Puke Egg Challenge! YUCK!

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    In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew find a gigantic Emu egg and decide to make a super sized breakfast!

    Not only does this huge egg look like it came from a dinosaur but it is the equivalent to 1 dozen chicken eggs. So hopefully Coyote and the crew brought their appetite!

    Oh and in case that wasn’t enough, director Mark found some surprise “dessert” eggs that he’s sure will throw the meal for a twist…

    Get ready to see the Puke Egg Challenge!

    Big thanks to Robert Is Here Fruit Stand for helping make this video possible. Make sure to stop by and have a shake if you’re ever in South Florida!
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  • Pyro1456 Gaming
    Pyro1456 Gaming 2 hours ago

    T H I C C

  • netweed09
    netweed09 Day ago

    omg, if the Emu egg was actually puke-grade and he puked with those glasses on,,,,,,

  • netweed09
    netweed09 Day ago

    his puke and gag sound are honestly the funniest ever,, still in stitches hahahaaahahaha

  • TheMaskedYoutuberYT

    Wth was that "Yeaaess" at (1:02) Keep your volume high to hear it?

  • Vince Santos
    Vince Santos Day ago

    Coyote: Well, let's go make an Emu Omlette

    Emu: What the hell did you just say?!

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung Day ago +1

    who ever unlick coyote video your moms a freack

  • Iceman
    Iceman 2 days ago


  • AyoItzJosh
    AyoItzJosh 3 days ago +1

    HowToBasic must be triggered about this video

  • KKfoxDj
    KKfoxDj 3 days ago

    i hate Salt and vinegar chips :T

  • Mia games and more
    Mia games and more 3 days ago

    You sound like a Dino when you gag

  • Mia games and more
    Mia games and more 3 days ago

    It looks like a mango

  • Arlana Loving
    Arlana Loving 4 days ago

    I love putting cheese on my eggs it just tastes better

  • Kagamine Rianne
    Kagamine Rianne 4 days ago

    TRY ON BALUT, if you want too :O

  • naomi Xing Ying
    naomi Xing Ying 4 days ago

    he is a puking dinosour

  • Norlona Carpenter
    Norlona Carpenter 4 days ago


  • madison skelton-mott

    What the

  • karmabear Green
    karmabear Green 5 days ago


  • Cassie Jones
    Cassie Jones 5 days ago


  • Lemon Juice
    Lemon Juice 5 days ago

    5:59 I dint expect salt bae coming

  • Zachary Muller
    Zachary Muller 5 days ago

    What's with Americans pronouncing it emoo, it is more like emew

  • Kitty Queen
    Kitty Queen 5 days ago

    New series: cooking with coyote

  • Kurby Flurby
    Kurby Flurby 7 days ago +1

    ''Wow it is *T H I C C*''

  • Lexus O0O
    Lexus O0O 7 days ago

    Oh my god the cameras they carry are massive

  • Super Angel1231
    Super Angel1231 7 days ago

    I like pickled eggs

  • ronald deang
    ronald deang 8 days ago

    SALT BAE!!!!!!!

  • Ethan Schwarz
    Ethan Schwarz 8 days ago

    3:55 when you find out your gf went out with someone else

  • Breanna Thompson
    Breanna Thompson 8 days ago

    Who doesn't like pickled egg they tastes soooo good

  • Love & Success Follows Me

    Those eggs looked good. Just need some homemade blueberry waffles and some bacon.... So good.

  • Mellon Walker Movies

    i like pickled eggs they are pretty popular in UK fish and chip shops :)

  • Felix K
    Felix K 9 days ago


  • beamer
    beamer 10 days ago

    i dont like pickled eggs but there not that bad

  • desno 505
    desno 505 10 days ago


  • Crazy Asian
    Crazy Asian 10 days ago

    Mark says everything's good for him

  • arioch kaleem
    arioch kaleem 10 days ago

    What a prank

  • Itz Jack
    Itz Jack 11 days ago

    Scrambled eggs FTW

  • Peaches Hamster Channel

    Has anyone seen the YouTube poop for this? I love it XD

  • Trang Pham Thien
    Trang Pham Thien 11 days ago

    Salt bae coyote lmao

  • Chris_gaming hi
    Chris_gaming hi 12 days ago

    The puke fruit can be good or bad

  • Mlg Eric
    Mlg Eric 12 days ago

    Brave wildness coyote you should do a prank on Mario I would look at that video for sure

  • Mikey Rast
    Mikey Rast 12 days ago

    My dad and uncle actually love pickle eggs. My grandmother makes them homeade. I don't eat them though

  • RaBe Rizeboy
    RaBe Rizeboy 12 days ago

    7:15 how mother birds feed there kids

  • Xx Kid GamerxX
    Xx Kid GamerxX 12 days ago

    Mark: mari-O!
    umm you mean that all game that mario has a portla gun?

  • mrlemongaming lemoninc

    Coyote you should make a second channel called coyotes kitchen where you make food and show how you prepare some foods

  • TheRareTiger
    TheRareTiger 13 days ago

    Mark: "nonono we can't end the scene here!"
    Coyote: "Why?"
    Mark: "The video isn't 10 minutes!"
    Coyote: "Oh.. well what should we do?"
    Mark "I got just the idea."

  • Droid 18 Alpha
    Droid 18 Alpha 13 days ago

    whenever ether mark or Mario touch or feel something, or eat something "OH WOW!

  • chinyere Duru
    chinyere Duru 13 days ago

    i ded

  • Xavier Holcomb
    Xavier Holcomb 13 days ago

    He did not do salt bae

  • rain reach
    rain reach 13 days ago

    I ate one before it's good

  • Pitbull Master
    Pitbull Master 13 days ago

    Wuss I eat pickled eggs and there good I eat them with Pepsi there really good

  • Colton Hargrove
    Colton Hargrove 13 days ago

    Pickeled eggs at dalicius

  • FishN Chips
    FishN Chips 13 days ago +1


  • Tristan Bernek
    Tristan Bernek 13 days ago

    It's a Aboriginal tradition to have a emu egg raw, make your Aboriginal viewers be happy

  • Tristan Bernek
    Tristan Bernek 13 days ago

    Why are Australian Emu eggs in south Florida?

  • Jezette Manaloto
    Jezette Manaloto 13 days ago

    Right when coyote took a bite into the puke egg there was and ad know I don't know what happened

  • Enjoy It4Ever
    Enjoy It4Ever 14 days ago +1

    So many people say dinosaurs are extinct but they one could be looking at them

  • Korie Riebel
    Korie Riebel 14 days ago

    I go to Walmart

  • Link703 The Hero of Games

    Poor Coyote. But now I want an emu egg.

  • Aislyn Traweek
    Aislyn Traweek 15 days ago

    i met an emu one time....

    trust me, they'r *NOT PLEASANT...*

  • Kyle Bone
    Kyle Bone 15 days ago

    Aren't Emoos exstintct? Like dinosaur?

  • Bori Torres
    Bori Torres 15 days ago +1


  • CrazyHorse GYT
    CrazyHorse GYT 15 days ago

    Who's the guy in the hat for the first few minutes?

  • Cody Stevenson
    Cody Stevenson 15 days ago

    It's pronounced 'e mu not emoo

  • Joker 102
    Joker 102 15 days ago

    God I just hate the crew there so mean

    LEXY WHITE 15 days ago

    Wait your going to eat an emu egg? That's sad

  • William Armstrong
    William Armstrong 15 days ago

    homemade pickled eggs are delicious!

  • The gaming lion 123
    The gaming lion 123 15 days ago

    Wats wierd that the day I watched this vid I learned to make eggs

  • Michael Sancen
    Michael Sancen 16 days ago

    That dagusting

  • Audio queen
    Audio queen 16 days ago

    i love pickled eggs

  • Your Neighbor
    Your Neighbor 16 days ago

    Mario: (Spits all over Mark)
    Mark: Ugh! Mario! Ew!
    Laughed so much.

  • Kasia Branny
    Kasia Branny 16 days ago

    I also love scrambled eggs

  • DeathcraftRemulla /DCXD
    DeathcraftRemulla /DCXD 16 days ago +1

    His tool that he use looks like a butterfly knife or balisong when i saw it in real life i thought it was a balisong but not XD

  • Derpy Wolf
    Derpy Wolf 16 days ago


  • Derpy Wolf
    Derpy Wolf 16 days ago

    What was that

  • Malaysia Boulware
    Malaysia Boulware 16 days ago

    Pickled eggs are actually good lol

  • Avery Villarreal
    Avery Villarreal 17 days ago +1

    I never saw him with that kind of hat

  • Keith Reuter
    Keith Reuter 17 days ago

    I never seen him puke

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 17 days ago

    You are now my favorite YouTuber ever for doing the salt bae thing😂😂

  • kramsmoke
    kramsmoke 17 days ago

    Eat the balut

  • Jake Cruz
    Jake Cruz 17 days ago

    I was trying to gauge the taste buds of the guys on set. After seeing this, I know I do not have the same taste buds. lol.
    I love pickled eggs.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 17 days ago

    Mark and Mario once ruined Coyote great meal again

  • Top_Plays
    Top_Plays 18 days ago

    Yo pickled eggs is really popular in cyprus-greece everybody used to eat them .

  • BrawlingBro
    BrawlingBro 18 days ago

    "Oh that is thicc"

  • Lucy Heartfeelmeah
    Lucy Heartfeelmeah 18 days ago

    They're trolls to Coyote...

  • Zachary Leynard Motea
    Zachary Leynard Motea 18 days ago


  • Ocyona Smith
    Ocyona Smith 18 days ago

    I love pickled eggs

  • Ethan Scott
    Ethan Scott 18 days ago

    I love those chips

  • Zoe McMillion
    Zoe McMillion 18 days ago +1

    My grandma has emus living behind her!!! We have gotten to feed and pet them! They are also fast!!!😂

  • Kiri Cuty
    Kiri Cuty 18 days ago

    It's not funny it's annoying!!!!!!!!! Don't laugh at Cyoty!!!!!!!!!!😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡

  • Kiri Cuty
    Kiri Cuty 18 days ago

    I've puked once and it came though my nose.

  • hanter fahim
    hanter fahim 19 days ago

    Camera man can not hold his laughter

  • Howler369 awesomeness
    Howler369 awesomeness 19 days ago

    I have a super strong stomach the only thing I can't get down without gagging is the puke jellybean from beanboozled

  • Nillymoon07
    Nillymoon07 19 days ago

    he brought out the big guns a caldero lol

  • Mouche MegaFly
    Mouche MegaFly 19 days ago

    Hey guy my name is coyote Peterson and I'm going to enter the bite zone of an egg

  • Xunius Xu
    Xunius Xu 19 days ago

    I came across the "durian fruit" episode and then followed through to the "puke fruit" one then this puke egg, what's wrong with me....

    One observation: whenever someone told you something is "good for your health", watch out!

  • Mr_AceCharles 101
    Mr_AceCharles 101 19 days ago

    Hi I'm Mark and Mario and we are about to enter the puke zone with Coyote Peterson

  • ToyTube TVT
    ToyTube TVT 19 days ago

    I'm guessin that Big John's Pickled Eggs didnt sponsor this video?

    JOJO GAMEZ 19 days ago

    7:08 you friking dinosaur basically this video is hilarious

    JOJO GAMEZ 19 days ago

    5:46 at that moment I was l laughing so hard I choked on my chips

  • Darrell Allen
    Darrell Allen 19 days ago

    Take a picture it'll last longer

  • Lorenzo Medley
    Lorenzo Medley 19 days ago

    I love pickled eggs

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