Everything Wrong With Alien: Covenant In 16 Minutes Or Less

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  • Remember Prometheus? This is like that, with even more disappointment. Sins all over the place.

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    Next week: Animated hero sins.

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  • Runtime: 17:04
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  • MovieJunkie ForLife
    MovieJunkie ForLife 17 minutes ago

    This movie is what happens when you try too hard to please everybody. It wants to be smart, it wants to be action oriented, it wants to have drama and it fails on nearly every level.

  • Sean Seaphan
    Sean Seaphan 54 minutes ago

    this movie entertained me all the way through. but yes, so much of it is style over substance

  • Gold Dee
    Gold Dee Hour ago

    Hahaha, you missed the part where Daniels would have been "Good at Cinemasins." when she pulled the captain aside and talked about the probability of coming out of deep sleep within 3 weeks of a inhabitable planet. You did mention that part yourself, but she beat you to it!!

  • Kayla Simpson
    Kayla Simpson 2 hours ago

    Everything wrong with Heathers

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 4 hours ago

    If Bishop were trapped in that tube in Aliens, and, after an hour they got him out, would he be panting for breathe?.........No!

  • Independent Rider
    Independent Rider 5 hours ago

    You know what the most disturbing thing about Alien Covenant is! It suggests that Ridley Scott simply has no idea how bad or disliked Prometheus was (regardless of your own personal view)!

    AC suggests that Scott is surrounded by a protective machine that goes out of its way to make sure no criticism or negativity about his films EVER reaches him! Thanks to this machine, Ridley probably believes the scene in Prometheus where Milburn decides he wants to hug an Alien Cobra was one of the most brilliant and popular moments ever to be recorded on celluloid - or hard drive - and that the public simply cant get enough of 'intelligent' people in his films!

    This is the only reason I can think of why AC not only repeated the mistakes of Prometheus (another crew of 'trained' people deciding to walk about an alien planet with no protection) but in some cases magnified them!

    Ok, maybe that's exaggerated, Scott must be aware of at least some of the criticism surrounding Prometheus but he probably needs to look further beyond the blind praise of the parasites and hangers-on surrounding him!

  • amazingred09
    amazingred09 5 hours ago

    I quite enjoyed this film. It's probably the best Alien film since Aliens.

  • CompletelyPointlessVideos

    You'd think a film called "Alien Covenant" would have more than 5 minutes of total Alien footage in it!!

  • The Dragon Girl 27
    The Dragon Girl 27 10 hours ago

    The I am your father literally killed me

  • fudgecrumpet
    fudgecrumpet 10 hours ago

    I thought you only found out Ripley's first name in Aliens...

  • K-rex
    K-rex 10 hours ago

    he forgot the sin where oram just got done saying he doesnt trust david then goes and trusts him enough to stare into a "harmless pod"

  • Mr. Funny Kid
    Mr. Funny Kid 10 hours ago

    Everything wrong with Lady and the Tramp?

  • G Jacobson
    G Jacobson 12 hours ago

    How about... we were just attacked by a 6 inch high crazed alien. Let's all go an wait for it in the 4 foot high wheat

  • cross
    cross 12 hours ago

    Mmm, android juice.

  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan 13 hours ago

    Am I remembering correctly, did the Marine who survived hatch an alien from an acid burned face? I'm trying to keep track in how these things multiply, seems any way that's convenient.

    I really didn't like how easily those little aliens could bust through glass and take so many shots. In Aliens they took a few but it felt like they were actually doing damage. I didn't like this film. I rewatched Prometheus which I wasn't too fond of either but I gotta say it grows on you..this one not so much. It's a total misfire on all fronts. The crane scene and bomb seen were well done though.

  • Msfullbuster
    Msfullbuster 14 hours ago

    I can't believe that you didn't even crack one joke on the Fassbender Fassbender kiss scene !

  • Puzzled
    Puzzled 15 hours ago

    9:42.... Gravity? a lever that drops them all? lol

  • kathy trieu
    kathy trieu 15 hours ago

    please do spider-homecoming!!

  • ANY
    ANY 15 hours ago

    Something free here: #Gogogiftcard2017

  • LearnTrainPlay
    LearnTrainPlay 15 hours ago

    The first guy to get infected says he's going to take a leak but smokes instead, is this a no smoking planet? or is he embarrassed about his smoking? ether way it's stupid.

  • Zambo 564
    Zambo 564 16 hours ago

    I've got a chestburster in my pants

  • ACghost pyro
    ACghost pyro 16 hours ago

    That's a nice new sin counter you got there, Movie sin

  • ricosauve5
    ricosauve5 16 hours ago

    5 years of fluting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Freddy Reyes
    Freddy Reyes 16 hours ago

    tvclip.org/video/wf_uDzjZH3s/ apoyenme en mi canal de youtube

  • Dan Ward
    Dan Ward 16 hours ago

    Add a sin for two people slipping in the same blood puddle in the med bay.

  • Sebastian Bernal
    Sebastian Bernal 16 hours ago

    Movies secretly watch these sins to make their movies next time better

  • william lydon
    william lydon 17 hours ago

    Why do they have such future like tech when in Alien they had like 70s looking gear?

  • Atheist Orphan
    Atheist Orphan 17 hours ago

    "I'll do the fingering"

  • Ralof Riverwood
    Ralof Riverwood 18 hours ago +1

    I'm so glad you Sinned this, The part with the girl being eaten in the bathroom and her screaming where NO ONE HEARD HER annoyed me.

  • Jestermon1
    Jestermon1 19 hours ago +1

    Wow, the 3-d looks worse than the 3-D in the older movies.

  • Fourthaeon
    Fourthaeon 19 hours ago

    davis, the android, hair groth, wut

  • Fourthaeon
    Fourthaeon 19 hours ago

    sin counter still dead from fast and furious...my sides

  • drae 2.0
    drae 2.0 19 hours ago

    the reason we have ear wax is so that spores dont get in your ears an mushrooms start growing... if the smoke break guy had earwax then there would be one less fucking alien!

  • Benjamin Walter
    Benjamin Walter 20 hours ago +1

    These movies would be considered better if they were a new franchise- not trying to be Alien and screwing with its lore and back story.

  • GoliothOnline666
    GoliothOnline666 20 hours ago +1

    David went through all the trouble of waiting for everyone to go into Crysleep so he could use all the remaining colonists as experiments. Because (If you had bothered to listen to the movie and David) when asked what the eggs were waiting for, he replied "Mother" hinting to him not having fully perfected his creation and wanting to create a Xenomorph that could carry on creating more by itself (IE a Queen)

  • Darkest Knight
    Darkest Knight 20 hours ago

    Everything Wrong With The Thing(original and prequel)

  • john jones
    john jones 21 hour ago +1

    I thought the film quite disappointing, though the conclusion did become ever more obvious as the film progressed. The original film remains the best even though cliche ridden and padded!

  • thedogman142
    thedogman142 21 hour ago

    Everything Wrong With Death Note 2017?

  • Joseph Haselmyer
    Joseph Haselmyer 21 hour ago +1

    I vote you screen every movie before release and create the ultimate movie never before seen!!!

  • Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein

    Everything wrong with the Emoji Movie.

    We're still waiting

  • Fabian Boerner
    Fabian Boerner 21 hour ago +1

    They didnt put an AI in the ship like David because they had bad expirience with it and lost control. One AI robot is enough on the ship if he malfunctioning.

  • Sankalp Vyas
    Sankalp Vyas 22 hours ago +1

    Make one on so called "Netflix's original" Death note

  • Damian Wader
    Damian Wader Day ago +1

    Oh Strenuously object haha one of my favorite lines. I love your videos they are hysterical and so right on.

  • D. C. S
    D. C. S Day ago +1

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE! You have got to SIN ..Transformers Last Knight if you haven't already. It honestly deserves it!

  • Eric Silva
    Eric Silva Day ago


  • R2UxBUBBAx
    R2UxBUBBAx Day ago

    So I keep seeing these videos about how cinemasins is so wrong. I'm not sure if they get that this is comedy or not. I get it and I just laugh at the idiots who don't and have to make videos explaining how wrong you are. I view it as satire. Not fact.

  • XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX

    since you already sinned all first 4 paranormal activity-movies, y u no also cover marked ones and ghost dimension, Jeremy...???

    no...? okay...

  • Vynyster Gates
    Vynyster Gates Day ago

    Do a video for the old western film "Tombstone". its a history movie but i think you could have fun with it

  • elli ton filmi
    elli ton filmi Day ago

    fucking fucking fucking always fuck

  • Nika Brooks
    Nika Brooks Day ago

    I'm still upset about the death of the first sin counter. All the years we had, the memories we've made. TnT

  • ChillTime
    ChillTime Day ago

    In case you are making a video on it, when Margaret's dad kicks the door in, the door is open out for the rest of the scene.

  • Bob vs Everything

    Everything Wrong With Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny in XXX Minutes or Less DO ITTTTTTTTTTTT :D

  • MiΕ‘o
    MiΕ‘o Day ago

    Everything wrong with baywatch pls

  • Sourabh Raja
    Sourabh Raja Day ago

    I really appreciate you sinning this movie after i posted for the same in comments in your videos. I've got a new movie for you to sin now - 'Dark Skies'.

  • TheNeiiNeii14
    TheNeiiNeii14 Day ago

    Is GotG2 coming???

  • James Hill
    James Hill Day ago

    When you have a standard of alien films, that were made ten years earlier.. its really a special kind of skill to make a set of films where EVERYTHING is substandard to the originals.

  • Jarrod Terrington

    David helped the crew in the end so that he could test his "perfect" lifeform, as it should be able to overcome any obstacle.

  • curry udon
    curry udon Day ago

    everything wrong with IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • imadino101 RAWR
    imadino101 RAWR Day ago

    Oooo Oooo Oooo I can't wait till my lil pony the movie comes outπŸ‘πŸ˜œ


    Terrible fucking movie. Glad I didn't waste the time or money to go see this complete and utter travesty.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Day ago

    Do "IT"

  • tactic be
    tactic be Day ago


  • Spencer Jones
    Spencer Jones Day ago +3

    For all the people tell him to do IT 2017, get it through your head.

    Still. In. Theaters.

  • Sam Ngubane
    Sam Ngubane Day ago

    "Just because you can breathe something, doesn't mean you should." Funny and educational

  • XxRufty xX
    XxRufty xX Day ago

    Do dispicible me 3 pls lol I love your videos you just earned another subscriber

  • Play games with Mr.Derpman

    How many times does he re-watch the movies?

  • solitatuideisbliss

    everything wrong w IT

  • Centering Focus
    Centering Focus Day ago

    I know October is coming up, it's Halloween horror season.

    If you could sin Legion (2010) that would be cool of you.

    It's full of clichΓ© and between Tyrese and Lucas Black... Lots of Fast and Furious jokes to be made.
    Not to mention Gabriel's inception horns.

    I have cookies here... πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ if you do it I will give you one Jeremy.

    Please? 😈

    *Edited for proper noun capitalization*

  • Elizabeth Weeks-Noxon

    Do Princess Bride you cowards. To be fair, it's pretty close to perfect, so it'd be a short video

  • djinnification
    djinnification Day ago

    and damn you for saying the word geostorm...why is that a thing now?

  • Marcos Aurelio
    Marcos Aurelio Day ago

    one more: neutrinos hardly interact with matter at all, you would have to be inside a supernova exploding to receive a lethal dose of neutrinos

  • Travis Fisher
    Travis Fisher Day ago

    So I just watched a video which is a sin video of these sin videos and I'm not going to say any names but fricken crap they missed the whole point of these videos, keep up the good work guys your haters are sad pathetic dweebs and they need you!

  • djinnification
    djinnification Day ago

    How about, if you're gonna make a prequel to a classic science fiction and horror crossover master piece you should try making it look like it actually happened chronologically before said film it is supposed to be happening hundreds of years prior to.

  • Mr9everthing
    Mr9everthing Day ago

    lego batman god damn it

  • djinnification
    djinnification Day ago

    How bout the simplest explanation of its sin: it exists....

  • Moxop tv
    Moxop tv Day ago


  • Moxop tv
    Moxop tv Day ago

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  • xX TryHard Xx
    xX TryHard Xx Day ago

    I feel like this guy hates every movie

  • Amy Schneider
    Amy Schneider Day ago

    IT please!!!!!!

  • agreeableWitch
    agreeableWitch Day ago

    Please do the Netflix Death Note. I want to watch you completely tear apart all the stupid nonsense in it. Even without knowing the anime or manga, there's plenty to hate.

  • Beef Bourguignon

    Hahahaha there's a new sin counter after Fate of the Furious!

  • Anthony Michael
    Anthony Michael Day ago

    You know it seems to me from your views that maybe you could write a better movie than all of them?! Lol

  • Chuckles Helicopter Wigwam Jones

    Sin My Little Pony: The Movie (1986) please

  • White Fatalis Plays!

    glad to know I'm not the only one who thought that ending plot twist was fucking stupid.



  • jordyn
    jordyn Day ago

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  • JD Epic
    JD Epic Day ago +1

    He's so funny when it comes to roasting movies.

  • Perran Britton
    Perran Britton Day ago

    You should do Everything wrong with memento by Christopher Nolan. A great film showing classic post modern traits.

  • Marshall Mathers the 4th

    Check my channel out my video's are the shit.

  • Adam Sundquist
    Adam Sundquist Day ago

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  • Zamo88
    Zamo88 Day ago

    Best comedy of 2017

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    George Newman Day ago

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    Ta3 GAM3R Day ago

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    Gabriel Carter Day ago +1

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  • Lucario Gamer3000

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    MsPewdiepiee Day ago

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