Bernie Sanders SLAMS Trump and The GOP's Healthcare Bill, "No Way, No How, It Passes The Senate"

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  • free money
    free money 29 days ago

    lets watch Obamacare go broke..worthless bums begging for crumbs.i can't wait.

  • hoyboys1000
    hoyboys1000 Month ago

    The United States of America is the Greatest and Richest country on
    earth!.....So why do you not take care of your sick people?....Get rid
    of the Insurance Companies that make huge profits on people's misery and
    take care of your fellow Americans!.................from a concerned

  • Jimmy Biggs
    Jimmy Biggs Month ago

    There is no quality in tyranny!!!!! The healthcare bill cannot be trusted!!! It is not right to try to force hard working people to get that BS!!! Take that healthcare and shove it!!!Bernie is a crook don't let that sheep in wolves clothing deceive you!!!!!

  • Daniel Penn
    Daniel Penn Month ago

    Listen berney, How dare you talk your rhetoric about single payer. As your decrepit democratic party goes on, a whole lot of people are going broke. And all you guys do is try and throw a bogas accusation. If your doing this on purpose, Your worse than a trader. A trader from not bringing in all for one purpose. America.!!!!!!!!

  • Ted Zambrano
    Ted Zambrano Month ago

    Trump is the best , a true business man, and cares for people, Bernie need to retire, Bernie is a socialist, he belongs in an other country.

  • Lydia Avila
    Lydia Avila Month ago

    Trump, Republicans, Walmart and other alias want to kill off Americans, they want to destroy us, till there is no one left. As these fat cats are the only ones that matter. It's time for all American people to rise up against Trump.

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee Month ago

    What about the people who died because they couldn't afford Obama Care. Are their deaths on the hands of GOP legislators too? Be real Bernie Sanders. I don't know what's worse your ridiculous narrative or the Marxist bs you sell to people, while you are apart of the 1 percent that in your words "are destroying the country".

  • J. Muller
    J. Muller Month ago +1

    This old fart hates anything good for America

    • Xanatos21
      Xanatos21 Month ago

      You are correct: Trump hates anything good for America.

  • Joey Hernandez
    Joey Hernandez Month ago +1

    This nigga Bernie can't even speak real english

    • Joey Hernandez
      Joey Hernandez Month ago

      Xanatos21 nah he wants big government and every one should have free everything like free college

    • Xanatos21
      Xanatos21 Month ago

      And Donald does? LMFAO! Bernie is one of the most intelligent politicians in Washington, D.C. and he actually speaks SENSE. Donald's speeches are on par with that of a fifth grader. I swear, you Trump supporters are retarded. Still, always fun to laugh at you dipshits, considering that you are all on the same intellectual wavelength of a common housefly.

  • jcrowley1985
    jcrowley1985 Month ago

    I voted for Bernie Sanders as a write in and it's the best choice I could have made this election.

  • lord damianos
    lord damianos 2 months ago

    fuck bernie the comunisten soros bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you457wx
    you457wx 2 months ago

    Bernie Sanders is a idiot.

    • Xanatos21
      Xanatos21 Month ago

      You got it twisted, bud. Donald Trump is the idiot, not Bernie.

  • Todd Olson
    Todd Olson 2 months ago

    Wow. I know it's only been a few hours, but I am wondering what Trump said NOW!!! & to any of you that keep trying to say good things about Trump. By all means do it. In fact go on relentlessly about all that Mr Trump has done. & really about how much safer we all are telling (yes that Russia thing) others what kind of codes are Intel uses. That way Russia & other countries don't have to call every time the US has a secret message. Please remember to put your Trump signs & bumper stickers back on your Auto's.

  • Paul
    Paul 2 months ago

    Te left wants to bring down the west and create a giant communist utopia which will never work. Radical Islam wants to bring down the west to create a caliphate .Only the right will preserve the west. People like Sanders and Hillary, and Soros are evil. President Trump or even some young conservative like Ben Shapiro are where it's at now. Universities are liberal brainwashing institutions.

  • Casey Jeter
    Casey Jeter 2 months ago +1

    Donald Trump is the worst president next to Nixon. He needs impeached.

  • Jordan
    Jordan 3 months ago +1

    Love Bernie

  • Ral Lee
    Ral Lee 3 months ago +1

    O Bernie he talks & talks
    Nothing but absolute bullshit
    What has this guy ever done? Please tell me ?
    Other then renamed a post office ,got his ass handed to him by his own political party
    Yah he a genius 😂

  • C Cartoons
    C Cartoons 3 months ago

    I love how many people are still Bernie supporters. I loved Bernie a real honest person.

  • Rothschild 666
    Rothschild 666 3 months ago +1

    It's time to repeal and replace the Republican party in impeach Donald Trump, make America great again for his billionaire buddies what a fucken liar. find something to impeach Donald Trump.

  • IvyleagueCutie89
    IvyleagueCutie89 3 months ago +1


  • Oby Eche
    Oby Eche 3 months ago

    Bernie Sanders is my perennial candidate.

  • T. Thomas
    T. Thomas 3 months ago

    No planned parenthood... more Brown Babies .... yeaaaaaa

  • John Wierzbicki
    John Wierzbicki 3 months ago

    Bernie should just go away and join Hillary in the woods!

  • Natasya
    Natasya 3 months ago +1

    Trumpcare would kill more Americans than terrorists. Thank you Bernie for telling it like it is ... for-profit insurance companies and big pharma have inflated USA medical costs beyond all reason.

  • Flypurplecat
    Flypurplecat 3 months ago

    Right, Bernie! Most Republicans don't care whether Americans live or die...I have never voted for someone and later regretted it.. I wonder if any Trump "supporters" (no, let's limit that to those who can read which may or may not include Donald) can say the same?

  • Trish Moore
    Trish Moore 3 months ago

    Bernie is insane and needs to leave politics. Everyone saying he is smart or right have no clue wtf you are talking about.

  • R D
    R D 3 months ago

    Disaster !!!

    How can he do this, I am working since past 4 years in the USA. Even I am willing to pay Coz someone getting helped at some part of the country. Trump supporters will definitely realise who they supported.

  • Still here
    Still here 3 months ago

    Most importantly, Bernie, who are the Congressmen and women that actually read the entire bill? Noone that I know of. They passed it without even reading what they were passing. That would have been too much trouble and work on their part. Then they have the audacity to say that it was read and interpreted to them by their staff. Lazy, thieving, monstrous, wealthy so-called leaders of this Country with NO cognitive decency among the majority of them. And I'll just betcha not one of them can recite the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, let alone understand what it means. So much for promoting the general welfare of we, the American People. Elections are coming, indeed they are.

  • militant progressive
    militant progressive 3 months ago +1


    • Xanatos21
      Xanatos21 Month ago

      It's always fun to watch the videos of Trump supporters getting beaten up, especially the ones who act overly cocky. They talk shit to others online (including in the Youtube comments) because they have the convenience of hiding behind their computer monitors, but when they pull that shit in public, they end up getting their asses kicked as they shield themselves. Trump supporters are a dime a dozen. They put on that whole "tough" act of theirs, but in reality, they are all nothing more than mentally-challenged chump-ass pussies.

  • Beho lder
    Beho lder 3 months ago

    both demoncrats and reprobates are the problem along with the majority of americans that dont do anything to take back the country thats been highjacked by idiots like this continue to brainwash you and influence this stupidity until the day comes when you all awake will be to late!!

  • Todd Olson
    Todd Olson 3 months ago

    After yesterday, watching & thinking about the countless lies. God has put me back on the original course. I am completely set, all I was doing was trying to care for others. What a waste of time. Now I just have to look at what Inland.

  • Jay  Washington
    Jay Washington 3 months ago

    They are awful people not to fix the health care system but there is a God.

  • Quinn Minear
    Quinn Minear 3 months ago

    Man, I wish Bernie was president. Such a smart guy. I'm waiting 2020, we need more guys like him

  • Carla D
    Carla D 3 months ago

    EVERY MAJOR COUNTRY except the U.S. has "figured out" that MASS PROFIT must be eliminated from BIllionaire Private Health/Drug Corporations in order to FIX America's HealthCare problem. THIS is the ONLY solution that WORKS in EVERY MAJOR COUNTRY!!!
    Republicans WORK for BIG Corps, NOT the people. George W Bush "Republican Policies" caused MILLIONS of American families to lose their homes PLUS blew up our deficit while decreasing jobs. Trump is doing the SAME thing X 100 and THIS TIME, MILLIONS of Americans will lose healthcare, clean air/water/soil, etc., etc., etc. EVERYTHING Republicans touch FOR THE PEOPLE, they make WORSE & our middle class shrinks into a HUGE poor class. THIS happens EVERY time Republicans'd THINK, Americans would eventually catch on.
    In 28 years of leadership, Republicans created 24 Million jobs PLUS swelled the deficit. In 24 years of leadership, Democrats created 45 Million jobs PLUS decreased the deficit. National Statistics Per President PROVE the BIGGEST "threat" to a thriving economy is the Republican party and their "MORE for the 1%" policies.

  • Todd Olson
    Todd Olson 3 months ago

    Well, can't talk right now Paul. To busy watching all the comedians make fun of Trump & all of his administration. What a fucking joke they are!!!!!!!!!!

  • April Underwood
    April Underwood 3 months ago

    We need a recall vote for president! Debbie washermanshults fucked sanders over ! Now we have a two faced son of a bitch for president! #saddayforUS

  • Last Chance
    Last Chance 3 months ago

    So I guess you're upset Bernie about the tax breaks you're getting? Hahahahahaha! Yeah like you care that thousands are going to die. What's wrong with that? We have too many sick people that are societies dead flesh on the dole anyway and we're over populated, everyone dies some day

  • Todd Olson
    Todd Olson 3 months ago


  • Todd Olson
    Todd Olson 3 months ago

    After what they found out & told everyone, about 3 advisers coming forward & telling everyone. Trump knew all along from Obama telling Trump NOT TO HIRE MIKE FLYNN. & ALL OF TRUMPS PEOPLE(& TRUMP) THEN THEY ALL LIED!!! TO THE HOLD WORLD!!! I ZERO % TRUST TRUMP!!! & I could bet NO OTHER COUNTRY WILL EITHER!!!

  • vonsuthoff
    vonsuthoff 3 months ago

    I HOPE ALL YOU PEOPLE ARE RICH! Because 3/4 of the money used to
    support the ACA (ObamaCare) will now be given to the rich in the form of
    $622 billion in tax cuts for the rich! And to make it even worse for the
    common folks... the republicans are leaving those with "pre-existing
    conditions" at the mercy of the states! And if your state has a
    republican governor, you will be shit out of luck I fear... especially
    if you are 50+ years old! Your insurance will cost you up to 500% more
    per month in premium costs!!!


    We MUST stand up to this... RAISE HELL... CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW!

  • modern rebel
    modern rebel 3 months ago

    look at HOW THEY'RE GLOATING about getting tax breaks in the graves of millions of Americans

    TROUBLE CAINE 3 months ago


  • Jim Schachtschneider
    Jim Schachtschneider 3 months ago +2

    Am I the only one that finds it odd that all of these self-proclaimed business geniuses in congress and the administration did not take the time to do a Best Practice Study of how other "first world" countries provide healthcare to all their people; for much less than we spend? Did not our beloved leader Trump just say Australia has better healthcare than the USA?

  • Kratos101
    Kratos101 3 months ago

    HR 676! No more hashtags, no more bullshit. Get busy and call your local representatives to cosponsor Medicare for all.

  • Adrian Kramer
    Adrian Kramer 3 months ago

    I spy a communist

  • max m
    max m 3 months ago

    how can u say garantee healthcare when ur charging the worker for it? its not free why does the government want the worker to pay healthcare that we dont all need i never get sick why should i waste my hard earned money?

  • max m
    max m 3 months ago

    berney sanders is officially a idiot low income families can berly keep their earnings because of forced healthcare and all the other taxes after all taxes an healcare are taken from there check the paycheck is small and none can afford the damn deductable so forget healthcare i rather drive to mexico for medical an dental

  • Patriot of Justice
    Patriot of Justice 3 months ago

    Meanwhile, Sanders' wife is under FBI investigation for defrauding a bank for loans to Burlington College.

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch 3 months ago

    Keep fighting for HR.676 Medicare for all! Do not get sidetracked by fearmongerers stay focused!

  • gregularity
    gregularity 3 months ago +1

    To anyone reading this: *please* just search "Trump coverage everyone" in YouTube. Even if you're a GOP or Trump supporter, just please do this one thing, then explain to the 24 million people now denied healthcare coverage how it's right that a presidential candidate can make election promises which turn out to be lies.

  • Gary Garrett
    Gary Garrett 3 months ago

    Republicans are going to make 9/11 look like a fuckin' joke compared to the amount of americans they kill.

  • blog it
    blog it 3 months ago

    can't get nothing for free says the dume fuck man pointing out the obvious but when you take the money from the poor who you think they will give it to Mr macho man...the military complex

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago

    We want a better USA and that's good. We need to return to old fashioned capitalism, get away from big business controlling the economy, and surely not run towards socialism. You want us to be like Sweden, Norway, and Germany. Norway's oil industry is in crisis, Germany's exports are creating social and political instability, and Sweden's currency is in free fall. Consider these facts. Capitalism produces faster growth than socialism. Capitalism works in concert with human nature while socialism works against it because people work harder for themselves and make more. Capitalism rewards merit. Socialism rewards mediocrity. Capitalism is freedom while socialism is slavery. The marketplace does a much better job of allocating resources than socialism's central planning. So it's much wiser to return to true capitalism. This is why Sanders is more dangerous than any Trump, Obama, Clinton, or Islamic terrorist.

  • Adam Findlay
    Adam Findlay 3 months ago

    an honest guy tells the truth?My god...i never would have thought it possible, in CONgress.

  • funkyflights
    funkyflights 3 months ago

    Bernie is right, this is not a healthcare bill, it's a NO healthcare bill...

  • The Clever
    The Clever 3 months ago +1

    BINGO Bernie!!! Health care is and always has been about the profitability of both the drug companies and insurance companies....the sooner the american voter realizes this the more our voice will be heard.

  • Sheila Bloom
    Sheila Bloom 3 months ago +3

    Bernie should have ben the candidate instead of Clinton. He knows his facts and doesn't pull his punches.

  • Joypad Bandit
    Joypad Bandit 3 months ago

    The 2008 Too Big to Fail bill,didn't pass at first (Americans calling their senators)....and then overnight,it passed (via backroom deals)....Similar events are going to happen again. #HoldOnTight

  • Edward kirkhope
    Edward kirkhope 3 months ago

    The 'healthcare' bill shames America. For the richest nation on earth to have millions of citizens without healthcare is a disgrace. The conservative religious republicans talk a great deal about their faith and god yet show precious little humanity for their fellow children of god. The politicians have great healthcare provided by the federal government but insist the poorest people not only cannot have healthcare but will have it taken away. Tied to this bill should be a clause that every congressman or women that votes for it rescinds their own right to government funded healthcare. Then take a vote.

  • Walter Higo
    Walter Higo 3 months ago

    Bernie practically agreed Obamacare is a disaster!

  • Sharon Rants
    Sharon Rants 3 months ago

    Medicare for all NOW! It's the only solution!

  • Will Wright
    Will Wright 3 months ago

    Go get'em #Bernie Never let up!

  • dave canterra
    dave canterra 3 months ago +2

    The republican party is the most dangerous institution in the world, and
    this evil deed once again proves it. They only represent the
    interests of the richest people around the world. If you're not a
    multimillionaire / billionaire and you're voting for republicans, you're
    voting against your own interests. In fact, you're voting against life
    itself. The democratic party has also been infected with this sickness
    as they too are taking corporate money. It's the system that needs to be
    changed from predatory capitalism to a system based on need.. not
    greed. Wake up... pay attention... and vote for non-corporate funded
    progressives.... or die.

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago +1

    We want a better USA and that's good. We need to return to old fashioned capitalism, get away from big business controlling the economy, and surely not run towards socialism. You want us to be like Sweden, Norway, and Germany. Norway's oil industry is in crisis, Germany's exports are creating social and political instability, and Sweden's currency is in free fall. Consider these facts. Capitalism produces faster growth than socialism. Capitalism works in concert with human nature while socialism works against it because people work harder for themselves and make more. Capitalism rewards merit. Socialism rewards mediocrity. Capitalism is freedom while socialism is slavery. The marketplace does a much better job of allocating resources than socialism's central planning. So it's much wiser to return to true capitalism. This is why Sanders is more dangerous than any Trump, Obama, Clinton, or Islamic terrorist.
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  • Emy Pierre-Louis
    Emy Pierre-Louis 3 months ago

    If the States are the number 1 powerhouse in the world, why do they not have universal healthcare? The "conservatism" reason doesn't work, because Japan is on a whole other level of conservatism and still has accessible healthcare for all (AND ARE A REVERSE PYRAMID WHICH MEANS A LOT MORE ELDERLY).

  • Richard McClain
    Richard McClain 3 months ago

    Bernie we appreciate you fighting for us

  • Alexzanderson JRG
    Alexzanderson JRG 3 months ago

    Bernie! Bernie! for 2020.. lol it rhymes, sounds good, and needs to happen, let's just hope and pray to God that we make it that far... Once again I'm gonna say it man... Bernie! Bernie! 20/20.

  • jerry henrie
    jerry henrie 3 months ago

    For 30 years hollywood, 100% extreme liberals have pushed rap, the gun violence, the drugs and drug sales. It has pushed women to act like low class sluts, and pushed drunkeness, and the gan lifestyle. Hollywood has made shpws to demonize white race people, to do shows where non-whites can call whites racists and shit all over us. The ducation system is 100% liberal controlled and it pushes the anti white, anti America and race mix out the white race all the time, now even in cartoons. The media is 100% liberal, now with fox news libtards kids taking over from murdoch, what is left?
    Did obama one time ever tell hollywood to not push rap, to not make shows that create hate and division? 8 years of obama and not one time did he try to unite America. But now a white race man is President for 3 months and now all conservatives are racists? It is liberals that create racial division. Enough of your sick bullshit. It is the jews who push racial hate, while they and their brianwashed libtards call everyone the problem. Bernie is a jew, did he speeak out against whe evil of hollywood? How about the jewish owned and controlled acholhol industry and the rappers promoting expensive alcohol?
    You libtards dont undserrstand that wall street bankers are 90% jews and all of them are liberals and communists. You dont understand in communism they gain power and wealth and you are put under a police state where each of you monitor what your friends say or talk about. bernie is rich, how machh has he donated? Hollywood is full of billionaires that dont give shit. They put it in tax frtee foundations like billy gates that pays out a small portion of interests it earns each year.
    The people creating racial hate and division are 100% liberals, yet that seems to be the only wqord that liberals clal conservatives. That is all liberal brainwashed minds can understand.

    • jerry henrie
      jerry henrie 3 months ago

      So lets see. Hollywood is 90% jewsih ran and controlled, the other 10% are jesuits which are pretty much jews. This is a fact. Is the Mafia Italian? Yes it was Italian, Sicilian in fact and no one says you are anti Italian to mention the truth, the fact that the mafia was and is Italian.
      But even though jews themselve brag about controlling Hollywood, they even created Hollywood. Every studio, every talent agency, everything was created and ran by jews, so how am i anti Semitic for pointing out facts?
      Now if jews create movies and shows and cartoons and commercials that promote white women being with black men and having black babies, then does that somehow make me a racist for seeing thios fact, this simple truth? Liberals see it to, but they understand that they must be PHONEY, they must hold truth inside and lie about it, or to pretend it isnt there, but it is.
      The music industry is 100% controlled by jews, again that is fact. These same jews have been promoting and pushing rap for 30 years now. The rap glamorizes the thug lifestyle, the selling and taking of drugs, the use of alcohol and expensives wines and champanges which jews own by the way. It shows women as sluts, low class dancing whoe looking sluts of white and black race women.
      So, if i point out the very simple truth that can be verified by everyone that jews are behind this pushing of evil onto our society, and that everyone of these jews in hollywood, every single one of them are extreme liberals, most if not all communists at heart that somehow makes me evil and racist?
      To say a women dancing in vulgur ways and saying it looks sluty is sexists makes no sense. You liberals cant face the truth, that it is your own fellow liberals distroying our values, our morals that made this country great. I noticed you didnt try to deny anything i claimed in my comment, as no liberals ever do. You are all the same you just go to the same "you are racist, anti semite, sexists etc"
      You are a white race woman if that is your picture and you need to understand some elite jews have declared all out war on the white non-jewish race. Maybe you need to ask this simple question. Why are jews of hollywood pushing so much hateful divisive films and shows, why do jews in the education system push marxism now so hard? Why do just jews benefit from money attached to every dollar our country prints> That every dollar printed puts us further in debt, and takes billions and billions a year in interest that goes to a few jewish global bankers.
      If these jews who are very liberal really carred about the races and destroying racism, and racial tension then why do they make moves that create hate for whites? The movie "Birth of a nation" was based on a book, and in the move they had a part that showed white men gang raping the black heros wife, yet it wasnt in the book, anbd white men do not gang rape black women nor white women. The amount of white men raping black women is less than 1% a year. So again, if these loving liberals wanted to fight hate and division and racism like youy all claim so high and mighty in your marches, then why is it that liberals, jews in fact create the hate? Now many blacks are making the same movies, and the jews must approve of all moves and or shows by the way.
      A black man married to a white woman, made the movie "Get out" in it he makes whites look like freaky evil things, this is part of the demonizing of the white race by the way that liberals push. So the man has a white wife and demonizes the white race and blacks fall for it, they now think we are white devils that must be killed off. This didnt come from white race conservatives, but from liberals.
      So, please if you respond, then deny my claims and show me where i am wrong. I am a white race Mormon and are part of the twelve tribes of Israel and am semitic by the way. Not all jews who say they are jews are jews by the way.

    • Sharon Rants
      Sharon Rants 3 months ago

      jerry henrie nobody who uses the word libtard is taken seriously....nor are they when they go on racist, sexist, anti semetic rants. gtfo with your bullshit

  • Last Chance
    Last Chance 3 months ago

    Wow Bernie I guess you've forgotten the lies Obama told us about Obumercare!
    1. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
    2. If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.
    You hypocritical Dirty Dem!

    • Mad Hatman
      Mad Hatman 3 months ago

      +Last Chance Is dipshit the best you can do you libertarian cockholster?

    • Last Chance
      Last Chance 3 months ago

      Thanks for proving my point, that you're a Liberal fool who has no idea what he's talking about. You don't know me, hell I didn't vote for Trump and I'm far from moronic. Homophobic? Yes, and proud of it, and I don't have a sister either you dipshit!

    • Mad Hatman
      Mad Hatman 3 months ago

      Last Chance no, Bernie sanders has the restraint not to get into unproductive arguments with the great orange moron or alienate his moronic homophobic gun wielding sister fucking followers that's why he didn't out right call him on his lies.... oh right you voted for him...well I don't have to follow sanders example...Last Chance you sir a a moronic homophobic sister fucking follower of the great orange moron and I truly pity you.

    • Last Chance
      Last Chance 3 months ago

      +  Mad Hatman     Hahahahaha!  Obviously it's not ok for any politician to lie. Even Bernie doesn't know if Trump's lying or not on this issue, but he does agree that Obumercare has serious problems. You know, you're like so many other Liberals, maybe should actually listen to the video before you post something and sound like a fool.

    • Mad Hatman
      Mad Hatman 3 months ago

      Last Chance so just because Obama lied means its OK for trump to do the same?

  • benita benett
    benita benett 3 months ago

    We need more activists like Bernie. I love and respect Bernie Sanders. Please help us this TRUMPDONOCARE inhumane disaster don't be imposed in us and the new generations.

    • Sharon Rants
      Sharon Rants 3 months ago

      benita benett for every disastrous thing our county has done over the last 30'll find video of Bernie fighting to stop it!

  • Wonka Chocolates
    Wonka Chocolates 3 months ago

    Why would anyone listen to BERNIE "THE SOCIALIST TOAD" SANDERS for anything…???

    • Sharon Rants
      Sharon Rants 3 months ago

      Wonka Chocolates because he's right! the highest form of ignorance is rejecting something you know nothing about

  • Todd Olson
    Todd Olson 3 months ago

    Do you know what's so funny tho? People that voted for Trump. That's all I do now is Laugh my ass off at them. What's even funnier is most of them have Obama care! Oh well. When others even mention Trump now, it's not even worth talking. I just leave.What a embarrassment! Just look at that thing they did yesterday. Oh,,, OK I'll stop rubbing it in. Personally I can't see the 3 ring circus lasting much longer. I really hope people keep there Trump signs up.

    • Sharon Rants
      Sharon Rants 3 months ago

      Todd Olson sadly they took the whole country down with them

  • indoctus41
    indoctus41 3 months ago

    Stupid people elect stupid leaders.

    Therein lies the problem with America.

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago

    Sanders is delusional , he is a pacifist and would turn us into Venezuela.

    • Paul
      Paul 3 months ago

      you are a brain washed college fool.

    • Paul
      Paul 3 months ago

      Give me my grandpa Bernie, he's so cool. I'm a young dumb college fuck majoring in the humanities. And my liberal old hippie professors say I should love socialism, oh I'm sorry democratic socialism. Be polite, sip hot coco, color a picture, cry, poor baby me. Grow the fuck up like the Great Generation did. Ass wipe.

    • Sharon Rants
      Sharon Rants 3 months ago

      Paul says the guy who knows nothing about Bernie and only rejects him because he's told to by those who fear Him.

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago

    Plan parenthood, kill babies. Sanders should fuck off.

    • Paul
      Paul 3 months ago

      Let me have a go at this betting thing. You probably think US funds with our 21 trillion dollar debt should continue paying for International planned Parenthood. You are pissed off at Trump's Pro Life stand and think we should continue to be fools . You feel sorry for the women of say Columbia , yet you won't give your cushy condo or home to a nice illegal Mexican family as you stand in line at Starbucks paying $5. for a cup of coffee as you blab about how horrible white people are. Finally, you do not realize how pathetic and annoying you are to most guys.

    • Paul
      Paul 3 months ago

      Betters usually do not win. I am not pro war at all unless we are being attacked on our own land. I am very much pro gun provided back ground checks are done . Pro death penalty all the way. Tax dollars pay for roughly a quarter of all abortions. I am not for abortions unless it is the case of the mother's life is in danger, rape, or the baby will be born with a very serious problem. However, the excuse of " oh well we were drunk or I'm just not ready " that doesn't make it. There needs to be a regard for life and morality. Sharon, please realize I am of the K gene and you are of the R gene. Changing each others' minds is like trying to change our eye color.

    • Sharon Rants
      Sharon Rants 3 months ago

      Paul I bet you think your tax dollars pays for abortions too don't ya? lemme guess... you're also pro war, pro gun and pro death penalty too aren't ya?

  • Eric cheung
    Eric cheung 3 months ago

    L l

  • JamE 88
    JamE 88 3 months ago +1

    How are we so concerned about saving money by tearing apart Obama Care but, yet we continue to pay for all of Dear Mr. President's trips and security? How about this……..Keep your ass in D.C.!!

  • Edgar Meza
    Edgar Meza 3 months ago +16

    Bernie is single handedly the most honest politician I've seen.

    He is real- he has actually lived a normal life being a good natured human beign, it makes me real proud to be born in this country and knowing that I'm not alone when saying I'm not the only one that thinks like "this".

    this: Equality and opportunity to all.

    Bernie 2020

    • Ral Lee
      Ral Lee 3 months ago

      Edgar Meza

      Have you been smoking something
      This ding dong lived in his parents basement till he was 40 hasn't done anything other then renamed a post office
      Yah he's a real genius

  • teddy labis
    teddy labis 3 months ago +1

    cnn  is fake news

    • Einomar
      Einomar 3 months ago

      teddy labis sure Mr look at my pecs xD. If that really is you, you should spend a little more time reading books expanding your mind and knowledge and less time in the gym.

  • chevyblue66
    chevyblue66 3 months ago

    It is being sabotaged!! He's got that right! Not reading the bill..not understanding what they're voting on..that's sabotaging the ACA!! Embarrassing!! Trump = Dictator

  • billy murph
    billy murph 3 months ago


  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 3 months ago

    Americans are so fucking stupid. This could have been out president but we just HAD to pick a retard and a corrupt wall street whore. Good job

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 3 months ago

    I fucking hate CNN.

    • Imran Khan
      Imran Khan 3 months ago

      Bernie got screwed by the corrupt Democrat party and CNN failed to drag Hillary over the line so they are now trying to resurrect Bernie as their saviour. It's pathetic

    • Sharon Rants
      Sharon Rants 3 months ago

      Imran Khan maybe try not attacking the messenger and acknowledge the message

  • happy cats
    happy cats 3 months ago

    DNC, told Bernie the same thing.

  • Angela Lee
    Angela Lee 3 months ago +1

    Anderson and Bernie are two of the smartest people ever. Cheers.

  • Michael J Howard
    Michael J Howard 3 months ago +2

    Go Bernie!. You're speaking the truth!. Trump administration is trying to scare us low-income people.

  • Trevor Adams
    Trevor Adams 3 months ago +15

    Just one thing to say: Universal Health Care.

  • Trevor Adams
    Trevor Adams 3 months ago +1

    I love Bernie. He is a true AMERICAN Patriot.

    • Angela Lee
      Angela Lee 3 months ago

      Trump calls himself a Patriot, but in fact, Trump is an outright LIAR.

  • allisojo
    allisojo 3 months ago +12

    Bernie...keep speaking the truth..!!

  • michael coronado
    michael coronado 3 months ago +1

    Republicans are sabotaging everything that makes poor and middle class Americans rise in life.

  • MaxMisterC
    MaxMisterC 3 months ago +25

    "Is he lying or does he not know what he is doing?
    I don't know the answer to that but either way, its pretty pathetic!"


    • Rif Klein
      Rif Klein 3 months ago

      MaxMisterC 😂 I heard that and tell me about it 😂

  • Gary Goodrich
    Gary Goodrich 3 months ago +1

    When are Republican voters going to get it. If you're rich, I can reason and rationalize why you would vote Republican. If you're middle class, lower middle class or poor...what are you thinking? It's been so obvious, for such a long time, they only care about rich people and fuck everyone else. They don't even try and hide it; it's apparent in practically every piece of legislation they try to pass or repeal. A third of Republican voters didn't even know the Affordable Care Act and Obama care were one in the same. Republican voters have turned out in-mass at Town hall meetings across the country screaming at their local Republican lawmakers to not cut, gut or repeal Obama Care. Then why did you vote Republican!!!!!! The Republican lawmakers have said (for 8 years) they would repeal it if they took the White House. We're witnessing a new definition of dumb in this country. If you have to pass a test to get a drivers license, you should have to pass a test in order to vote.

  • Wes B
    Wes B 3 months ago +1

    The trumpers as usual vote against their own interests. Before this election I thought it was due to ignorance. But since then I have changed my mind drastically. They are not ignorant, they are stupid and now they are going to choke on it, good pain is good. I know about pain, pain put things in perspective.

    • Wes B
      Wes B 3 months ago

      I will admit that H.Clinton was no Bernie but, to pigeon hole Clinton with Trump as both unqualified. Common! I agree with many of the things you mention however, had the election gone the other way, we wouldn't be dealing with no less than 4 individuals of dubious loyalties in the White House staff, we wouldn't have to deal with a climate change denier, we wouldn't be dealing with the first steps of religious intolerance, we would not be dealing with the hypocrisy of Golden Sacks which Hillary was, and so Mnuchin Bannon, Cohn,Clayton. We also wouldn't be dealing with a president who said "who knew health care was complicated"? "who knew the North Korea/China was so complicated". And speaking of net neutrality? how do you like EO that gives provider permission to go free and do "great things", I can go on for a while longer but you get the pic.

    • DemonLordChaos
      DemonLordChaos 3 months ago

      Wes B to be fair, both candidates were unqualified to run. Clinton is an incarnation of Bush, so if she got to be president, it wouldn't spark much of a backlash from the population to fix the system.

      Trump however is clearly sparking a lot of backlash to fix the system. Perhaps enough to make people like Bernie win over people like Hillary in the next election. Hopefully before that.

      Regardless, Americans are fighting a war they shouldn't hadn't have to; they have a constitution, they have policies set in place specifically to avoid people like trump, Hillary running for president but somehow we still have this nonsense, annual attempts to go against net neutrality, annual attempts to go against other obvious common sense concepts.

      The fact that this is terrifying. The truth that no matter how many defensive systems Americans have, they have to ACTIVELY fight against threats that should be handled automatically with a "no, your idea is horrible, you are no longer a president because you even considered that".

  • littgaia
    littgaia 3 months ago

    Repeal of the ACA has to pass to remove functions of tax money leaching by organizations that don't deserve government support. As for planned parenthood, is recieves huge donations and doesn't really need what it has collected from the government. Aside fromthat, they charge the women going to them for the abortions that are their largest base of income other than the sale of fetus parts and cells. the insurance industry needs to prepare itself for the inevitable collapse of their functions in the healthcare industry. Between it and the drug companies, we as a race don't stand much of a chance at survival.

  • membrusgrandis
    membrusgrandis 3 months ago

    we are great again ! we are fkt

  • Gary Garrett
    Gary Garrett 3 months ago +2

    Even if this AHCA bill doesn't pass the Senate, and never comes to fruition, Americans must NEVER FORGET that the GOP tried to commit MASS MURDER ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Vote these fuckers out of office!

    • jigsawnq
      jigsawnq 3 months ago

      Gary Garrett lmao.

  • AppleCoreCafe
    AppleCoreCafe 3 months ago

    It's just rich people screwing poor, or business as usual. Start by eliminating the rich peoples profits from health care, where it does not belong in the first place and figure out just what it cost to care. Take the hate out of health care legislation and that should eliminate the greedy folk's profits, which are needless in a real health Care system truly designed to help not steal.

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