Trump's Nuclear Plan: It's Funny Because Nothing Matters Anymore

  • Added:  7 months ago
  • By firing all of Obama's appointees to the Nuclear Security Administration, President-Elect Trump is plunging the country into ever-deeper realms of uncertainty.

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Comments: 2 958

  • Ral Deform
    Ral Deform 5 days ago

    Just an FYI americans, if Trump starts a nuclear war, We're alot of people who's coming over there an killing you idiots for voting an asshat like Trump in to office.

  • Bruce Baker
    Bruce Baker 17 days ago

    CBS won't let you see glerps. But HBO will. (Got8: Glerps...are coming.)
    And am I the only one who figures that Donny saying "you're fired" to the two guys required to actually launch the nukes he wants to fire at Nordstrom's (for ditching Ivanka's line of Executive Purses)...or Estonia (cuz at the NATO summit, the premier totally cut in front of him at the hors d'oeuvres table)...and he hasn't rehired to fill their slots? (Or even outsourced the jobs to Cambodia.)

  • Bruce Baker
    Bruce Baker 17 days ago

    How come no one asked Sessions if, in the event Trump is ever suspected of colluding with Nicaragua, the Azores or, oh...say Russia...and (this is all hypothetical after all), Jeff had been a little leprechaun on the wall and had a little collusion infusion himself...would he or would he not recuse himself?

    Trump would've been interested to know that. And he'd have seen it...if the hearing was covered on Fox.

  • Skipper Riddles
    Skipper Riddles 19 days ago

    I always thought it took a special kind of person to use such details to propagate more and more controversy and confusion in our country. The disregard for doing something truly ambitious to eliminate a few of these serious issues; To better protect the people of the united states. ANYONE can make fun of people, ANYONE! You are very quick to point out the short comings of a man who has a passion for reform, make fun of the actions taken. What have you really done Mr. Funny man? It seems you use the working of the system to make money for yourself just as the people you make fun of. They do more than tell jokes, anyone can poke fun. If you are as serious about helping our nation, you have some big changes to make. What is more important Mr. funny man? You making money or the welfare of our country? Honestly, I believe you to be nothing more than a self-important asshole with the belief that all you need is enough money to save YOURSELF. You are a real piece of work. Very, VERY special. Thank you.?

    When YOU INSULT OUR PRESIDENT, you insult us ALL! Fuck you Co-dik head.
    Any other country we would be watching you swing from your neck, or do the headless body flop. Have you ever seen that you piss hole of a human being?

  • Autistic Owl
    Autistic Owl 20 days ago

    more views on vid than subs

  • Kate King
    Kate King 21 day ago

    I love that dude on the piano lol

  • Squarerogue6459 _
    Squarerogue6459 _ 25 days ago


  • Burnin Colours
    Burnin Colours 28 days ago

    Jeff Sessions almost single handedly destroyed the Klan... but hey... Republican...

    Fucking libshits

  • Michael Huang
    Michael Huang Month ago


  • Jeff Werner
    Jeff Werner Month ago

    Nukes in the hands of trump? so while he is pres every time he leaves the country im going where he goes.. just in case

  • Kevin Garrett
    Kevin Garrett Month ago

    The title of this You Tube Video is wrong. It should read. "Nothing Funny Anymore: Colbert, a career in Nuclear Meltdown over Trump." Sad. Colbert used to be funny too. Now he's just bitter. I doubt if his career with survive Trump's eight year term as president.

  • Dracorlock
    Dracorlock Month ago

    this just popped into my head but does anyone think that whoever had to come out and speak for his ass (or any president in general) on many occasions where they have to answer questions on the fuck ups the president is doing are now tired of it all?

  • victormendoza871
    victormendoza871 Month ago

    anybody else think that they are doing that to the nuclear people so that the vodka people can spy or steal?

  • Roxanne Herrick
    Roxanne Herrick Month ago

    sessions sounds like a john grishom story line...

  • Nour Martin
    Nour Martin Month ago

    Guys, holy really please$ a not elsewhere :>

  • SprNtrl ScapeGoat
    SprNtrl ScapeGoat Month ago

    Someone such as his relative should not be in a position of control within the Whitehouse

  • Tommy Ecotec
    Tommy Ecotec Month ago

    hunting old people on a desert island does sound like fun. Can I pick who the victims are?

  • thuzan117
    thuzan117 Month ago

    3:57 Andrew jackson did not send the native americans on the trail of tears, that was his successor. get your facts straight.

  • sarahj6795
    sarahj6795 2 months ago

    I can't believe he has a helmet signed by soybean wind! So cool.

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana 2 months ago

    Grab her by the glurf?

  • cheikh boutaleb
    cheikh boutaleb 2 months ago

    Pretty sure those rabbits use carrots as dildos hahahaha

  • William White
    William White 2 months ago

    Why is that piano guy allowed to talk? He adds nothing.

  • Shaquel Ahem
    Shaquel Ahem 2 months ago

    but Allah's will Iran destroy all infidels fuck murica

  • DayleLight
    DayleLight 2 months ago

    OMG, that double-ended carrot

  • Mckenzie .Latham
    Mckenzie .Latham 2 months ago

    Wow normally you have to pay to see this brand of stupid...damn the trump government is giving the whole world a front row free seat to the sideshow.

  • Scott Blackburn
    Scott Blackburn 2 months ago

    Stephen, please look into how Trump's administration is systematically removing the video of him saying "If I were to run, I'd run as a republican. They're the dumbest group of voters in the country. They love anything on Fox News. I could lie and they'd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.". I saw this video personally now republicans say its a hoax!

  • Ng Jun Xiang
    Ng Jun Xiang 2 months ago


  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 2 months ago

    great work guys

  • Temporary Channel
    Temporary Channel 2 months ago

    Oh crap. I'm the person within my friends that has questionable views but, everyone puts up with. Damn.

  • Raymond Cooke
    Raymond Cooke 2 months ago

    Great show to watch on YouTube!!!

  • Jakob Ramsay
    Jakob Ramsay 2 months ago

    Jesus fuck this whole presidency and all of the sketchy shit going on and trump hiring his unqualified family members as advisors is really starting to scare me

  • Brady McMullan
    Brady McMullan 3 months ago +1

    Colbert recognized Clemson, the best team in college football. Can we talk about that? Lot of conservatives turned on him after the Report, but moments like this are why I stick with him. GO TIGERS!

  • Kuroda Cursus
    Kuroda Cursus 3 months ago +1

    Why is Canada's border so large with the U.S. I kinda wanna dig us away right now.
    Pleas do not drop big bomb on the land of maple syrup.

  • Amiri the Grey
    Amiri the Grey 3 months ago

    Holy fucking fuckity fuck
    How is America not PERPETUALLY on fire

  • T-Rex Chick
    T-Rex Chick 3 months ago

    Stephen, you just ruined good night moon for me forever!

  • Trix M.
    Trix M. 3 months ago

    It's time to ask the age-old question...will it president?

  • adeline
    adeline 3 months ago

    i have become addicted to these trump videos. someone help. it's 3am. i have a final tomorrow.

  • GamerRey
    GamerRey 3 months ago

    I LOVE "Trump tune"!

  • Mike Heinicke
    Mike Heinicke 3 months ago

    Anyone else notice the double ended carrot dildo?!

  • Migdalia Tirado
    Migdalia Tirado 3 months ago

    Iove this guy telling truth about D.T . I am going 2 watch his show every night.

  • Maseofbass
    Maseofbass 3 months ago

    Hey, why the nice but racist and sexist office guy gotta be a red head??

  • Jonah Falcon
    Jonah Falcon 3 months ago +1

    Fox news and Bill gave this man a career for 10 years now Trump will give him more material for 4 years lol.

  • King Savage97
    King Savage97 3 months ago

    7:15 dawg idc if you like or hate trump. No matter who you r you gotta find that funny

  • Izzy Romani
    Izzy Romani 3 months ago

    Yup, the WH is now the official "FUCKED UP BRADY BUNCH"" Baron, up,and coming, will have his first job, polishing the nuke missiles!! And Melania will be Alice the maid!! Polish my knob "Alice"!! Opps, get me one of them blue pills and gimme a half hour first. I am over 70 after all. Never mind, Ivanka can be Alice; we all know his "special love" for his " if she wasn't my daughter, I'd grab her by thenpussy, like I already did when I had to change her diaper once"!!

  • Omar Grimmett
    Omar Grimmett 3 months ago

    Roll tide! Dammit

  • Buck5kinmanx8
    Buck5kinmanx8 3 months ago

    Hilary was still worse than trump, he seemed like the better choice even tho he is a fucking bafoon. I don't think we should lighten up on Hilary becuz her and the dnc are the reason trump was elected. They screwed Bernie cuz he represented the people too much. He is the most popular politician in America. He could've beat trump.

    • Buck5kinmanx8
      Buck5kinmanx8 3 months ago

      But we do seem ver very very very very very very fucked

  • Jean C Alicea
    Jean C Alicea 3 months ago

    It was clearly a Joke.

  • Sheri Patterson
    Sheri Patterson 3 months ago


  • Traveling Baladeer
    Traveling Baladeer 3 months ago

    Slrfed with a dlrf in is glrf....just right up the glrf....
    I died omg

  • Chihiro
    Chihiro 3 months ago

    I will cut Jeff Sessions' FUCKING head off and burn his family alive. I'll beat his fucking parents into pulp with a bat and if they're already dead I'll make him eat their bodies and shove their fucking tombstones up his goddamn ass. I will literally murder this stupid motherfucker. He does not deserve to live. I will make a gorilla rape him to death or have him suck a dogs dick at gunpoint. Make his wife facefuck him with a red hot iron barbed strapon. Make him fucking cannibalize himself. Cut his fucking legs off and beat his fucking head in with them. Explode his fucking dick with a grenade. Microwave him alive. Run him over with a bus. Break his skull open and make him rape himself with his own brain. Break his ribs off and facefuck him with them.

    MURICA MF 4 months ago

    MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! President Trump is one of the best presidents America has ever had. Y'all can keep talking shit but he's doing more than Obama has ever done. "He is not my president" you live in America? He is your president! He will continue doing good, and you liberals will have to deal with it for not four, but eight years.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • ßird
    ßird 4 months ago

    I believe that they should mass fund contraception and permanently making a large mass of the third world population infertile..
    Why bring a child into this world if you cant take care of yourself, little lone another human.
    I know its a fundamental of life to want to spread your seed but the quality of life is cruel and inhuman to bring something into this world that is destine to fail
    .. Also while your at it make convicted paedophiles and rapists infertile too.


  • ernie green
    ernie green 4 months ago

    SC  ...your show is complete BS   !! the number of illegal immigrants has dropped enormously ....that's a good thing .....we don't need 11 million more here with no records U dopes !!! Latino Americans with sense know that's not right and against our laws that Obark was too much of a political agenda driven puzzy to enforce !

  • altitude illume
    altitude illume 4 months ago +2

    an american family monarchy; as donald trump said, they're "THE GREAT-TEST!!"

  • Tommy G
    Tommy G 4 months ago

    Whoa, was that the guy who played Ted the jewelry store owner in a couple episodes of parks and rec?

  • Soan Julien
    Soan Julien 4 months ago

    Shit sacred This one really looks fastasticentrance .

  • Theodore Mittens
    Theodore Mittens 4 months ago

    john batiste playing the piano when stephen makes a joke annoys the shit out of me

  • ur fat and bad
    ur fat and bad 4 months ago

    tbh hunting old people would be too dangerous

  • Paul Renfrew
    Paul Renfrew 4 months ago

    How is Kushner qualified to advise the President on anything ?. Oh , Trump's the President , I guess that's O.K. then .

  • Leananshae
    Leananshae 4 months ago

    Don't mess with Suess, Steve!

  • Classic Horse Toy
    Classic Horse Toy 4 months ago

    That home alone clip,lmfao!

  • Classic Horse Toy
    Classic Horse Toy 4 months ago

    That home alone clip,lmfao!

  • Mars Staedtler
    Mars Staedtler 5 months ago

    why does it feel like I'm watching Leno and Kevin Eubanks

  • So Ho
    So Ho 5 months ago

    You kids under 25 don't know nothing. Just get a job and shut up. Low lives all you guys do is complain. Should use your brain , energy whatever you have to make it work for you.

  • Steve  Davis
    Steve Davis 5 months ago

    At 4:40 I Think Your Piano Player Did Not Approve Of The Clip..

  • Chris W
    Chris W 5 months ago

    Childhood Ruined

  • Erik Perez
    Erik Perez 5 months ago

    goverment should regulate half the apartments if it creates about half. more make it happen.

    executive order 5000.

  • Dankthrone 88
    Dankthrone 88 5 months ago

    Funny how people are bitching about Colbert and his jokes like it's not his fault Trump is making a fool of himself every day 😂

  • Veryde
    Veryde 5 months ago

    Colbert, Oliver and Noah are like thetrinity John Stewart left behind

  • Adam Blister
    Adam Blister 5 months ago

    Stephen makes diving motion. "Fly away!"


  • Alexandar Hull-Richter
    Alexandar Hull-Richter 5 months ago

    Steaming along like the Titanic?

  • Agent Washingtub
    Agent Washingtub 5 months ago

    Sessions has also refused to support people with disabilities, so that's another thing. I'm not saying that's on par with racism, just that it's another detractor

  • black cobra!
    black cobra! 5 months ago


  • TinyShaman
    TinyShaman 6 months ago

    Stephen... what... no! You don't lick you finger after putting it someone's glurf! Yikes.

  • Stephen Sedlar
    Stephen Sedlar 6 months ago

    Colbert is such a tool..

  • XxDemonicGamer
    XxDemonicGamer 6 months ago


  • Rubz
    Rubz 6 months ago

    that home alone clip cracked me up

  • Adam Findlay
    Adam Findlay 6 months ago

    INternet politics,below, so nasty!

  • Christopher Chan
    Christopher Chan 6 months ago

    2:04 LMAO!!!

  • MoseyOnout
    MoseyOnout 6 months ago

    I would love to see a side by side comparison of Trump and Kim Jong Il.

  • Jason West
    Jason West 6 months ago

    So, apparently you missed the bit where Jeff Sessions, as Alabama's prosecuted the head of the Alabama KKK to execution? His defense left Alabama's KKK so broke that they basically ceased to have any relevance in that state for about 10 years. That's something you might want to mention, Steve. I can call you, Steve, right?

  • Cheesecake Rules
    Cheesecake Rules 6 months ago

    Nuclear weapons gives all 350 million Americans at least 6000 legit reasons to march. That's significant, not the Pussy Pity Party March the day after after the inauguration.

  • Parlez64
    Parlez64 6 months ago

    Jared helps T. get dressed each morning...."did you flush the toilet"?....."did you brush your teeth"?..."sit, tie your shoes"...
    "OK I'll tie them this time, but....hold the loop and the bunny goes around the loop.....".

  • Udaraljka
    Udaraljka 6 months ago

    "Liberal" scum

  • FewRee
    FewRee 6 months ago

    Writer/actor, one of my all time favorites, Brian Stacks was used far more effectively on Conan than on Colbert's Late Show, though Colbert's show is still awesome.

    Not the quality Brian I once busted a gut laughing for.

  • The Proclaimed
    The Proclaimed 6 months ago

    Did he say swiney? That asshole? #soybeanwind

  • rolyatknarfable
    rolyatknarfable 6 months ago

    Electing Trump was a big mistake. We should have elected hillary clinton because there's no corruption associated with her and she has a vagina....we think.

  • JP Ray
    JP Ray 6 months ago

    6:55 the funny part is that, that pretty much happened when he was elected, except, it was a frat party at the white House

  • Shaney Zamora
    Shaney Zamora 6 months ago

    Trump should have just stuck with acting.

  • Joel Ferguson
    Joel Ferguson 6 months ago

    On members of the KKK using Marijuana, I believe I speak on behalf of Marijuana when I say, "Man I don't know those fools, they showed up at a concert one time and I got passed around. Again I Marijuana do not associate with the KKK." ;)

  • Mr.Candid richards
    Mr.Candid richards 6 months ago +1

    jared kushner will keep trump up to speed on his family business and america will be non the wiser.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 6 months ago

    you must have a weird definition of a ball, to me it looks like a handegg

  • 5373N11
    5373N11 6 months ago

    So... Anyone notice the double sided "carrot" in Goodnight moon? I wonder what that was used for...

    Kinky rabbits

  • Caroline L.
    Caroline L. 6 months ago

    I really wish bisexuality wasn't treated like a kink. BDSM, shitting on people and drinking piss är kinks, not being attracted yo two genders. Do you think kids would like being told their sexuality is a kink?

  • mro2112
    mro2112 6 months ago

    Wow. Tonight Show used to be funny.

  • Kulascus
    Kulascus 6 months ago

    Jon is the worst sidekick in history of sidekicks

  • Bradisrad 66
    Bradisrad 66 6 months ago

    See I like how you just forget that trump is allowed to appoint his son in law because the Clinton family started that shit when Bill tried to give more power to his wife. Not that you care about that because you don't make fun of democrats do you

  • Jedward Cunterblast
    Jedward Cunterblast 6 months ago

    I think my Internet is broken I'm getting all these sights and sounds from a parallel universe I don't recognize

  • Amy Girard
    Amy Girard 6 months ago +1


  • Amy Girard
    Amy Girard 6 months ago +1


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