Why NASA won't send humans to Venus

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  • Kon YT
    Kon YT 2 hours ago

    Nobody can survive there even here at Africa I am already sizzling also at singapore

  • big smoke
    big smoke 9 hours ago

    lol sulfur

  • Minecraft Realistic
    Minecraft Realistic 20 hours ago

    Im from the venus

  • Asher - Minecraft And More!

    Here's A Short Version
    They'll Die From The Heat

  • Jessica Lin Barnett


  • Snoop Dawg
    Snoop Dawg 2 days ago

    Why NASA won't send humans to
    Cause Venus smells like penis

  • Minnie Moouse
    Minnie Moouse 2 days ago

    simple answer: its HOT

  • lexus14blacklist
    lexus14blacklist 3 days ago +1


  • KpopisgoodBCkpopisGreat Knowledge4Lyfe

    I think there was too much icy hot in venus....and it's toooo thicC to HaNdLe ;) someone help me...

  • KpopisgoodBCkpopisGreat Knowledge4Lyfe

    Gr8....now my dreams of becoming a astronaut is dead....

  • Psimple Gamer
    Psimple Gamer 3 days ago

    There's no reason the planet couldn't be terraformed to support life eventually. Also, conditions in orbit, including in the high atmosphere, are more manageable for visitors. The only reason not to send a manned mission to observe the planet up close is a lack of imagination.

  • joel montalvo
    joel montalvo 4 days ago

    Hottest Planet is Venus? What about the teachers told about Mercury being the hottest?

  • fazal ahmed
    fazal ahmed 4 days ago

    fcuking idiots , these assoooles think everything is possible . somebody tell them its old school bullshit

  • Krimzon _
    Krimzon _ 4 days ago

    In summary your dead if you land on Venus or going near it

  • Krimzon _
    Krimzon _ 4 days ago

    Only 100 days my ass

  • Artem Brayson
    Artem Brayson 4 days ago

    Looks like Hell... why are we overdue to go back again? What good would that do humanity ON EARTH?! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • LPS Treetop
    LPS Treetop 4 days ago

    Ummm isin't it very obvious?! Its so mother fucking hot in there?!

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson 5 days ago +1

    Did she just say it rains acid?!

  • Adrian Coolguy
    Adrian Coolguy 5 days ago

    Because the vex will kill u

  • 1223333nbahal
    1223333nbahal 5 days ago

    Was that really asked?

  • Exfinite _
    Exfinite _ 5 days ago

    How about you stop using imperial and move to metric so the rest of the world can understand

  • Miss Backyard Camper

    So.... This planet may be HELL! We just don't know it! But I would think Mercury would be the hottest planet! So why NASA won't send humans to HELL is beyond me! 😛

  • The Guinness
    The Guinness 6 days ago

    Cause it's fucking hot. Are you an idiot?! I know I am not. So fuck off

  • Michael Hickok
    Michael Hickok 6 days ago

    How tf they gon send people to Venus if they can't even get a man on the moon. #earthisflatterthanurmomstits

  • excellence 07
    excellence 07 7 days ago

    Simple: because it doesn't exist

  • Julie Anne Bacalso
    Julie Anne Bacalso 7 days ago

    Throw those bad guys to venus and they will be fry alive.

  • Anna Faye's Adventurous Life

    What about Mercury? Isn't it hotter?

  • Lucas Barrientos
    Lucas Barrientos 8 days ago


  • Olivia g
    Olivia g 9 days ago

    what if by some miracle venus suddenly became just like earth, just like a paradise, and we plan on moving people there, only to discover everything is just a mirage and everything is deadly and as soon as u got 100 ft near venus u die

  • Brandon Eliason
    Brandon Eliason 9 days ago

    : Because its really, really shit, hence the reason no life exists there. Saved you 2 minutes and 49 seconds of you lives. You're welcome.

  • Sudhakar Sudhakar
    Sudhakar Sudhakar 10 days ago +1

    If they didnt go to venus how do they know this like if ur confused

  • KielTheGamer09
    KielTheGamer09 10 days ago


  • BenjiPlayz
    BenjiPlayz 10 days ago +1

    isnt the sun the hottest planet in the galaxy

  • BTS Fangirl
    BTS Fangirl 10 days ago

    Simple.becuase it's hot

  • mmiiirra
    mmiiirra 10 days ago

    **sees video in recommended**
    1. The surface will burn us Alive
    2. Poisonous af clouds

    Can we fix the mess on Earth first?

  • Cursed Memes
    Cursed Memes 11 days ago

    Oh I don't know maybe it is because NASA has no use for Venus.

  • King Noah
    King Noah 11 days ago

    That magic school bus episode lied

  • Hani Gajmer
    Hani Gajmer 12 days ago

    Imagine the people in the future where u can land on Venus saying 'YOU'RE WRONG MOTHERFUCKERS' 😂

  • remember to troll
    remember to troll 12 days ago

    Giati afrofiti kai oxi teemo I yasuo ee?

  • Sufyan Mir
    Sufyan Mir 13 days ago

    Still a better place than exam hall :v

  • Vero Carrillo
    Vero Carrillo 13 days ago

    They won't let you go cuz it's a pen us

  • Jeonghan is a Sloth
    Jeonghan is a Sloth 14 days ago

    Just stay at home

  • Ashe Undieh
    Ashe Undieh 15 days ago +1

    the real answer is because they sent them to uranus

  • alexis cajes
    alexis cajes 16 days ago


  • Ariana Love MOON
    Ariana Love MOON 16 days ago

    Common sense Venus is near at the sun. and it so hot

    • Michael Terrell
      Michael Terrell 11 days ago

      Not true. It's because Venus has a thick atmosphere and that's why it is so hot.

  • Peter Dudes
    Peter Dudes 16 days ago

    How do you know have you been to venus

  • max enzo
    max enzo 16 days ago

    because you dont have rockets to return home? you see,almost the same gravity as earth?

  • enduro pancen oye
    enduro pancen oye 17 days ago

    Hellish planet

  • The Commander
    The Commander 17 days ago



  • The Commander
    The Commander 17 days ago

    I have a venus phone

  • makenzie
    makenzie 17 days ago

    why Is this so scary to me

  • xCMSx
    xCMSx 17 days ago

    Because it's hell

  • El Taco MADS
    El Taco MADS 17 days ago

    *Reads title*
    Me: because it's as hot as a car on a summer day

  • CraxGaming
    CraxGaming 18 days ago

    venus is earths cousins and earth can be cold and hot

  • N'golo Kante
    N'golo Kante 18 days ago

    Cuz its hot in there, Duh?

  • Hung To
    Hung To 19 days ago

    Be happy that the alien like spaceship survived

  • Kbt. Games
    Kbt. Games 19 days ago


    BEST GRILL 19 days ago

    Welp. Mind blown. If a day in Venus takes a year on earth. So your siblings must've had their puberty and you haven't. Deym.

  • Russian-Italian Loves You!

    Meh....I live in Arizona, I can handle it.

  • Smiley the tem 3
    Smiley the tem 3 19 days ago

    Yey burnt space cake!

  • Niki 4501
    Niki 4501 20 days ago

    Why NASA won't send humans to the Sun

  • 2BrothersGaming
    2BrothersGaming 20 days ago

    Gravity is a myth.

    The earth is flat.

    All starts look like planets.

  • TØP trash
    TØP trash 20 days ago

    So, we can't go on Venus because it's a poisonous radiation oven.

  • Snigdha Banerjee
    Snigdha Banerjee 21 day ago +2

    Why can't NASA send humans to any star ???

    • Kon YT
      Kon YT 2 hours ago

      Snigdha Banerjee because it's so far can you please stop making like this kind of comments in your profile pic I. See a adult you should be acting like your age I'm just 11 and it's like I'm more mature and serious than you

  • RedFox190
    RedFox190 21 day ago +1

    Now make a video on why NASA won't send humans to the sun...

  • Xpert Killer725
    Xpert Killer725 21 day ago

    South Carolina is hotter

  • JP Vlogs
    JP Vlogs 21 day ago

    Whatever happened to Mercury

  • Humble Cosmas
    Humble Cosmas 21 day ago

    heres another thought try sending a robot to venus hopefully it doesnt explode

  • Humble Cosmas
    Humble Cosmas 22 days ago

    its simple cause u may die from the gas

  • Llama
    Llama 22 days ago

    If we need a video to explain why we can't visit Venus then please just stay on earth and not infect other planets with dumbness

  • Untung Cipto sejati
    Untung Cipto sejati 22 days ago

    The only answer is...

    Bring "flat earth" people to venus!

  • Zach M
    Zach M 22 days ago

    So the Islam of the planets?

  • redlegagent
    redlegagent 22 days ago

    Why the fuck would humans want to go to Venus............Duh!  How about the obvious - why send humans to places where the only reason we are there is to study the place - and we can accomplish that much easier by simply sending probes.  Cheaper - easier - and safer to use probes.  That doesn't even take into account the issue of weight and resources.  To land people on Venus - they must be able to take back off again............assuming they didn't go splat on landing in the first place.  {chuckle}  That means you'll need larger heavier ships which can sustain the crew there and back + hold enough fuel etc. to accomplish the mission.  Then you have the "splat issue".  Look at Mars.  Thus far the only successful landings have been by NASA using SMALL probes and large balloons so as to "bounce" upon landing and (hopefully) land right side up like a cat.  The larger and heavier the ship - the harder it is to land on a surface which has atmosphere.  The moon was a piece of cake as there was no air - ensuring relatively "soft" landings.  Landing with strong cross-breezes etc. is a whole different ball of wax.

  • Dimitar Matanski
    Dimitar Matanski 22 days ago

    I didn't even watch the video and started to coment alredy
    Why eouldn't they sand people to Venus
    well it is only 450degrees celsius and even if they manage to build an anti-heat costume the rains there are from sulfur acid so good luck building a suit against that
    and even if they sucseed well there are active volcanos that work non-stop so good luck and with that
    Shortly-Venus is a planet of death

  • Susie Doan
    Susie Doan 23 days ago

    Why NASA won’t send humans to Venus
    Me : it’s super hot on Venus, the cloud are very poisonous.

  • TheFuriousAssassin!!!
    TheFuriousAssassin!!! 23 days ago


  • windy attacker
    windy attacker 23 days ago

    but why go to venus when mars is way better? for some strange reason, i find mars to be more hospitable.

  • Michael Terrell
    Michael Terrell 23 days ago

    Why NASA won't send humams humans to Venus? I don't know because it's almost 1,000 damn degrees!

  • Genji
    Genji 23 days ago

    Maybe because there are darn clouds that trap heat inside the planet heating it up to 400º C

  • wug
    wug 23 days ago

    why would you use miles when you have tech in your name?

  • Cool BOY Gamer 3
    Cool BOY Gamer 3 24 days ago

    why NASA won't send people In earth😂😂

  • FelixDa Sucker
    FelixDa Sucker 24 days ago

    Why NASA Won't send humans to Venus
    Me:Because it's to handsome?

  • The Godfather
    The Godfather 24 days ago

    Sooo I'm not fat, I just live on a wrong planet :]]

  • windy attacker
    windy attacker 24 days ago

    well there goes my trip to anything else.

  • plasmaredboy 89
    plasmaredboy 89 25 days ago

    You can smell fart if you open the mask

  • Felix Herland
    Felix Herland 25 days ago

    WTF it dosent take 100 days to reach Venus When it takes 3 years to reach march😂😂😂 Like If u agree

  • Cristina Potter
    Cristina Potter 25 days ago

    Our solar system acc scares me so much. This whole thing terrifies me

  • Primitive Christians
    Primitive Christians 25 days ago

    Forget Venu$ for now...😄

  • windy attacker
    windy attacker 26 days ago

    then they had to go and let innocent probes perish on a hostile planet.

  • windy attacker
    windy attacker 26 days ago

    then we had venus for us to perhaps die on.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 27 days ago

    Just throw water to it to cool it down.

  • Gamer Logic
    Gamer Logic 27 days ago

    Because Venus is gay

  • TheRandom Show
    TheRandom Show 27 days ago

    600C ?????Thats insane

  • Yavuz Kaya
    Yavuz Kaya 28 days ago

    One day people in future laugh at this video

  • Kayti Wolf
    Kayti Wolf 28 days ago




  • Jon Lemierte
    Jon Lemierte 28 days ago

    The reason why people won't send people to Venus is because aliens live their. There is actual proof.

  • NAME
    NAME 28 days ago

    Accually. In the upper atmosphere of Venus. You know.. beyond the acid death rain clouds.

    The temperature would be that of a hot summer in earth

    Though,. You will have to wear a suit to go outside

    So why dint we make cloud city from star wars..but in Venus

  • Your BoyShadow
    Your BoyShadow 29 days ago +1

    it's still ok for me if i lose weigth in venus

  • Minecraft Player 10
    Minecraft Player 10 29 days ago

    Because it's HOOOT!

  • MemeyLoaf
    MemeyLoaf 29 days ago +1

    Short answer : you would die

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