Congressman Chaffetz Says Trump Is No Better Than Obama!

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  • Yeah Mercedes
    Yeah Mercedes 4 days ago

    He's a big lost in politics. A politician with dignity.

  • Linda Withem
    Linda Withem 4 days ago

    Jason is a true Patriot, love him and wish him well...

  • Joe Sam
    Joe Sam 4 days ago

    take a hike you stupid knot head , you talk an say nothing .OLD VET

  • StriKe jk
    StriKe jk 6 days ago

    All these months this guy got praised for his investigations and his work for the public. He earned your trust. Now that he resigns and tells you why, you suddenly all turn against him because what he tells you is not what you wanna hear. Sorry but that is delusional, but you won't listen to me anyway. The only one you listen to is yourself, so ask yourself this simple question: What has he done that you lost your trust in him? Nothing? Yeah, now think about it. You rather believe in purposely spread rumors from people you don't know or trust than the guy you trusted and believed in, only because you didn't like what he said.

  • & J
    & J 6 days ago

    I really hate to see you go! you made an impact on so many people! we need more people like you.

  • Snafuski
    Snafuski 6 days ago

    Trump is an old pair of socks next to th Armani suit of Obama. Fuck Chaffetz. He's a spieless dipshit.

  • Stephen Hawkins
    Stephen Hawkins 7 days ago

    There is something more going on here, you finally get a chance to do some real good and you quit..? On the people counting on you? And it's actually worse under Trump? Than Obama? Trump STARTED the ball rolling on the Hillary Cases and he is busy with North Korea IF you DID NOT You could have GRACEFULLY STEPPED DOWN instead of crying and bitching the whole way. Just say 'right now I need to be with my family at home... you don't look undernourished to me ? Anymore than Kim-sung-shit of N.Korea does compared to everyone around him eating saw dust.... SO I am calling .....CHICKEN SHIT on you....AND Shame on you too....act like you still got a pair of rocks•

  • Woe to your Ass
    Woe to your Ass 7 days ago

    This guy is being misled and probably paid and threatened by the Nazis.  I bet they did.  He is a coward and not like Trey Gowdy.  He is being controlled.

  • beth98362 R
    beth98362 R 7 days ago

    Hes our next president!

  • Revolution4Evolution

    For MANY years Congress has been a paper tiger, they have NO TEETH whatsoever. American hasn't had three "functioning" branches of government for a VERY LONG time. Our Republic has been hijacked by BIG MONEY (Bankster Elites, Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc) and the Executive branch is truly the ONLY functioning branch that remains and it controls the judicial branch, and it circumvents the legislative branch, period. This is NOT a free republic, this is EXACTLY what we fought against to win our independence, this is an Imperial Dictatorship that PRETENDS to be a republic, and the surfs are told what to think and how to feel by a state-programmed media. Thinking otherwise is simply not "thinking" at all, or not observing what happens DAILY in Washington, DC. The American people are the most complacent, indifferent and unthinking people on this planet and we WILL pay for that and for allowing such malfeasance in our name and with our money. The people DESERVE this for not having a spine and functioning brain. I suspect this has been in motion since exactly 1913 when Woodrow Wilson opened our gates to the private banking cartels that Andrew Jackson fought to get rid of from this country... Wilson, the absolute STUPIDEST Princeton professor EVER. Look at us now, the top news stories are ISSUED from the White House, not from REAL news sources! You will think and feel how you are PROGRAMED to think and feel, and that's why it's called TV Programming/Programs, but you still can't figure it out. Thank Monsanto for all the aspartic acid you drink in your diet colas, and thank Alcoa aluminum for all that sodium fluoride you ingest (just like Hitler fed the people to keep them docile). Chaffetz recognized that this is a NO HOPE situation because the PEOPLE won't stand and demand change, so therefore the serf-masters will continue to plunder the wealth of the people and destroy other people around the world as they see fit. Chaffetz knew it and Trey Gowdy will grow tired of the lost cause as well. Spineless pussy citizenry deserve no heroes, only extinction by their own hand, and it WILL come.

  • Nasrudin Abdi
    Nasrudin Abdi 8 days ago

    He gave hard time to Obama over useless things.

  • Chalice Guard
    Chalice Guard 8 days ago

    Sadly, it appears that Chaffetz' high-minded goals to drain the swamp, expose corruption, and make sweeping changes in DC were met with overwhelming opposition or disinterest. Will require great political will by more than one man to do this. The American people must be involved by removing and replacing entrenched career politicians with those who have the moral courage to effectively make necessary changes to the bureaucratic swamp.

  • Murcia Rico
    Murcia Rico 8 days ago

    Beautiful family deep state only the power if God's hand will do wise move his young life and family to enjoy .

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 9000 9 days ago

    Six months with a businessman who is being viciously attacked by the media & the washington deepstate that is fishing for a to have him impeached. Too soon Jason. America needs good honest people like you. I wonder why there aren't open lines between Congress, Justice & the Pres to address problems Mr. Chaffetz talked about.

  • TheReal TayTay
    TheReal TayTay 10 days ago

    Can't squeeze blood from a turnip. A Hillary State Dept IT worker said he bashed the hard drive with a hammer. What's Chaffetz wanting? A flattened HD that maybe used to be Hillary's? Does he think any of the other departments left all their records behind?? Across the board everything department was bleached..he knows that..don't know why he's act like Trump Admin is holding back on him. It's a catch 22 on firing and hiring new heads of department. They have to be OKed by the Senate and the Senate is doing everything within it's power to unseat Trump and wouldn't let him hire anyone outside of the bare necessities that the media calls them out on. I don't care if it's 100 Republicans, the Senate isn't paid by Trump. They are paid by the special interest and Trump is trying to change something in a couple of months that's been going on for decades. Jason's right about Congress and Senate though, they are useless. The only way to get anything done in DC is to sue in a court with a judge who sides with you all the way up the line to the Supreme Court, but that's like getting 4 cherries in a row on a jackpot machine. I maybe off if any of the departments said, yes we have those, but no Jason you can't have them..maybe that's the case..I don't know

  • Just Me
    Just Me 11 days ago

    Jason and trey and their families should get top notch protection.
    The taxes would be better spent on that and let them drain the swamp.
    I'm sure there's enough people that would back that, they just need to tell us straight.
    Storm the castle!!! 👨🏻‍⚖️

  • Alameda Jon
    Alameda Jon 12 days ago

    wtf is that my bitcoin wallet is.... what is a bitcoin. Mox news, not fox news. I like the content of this video but that's everywhere. Good luck collecting on the news broadcast. isn't that illegal?

  • Darla palmberg
    Darla palmberg 14 days ago


  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres 16 days ago

    Fist was Obama Mafia-administration,..then THE SWAMP THAT OBAMA LEFT that made very difficult to make changes. The republicans that unfortunately didn't collaborate to the new administration didn't help President Trump to drain the swamp as soon as he would like to do it. BUT GOD WILL HELP AMERICA. Even when ppl gives up.. GOD WON'T Keep praying patriots.

  • Geri Hayes
    Geri Hayes 16 days ago

    Jumping ship before you get pushed maybe?

  • Sidi Mohamed Ebnou
    Sidi Mohamed Ebnou 17 days ago

    Good man

  • amaezed one
    amaezed one 18 days ago

    Click Bait Alert. Heading should read: "Chaffetz Says Current Administration Stonewalled By Democrats And Some Republicans (essentially The Globalist Elite)

  • Z 2
    Z 2 18 days ago

    You're no saint either. You're worse than two of them. Are you still going after Hillary Clinton? How much money did you waste trying to go after her. You suck

  • Walter Kiel
    Walter Kiel 22 days ago

    Jason Chaffetz makes a good argument regarding the *D.C. Swamp.* His resignation is really just a diversion, though.
    Chaffetz didn't have any problem with his lifestyle until he realized that his power was superficial and he really isn't *SAFE.*

  • Dribrom Sunrock
    Dribrom Sunrock 22 days ago

    Compared to Traitor Trump Obama was the second coming of Jesus Christ.

  • April
    April 23 days ago

    allllllllllll the blackmail.

  • Le Trebuchet
    Le Trebuchet 24 days ago

    I'm surprised that Chaffetz seems so naive as to have expected that the minute Trump took office all the "floodgates" would immediately burst open and the countless documents the Obama Administration refused to furnish would come bursting out for his committee and others to revel in. He seems oblivious to the fact that "cleaning the swamp" has had to take a back seat to Trump's Number One Priority: Serving the American People and Making America Great Again, both of which he has been in high gear doing and producing countless and unprecedented results. "The Swamp" has had to sit and fester a bit longer because it has not been and will not be easy to root out The Dark State whose spies keep throwing monkey wrenches into everything he tries to do politically. C'mon, Jason, give the guy a break: your frustrations aren't nearly as great or important than those of this country's citizens.

  • bobby fox
    bobby fox 25 days ago


  • Kaleb Berger
    Kaleb Berger 27 days ago

    can he be our next president?

  • James Gilliam
    James Gilliam 28 days ago

    These people have broke bread with the Devil, thought that their lies would not find them out and now the ax will fall on all of these so call deplorables Jack asses, the have done a disservice to all Americans, Our Country, and our children by using there Ungodly satanic agenda to plot and scheme and steal from God and the people. They are cursed with a curse for all who do every manner of wickedness and have grave yards of blood on there dirty hand and nasty feet. Karma train is coming for all of them fast. All aboard it will be packed with demonrats, libral, capitol hill.

  • sina mumuta
    sina mumuta 28 days ago

    Jason is right family always not just 6 hours us every time and that is a plan family are forever,and he was a good service man is a big lost God bless

  • agvoerdict
    agvoerdict 29 days ago

    Congressman Chaffetzhit has his head in his rectum.

  • Michael McSherry
    Michael McSherry 29 days ago

    Chaffetz needs to be kicked out

  • Mimi P
    Mimi P 29 days ago


  • LEE Phi knee
    LEE Phi knee Month ago

    good call quitting your job bro.

  • Neil Salmon
    Neil Salmon Month ago

    Jason Chaffetz see's the writing on the wall , time to get out now before it's too late . He will now pend his time preparing for the collapse of this system which will fall under the weight of this giant pyramid scheme in the federal reserve , the complete corruption of the American government , republicans and democrats , makes no difference with no justice left in America , get out now and protect yourself and your family , prepare for the worst .

  • ian clark
    ian clark Month ago

    he didn't want to commit suicide

  • Kpex2016
    Kpex2016 Month ago

    I don't blame him one bit. I think he is a great man and we're going to crash. Fire all them assholes. Trey Will be next. So he's sick of the horse shit..

  • HAI
    HAI Month ago

    JC oh JC. If you can't fight them.. please don't join them ok.. Cheers!

  • Salena Truthteller
    Salena Truthteller Month ago

    Losing this man is a terrible loss. Him and Trey Goudy are the only two people I respect. Hurry up and drain the swamp Pres. Trump before we lose more.

  • lulem400
    lulem400 Month ago

    Money is a helluva a drug... YOU GET 50 million to just pack up and leave...

    Through tears, I'd humbly leave too.

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson Month ago


  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith Month ago

    The guy ran into a brick wall and the tools he was given could not break through it. Once he realised it there was no point in going on. It is a never ending dead end. But this is to be expected from a 2 party system controlled by same elitist group of self entitled secretive dark operatives who need to hide their crimes and protect their inner circle. He has at least brought the extent of the corruption to the forefront for not only the American ppl but for the world to see. Now it is up to the American ppl to do something about it. The only way I see to change it is for the present government on both sides of the aisle to be removed and the election process to be changed. I hope that the American ppl have the courage to take them all down and put an end to this corruption for it is affecting the world that we all live in.

  • Dez Povey
    Dez Povey Month ago


  • Dez Povey
    Dez Povey Month ago


  • Dez Povey
    Dez Povey Month ago


  • Kowon Kook
    Kowon Kook Month ago

    Chaffetz looks like the front desk agent from Home Alone 2

  • Kody Loveday
    Kody Loveday Month ago

    i think it come down too, he had to face the fact politics r all in someones pocket!!!!! after the power shift nothing got done to fix the problems we r having n America!!! so he out grow there bs not surprised!!!good man and good men never give up on the fight just regroup live free or DH

  • Danny DD
    Danny DD Month ago

    Chaffetz part of the swamp..... more to follow.....

  • Alexander Blair
    Alexander Blair Month ago +1

    Seal Team 6 Mr Chaffetz you are scum

  • I love this world
    I love this world Month ago

    I have always respected Chaffetz, I am sad to hear what he says. There seem to be conspiracy behind conspiracy.

  • L B
    L B Month ago

    It's not Trumps fault it's that DAMN SWAMP!!!!!

  • Fit Bit
    Fit Bit Month ago

    My research shows the same. In many ways the Trump Administration is worse, esp in the DOJ. Sessions is doing things against Trump that Lynch/Holder didn't even do. Hang in there Chaffetz.

  • Zango Vu
    Zango Vu Month ago

    He's decision is out of frustration. Seeing no change when you try to enforce rules and people just ignore it and don't care, I bet that is a very discouraging to be a part of. Hey at least he tried.

  • Gary Gagnon
    Gary Gagnon Month ago

    YAa you need better than BS

  • Gary Gagnon
    Gary Gagnon Month ago

    So heavey they are breaking the law use military clean them out

  • Fiona Lewis
    Fiona Lewis Month ago

    Wow, I believe what he's saying, and it makes me sick to hear it, but hey, I don't blame him for quitting... he has knocked himself out to get clinton, obbuma, lynch and others to take responsibility for what they've done, and nothing. It's not his fault... He's done what he can. His family is more important than this!

  • Nova Noise
    Nova Noise Month ago

    perhaps the documents are classified, and certain deals made that, if found out, would undermine our function. who knows?

  • Annie M
    Annie M Month ago

    Now to get rid of the jerk Gowdy. Ignorant sob.
    And the Turtle, time for him to retire.

  • skylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders

    a dog with no teeth comes to mind,A great guy totally frustrated by the gangsters and banksters around him, i just hope Trey holds out a bit better.

  • SinisterSkip
    SinisterSkip Month ago

    Man, he works double-full time and basically had no family life. Shit's hard man. I can understand he stopped. Maybe there's other reasons sure. I can still understand he'd want an ACTUAL life.

  • Hammern28
    Hammern28 Month ago

    I think that... some of the people in the Rep party, close to Trump, are trapped in what they have to do, compared to what they would like to do. Smart move, to get off this before it completely blows up in his face.

  • David Patton
    David Patton Month ago

    Thanks for what good you did for the country, Jason. Your statement about Trump and Obama being identical twins make me grateful that you left Washington, D.C.

  • M B
    M B Month ago

    Mr congressman you never give current administration a chance. You resigned short few months when he became a president! Obama administration are still an employee cause it's a slow process to replace people. You are part of the swamp. who bought you? Hillary? hmmmm

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez Month ago

    We all are bombarded by propaganda, I base my decisions on which candidate is best aligned with the government mindset that I value. less government programs, less taxes. i look at results not media "reports", media has an agenda. so, I don't just go with the majority of reports....i do not care for the Democratic platform but I did TRUST slick willy when he looked in the camera and said " I did not have sexual relations with that woman". you can't trust a politician, nor the media. but you can trust the results. stock market is up, consumer confidence is up, employment is up, will it crash, yes, it is inevitable the question is, how will it rebound once it does. are you going to believe the media? is their agenda to help the consumer confidence? or do what they can to bury President Trump. just because the msm reports the same thing doest mean it's true. the recent results proves that.

  • sunfishdana
    sunfishdana Month ago

    He seems to be a good man wanting to stay in the fight but its gotten him nowhere. He was wasting his time and frankly i would have done the same thing. The corruption has a strangle hold in our government. If you play along you are rewarded handsomely, you try to fight and hold people accountable then they make your like hell.

  • SnowBoarder SLC
    SnowBoarder SLC Month ago


  • Elizabeth Andrew
    Elizabeth Andrew Month ago

    I totally get what this man is saying. There is only one political party. Since Obama has left office the new Administration is still not releasing the documents that they have the right to see. That goes to show there's something really bad going on in the American government. Basically he knows darn well it's just a waste of their time, they are not going to cooperate. And he's going to go round and round for nothing. In fact with the Republicans controlling everything and all the proof they have at all these people in the Democrat Party and the garbage, they've done nothing about it. Which goes to show they're all on one side together.

  • Paul Pennisi
    Paul Pennisi Month ago

    God's speed Mr. Chaffetz.  Enjoy your family.

  • Savage Savant
    Savage Savant Month ago

    According to what I heard on FOX news, he's retiring to become a "contributor"!

  • Steve Dmytrusz
    Steve Dmytrusz Month ago

    I want to believe him... and everything he has said is probably true- but I feel what he is •not• saying- is what the problem is. There is more to his leaving than what we are being told...

  • Oleta Payne
    Oleta Payne Month ago

    Trump will come through but needs some time. I think in most cases he doesn't just take everybody's word. He waits and then strikes... hopefully things will hopefully change.

  • Mary Jo Foston
    Mary Jo Foston Month ago

    Americans should wake up, nothing has changed!!!! However, our President cannot undo decades of corruption in 7 months either!!!!

  • Liz Johnson
    Liz Johnson Month ago +1

    Why are the powers that be preventing this man from doing his job, he needs the documents on crooked killary and all those who are involved so people can be made accountable and go to jail, Hakim round the block would go in for much less

  • sameullam
    sameullam Month ago

    I would kill myself to seriously work for years as "congress supposedly shaping a country " and not be provided a piece of paper from some agency that was created by congressmen before me... yeah that sucks.

  • John Hasse
    John Hasse Month ago

    Why did you not already know this? It is called the 'deep state'.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    go spend time with your family and forget about that 50 dollar cott. you deserve better jason! thank you for putting up with that crap for us American citizens.

  • Cedric Billingsley
    Cedric Billingsley Month ago

    absolutely disheartening to hear. Thank you for your time and devotion, Jason and Julie Chaffetz!

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago +1

    I hate to see Jason go, (he and Gowdy are awesome!) but after seeing this video, I do understand, and I can't blame him! I know his family will be happy to have him home!
    Thank you for all you've done Jason! God Bless!!!

    FUCKTHESYSTEM70 Month ago

    Aww poor baby

  • aj l
    aj l Month ago

    say hello to everyone in Utah Skippy.

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    He found out with out a doubt he is surrounded by swamp creatures.

  • crosseyedbandit
    crosseyedbandit Month ago

    High profile pedo rings I think...

  • Kamala 88
    Kamala 88 Month ago

    JC is full of shit

  • Anton Monteleonus
    Anton Monteleonus Month ago +1

    Classic "If you can't handle the heat , get out of the kitchen ". That pretty well sums it up ! So close yet so far , he sees no hope !

  • Patriot Plumber
    Patriot Plumber Month ago

    Paul Ryan, was like OK I'll call off the threats.

  • Geza Horvath
    Geza Horvath Month ago

    I had watched countless you-tube clips from him, he never ever put anybody in jail!  Explain that to me Mr. Congressman.

  • ohhhdear
    ohhhdear Month ago

    Jason is a fraud. He covered up Extortion17. Shame on him.

  • MOODY V.
    MOODY V. Month ago

    Trump do what you promised all Americans when you where running for this fucked up country hand in all the proof what all these bastards have done to this country you are know better than the other bastards who did the crime all your doing is protecting the rich and make the poor pay more and not putting these bastards in prison like they should be I'm starting to really think you should be in prison too

    ART WILMETH Month ago +1

    Hey Chaffezts do you really think the deep state will allow release of any incriminating documents You are the one that's is delusional.

  • Thefuzzy0101
    Thefuzzy0101 Month ago

    what did he do his time in Congress nothing all talk no action and this was before trump was in

  • robert McCabe
    robert McCabe Month ago

    Hi Mr.Zolna and Happy Fourth of July,I never trusted this guy as he was always investigating and going nowhere,it seems I read a story where he was going to Fox News should this be true and I believe it is he is tainted goods and perhaps even here laying the groundwork for that job and as we see in all media the job is to get President Trump.

  • Brent Mcfadden
    Brent Mcfadden Month ago

    6months in for Trump ? Ain't the full story somethings up?

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper Month ago

    I think Chaffetz is wise to remove himself from the den of iniquity. It would be different if he was allowed to do his job, but it's obvious to me that the deep state and the NWO cabal will NEVER allow anyone in his position to do the job necessary to drain the swamp and prosecute some very dangerous criminals in our government.

  • jccg1965
    jccg1965 Month ago


  • jccg1965
    jccg1965 Month ago

    I used to like him but jusy cowards run away when problems comes. He can not compare 5 month of Trump with a disastrous 96 months of obama.
    Sorry but you are a big cowards. Real men stay and fight for their people until the end... SO DISAPPOINTED. A total disgrace for Utah...

  • Ramon E Alvarez
    Ramon E Alvarez Month ago

    well... we lost a good one out of lack of confidence in our DOJ... this is not good.... we need some of the swamp to start paying for their crimes...

  • MOODY V.
    MOODY V. Month ago

    jason chaffetz you will be mist very much but I do understand why you want a change family is more important and then the fucked up law in this country is sick that alone is enuff to get fed up with it you just fight a loosing battle I wish the very best for you and your family you are a great man

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