10 People Born With Extra Body Parts

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  • Cat Girl
    Cat Girl 44 minutes ago

    If I had two Virgina's I would want a man with two penises

  • Squishy Miner
    Squishy Miner 2 hours ago

    Nurseryrn should of had been with ddd

  • Aaron Chen
    Aaron Chen 2 hours ago

    Imagine, if you had a boner as the 2 dick dude, O.o

  • carlsonley
    carlsonley 3 hours ago

    Video should be titled how the. Kill evolution and stop mutants

  • Carlos Leal
    Carlos Leal 5 hours ago

    Fuck yeah! two vaginas

  • DragonsREpic
    DragonsREpic 6 hours ago

    Indians will worship anything with 2 or more things you shouldn't have and call it after their smelly brown gods *gags*

  • DragonsREpic
    DragonsREpic 6 hours ago

    Totally not fucking fair! why can't I be a dragon with a hemipenis?

  • Toriana Douglas
    Toriana Douglas 7 hours ago

    Yikes and I thought my period was bad

  • MrCokken69
    MrCokken69 8 hours ago

    my wife has 4 kidneys

  • CaptN Mexico
    CaptN Mexico 8 hours ago

    wait how can they show that girls nipple
    a nipples a nipple
    or what
    if I grew a dick on my hand they could show it

  • Brian S.
    Brian S. 8 hours ago

    Who tried to look up DoubleDickDude on Xbox? XD

  • Chris H
    Chris H 9 hours ago

    I call bullshit, 1/18 do not have more than 2 nipples

  • iProDragonexGaming
    iProDragonexGaming 9 hours ago


  • Um Breon
    Um Breon 9 hours ago

    You came here because of the girl with two "parts" right? I came to see if anyone had three legs

  • Bianca Vîlcu
    Bianca Vîlcu 10 hours ago

    5 kidneys??? Oh man, the guy must be so rich now

  • Eldridge Douglass
    Eldridge Douglass 14 hours ago

    Xc x xxxxxxx

  • Mm Llc
    Mm Llc 14 hours ago

    i wonder if the woman with two vaginas saves one for the less endowed???

    and after the guy with two uses one, is the other penis still hard and must be used next?

  • artiste soundbox
    artiste soundbox 15 hours ago

    Is it considered cheating? I mean to a dood with just one penis I mean

  • Finlay Mitchell
    Finlay Mitchell 15 hours ago

    Why didn't you mention oligodactily? It's where you have less than ten digits.

  • Sanisha Langthasa
    Sanisha Langthasa 16 hours ago

    my friend has 7 fingers

  • ádám rózsa
    ádám rózsa 17 hours ago

    if the 2 dick guy and the 2 vagina girl sex, they have so much better sex

  • chung lo
    chung lo 18 hours ago

    Evolution Is A bich

  • Mishka Janine Kaw
    Mishka Janine Kaw 18 hours ago

    i have 4 kidneys tho

  • NuLl_AliVe
    NuLl_AliVe 20 hours ago

    my friend has a nipples in his fingger.......he has 4nipples now :/

  • HersheyTheGamer HTG

    0:42 you can see the surgery

  • Tripping trunk
    Tripping trunk 1 day ago

    mmm two vagina

  • awsometorchicman
    awsometorchicman 1 day ago

    men can even have 2 dicks

  • banana snapper
    banana snapper 1 day ago


  • Anthony Theil
    Anthony Theil 1 day ago

    "when you masturbate, how do you control the mouse"- funniest question on reddit rofl

  • Tyler Ryan
    Tyler Ryan 1 day ago

    8 legs.........7 vaganias

  • TheTrashCanKing
    TheTrashCanKing 1 day ago

    IM from new zealand

  • AttackOn Gengszterek

    double vaginas,double penises,double fun for they if they have sex
    omg what did i write here wtf

  • Billy Allen
    Billy Allen 1 day ago

    That bloke with 5 kidneys could drink forreeeeeever

  • Gijs van Geloven
    Gijs van Geloven 1 day ago

    6:55 I hope for her she like threesomes

  • Tai Shane
    Tai Shane 1 day ago

    I moved to Connecticut...

  • Cockburn Pubes
    Cockburn Pubes 1 day ago

    How do you fuck a 4 legged woman...that's like fucking a child...look at those legs.

  • Md Kaif
    Md Kaif 1 day ago

    double vagina me double penis ghusao

  • MrCali357
    MrCali357 1 day ago

    "Double dick dude" sounds believable.
    My chat name is DONKY DICK, that's that mean I have a 24" dick.

  • Finley Bowley
    Finley Bowley 1 day ago

    ha banana as sausage (penis )

    INSHINE E 1 day ago

    the girl with two vaginas must have a hard like. two periods at the same time.

  • Spypers 2017
    Spypers 2017 1 day ago

    Where Can i download Depaak Its "Free To Play" Right? Where Steam?

  • carlos r
    carlos r 1 day ago

    Who else would keep switching pussys as they fucked her lmao

  • Wolfie713
    Wolfie713 1 day ago

    Girl with two vaginas = twice the chance of getting laid.
    Guy with two penises = twice the chance of pissing someone off.

  • Wolfie713
    Wolfie713 1 day ago

    Girl with two vaginas = double the pleasure, double the fun.
    Guy with two penises = can peeing for distance contest with himself.
    Both could go join the porn industry and make million$.

  • Kahealani Nakoa
    Kahealani Nakoa 1 day ago

    The man with 5 kidneys could drink forever lol

  • vic ferg
    vic ferg 2 days ago

    So you are telling me the mole I have is an extra nipple, great! What a way of fucking my day up right before going to sleep!

    Y'ALLNEED JESUS 2 days ago

    Nigga double dick power up when he fuck the hoes

  • Jacob C Yay
    Jacob C Yay 2 days ago

    32fingers, well typing

  • Brenda magnus
    Brenda magnus 2 days ago


  • silent killer
    silent killer 2 days ago

    The man with 2 penis and the woman with 2 vagina they should marry 😂😂😂😂

  • Red1Reactor 1
    Red1Reactor 1 2 days ago

    Dude this is getting out of hand. The thumbnail literally shows some girl holding 2 dildos. If this isn't the biggest example of youtube channels trying to draw in little kids by hinting at sex in the title/thumbnail I don't know what is.

  • Tu Lo
    Tu Lo 2 days ago

    This video had me at Doubledickdude

  • Hoshen Damri
    Hoshen Damri 2 days ago

    damn, a girl with two vaginas, i got so fucking horny right now...

    and why in bloddy hell thy all from china??? 😂😓😲

  • Suan Tuang
    Suan Tuang 2 days ago

    I bet they put two pussy so peps would get horny

    KLUDGY CODER 14 2 days ago

    Two dicks huh that would make threesomes a lot easier

    KLUDGY CODER 14 2 days ago

    Ying chin it's Yin Xin just stop trying to pronounce names

    KLUDGY CODER 14 2 days ago

    Jang juojang and Jang roofang oh my god it's not fucking hard to say ZHANG RUIFANG AND ZHANG GUOZHENG he butchered those names

  • R Santana
    R Santana 2 days ago

    I wanna see the 2 vaginas, and out of morbid curiosity, the 2 dicks too, now that would be a woman fully stuffed

    TIPICOGAMERTM 2 days ago

    Well ... I have 3 legs ... if you know what I mean 😏

  • HutchTheKitty YouKnowWho

    If you had 5 kidneys would you have to pee more or less?

  • HutchTheKitty YouKnowWho

    That girl with 2 pairs of legs looks like she's hiding a child under her skirt, Hee hee

  • Bowie te Loo
    Bowie te Loo 2 days ago

    I came here to see if this is clickbait or not

    edit: it wasn't suprisingly enough :0

  • Skrubzy
    Skrubzy 2 days ago

    I think a better name for the guy with 2 penises would be "Double Dicker"

  • Beachedwhale 41
    Beachedwhale 41 2 days ago

    I think the guy with two penises and the girl with two vagina would go perfect together lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mario Dobre
    Mario Dobre 2 days ago

    i have extra hair :o

  • Toxic Cupcake
    Toxic Cupcake 2 days ago

    double pussies. Gangbang easier

  • Kc Adams
    Kc Adams 2 days ago

    I was born with half a penis and no butt luckily it only took 13 surgeries to fix it

  • baudellio charles
    baudellio charles 2 days ago

    So the bitch with two cunts loves cocks in both cunts

  • Brandi Roten
    Brandi Roten 2 days ago

    qult uslng the word ru fuc

    JAYJAY GT PR0 2 days ago

    i cringed so bad and some

  • Tuấn anh Nguyễn

    I died laughing when heard the "woman with 2 vagina"and the man with 2 dick

  • Kenneth Shiro
    Kenneth Shiro 2 days ago

    Fuckin bitch, you probably have to take her out for two dinners.

  • Gavin Correll
    Gavin Correll 3 days ago

    8:34 when you masturbate, how do you control the mouse. I'm dead 😂

  • akshit Chaudhary
    akshit Chaudhary 3 days ago

    almost every chinese is Defected 😂😂😂

    DRUNKFX 3 days ago

    Yep had to look up PRON with these double conditions and it wasn't that hard to find xD

  • lisa edmondson
    lisa edmondson 3 days ago

    Wtf is this vid

  • Rachel Lovelace
    Rachel Lovelace 3 days ago

    nipple on toe...

  • wrto 34
    wrto 34 3 days ago

    Dang that's very surprising about genetics disorders.😲

  • Kenji Reh
    Kenji Reh 3 days ago

    if a woman has two vaginas wouldnt that mean you can pop the cherry twice ;D

  • I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it

    The people in Soviet Russia are evolving and growing more than two kidneys so they can drink more vodka.

  • Orlando Gonzalez
    Orlando Gonzalez 3 days ago


  • tenchu65
    tenchu65 3 days ago

    The grandma with the horn is a child of Kain....

  • mbm13213
    mbm13213 3 days ago

    i has two testicles

  • DoraxPLora
    DoraxPLora 3 days ago

    two vaginas and she only found it out at the age of 18?

  • Cyan Bloodbane
    Cyan Bloodbane 3 days ago

    my son has 3 kidneys

  • Legion Heaven
    Legion Heaven 3 days ago

    fuckin two penis Star fuckers

  • Cohen Mcdonald
    Cohen Mcdonald 3 days ago

    so does the guy with 2 penises have four balls or 2?

  • enator71
    enator71 4 days ago

    Actually looked like two uterus.

  • Rawlin Jernigan
    Rawlin Jernigan 4 days ago

    FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE It's All Just Fake and I don't see how you tube would let this on with their videos

  • Katelynn Oswalt
    Katelynn Oswalt 4 days ago

    would that mean she'd go though puberty twice?

  • Memers For life
    Memers For life 4 days ago

    I thank I have 3 nipples. (I'm a boy)

  • Waffles Gaming
    Waffles Gaming 4 days ago

    The woman is fucking Lucifer Or Satan...
    She has FACKIN HORNS

  • I have a plan to unmake everything into unreality

    The best were saved for the last 2! :D

  • bailey lawrence
    bailey lawrence 4 days ago

    my 8 year old brother has a thurd nipple it's his birth mark

  • Dean Ivanov
    Dean Ivanov 4 days ago

    the 5-kidney man could have been reach :D

  • Dylan Serrano
    Dylan Serrano 4 days ago

    Double pennis double nightmare of peeing

  • SurfGames
    SurfGames 4 days ago

    6fingers... that would help gamers

  • train jam
    train jam 4 days ago


  • train jam
    train jam 4 days ago

    Your a Weirdo!

  • briggsmadness
    briggsmadness 4 days ago

    kid with no limbs growing out of his chest $78,000 to remove that and I go to the hospital to get some tests run and it's over $10,000 and to tell me they didn't find anything what's wrong with that

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