Why Won’t the Press Ask Trump Anything? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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  • tucker com
    tucker com Month ago

    I have been worried about this issue for a lot time

  • Jo Ann Priepke
    Jo Ann Priepke 2 months ago

    It's been rumored that Mr. Olbermann and his GQ Resistance Report might be given his own program on HBO, similar to Bill Maher's.
    We can only hope that the head CEO of the cable network has the balls enough to make it happen without being bought off by the Trump empire, as every other network has.

  • Larry OBrien
    Larry OBrien 2 months ago

    Keep it up there Keith, great insight!

  • Mike Britcom
    Mike Britcom 2 months ago

    Olbie is getting desperate. No one will have him cuz he's a whack job. Without youtube he'd be lving in his mum's basement. Is he Liawatha Warren in drag?

  • brett kelly
    brett kelly 2 months ago

    Leftists keep using the term fascist but they have no idea what the term even means.

  • Winston C
    Winston C 2 months ago

    tribunal for trumpskavitch...lill dig the hole!

  • seeyou 181
    seeyou 181 2 months ago

    Wake up America Please

  • Blake Wachowski
    Blake Wachowski 3 months ago

    Olberman: with rants like this you and your ilk are more of a threat to the fabric of US culture than Trump.  You fools still don't get why Trump was elected, do you?  To understand you'd have to listen to nonsense like yours with an ear guided by common sense and reason rather than base emotionalism...and this you and yours seem largely incapable of doing.

  • Wout Jacobs
    Wout Jacobs 3 months ago

    Peeps, cow It truly sounds pretty$udgrupset :‑<

  • Jack Harter
    Jack Harter 3 months ago

    you are not taking ENOUGH Xanax before you go on the air Keith. I really thought you were going to lose it on this one.

  • Garrett Howard
    Garrett Howard 3 months ago

    More liberal propoganda

  • Erick Draven
    Erick Draven 3 months ago

    This idiot using 'propaganda' and 'unamerican' is just to funny. As if the Left isn't regressive.

  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller 3 months ago

    You liberals are delusional. The press asks Trump all kinds of questions, all with false premises behind them.

  • Jack Costin
    Jack Costin 3 months ago

    Oh shut up, and why haven't you been demonitized

  • pirateturns360
    pirateturns360 3 months ago

    This guy is hysterical!!!! And I thought the Onion was funny.

  • DangerousUrNot
    DangerousUrNot 3 months ago

    "Ask him about it"- Keith

  • Simon Collyer
    Simon Collyer 3 months ago

    Here goes the waste of skin... again.

  • Don Coleman
    Don Coleman 3 months ago

    Keith's space! Such clarity of thought is a devastating LOSS to MSNBC!

  • TheScrappySniper
    TheScrappySniper 3 months ago

    Lmfao why are you guys acting like he's Hitler?

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards 3 months ago

    this guy is a loser. go trump 2020👍

  • YouGotSomeFuckingAttitude _

    this is literally the liberal lunatic version of the next news network and its batshit crazy conservatives. also the "resistance", whether you like it or not, is not liberals, its conservatives who are the minority and have very little mainstream appeal, despite being a large portion of the population. Just that the rich libs don't like 'em.

  • Maddy Marasciulo
    Maddy Marasciulo 3 months ago

    Love you Keith

  • Josh Michaels
    Josh Michaels 3 months ago

    The press is too dumb to ask questions and reporters value their jobs.

  • Charles 91771
    Charles 91771 3 months ago

    MSNBC f@cked up when they got rid of Keith Olbermann....

  • Flypurplecat
    Flypurplecat 3 months ago

    Think of the hero Paul Ryan could have been! Had he any morals and not been such a lover of wealth, like the rest of the GOP, he could have gone down as a hero...but he joined the other criminals....he'll be forgotten. And WHY is the media scared of Trump?

  • M Hyatt
    M Hyatt 3 months ago +1

    You are the very best!!!

  • jarl irgens
    jarl irgens 3 months ago

    flip prez wuz obamas drug connection, trump fuked up his drug caravan to us

  • The Stern Dragoon
    The Stern Dragoon 3 months ago

    I'll tell you why no one is asking serious question to Drumpf; they don't want to run the risk of their professionalism inadvertently influencing any of the public into taking Trump's answers seriously. Trump is neck-deep in a campaign of pathological lying and machismo that can only be described a full-scale gaslighting attack. People with far more patience than I have have been counting and accounting for every public lie he's told. You want to know the count? 450. Donald Trump has told over 450 lies since his inauguration as of day 107 of his tyrannical reign.

  • Laura Cullen
    Laura Cullen 3 months ago

    Who knows anything factual about T's childhood? What could possibly have happened, and it seems to have been quite a lot, to turn this 'privileged' male into such a cave of anger, hate, overwhelming childish behavior, ignorance, and stupidity? That information could go far to explain this nut.

  • CREvothegreater
    CREvothegreater 3 months ago

    this guy is sooooooo funny.....i wonder what his real life persona is like......

  • Murphy Thompson
    Murphy Thompson 3 months ago

    The Question that may drive me insane if I keep watching mainstream news .

    DAS MONSTER 3 months ago

    Olbermann is an embarrassment.

  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 3 months ago +1

    Can we start a petition to have Keith take over as host of The Daily Show? Please please please!!

  • Get over that Wall
    Get over that Wall 3 months ago

    You losers are pathetic. Hillary lost because she is an evil douchebag, who allowed americans to die and then showed absolutely no remorse or regret.

  • BorisW150
    BorisW150 3 months ago

    My gosh. This is like 1973 all over again, only much crazier. You have to hand it to K. Olbermann for taking the time to put this all together and thoughtfully present to us every day. Also have to appreciate that he is well-groomed and wears a suit and tie. Too bad that he is not welcomed on the major networks. Maybe HBO?

  • John Tatum
    John Tatum 3 months ago +1

    Keith and Colbert...both have no real sense of humor. Our media is fake.

  • w chaput
    w chaput 3 months ago

    Looks like a Nobel's coming your way, Keith. You can wear it, polish it, show it to the scum who run the shabby American dump, Stump, Strump, Rump.

  • John Cloutier
    John Cloutier 3 months ago

    Time for the press to put on their big boy/girl underpants and blast this fascist, abusive shell of a man.

  • Bill Hampton
    Bill Hampton 3 months ago +1

    " the Germans aren't familiar with the first daughter' lololololol

  • John Cloutier
    John Cloutier 3 months ago

    PUTIN ------- I thought you said Putain.

  • Arthur Watts
    Arthur Watts 3 months ago

    Keith, on behalf of the people of Wellington, NZ, I'd like to point out that the Aardvark Daily isn't as widely read as it once was. Not sure if its so much Fake News as Non-existent News.

  • Albert ricks
    Albert ricks 3 months ago

    Libel must have quite a valuable price tag to folks like Trump. To think there is only a monetary value is shameful!

  • Kevin Bryant
    Kevin Bryant 3 months ago

    Hey Keith get GQ to send you to White House press briefing. We need you there to ask the hard questions nobody else will. Resist. Peace.

  • HKSammler
    HKSammler 3 months ago

    Wow - have not seen Keith for a while. He is looking old.

  • cytherians
    cytherians 3 months ago

    Trump is a man highly skilled in obfuscation. He will tell you a lie, but when called on it he'll diffuse, deflect, and flip things around in ways that befuddle the interviewer... leaving them aghast and not knowing what to say. And to "save the moment", they'll move on. Trump will have "won" in avoiding any deep, meaningful conversation. That is his "Art of the Lie." He lied his way into office. And he'll go on lying, as well as kicking and screaming as they take him out of the office on a stretcher. "They used to take them out on a stretcher, folks." Yes, he's going to live his own words.

  • Frog Welker
    Frog Welker 3 months ago

    olberman was much better as sportscaster.

  • Albert Hood
    Albert Hood 3 months ago

    One of his better videos.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 3 months ago

    wow this channel really should be working in North Koria 😊👎

  • Ashley Norton
    Ashley Norton 3 months ago

    They should just ask Trump American history questions.

  • Ron Fenton
    Ron Fenton 3 months ago

    Strap Charlie Rose to a chair, pin his eyes wide open and make him watch every installment! Somebody, please!

  • Cathy Pascale
    Cathy Pascale 3 months ago

    If no one validates your reality, you may think you are going crazy. Thank you for validating mine. Within my group of friends, I am not allowed to bring up politics. When I tried to talk about the number of states that had the highest amphetamine use, and correlate them to the highest number of Trump voters, they were agast! They acted like I was lying. One person said; "Well, the Stock Market is up!"..as if this was some sort of hallmark of how most of America is feeling. They hear a sound bite; see a news clip and that is as deep as they go. This is how DT got elected. I'm agast!!!

  • sebastian Merida
    sebastian Merida 3 months ago

    I just imagine as I play the videos it says:"this video has been demonetized by Donald J Trump, I promise you I don't scare the media"

  • David Deng
    David Deng 3 months ago

    propaganda machine? I haven't heard anything good about donald trump for a ... long time.

  • Jacob Hulet
    Jacob Hulet 3 months ago

    I wanted it repealed. You want me too suffer? Come and try it you nut.

  • Island Aerial
    Island Aerial 3 months ago

    Hey KO, aren't you part of the MSM? Or are you an Anti-fa traitor?

    IMCcanTWEESTED 3 months ago

    Keith Olbermann...if Anderson Cooper and Alan Rickman's dads cloned a baby together.

  • Art Dog
    Art Dog 3 months ago

    For some very odd and strange reason, they afraid of him and anyone connected to him. Never seen anything like it. 🤔😱

  • heightjack
    heightjack 3 months ago

    Olbermann has hairy hands

  • phoenix_ rising
    phoenix_ rising 3 months ago

    The president is an overgrown child! Impeach and convict now!

  • John Erkman
    John Erkman 3 months ago

    The bar is TOO F'ing LOW if such deductive reasoning can't be used to express the most common of "sense"! To just answer QUESTIONS for God's sake??!? If he were alive today Edward R. Murraw would be going on A shooting spree right now.

    Charles Dickens TOO!

  • George Jenkens
    George Jenkens 3 months ago

    Keith Olbermann you Communist Jew. When you speak of someone being a fascist that's a translation for anti-globalist. If Marine LePenn wins the presidency of France you can bet that a pattern is starting, and you know what I am talking about.

  • Webbie
    Webbie 3 months ago

    So you people who dislike these videos getting nervous that your fuhrer is exposed as a orange autistic monkey? Don't worry he will be arrested soon and put in a better place.

  • Smiling Dog
    Smiling Dog 3 months ago

    The blue side in background is getting bigger....hhmmmm.

  • John Holliday
    John Holliday 3 months ago

    Because they've spent the last 8 years down on their knees servicing Obama so they're out of journalistic practice. Or may that IS the new definition of journalism. At least in the USA.

  • Linda Martial
    Linda Martial 3 months ago

    trump can't answer anything no sense in asking

  • steadilsr
    steadilsr 3 months ago

    Mr Olbermann, at this juncture the only thing we can do is FWD this to the NY Times, Wash Post et al. Are they listening to you at all? WHY NOT!!!???

    ALAN LAWRENCE 3 months ago

    The US media are an echo chamber for phoney stories and political ineptitude. They're rabbits who have been brought up to respect the office of President, even when it has become the worlds laughing stock. 'Ask searching questions.' They didn't ask searching questions when Bush Jr was turning the Middle East into one big battle ground to feed America's voracious appetite for futile conflicts. Asking questions in the land of the free is a risky business... It will soon become even more dangerous.

  • Inez Bakken
    Inez Bakken 3 months ago

    America's government will again have another unqualified disgraceful Republican president. That we'll need to cleaned up, because of the mess they left for every AMERICAN TAX PAYING CITIZENS MONEY To BE USED FOR THE CLEAN UP.

  • bmoorear
    bmoorear 3 months ago

    The most ironic part is Keith is much closer to a fascist than Big Don.

  • Sebawayh X
    Sebawayh X 3 months ago

    why duzn't Keith ask Laura Ingraham t ask Qs?

  • Ken Hunt
    Ken Hunt 3 months ago

    Spot on. The media is complicit.

  • Ryan Brooks
    Ryan Brooks 3 months ago

    Let's go trump! Make America great again!!!!!

  • Stacy Haviland
    Stacy Haviland 3 months ago

    Thank you Mr Olberman!

  • M. C.
    M. C. 3 months ago

    The medias false narratives could only be even further exposed by any real and honest discourse, hence their damning silence. The other obvious possibility is that they are all RUSSIAN SCUM!!!! (sorry, I just couldn't "resist", or is it .... I'm a racist?? I just don't know what to think anymore! Can someone who hasn't been COMPLETELY discredited just please tell me what to think?!? Oh I know, I'll let GQ help me figure this all out! Oh my God! I need to go to my safe space!!)

  • John Markham
    John Markham 3 months ago

    the liberal has manipulated the American population to sell American and give up to globally controlled totalitarianism that completely removed your civil rights to be free

  • John Markham
    John Markham 3 months ago

    this man is now on a list

  • John Markham
    John Markham 3 months ago

    liberal Democrat foolishness people need icarserastion and mental reprogramming

  • David Beale
    David Beale 3 months ago +1

    Our so called President.

  • Judith Boltz
    Judith Boltz 3 months ago

    because he will not answer you fake news people

  • Shane Savage
    Shane Savage 3 months ago

    Mr Olbermann, I truly appreciate these videos. As someone who does not always have the whole picture (I'm also not an american, to note) and is very concerned about the state of affairs this administration has put the world in, I find great value in your pieces. Sadly, I also find myself in an increasing state of despair because - as you have so aptly described - Mr Trump's state of mind is questionable at best; his capacity to think critically or independently of his manipulators obviously flawed; and his understanding of reality fleeting at best. It is my hope that this farce ends before it causes too much damage - and I believe your efforts are at the tip of the spear in this cause. Thank you for everything you have, and continue, to report in your videos here. (I do fact check things when I have the time and have not found issue with your facts thus far in any of these.) The world as we know it is changing rapidly, not for the better - yet you are among those shining a bright torch and providing hope that this, too, shall pass.

  • Steven Henry
    Steven Henry 3 months ago

    thank you Keith! this man (not a President), is sick and his followers are so delusional, that they think he is doing well! while the rest of us are realising he is dismantling our democracy! this cheerleader mentality is causing catastrophic harm that will take decades to reverse! They cannot tell the difference between what is reality and hallucinations! KUDOS to Ms. Merkel! hopefully France and Germany will not follow this path! ALL of the facts are in plain sight! keep hammering the facts Keith! We, the resistance have a duty to warn!

  • Deborah Cochrane
    Deborah Cochrane 3 months ago

    Who owns the media? Follow the money.

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 3 months ago

    I like the way this guy talks. He's educated, firm, and bold. I appreciate that.

  • Virginia Whitney
    Virginia Whitney 3 months ago

    Finally. However, we will lose this. So much is going on, so much is being undermined, and so many have finally realized that democracy is the most fragile of governing systems. This will be a relentless erosion.

  • Brian Sager
    Brian Sager 3 months ago

    How does this elitist prick think he is front running in any kind of resistance?

  • Kat Wagg
    Kat Wagg 3 months ago

    I wish I could give the 100K GD THUMBS UP!!! Olbermann needs to be on a cable channel ASAP!

  • John Stuart
    John Stuart 3 months ago

    yeah this ain't dangerous Fake news.. . nothing to see here folks.

    • Hal Swann
      Hal Swann 3 months ago

      fake news is called alt right news

  • Zoilo Maximo
    Zoilo Maximo 3 months ago

    WOW! Finally!

  • Laura Cullen
    Laura Cullen 3 months ago

    Keith, remain healthy, please,please. The American citizens who can think depend on you, we appreciate you and your truth. Be well.

  • Laura Cullen
    Laura Cullen 3 months ago

    Just how many of trumpets former wives were foreign immigrants prior to their marriage to the "like smart guy"? But no media cares about that as an issue.

  • wiz9496
    wiz9496 3 months ago

    Who's Bathtub Boy working for this week? GQ? They'll regret employing him.

  • MIZIEYA Newby
    MIZIEYA Newby 3 months ago

    god keith is so hot! he always hits the G-Spot mmm^^

  • Desolation Cult
    Desolation Cult 3 months ago

    I don't like trump either but doesn't he have to do something illegal?

  • Karstens Creations
    Karstens Creations 3 months ago

    Gotta love how EVERY one of Keith's videos show a clear picture, via the LIKES and DISLIKES regarding the current state of our country, who supports REALITY and SANITY over the idiot Trumptards...roughly 10 to 1 ratio, with those against Drumpf in the VAST majority...

    Keep 'em coming, Keith...true patriots and adults are on your...and the correct...side.

  • Marc Austin
    Marc Austin 3 months ago

    and that my friends is how you balance intellect, rage, and frustration while harkening back to the pure spirit.

  • David Myers
    David Myers 3 months ago

    Trump understood the American people are suckers we can't blame him for that. He said he loves the uneducated and they still voted for him. He said workers make too much money and they still vote for him. And the list goes on and on. If i didn't know better i would swear he tried to throw the election but the voters voted for him anyway.

  • Kaliss
    Kaliss 3 months ago

    Why is a mens fashion magazine so obsessed with Trump? I didn't see Victoria Secret starting a YouTube campaign to unearth dark secrets about Hillary.

  • Ali Dadkhah
    Ali Dadkhah 3 months ago

    You are a legend sir

  • Calixta Isidore
    Calixta Isidore 3 months ago

    You said it correctly, we need to get very serious about Russia more than ever ,America wake-up ,remember the evil preacher what he did some where in Guyana people. Russia waiting in the wings.

  • Ashish Patel
    Ashish Patel 3 months ago +1

    I donno why did you cucks give Obama a free pass for 8 years?

    #maga bitches

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