Ross Mathews' hilarious opening monologue at #glaadawards

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  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith Month ago

    Hate glee we can do better but he is so hilarious 😂

  • corentin DARRAZ
    corentin DARRAZ 7 months ago +7

    ugh...irritating as hell

  • Eduardo Manrique
    Eduardo Manrique 11 months ago +1

    Ok, I like him but hilarious is an overstatement...

  • MilitaryGecko78
    MilitaryGecko78 Year ago


  • Jordan Trivett
    Jordan Trivett Year ago +1

    It just takes forever to cum

  • Jordan Trivett
    Jordan Trivett Year ago +4

    I love Ross Mathews

  • Philip Dow
    Philip Dow Year ago

    you have not been around. he/she is a know it all creep

  • KaraTheSmall *
    KaraTheSmall * Year ago +11

    Omfg he's so beautiful

    • Frank Carter
      Frank Carter Month ago

      course you have to be attracted to what gets you off, you can't knock up a female if the only thing that arouses you is a sweaty mans buttocks 😂

    • Benedict The Lost Kickboxer
      Benedict The Lost Kickboxer 11 months ago

      +Kara Marie "First of all, if you look up... 'The dislike or prejudice of homosexuals'"

      I do not dislike homosexuals. You must have confused homosexuals and homosexuality. Disagreement does not equal hate or bigotry. Would you hate your brother if he steals your homework and destroys it? No, but you do not agree with what he did.

      "Second, homosexuals can reproduce"

      If by reproduce you mean taking a homosexuals sperm and fertilize an egg with it, than yes they can reproduce. But you're missing my point, homosexuals cannot reproduce amongst themselves.

      "One of the most common arguments is one that stems from Darwinism"

      My argument was not one of Darwinian origin. It is a metaphysical argument based on our observations of human reproduction.

      "Basically saying since homosexuals can not reproduce then...same human rights as heterosexuals"

      I did not say that homosexuals aren't entitled to human rights. Our rights are grounded in morality. If something is immoral it cannot be a right, and since homosexual acts are immoral, no one is entitled to perform them. Homosexuals deserve all human rights, but not immoral extra rights given by the government.

      "However facts are homosexuals can reproduce."

      But not amongst themselves, which is why homosexual acts are immoral. They pervert the nature of sex by committing homosexual acts.

      "Unless we count the case of the pregnant man"

      That "man" is a seriously damaged woman. Your sex is controlled by your chromosomes. Mutilating your genitalia or injecting hormones and does not change your sex. This is because genitalia and hormone levels are the result of your sex, and not the cause. Chromosomes are the cause. Before you say "oh, but you can change your gender", changing a so called "social construct" means nothing about who you are. Go ahead, a man can put on a dress and call himself a woman, but he's changed absolutely nothing.

      "They don't have to like...impregnate them"

      Let me say one more time so you do not forget. The fact that homosexuals can reproduce with a woman is not a rebuttal to my argument. My main idea is that when a homosexual performs homosexual acts, he perverts the nature of sex. Saying that a homosexual can reproduce is irrelevant, and is a red herring fallacy.

      "Let's also not to reproduce"

      But it is a natural end of life, even if it isn't the only one.

    • KaraTheSmall *
      KaraTheSmall * 11 months ago

      +Benedict Feser first of all, if you look up the fife notion of Homophobia then the definition clearly states "The dislike or prejudice of homosexuals,"
      Second, Homosexuals can reproduce.

      One of the most common arguments against homosexuality is one that stems from Darwinism. Basically saying since homosexuals can not reproduce then they are unnatural creatures and in some sick sadistic reasoning determines that they are not entitled to the same human rights as heterosexuals. However the facts are homosexuals can reproduce. Obviously no with the same sex unless we count the case of the pregnant man. Of course the homosexual can only reproduce with a woman. So obviously that person can reproduce. They don't have to like or be attracted to the opposite sex to impregnate them. So the fact that they can reproduce at all defeats the Darwinian argument. Lets also remember that the sole purpose of life is not to reproduce Lets also remember not all couples straight or gay all have babies.

    • Benedict The Lost Kickboxer
      Benedict The Lost Kickboxer 11 months ago

      "I meant as in bothering you"

      It doesn't bother me that he's homosexual, but it bothers me that he gives in to homosexuality, not because I'm homophobic, because I believe it is wrong. Either way, you still committed the red herring fallacy. You cannot divert the argument from being about morality to being about whether homosexuality bothers me.

      "If homosexual behavior and tendencies bother you... boring and/or sad life"

      That's an ad hominem fallacy. Do not attack me, but attack what I said.

      "Who cares if you don't agree with his behavior"

      Do you think it is moral to rape, murder and steal? No? I can say the same thing you said to you about rapists, murderers, and thieves. I mean, who cares if you don't agree with their behavior? You're just murder-phobic, rape-phobic, or theft-phobic you bigot.

      "I'm calling you a douchebag because you say...makes him messed up."

      Strawman fallacy. I never said that he's messed up because he's homosexual. But he is messed up because he gives into homosexuality.

      "Your not homophobic because you would have to be homophilia, meaning you support homosexuals. Yet you say he should resist homosexual temptations, why would you say that if your not homophobic?"

      Homophobia: Irrational fear of homosexuals

      Clearly you didn't know what homophobia meant. I do not fear or hate homosexuals. But I DO hate homosexual acts, quite righteously so.

      "Why do people have to resist being who they are solely because you say so"

      Why do you liberals argue by tormenting your opponent with words like homophobe or bigot? I will give reasons why homosexuality is wrong momentarily.

      "You have no say in who people are"

      But I am, of course, wrong because I might hurt someone's feelings or because people like you say I am you hypocrite. Here's why homosexuality is wrong:

      We, as human beings, are animals. And like all things, we have a natural end, or goal. If we usurp a natural goal, we do something immoral. This is why murder is wrong, you are destroying another human being and hurting the human race's natural goal to propagate itself. One of our natural ends is to reproduce, and we reproduce sexually. We can say this, because in every case where there are no defects or accidents, we are either properly working males or females, and when males and females have sex, a new human being forms, in the womb. Thus we can tell we have a natural end to reproduce. But homosexuality is a distortion of this natural ability, it usurps it. This is because two men cannot procreate, and neither can two women. Therefore a homosexual distorts his end to reproduce by giving into sexual feelings for someone he cannot reproduce with.

      As you can see, I am no homophobe, I am rational about my opposition to homosexuality, and I do not hate homosexuals. If I did hate homosexuals I would convince them to commit immoral acts. So think before you accuse someone of bigotry.

    • KaraTheSmall *
      KaraTheSmall * 11 months ago

      +Benedict Feser it is not immoral to be gay or have homosexual temptations or anything. It's not immoral because it's not wrong, it's not messed up, it's not insane. It is completely and totally normal. It's a gene, a specific stretch of the X chromosome called Xq28 that holds a gene or genes that predispose a man to being gay. How is that insane? That is only genetics.

  • ford holden
    ford holden Year ago +1

    that last one is sooooo funny!!! 😀😂

  • stijn van hussen
    stijn van hussen 2 years ago +9

    I love ross!

  • Philip Dow
    Philip Dow 2 years ago

    fat asshole

    • Dejavaux
      Dejavaux 5 months ago

      Aww look, a mean little cunt wants attention by bashing others. Go away you're boring.

    • t starr
      t starr Year ago

      +Philip Dow Ross is amazing and doesn't let assholes like you diminish his ability to be himself.

    • Jason Gilson
      Jason Gilson Year ago

      +Philip Dow If you dont like him then why are you watching his videos??

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