      Just googled it, yes they do.

  • nyx211
    nyx211 2 months ago

    Super Hank

  • ihartevil
    ihartevil 2 months ago

    HANK I KNEW YOU WERE A MUTANT IN SOME WAY YOU WERE JUST TO KUTE NOT TO BE *i told you i know things that i dont know how i know it* i love you adorable hank mutant green

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K 2 months ago

    Correction: BEFORE the adamantium.
    Love your vids!

  • SSJMatt
    SSJMatt 2 months ago

    My family is known for the extra dense bone gene stuff. Although I don't think my mother or sister got it, but me and my grandmother has it.

  • Celeste Moss
    Celeste Moss 2 months ago

    You guys should check out Stan Lee's Superhumans. It's about real people with crazy inhuman characteristics.

  • Nanowhymo S
    Nanowhymo S 2 months ago

    23 and me is building a genetic database of youtubers to splice together the most marketable youtuber ever.

  • David Prock
    David Prock 2 months ago

    How can I check if I have the LRP5 modification you speak of. Because I weigh much more than I look. I've even meet some people that have training to size people up for fighting and they get it wrong. Also I can't swim, I go forward but also downwards. And I'm not able to float by holding on to the edge of a pool, I remember as a kid I could float but now I can't

  • Rendom Stranger
    Rendom Stranger 2 months ago

    Bit late with the disclosure there. Sponsorships related to the video are generally supposed to be disclosed at the start of the video, not at the end of it. And no, the disclosure in the description is not sufficient. Please keep in mind for future videos that you should disclose any related sponsorships at the start. Not only because it's the morally correct thing to do but also because not doing so can get you in trouble, especially as an educational channel.

  • CyberneticRose
    CyberneticRose 2 months ago

    I have Marfan Syndrome, caused by a mutation of my FBN1 gene. Causes me to be extra tall and lanky, but also causes chronic widespread pain, heart problems, and autonomic dysfunction.

  • Wendy Wirawan
    Wendy Wirawan 2 months ago


  • Paul M
    Paul M 2 months ago


  • princesssshortie
    princesssshortie 2 months ago +1

    If you ever write a book, please include "Below average Neanderthal" in your bio.

  • NoSide 2
    NoSide 2 2 months ago

    No homo but thicc Hank is hot

  • lici . M
    lici . M 2 months ago

    What about psoriasis? Faster replacement of skin cells like a faster healing factor

  • trooper629
    trooper629 2 months ago

    I'd love to participate in something like this, but recently certain companies are stating once they have your voluntarily submitted DNA, it is theirs to replicate and do whatever they want with. No thanks.

  • Secret Society6
    Secret Society6 2 months ago

    I have osteoclerosis

  • Skye ID
    Skye ID 2 months ago

    Can one get injected with synthesized gene mutations that give one superhuman abilities? Or are synthetic genes created in a lab not a thing yet?

  • Karolina Paulsen
    Karolina Paulsen 2 months ago

    Osteoporosis is spelled wrong

  • Ravenhoover
    Ravenhoover 2 months ago

    *falls into wheelchair "i have osteoporosis"

  • 1dgram
    1dgram 2 months ago

    Hank, post your raw 23andme data for you Patreon supporters.

  • Lianne Gallant
    Lianne Gallant 2 months ago

    I wish it weren't so expensive!

  • AholeAtheist
    AholeAtheist 2 months ago

    That French-German thing on his chromosome isn't that weird.. Knows a bit about science, but is clearly not exactly a history professor.

  • Belinda Abdon- Liwanag
    Belinda Abdon- Liwanag 2 months ago

    so much information! Nice! wish to have that DNA analysis background too :)

  • Bucur andrei nicolae
    Bucur andrei nicolae 2 months ago

    I have natural imunity to smallpox and I've made myself imun to hepatitis, the flu, salmonella.
    those are the ones that I'm sure of and I've tested myself.
    I may have others

  • Unkown User
    Unkown User 2 months ago

    u knew u were a German

  • Cannon Lyman
    Cannon Lyman 2 months ago

    Please do an episode on Ketamine.

  • youssef korany
    youssef korany 2 months ago

    Haters would say the thumbnail is photoshoped

  • Lunos XV
    Lunos XV 2 months ago

    "Your genes define everything about you"
    That's not entirely true. Upbringing, environment and life experiences play a huge role too.

  • Keegan Denty
    Keegan Denty 2 months ago

    Didn't you say in a previous video that genetic tests like 23 and me were super limited and basically hype in a previous video? Why are you endorsing it now, has something changed?

  • Red Pinch
    Red Pinch 2 months ago +1

    Woah, that thumbnail!

  • Katz Pajamas
    Katz Pajamas 2 months ago

    I came here for shirtless Hunk... uhh.. I mean Hank

  • reinisxd
    reinisxd 2 months ago

    hank natty or nah

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