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  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson Month ago

    Well....Simple 'Do NOT' Vote for him, next election! Vote him out!

    JILL BECKER 3 months ago

    Dumb libtard question.

  • Jerr Spud
    Jerr Spud 3 months ago

    where's the rest?

  • ZeeStranjelz
    ZeeStranjelz 3 months ago +1

    Use to make 80,000 a year w/ great coverage & now make less than a third of that after the plant closed...& Obamacare is the only reason I'm alive today...& As I won't take on issues I'm only somewhat well versed in...all I have to say is, "Thank you, Obama", from Me!!!

  • Judith Wilke
    Judith Wilke 3 months ago

    omg Labrador is so ignorant or he's evil it's one or the other -it's indefensible that this man serves in congress come on people don't vote people like this in office-we are shooting ourselves in the foot here unless you are the top 1% then i suppose it makes sense to have this man in office for you

  • tehd3thst4r
    tehd3thst4r 3 months ago

    Oh man... Dude, your political career is over.

  • Monk3y AndMe
    Monk3y AndMe 3 months ago +1

    If by "nobody" you mean my grandmother, you can go to hell. You will see me in 2018 for the peoples repeal and replace!

  • Carole Wilkins
    Carole Wilkins 3 months ago

    He really doesn't give damn for his people dies he. Again nobody dies remark

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull 3 months ago

    This is nothing but a huge tax give to the rich.

  • sakor88
    sakor88 3 months ago

    Hey you idiot, nobody dies if they are not able to breath, they die for the lack of oxygen. You can use that argument next time you dimwit.

  • Jesse
    Jesse 3 months ago

    An the gist of the explanations given about AHCA:
    "There will be better healthcare which will actually be more affordable than Obamacare."
    "I just told you, OUR plan makes healthcare more affordable- less expensive if you will- while actually improving the quality of healthcare delivered. What is so difficult to understand? We are going to improve healthcare and reduce the cost. Get it? Do you NOT want that to happen? The way YOU PEOPLE are questioning, and quite frankly- attacking me, indicates you are AGAINST better cheaper healthcare which is our stated goals for healthcare reform. If it doesn't end up better and cheaper, all those who are not giving this plan their full support will be to blame!"

  • Ken Anderson
    Ken Anderson 3 months ago +3

    People do die because of lack of healthcare. Relying on ER visits doesn't cut it. Estimate of lack of health care deaths were at around 45K before Obamacare. news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2009/09/new-study-finds-45000-deaths-annually-linked-to-lack-of-health-coverage/
    Also, lack of health care results in a poor quality of life and higher costs on the economy.

      JILL BECKER 3 months ago

      Nobody can be denied health care at a hospital.

  • B. Kelley
    B. Kelley 3 months ago +5

    Labrador repeats the party line of "better healthcare with less cost" and, rightly so, the audience responds with "How?" . But Congress doesn't know or they hope that repeating it over and over again will convince everyone of something that isn't true.

  • Victoria Tenorio
    Victoria Tenorio 3 months ago +2


  • Simmy the God Simmy
    Simmy the God Simmy 3 months ago +3

    Everybody in America can get lifesaving healthcare at anytime.

      JILL BECKER 3 months ago

      They cant deny anyone at hospital. Its the law.

      JILL BECKER 3 months ago


    • Beth
      Beth 3 months ago

      Do they treat cancer in the ER?
      Will they give live saving medicines like epi pens and insulin (which the cost of both have increased exponentially each yr) in the ER?
      Yes-- amazing we have an ER legally bound to treat but the cost is exorbitant and most cannot pay thousands of dollars for treatment and wind up in debt.

    • iateyourgranny
      iateyourgranny 3 months ago

      The key word being "emergency". Did you even listen to what the woman said? Better to treat early when it's cheaper and more likely to save you, and not an emergency yet. Not to mention a lot of life-saving treatments require long-term care and medication. How're you going to pay for that after you're hit with the ER bill?

    • snow76creek
      snow76creek 3 months ago

      Simmy the God Simmy By law the ER is not allowed to reject patients, the cost is still absurd and that's the issue.

  • Beth
    Beth 3 months ago +28

    Mr Labrador.
    Recently you stated that nobody dies from lack of access to Healthcare. My mom did. She was someone ... she wasn't Nobody.
    She was a single mom, 4 kids, no welfare, worked 40-60 hours a week and couldn't afford health insurance. She died at age 50.

    I am not sure you realize we are the only first world nation to not have Universal Healthcare and that our Healthcare is a private for profit model, meaning, even with access and insurance, people die because treating them is not profitable.
    I hope you look at your position deeply. And treat your constituents as if they were your family, you are their advocate in Congress. You should be an ally not out of touch.

      JILL BECKER 3 months ago

      Wrong. Anybody can go to an ER Any Time. Nobody gets denied treatment at a hospital, so your story is false.

    • Beth
      Beth 3 months ago

      Thank you--- I am still hoping that his supporters are just ill informed--
      I know I have no problem paying more taxes or having Single Payer Health INsurance so my neighbor doesn't die, go bankrupt, and/or lose his house--- Beyond being a decent person it doesn't make sense to allow people to go uninsured or chronically ill. How do Conservatives think that economic stability is good for the nation, their State, or their District. Their 'owners/donors" have expectations from all the donations. Labrador is simply doing what he was paid to do by his donors, because as illustrated by this town hall , he is out of touch and is not working for a Greater Good. And if he isnt there for the People and a Greater Goal... .whose agenda is he fulfilling?

    • sakor88
      sakor88 3 months ago

      +Beth I am so sorry for you. For these people who voted for "Trumpcare" your mom and you are nobodies. They get their own tax cuts and it is worth more to them than lives of the people who they are meant to govern.

  • Fred B. Mullett
    Fred B. Mullett 3 months ago +2

    Ideological differences aside, I feel sorry for this man in that this one insensitive and obvious misstatement has been flogged endlessly as a summation of his position.

    The AHCA is a horrible piece of legislation and deserves to die, but waving this around as an exemplar of it's proponents is a disservice.

    • Tom Joe
      Tom Joe 3 months ago

      +aleta; Umm... "very expense, very low performance and inequitable" -- Wasn't there progressively more and more government intervention in years 2004-14 than the previous years?

      So lets get this straight; every progressive attempt ALREADY made to make it "affordable" has made the result worse and somehow more is gonna make it better?????????????

      Does the word GULLIBLE mean anything to those that hold this opinion based on a media cliche? Funny; Seems it wasn't even a few years ago the ACA was gonna make everything affordable and somehow the bill just keeps getting bigger ( for the few that ACTUALLY pay for it ).

      Next up; Denticare and Denticaide --- Lets see how cheap we can make dental bills too??? --- For some reason I can already see a $4000 seating charge on dental work starting to appear.

    • Fred B. Mullett
      Fred B. Mullett 3 months ago

      Aleta, a downloadable podcast that uses 2013 numbers to bolster your/our position about the US spending MORE public (tax) dollars than the named other countries and getting way, way less in terms of overall health. (2013 was pre-ACA.) A truly enlightening listen.

      To rely on the old funding methods of healthcare with worse outcomes means wasted money.


    • aleta weaver
      aleta weaver 3 months ago

      US ranked worst 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2010, 2014...very expense, very low performance and inequitable. The main reason for it to be so expensive and inaccessible to a large and growing part of lower income Americans, is the fact that it isn’t considered a common and necessary welfare. A single payer system, Medicare for ALL, is the most cost-conservative system, while also providing a means to reduce the federal deficit over time.

    • Tom Joe
      Tom Joe 3 months ago

      +aleta; You do realize the AHCA doesn't change any ACA Medicare standards right? You also realize that Medicare and Medicaid ( which you probably meant to say ) directly pays absurd priced bills (the "greedy") in the Medical market right? Or maybe you believe its JUST the insurance companies that are crazy expensive and to that I'd say that you've never seen a hospital bill before. And that would be the problem. When its someone ELSE'S money; who's gonna care HOW MUCH it is?

    • aleta weaver
      aleta weaver 3 months ago

      No the solution is to get the greedy insurance companies out of the way! Medicare for ALL!!

  • Tom Joe
    Tom Joe 3 months ago

    Keep up the the good fight Representative Labrador; We are very pleased with your work.

    LIMITED FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is what its all about. The Constitution NEVER granted the federal government the duty of healthcare in the U.S. and having the federal level try to address these entitle-me issues just makes a bad situation worse.

    Thank you so much for the outstanding and Constitutional work you've fought for.

      JILL BECKER 3 months ago

      anyone can go to ER

    • Tom Joe
      Tom Joe 3 months ago

      "Studies confirm per capita expenditure drops, and drops significantly, in socialized care." -- Socialized care like socialized education ( which according to "studies" ) has risen 1120% in 30-years. Or perhaps socialized building and planning - sure housing has gotten cheaper right???

      I'd have to disagree with the "studies" by proof of the past. While some countries may have significantly lower cost to medical care; they also do not have 18-blood sucking federal regulatory agencies monitoring them. And by point of fact the ACA didn't afford anything as prices went up; not down.

      You have to ask yourself; Why am I not in the medical field if its making SOOOOOO much money - and what is stopping you from competing with these absurd prices? I think you'll find your answer in government intervention and socialized regulations.


    • Beth
      Beth 3 months ago

      Hm-- access or no access--- maybe do an informal poll and find out how many have 'access' and can afford to purchase health insurance that may or may not treat them when they need it. ??

      Studies confirm per capita expenditure drops, and drops significantly, in socialized care. Some of the numerous reasons include lower ER visits, preventative care, and one large, powerful negotiator with drug companies. Directly or indirectly, Americans are paying more for healthcare without a single payer system. Also, the intangible benefits of a healthy populace, secure in the fact that a broken bone won't bankrupt them, alters the workforce and improves quality of life; and that includes you and your family.

    • Tom Joe
      Tom Joe 3 months ago

      Well since we aren't in the same fix as Syria or Libya - sounds like we are doing pretty okay. But be careful what you wish for; Perhaps its not all green grass as many "Universal Healthcare" countries have found out. Just look at Mexico - their Constitution is almost identical to our EXCEPT guaranteeing citizens healthcare and housing standards. They don't seem to realize these "standards" cannot be handed out by the government because the government doesn't create them.

    • Beth
      Beth 3 months ago

      Guess where we rank in Health Care of developed nations?
      Syria and Libya had Universal Healthcare before we bombed them.
      We are the only developed nation without it--- HOw does that impact all citizens, our economic stability...

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