Meet Julia - Sesame Street's newest muppet with autism

  • Added:  5 months ago
  • 'Sesame Street' is introducing Julia, their newest muppet in April this year. Julia is a 4-year-old with blazing red hair, bright green eyes, and autism. She's been in Sesame Workshop print and digital illustrations for more than a year, and makes her TV debut April 10 on both PBS and HBO. The show has been a favourite for almost 50 years and is all set to step up awareness about autism through the addition on the new character. Stacey Gordon, a puppeteer says she has been preparing for Julia for her whole life. She has a son who has high-functioning autism and wants to do her best to bring Julia to the world in the best light possible

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Comments: 94

  • William Young
    William Young Month ago

    Autism affects boys 5 times more than girls so why not add an autistic boy muppet instead!

    DIY KID 4 months ago

    who thought this was a good idea xD

  • fusiongrenade
    fusiongrenade 4 months ago +2

    This comment section is sick, Jesus Christ, can't y'all say anything positive for once.

  • sam brown
    sam brown 4 months ago

    Why do I feel that this kid is gonna use tard strength to fucking slam Elmo the emo down

  • Shmeep
    Shmeep 4 months ago

    wicked witch of the north as her voice actor jesus christ

  • Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D.

    Not a fan of this but at least they were born that way, unlike the gays.

  • Grandpa Bloxpin
    Grandpa Bloxpin 4 months ago +4

    i eat autistic children for breakfast
    *eats jacob sartourius*

  • Jasper
    Jasper 4 months ago +3

    J U L I A H A S A U T I S M

  • Cosmo Cat
    Cosmo Cat 4 months ago

    I love sesame street

  • WolfEye
    WolfEye 4 months ago

    wait... so... sesame street is still airing?

  • AngryGamer 1604
    AngryGamer 1604 4 months ago

    Autismo the special guy

  • ecto Gnostic
    ecto Gnostic 4 months ago

    The Offensives are already here

  • Lori BE
    Lori BE 4 months ago


  • Ali Bafahmi
    Ali Bafahmi 4 months ago +2

    hate it and kill it and put it in HELL

    • WolfEye
      WolfEye 4 months ago

      Ali Bafahmi, i would say some real bad things to you, but there is kids watching so... comment on a dank meme compilation and then we'll talk

    • Ali Bafahmi
      Ali Bafahmi 4 months ago

      yeah like a turtle do

  • Adriana Delgado
    Adriana Delgado 4 months ago

    she es awesome and beautiful

    • Grandpa Bloxpin
      Grandpa Bloxpin 4 months ago

      she is a in-animate object with sewed on horse hair.
      fucken stunning.

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 4 months ago +3

    Some sick people in the comments. You can't have that conservative mentality where "if it has nothing to do with me, then I don't want to see it." Calm down a little bit. You don't even understand how included kids with autism or aspergers might feel. You act like watching this muppet will turn your kids into an autistic child... Some many intolerant assholes in here that can't stand diversity in the slightest bit.

  • Tigerdancer21
    Tigerdancer21 4 months ago

    I don't think muppets will ever be a good show for kids anymore in the future if they keep pushing for representation of agendas that aren't good for kids. Not letting my kids watch muppets ever.

    • cqmsch
      cqmsch 4 months ago

      Tigerdancer21 us so I guess no Kermit the frog?

  • Famioa Dantz
    Famioa Dantz 5 months ago +2

    It's funny that people still don't know the ins and outs of autism. All these comments do is prove why they made this character.

  • Reborn Ninja
    Reborn Ninja 5 months ago

    Clearly Sesame Street has never met the internet.

    • Grandpa Bloxpin
      Grandpa Bloxpin 4 months ago


      thats the comment that will pop up in 44 seconds

  • Ulette
    Ulette 5 months ago

    First Elmo tells your children to get the vaccines that cause their autism, then they create an autistic muppet, They are totally trying to normalize autism this is sickening. If I did watch Sesame Street I would boycott it immediately.

    • Rhys Speight
      Rhys Speight 4 months ago

      Ulette vaccines don't cause autism, are you being fucking serious right now?

  • altonio jr
    altonio jr 5 months ago

    Please listen to I gotta keep my grades up by altonio jr. Kids Zone music

  • Crowmander
    Crowmander 5 months ago

    why does big bird sound so fucking depressed now haha

  • Tahani Williams
    Tahani Williams 5 months ago +1

    I can tell i'm going to love her . :)

  • Cris Lerose
    Cris Lerose 5 months ago +5

    next stop... Transgendered Trish, Gay Guillermo, Queer Quiffer and Islamic It'sabombboom..

    • Cris Lerose
      Cris Lerose 4 months ago

      +WolfEye it's a"bomb"boom. Not boomboom. Glad you had a good laugh.

    • WolfEye
      WolfEye 4 months ago

      Cris Lerose islamic itsaboomboom lol

  • The Artist Formerly Known As Dr. Bees

    lol I thought they all had autism

  • Thomas Kim
    Thomas Kim 5 months ago +23

    I thought everyone in Sesame Street had autism

  • Trueold Yourass
    Trueold Yourass 5 months ago

    what's best .
    Marvin the meth addict

  • Trueold Yourass
    Trueold Yourass 5 months ago +2

    hey . how about bringing a new character . uncle Paulie . the phedeophile.

  • Excited Cat
    Excited Cat 5 months ago +1

    this is sweet I like it!

  • Wilson Wohoo
    Wilson Wohoo 5 months ago +2

    rip pbs.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 5 months ago +11

    what ever happened to that Muppet with AIDs?

    • Heroin
      Heroin 5 months ago

      That was Freddy Mercury. He died.

    • Drunken pikachu
      Drunken pikachu 5 months ago

      +Theboxofme well I mean she was kicked off the African version. I heard that from Blameitonjorge.

    • roy planter
      roy planter 5 months ago

      Chris Wilson ...what no gangsta rappers in the sesame hood?

  • airman15
    airman15 5 months ago +9

    holy fuck some of you people are fuckin sick. i think its a good idea and no not all autists throw tantrums and as far as the anti social part well look at yourselves and think if someone treated you that way and then tell me you wouldn't be antifuckinsocial as well. no disability isn't natural or normal but compassion understanding and fuckin tolerance should be. oh and imma go on a limb and assume most of you are christians since your demographic are some of the most outright rude pretentious and egotistical assholes out their with a constant stick up your fuckin asses. oh didn't like me prejudging you then how bout you stop assuming all autistics have tantrums or are stupid.

  • GayBaconStrips 1992
    GayBaconStrips 1992 5 months ago

    I love it

  • Denise Sayer
    Denise Sayer 5 months ago +2

    I love Julia !! I am a support worker and i think its important for the young and the old to realise everyone is different but we should all be treated equal.✌❤😊

  • john D
    john D 5 months ago +12

    It doesn't get any more retarded than this. I doubt they will show her sitting in the corner screaming her lungs out for hours. Or attacking the other muppets in an autistic fueled rage. Quit promoting retardation as normal, and quit forcing retards into the classroom with normal kids.

    • Rhys Speight
      Rhys Speight 4 months ago

      Why are a bunch of 4chan rejects on YouTube videos about sesame street. Don't they have something better to do, like wank over trump or something?

    • Famioa Dantz
      Famioa Dantz 5 months ago

      Lol. You obviously needed this character in your life as a kid. I bet you think bipolarity and schizophrenia is retardation too. lol. Think before you speak.

    • Froot Bat
      Froot Bat 5 months ago

      john D Jesus don't call them retards

    • Serena Koh
      Serena Koh 5 months ago

      it's called ASD - autism spectrum disorder - because some people have it better than others. maybe Julia just happens to be one of the kids who got lucky; she's relatively high functioning on the spectrum 🙂

    • Got Any Grapes?
      Got Any Grapes? 5 months ago

      Crying :D

  • Channel 517
    Channel 517 5 months ago +2


    • Channel 517
      Channel 517 5 months ago

      john D lmao bruh I'm not a liberal I actually can't stand liberals right now but my cousin has autism and think it's great that they're introducing a character with autism. and I also agree some of us weren't created equally but we are all special in our own ways.

    • john D
      john D 5 months ago

      Channel 517 stupid leftist BS. Not all men are created equal, deal with it.

  • el jay
    el jay 5 months ago +2

    With the cuts trump made to pbs we can say goodbye Julia before we even said hi!

    • Grandpa Bloxpin
      Grandpa Bloxpin 4 months ago

      yay. the poop train. ALL ABOARD THE SHIT STINKING TRAIN

    • Mech Tasker
      Mech Tasker 4 months ago

      +Dickhead Fuckernut He's the conductor of the poop train.

    • Grandpa Bloxpin
      Grandpa Bloxpin 4 months ago

      he talks about trump and PBS with a BorderLands avatar.

    • Mech Tasker
      Mech Tasker 5 months ago

      HBO bought the Sesame Street IP. They're now showing it on HBO kids.

  • Nor' Easter
    Nor' Easter 5 months ago +30

    I always thought Elmo was autistic.

  • Gerald Gardner
    Gerald Gardner 5 months ago +1

    **rocks in corner, holding herself** there's a hand up my butt there's a hand up my butt there's a hand up my butt!!!

  • The Middle Man
    The Middle Man 5 months ago


  • Pwner 1775
    Pwner 1775 5 months ago +26

    let's turn her autism into weaponized autism where she teaches the children the truth about the Holocaust and Hitler

  • Xam271
    Xam271 5 months ago +4

    I think your Muppet has autism

  • crystal thomas
    crystal thomas 5 months ago +40

    shes an awesome addition she can teach kids about autism on the spectrum

    • Dylan Vogel
      Dylan Vogel 4 months ago

      +Pwner 1775 that's the best thing I heard all day

    • Grandpa Bloxpin
      Grandpa Bloxpin 4 months ago


    • Pwner 1775
      Pwner 1775 5 months ago

      crystal thomas or about meme magic and weaponized autism, she'll be great at teaching children about the truth about the holocaust

  • LOSO
    LOSO 5 months ago +10

    This almost made me cry a little bit

    • Grandpa Bloxpin
      Grandpa Bloxpin 4 months ago

      it made me cum

    • Tanya Marie
      Tanya Marie 5 months ago

      I saw the whole "60 Minutes" segment about Julia. It did make me choke up. I have a niece on the spectrum. The moment when they show Big Bird introducing himself to Julia and she doesn't acknowledge him, made me think of my niece. She used to be the same way. She's come so far and she is an amazing kid.

    • Just another Cunt
      Just another Cunt 5 months ago

      LOSO so does my nephew, dont get me wrong i think this is great we need more awareness! i just didnt think it was that emotional. great news though.

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