Star Wars Fan Adam Scott Surprised by His Idol Mark Hamill

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  • Adam Scott is a huge Star Wars fan so in honor of Star Wars Day guest host Kristen Bell made his dreams come true with a surprise guest.

    Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details of His Son’s Birth & Heart Disease

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    Star Wars Fan Adam Scott Surprised by His Idol Mark Hamill
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  • ChowMan144
    ChowMan144 2 hours ago

    he looked so badass coming out w that lightsaber

  • Pinkierawr
    Pinkierawr 1 day ago

    He should have done the surprise face!

  • Eu Tenho Um Fiat 147

    1:55 look hes hand

  • Johannes Albers
    Johannes Albers 2 days ago

    Why he have Kit Fistos Lightsaber?

  • Mr.pigmoo
    Mr.pigmoo 2 days ago

    Ice Clown suprised by Sky Guy and cries

  • DaForerunner 33
    DaForerunner 33 2 days ago

    Is the girl from Bad Moms?

  • beatles7798
    beatles7798 4 days ago

    They didn't even bother to give him the correct saber. That's Kit Fisto's

  • wolfs lynx
    wolfs lynx 4 days ago

    Mark Hamill became for a generation of kids who are now adults our version of the Hero (see Jung and Campbell), its the monomyth for a new generation and Mark has become the key symbol of it. Its nice to see he cherishs the role unlike Harrison Ford and the late Carrie Fisher that just B!tched about it being a stupid kids movie and wanted to distance themselves from it.

  • Jacob Sotelo
    Jacob Sotelo 4 days ago

    He wrote mark hamil a letter at 2 years old. Is that what I'm supposed to believe here.

  • jperk501
    jperk501 4 days ago

    I remember Adam scott from Parks.

  • Diya Hasan
    Diya Hasan 4 days ago

    lol ben wyatt met luke skywalker

  • Brandon Krupka
    Brandon Krupka 5 days ago

    I'm 45 years old and remember my mother taking me to Star Wars in 1977. I was hooked at age 5, and 40 years later I'm still hooked!

  • Aisha Alegre
    Aisha Alegre 5 days ago

    leslie looks different here

  • benwyattsbutt
    benwyattsbutt 6 days ago

    Oh my god he made the Ben face! Precious

  • Matthew Beland
    Matthew Beland 6 days ago

    Why can't I meet Mark Hamil!? 😭

  • Bullit Cake
    Bullit Cake 6 days ago

    Adam Scott's beard in the Walter Mitty movie is one of the funniest things ever.

  • Nataly Jordan
    Nataly Jordan 6 days ago

    I would faint the moment Mark walks through my door😭😭

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon 6 days ago

    two year old wrote a letter? my kid didn't even know what was going on at her 2nd birthday

  • Fox -501legionbfr
    Fox -501legionbfr 6 days ago


  • Joe Dasten
    Joe Dasten 7 days ago

    I practically cried out of the beauty that was just shown.

  • John Larsson
    John Larsson 7 days ago

    What a nerd. Poor guy <3

  • HelloitsAmanda
    HelloitsAmanda 7 days ago


  • mrzazzaable
    mrzazzaable 7 days ago +2

    This is the only dude on earth that has a tiny forhead from the front and a large forhead from the side

  • Shanan Davidson
    Shanan Davidson 8 days ago

    Just let anyone try to take that lightsabre away.....#dreamscometrue

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters 8 days ago

    love how Adam Scott is just like his character of Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation same reaction I'd expect his character to have.

  • Titan Fall
    Titan Fall 8 days ago

    This is the entrance Luke should've had in "the force awakens" @1:45

  • Bathroom Dinosaur
    Bathroom Dinosaur 9 days ago

    Love it😂😂

  • Ben Linklater
    Ben Linklater 9 days ago

    1:56 his hand is literally shaking, fck i would loose it if i met mark hamill

  • RiPPAN
    RiPPAN 10 days ago

    Ben Wyatt, three words: Treat Yo Self

  • Sweet Spirit
    Sweet Spirit 10 days ago

    That look on his face when the starwars theme cut him off, lol.

  • Roobilax
    Roobilax 10 days ago

    He's from Santa Cruz?!

  • viktor Nikiforov
    viktor Nikiforov 11 days ago

    Didn't even have the right lightsaber. Smh

  • S7n73r
    S7n73r 11 days ago

    Publicerades den 5 maj 2017

  • taborgate
    taborgate 11 days ago

    I grew up with Star Wars, but Adam is a much bigger fan. Nevertheless, even I was emotional when Mark came out. I knew exactly how he felt, he was born less than a month after me. When one of your fondest, earliest memories that drive the core of your being appears in front of you, it's tough to process.

  • Alex Swanson
    Alex Swanson 12 days ago


  • Alex Swanson
    Alex Swanson 12 days ago


  • GizmoRazaar
    GizmoRazaar 12 days ago

    E V E R Y D A Y  I S  S T A R W A R S  D A Y

  • Michal Buskiewicz
    Michal Buskiewicz 13 days ago

    Love Mark Hamill!

  • loopedchris
    loopedchris 13 days ago

    I'd just cry with joy!

  • Kaycee Bell
    Kaycee Bell 13 days ago

    Why is jimmy kimmel Kristen bell

  • Stephen Sharp
    Stephen Sharp 14 days ago

    But this came put on may the 5th, not may the 4th, it was sincodemio

  • PayForTemCollag
    PayForTemCollag 14 days ago

    Wait this was released on May 5th EXPOSED THERE STORMTROOPERS

  • lucas salazar
    lucas salazar 14 days ago

    Treat yoself, Wyatt.

  • Nina Sabine
    Nina Sabine 15 days ago

    why was trembling BEFORE meeting him?

  • Kat Flowers
    Kat Flowers 15 days ago


  • Wolfgang Krassus
    Wolfgang Krassus 15 days ago +2

    i would cry for an hour :D

  • Julian Schecter
    Julian Schecter 15 days ago

    I've had the privilege of meeting the great Mark Hamill in a play I saw in him entitled, "Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks" with Rue McClanahan (of Golden Girls fame) back in 2003 and he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, very humble and down-to-earth. Rue was also very pleasant. Mark even pose a photo with me as he placed his arm on one of my shoulders as if we were buddies for many years. On top of being a great guy, he is also an underrated actor. In addition to becoming a legendary voice-actor, he has starred on Broadway in the aforementioned "Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks", "Harrigan 'n Hart", "Amadeus", and "The Elephant Man". If you ever have a chance to meet him, do so! You won't regret it! He appreciates his fans as much as we appreciate him. Mark, you rule! :)

  • Nick Levenda
    Nick Levenda 16 days ago

    So cool and amazing. I would freak out too. After all these people ars human too.

  • Trevor Wills
    Trevor Wills 16 days ago

    Mark Hamill legit just seems like the coolest dude

  • Slayers Gaming
    Slayers Gaming 16 days ago

    omg... How awesome!

  • Chicken Man
    Chicken Man 16 days ago

    Aww I love this😄

  • Venjegol Odin
    Venjegol Odin 16 days ago

    I love Adam's reaction!

  • Michael Germano
    Michael Germano 17 days ago

    dude was shaking so bad so cute

  • Gelli Aramadis
    Gelli Aramadis 17 days ago

    look at Adams fingers shaking when he first sees Mark.

  • Christoffer Boman
    Christoffer Boman 17 days ago

    Mark Hamill... the one and only!!

  • ryan comiskey
    ryan comiskey 18 days ago

    Liked this because of Party Down <3

  • thekorystuhler
    thekorystuhler 18 days ago

    Adams ring finger trembling when he sees him gives me life

  • Shaun Barry
    Shaun Barry 18 days ago

    This is amazing! His hands are shaking with excitement!! Bless the guy!

  • jk22222sd
    jk22222sd 18 days ago

    And little did Mark or anyone else know, he's using Kit Fisto's lightsaber! LMAO

  • soulfulpizza14
    soulfulpizza14 19 days ago

    Ben in real life wow

  • maxmaxincometax
    maxmaxincometax 20 days ago

    Is this an episode of I Love Films?

  • JamesOhGoodie
    JamesOhGoodie 20 days ago

    He looks great for his age! Getting in shape for Force Awakens really did wonders for him.

  • Elise haverstick
    Elise haverstick 20 days ago

    Adam Scott just turned into Ben Wyatt there.

  • Casey Williams
    Casey Williams 21 day ago

    Oh he really is Ben Wyatt. This was so sweet!

  • Esme Shipanz
    Esme Shipanz 23 days ago

    Awww he was shaking so badly 💦

  • Brian Stewart
    Brian Stewart 26 days ago

    The coolest ever

  • fandude7
    fandude7 26 days ago

    That was really cool.

  • Tommy Doe
    Tommy Doe 26 days ago

    Kit fisto's lightsaber?

  • zlozlozlo
    zlozlozlo 26 days ago

    Why (and I'm not complaining) is Kristen Bell moderating Jimmy Kimmel's show?

  • Muscle Syndrome
    Muscle Syndrome 26 days ago

    I never noticed how attractive jimmy Kimmel looked 😂

  • Timothy Deal
    Timothy Deal 27 days ago


  • amir ibrahimovic
    amir ibrahimovic 27 days ago

    im dad - vader

  • amir ibrahimovic
    amir ibrahimovic 27 days ago

    marc hamill im your father

  • thedogdogification
    thedogdogification 29 days ago

    Lovely surprise, but whose bright idea was it to make Mark Hamill walk down a flight of steps in zero visibility?

  • filmidioten
    filmidioten 29 days ago


  • Dave Farnes-Barnes
    Dave Farnes-Barnes 1 month ago

    love the socks lol

  • D
    D 1 month ago

    I think it's endearing he was so flustered by Mark showing up. Mark is a ray of sunshine, a blessing to the world of Star Wars, and ANYONE would react this way meeting him.

  • 김영범
    김영범 1 month ago

    1:50 you can see his little finger shaking XDXD

  • MrJcdelete18
    MrJcdelete18 1 month ago

    1:24 In the words of my other favorite Joker, "And here we...go"

  • Oloblor Guitars
    Oloblor Guitars 1 month ago

    lol luke skywalker gives him kit fisto's lightsaber oops

  • WarchilledGaming
    WarchilledGaming 1 month ago

    Honestly I would have passed out from excitement

    RREDFORCE 1 month ago

    Mark hamil is the best

  • Dre Batista
    Dre Batista 1 month ago

    Dude got his childhood back.

  • rgb2718
    rgb2718 1 month ago

    This was cool, but why does Jimmy Kimmel look like Veronica Mars?

  • Hyperrunner
    Hyperrunner 1 month ago

    Mark: Hey Happy birthday man, sorry I arrived roughly 30 years late, but heck, better late than never right? Lets hug.

    BONESAW IS READY 1 month ago

    Mark Hamil isn't like other big actors, Mark Hamil actually cares

  • DrewM
    DrewM 1 month ago

    He gave him Kit Fisto's lightsaber xd

    HIGHTS 1 month ago


  • SugahDaddyy
    SugahDaddyy 1 month ago

    0:13 May the forth be with you xD

  • Low quality pranks
    Low quality pranks 1 month ago

    Even after Mark Hamill's motorcycle accident, he still is one of the most handsome actors

  • Low quality pranks
    Low quality pranks 1 month ago

    2 of my favorite actors, i'm so glad Adam had a real life P&R moment where he wasn't acting

  • Jerry Perry
    Jerry Perry 1 month ago

    who is she ?

  • Cheryl Hall
    Cheryl Hall 1 month ago

    AWWW hes shaking!

  • RushyG
    RushyG 1 month ago

    Man when mark started to come out and Adam said 'No' I started to tear up a but xD

  • deadpool90210
    deadpool90210 1 month ago

    Beautiful moment!

  • Amy St.James
    Amy St.James 1 month ago

    i love how Mark just bops around being the OG. like nothing has changed since the movie

  • Gazzar
    Gazzar 1 month ago

    Luke Skywalker ladies and gentlemen - give him a big hand......oh wait.

  • cai davey
    cai davey 1 month ago

    He's got a big ass head

  • K Bread
    K Bread 1 month ago

    Bruh this is released on may 5

  • Kool-Wade Man
    Kool-Wade Man 1 month ago

    Mark has kit fisto's saber

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