Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 British Arguments on Kitchen Nightmares UK

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  • Natsu Agar Gaming
    Natsu Agar Gaming 3 days ago

    Why the fook

  • Michael Dipan
    Michael Dipan 4 days ago

    He has a hell face

  • DTBass123
    DTBass123 4 days ago

    Dude around 7 mins kept it 100. Even Ramsey kept quiet and listened lol.

  • Robloxaddictiongames And more!

    How many times is that man saying "fuck" or "fucking" at number 2! I lost count XD

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 6 days ago

    That fucking Nino shit

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 6 days ago

    #2 is my favourite.

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 6 days ago

    6:20 lmao love him

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 6 days ago

    Gordon can be a complete ass though.

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 6 days ago

    I love when British swear.

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 6 days ago

    When people think they know better than Gordon. LMAOOOOO

  • Ayesha
    Ayesha 6 days ago

    I would not let Gordon talk to me like that

  • Koala Llama
    Koala Llama 7 days ago +1

    0:56 😳😂

  • Alberto Lozano
    Alberto Lozano 8 days ago

    6:19 ROASTED

  • EpicEthan21
    EpicEthan21 9 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the way Gordon says fuck is normal and doesn't sound like "Fock"

  • Shaun Page
    Shaun Page 12 days ago

    The tensions in this version is so much more palpable

  • Olivia Rowehl
    Olivia Rowehl 13 days ago

    in 0:57 Gordon's voice so high!!!! 😂😂 😂😂😂

  • John Smith
    John Smith 14 days ago

    Number 2 had to be staged

  • Manuel Ruiz
    Manuel Ruiz 15 days ago +1

    Im from Mexico , but im laughing my ass off with "fokin Mr Chipmunk"

  • Mega Grair
    Mega Grair 15 days ago

    He is so much harder on his own people than us Americans. Also, what is a 'plonker'? Or palonker? The insult he called the last guy

  • Minus5Stars
    Minus5Stars 15 days ago +2

    That's gristle you fucking idiot.......


  • Joe King
    Joe King 16 days ago +1

    #2 even Gordon was amazed with that guys roast

  • sami2503
    sami2503 16 days ago

    The scouse guy on number 4 speaks so much truth

    "There's ways and means to go about putting criticism across, you speak arrogantly!"

    Reminds me of that mitchell and webb sketch :DDD

  • Jp Camaro
    Jp Camaro 17 days ago

    twat??? what the fok is that?

    • Jp Camaro
      Jp Camaro 6 days ago

      Amore, Nera Hi!
      well, English is not my first language but I'm going yo ask some of my friends.
      They may know the meaning. And I'm not a kid I'm in my twenties 🙂

    • Amore, Nera
      Amore, Nera 6 days ago

      Jp Camaro you're clearly a kid if you don't know what a twat is mate

  • Xenophlanes Tehsk
    Xenophlanes Tehsk 18 days ago

    No2, when he says Sorry. Oh man.

  • Jamie Pidding
    Jamie Pidding 19 days ago +1

    picture if ninoooooooo was there in every episode

  • SuperSmashForce
    SuperSmashForce 19 days ago

    America: It's RAW!
    UK: It's WELL DONE!

  • JamesPlaysGames95
    JamesPlaysGames95 19 days ago

    the music playing in the usa version makes it more of a comedy. in the uk version its like being in 'Nam

  • MrStonecold69
    MrStonecold69 21 day ago

    The female staff at #4 are freaking gorgeous

  • Ciaran Richardson
    Ciaran Richardson 22 days ago

    No.3 gives me so much life. Fascinating interaction. Intense and hilarious in equal measure lol "You amaze me" lol

  • Nick Samuel
    Nick Samuel 23 days ago +1

    Why don't you fuck off to the book shop and read "how to: cook a muscle"

  • Poketto
    Poketto 23 days ago +1

    #2 was #1 tbh

  • Jesse Costa
    Jesse Costa 23 days ago +1

    I love this shit. Real men talking, solving problems and figuring shit out... with out it coming to violence. Here in the US, you start talking like that to someone, you might lose a few teeth lol

  • themrfishy
    themrfishy 23 days ago

    what episode is number 2 from?

  • hostile blueberry
    hostile blueberry 23 days ago

    That guys face when his mates telling him off xD

  • Darko Fist
    Darko Fist 24 days ago

    I just licked a fuckin mussel

  • KoolMLGKid20
    KoolMLGKid20 24 days ago +1

    What a fuckin muppet

  • Jackie Stones
    Jackie Stones 24 days ago +1

    @7:31 Guy: srry. Ramsey: Go get some fresh air. LOL.

  • PuffyFTW
    PuffyFTW 24 days ago

    His voice crack at 0:56 and 0:57 seconds😂😂

  • MisterBinx
    MisterBinx 24 days ago +1

    Can not believe how much of a pussy chipmunk chef is. You're learning from the best. Shut the fuck up.

  • Jesse McCree
    Jesse McCree 24 days ago

    Whenever Gordon cries, "Well done!" You know he's never congratulating someone

  • Enderbiscuit & Co-conspirators

    So lemme get this straight, the UK version doesn't have OOH DRAMA DRAMA music blasting over people's voices?
    Damn, I wish I lived in the UK.

  • Matty Egerton
    Matty Egerton 25 days ago

    Abby titmus,s knickers haha

  • Hao Hong Song
    Hao Hong Song 25 days ago +1

    Where's amys baking company???!!??!!!!😂😂

  • Afroduck
    Afroduck 26 days ago +1

    Those voice cracks on 5

  • Jon Kent
    Jon Kent 26 days ago

    Stand truly before unlikely weigh motion.

  • SeaJay
    SeaJay 26 days ago

    Whatd she say tho 5:22

  • Jack Smile666
    Jack Smile666 26 days ago

    I love how he says fuck this shit bro

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones 26 days ago

    Everyone is this comment thread is a fucking ploncker!!!

  • The Clean One
    The Clean One 26 days ago

    I feel like he's always ready for someone to sucker punch him

  • Freestylerz FC
    Freestylerz FC 26 days ago

    Fokin el

  • Anastasia P.
    Anastasia P. 27 days ago

    "Dance 10 ... people skills 1"

  • crackisnogood4u
    crackisnogood4u 27 days ago

    Biggest voice crack ever on 1st clip...
    Rip throat

  • mohd ifwan
    mohd ifwan 27 days ago

    The last one 😂😂😂

  • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag

    ill bet anything the chef is banging the blonde in number 4 or they r brother and sister

  • snowman
    snowman 27 days ago

    7:00 gordon 2?

  • love snake
    love snake 27 days ago

    the greatest actors in the world

  • Cat Lover Levi
    Cat Lover Levi 28 days ago

    where can I find episodes of the UK version of kitchen nightmares? I like the american one a small bit, but I'd love to see the UK version.

  • Emanuele Olivetti
    Emanuele Olivetti 28 days ago


  • H4Z3RD
    H4Z3RD 29 days ago

    I <3 to watch Brits verbally fight it out
    you know their tongues are mentally retarded

  • drewdonahue123
    drewdonahue123 29 days ago

    twat may be my Fokin favorite word

  • Sweetluck
    Sweetluck 29 days ago

    6:05-6:20 bro tell me that girl in the back isnt getting triggered from the choice of words, lmao.

  • Adnan Nasution
    Adnan Nasution 29 days ago

    6:00 how much minute he said the word fokin

  • Stephen edwards
    Stephen edwards 29 days ago

    just a foul mouth idiot playing it up for the cameras

  • Alan Caddie
    Alan Caddie 29 days ago

    love how is there is 2 of them is the same guy

  • oplix
    oplix 29 days ago

    Fucking Mr. Chipmunk over there

  • oplix
    oplix 29 days ago


  • Subie Drew
    Subie Drew 29 days ago

    5:55 homeboy went in on his partner lmao

  • Rhianna Blossom
    Rhianna Blossom 29 days ago

    the way he squealed in the begining

  • The Black Mist Lord
    The Black Mist Lord 29 days ago

    The Manc at number 2 went rage mode 😂

  • Michelle Chillstrom
    Michelle Chillstrom 29 days ago

    when number 5 was super terrible I thought: shit is about to down

  • Angel Rico James Nolasco

    you amaze me fuckin killed me

    BABY ALEX Month ago

    Number 2, the girls pretty cute

  • Svetoslav Savov
    Svetoslav Savov Month ago

    dangle me like a pUpet

  • James Landon
    James Landon Month ago

    Fantastic chef. Horrible, rude and disgusting foul mouth.

  • Fudgey Plays
    Fudgey Plays Month ago

    Can someone count how many times he said fucking?

  • Gurubharan S
    Gurubharan S Month ago

    7:19 Gordon's look - priceless. 7:30 even Gordon was completely speechless. Fokkkin 'ell!

  • xUzi786
    xUzi786 Month ago

    Don't you just love Gordon ramsay's attitude

  • Darth Xodius
    Darth Xodius Month ago

    I think Ramsay noticed untapped potential in the #2 spot guy lol

  • d3viltheory
    d3viltheory Month ago

    hahaha that scouse lad is hilarious, love it!

  • Rodney Fullerton
    Rodney Fullerton Month ago

    you were only soposed to blow the bloody doors off.

  • uncreative because ye

    0:56 Holy shit that scared me 0_0

  • Calvin Narris
    Calvin Narris Month ago

    As Jaiden said, it's just not the same without all the sound effects. Still, it is Gordon Ramsey, so I'm happy.

  • Top Hat Sheep
    Top Hat Sheep Month ago

    sorry yard, no need to get triggered

  • sailentxx
    sailentxx Month ago

    #1 is golden lmao

  • Ahmad Zulhilmi
    Ahmad Zulhilmi Month ago

    1:09 😂 he's like "yikes... better stay out of trouble"

  • TheThriceIsRight
    TheThriceIsRight Month ago

    even gordon seemed a little shocked at number 2

  • Magic Snow Wolf
    Magic Snow Wolf Month ago

    Haha! I love Gordon so much! ❤️ he only acts this way because people are really retarded and don't listen to anything he tells them.

  • Dank Bananas
    Dank Bananas Month ago

    A couple of tits LOL

  • jesus mendoza
    jesus mendoza Month ago

    I wish Chef Ramsey was my dad :( . I'll come out the womb he'll be like fuck me it's still fucking crying & moving.

  • Sam K
    Sam K Month ago

    Don't dangle me like a fooking poopit.

  • Dominic Thomas
    Dominic Thomas Month ago

    he's mean and pushy😡

  • Arron Bayley
    Arron Bayley Month ago +1

    Ambulance be like NINONINOININO

  • Golden Popo
    Golden Popo Month ago

    7:19 chick behind him wants the D so badly right now..

  • A. N. R.
    A. N. R. Month ago +1

    This guy should have been in Snatch 5:57

  • XDarkVivi
    XDarkVivi Month ago

    I agree with the last one, If he'd stop fuckin hanging on to stupid little shit and actually teach the chef how to cook something, maybe things would get done. But nooo, just haaaaas to pick at him until he gets some form of a response so he gets the opportunity to rip on them.

  • wuhs cuhs
    wuhs cuhs Month ago

    you're acting like a fooking twat, yeh?

  • Yahuchanonyakov
    Yahuchanonyakov Month ago

    In the number 2 argument, I could easily drive my fist 100 m.p.h. into the big mouth of that guy in the green jacket. And Ramsey is clearly enjoying the drama like some spectator queen...

  • Rafael Dos Santos
    Rafael Dos Santos Month ago


  • Roemanse
    Roemanse Month ago

    6:10 " look like a coppell of fockin tetts" i fell off my chair bruh im dying XD

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