Alien Covenant Spoilers Discussion - ANGRY RANT!

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    AngryJoe goes into all the things that pissed him off in Alien Covenant and talks Spoilers! What HAPPENED Ridley Scott?!
    Great Action, Visuals & Music without any substance and with a terrible story, characters and that actually messed up the lore.

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  • Runtime: 26:26
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  • Qc.Wtf
    Qc.Wtf 5 hours ago

    i personally dont think it was the home world of the Engineer. I think it was just like our world.

  • Carl Wåger
    Carl Wåger 10 hours ago

    Prometheus was interesting this movie had so many plot holes

  • ayahuaski I yuh wass kee

    Now the predators must hunt David to save the galaxy from ridleys shitty movies

  • Michael DA TWOPLY

    Joe your my hero!!! 100% agree with you

  • Berserk Struggler

    People who have their head so far up their ass about current established lore should stay away from prequels... here there be monsters.

  • Eric Loflin
    Eric Loflin Day ago

    It looked like he was harvesting eggs from Shaw. What I want to know is this colony from Aliens, and if so how did the space jockey ship get to the colony planet? Did Walter hotwire the ship and fly it to the colony planet?

  • Caleb Davis
    Caleb Davis Day ago

    I love your reviews Joe! Been watching your vids since I was a kid. Keep up the good work! Maybe you can get a petition and turn this franchise around, or at least give an insight on the direction of these films.

  • illuminaughty exposed

    You're wrong on this one Joe. Check out "Twin Perfect's" video "Alien Covenant Actually Explained (With Real Answers)," he does a great analysis and explanation of the movie and it's actually not a bad movie and it doesn't ruin the sequels at all. Also, David was trying to make Elizabeth Shaw into a queen, so that was hinted at in the movie/bonus scenes.

    • illuminaughty exposed
      illuminaughty exposed 2 days ago

      Also, also, also... You complain about all the horror tropes in the movie but did you forget that the original movies had them as well? And the whole helmet thing wouldn't have changed much since the goo probably would've gotten through the respirator or suit somehow. They wore helmets in the original movies but they still got their faces hugged.

    • illuminaughty exposed
      illuminaughty exposed 2 days ago

      Also, also... The beings that died on the planet (that David killed) WEREN'T the Engineers. They were the result of another seed planet of the Engineers, like the humans. If you look at them they look like more of a combination of the humans and the Engineers, they're also MUCH smaller than the Engineer in Prometheus, and like you said they're extremely primitive. That's because they're a seed planet and they're still an undeveloped one (if you look at the structures and their clothing they kind of resemble ancient humans like the Roman Empire). The only advanced thing on the planet is the landing platform that was put there by the Engineers. Also, they all gathered in the courtyard because they thought their gods (the Engineers) had come back to them, that's why they were all waving at the ship and smiling (until they got nuked). They all then got wiped out (along with ALL other animal life on the planet) because that was the goal of the black goo and David even says that. That's why there's only plant life and David left on the planet.

  • Six Strings
    Six Strings 2 days ago

    People hate that this film and Prometheus take away the mystery of the xenomorph. Even though that's exactly what Ridley Scott wanted to do, answer these questions

  • SpartanGamer687
    SpartanGamer687 3 days ago

    AvP series was never canon, it was a separate film series

  • Coffee Jack
    Coffee Jack 3 days ago

    I like everything up to the Alien 4 movie. (Alien 4 which barely pass for me)

  • AdBlock Every1
    AdBlock Every1 3 days ago

    I liked this movie.

  • KissingZombie's Channel

    the story (supposedly) is that David wanted to turn Shaw into a superhuman, to make her HIS queen, because he loved her... but she said she would rather die than to become a monster...

  • Adamov Bagdanov
    Adamov Bagdanov 3 days ago

    idiot! engineers created xenos and black goo, david only studied it he also find eggs not made them, no one knows how really show dies

  • jody freese
    jody freese 4 days ago

    This movie was the worst alien movie ever

  • Atrax R
    Atrax R 4 days ago

    It just makes you appreciate first 3 movies way more. Yea I said first 3 and it's about right after this Covenant horseshit fiasco.
    He certainly did the fingering...

  • txmoney
    txmoney 5 days ago

    Awful Awful AWFUL film.

  • Servthelord
    Servthelord 5 days ago

    THEY JUST DOIN TO MUCH FUCKING COKE, how can u FUCK UP so motherfucking badly and this 2 times in a freaking row

  • Henrik Rothen
    Henrik Rothen 6 days ago +1

    Spot on man. The movie is very, very weak. Such a shame!

  • Wall Shadow
    Wall Shadow 6 days ago

    I agree that the plot twists were very predictable and as watching the movie it seemed silly sometimes and boring, but the concept and the answer that the Android David has made himself a "God" of creatures thats purpose is to extinct humanity is perfectly fine with me I enjoyed it very much. Just wanted to write this review because I see lots of people talking about the mystery ruined and showing a potential reality to humanity is in my opinnon not ruining the mystery at all.

    I agree that the movie had some serious problems film-wise, like stupid character decisions all over the place. Around 45 minutes when the pilots wife locks the infected guy with another woman in the medical lab because of the signs of infection and then later while the alien already burst out of his back and attacked the other women she opens the door and tries to shoot it basically rendering her stupid decision pointless and making it even stupider I thought okey this is not going to be like the previous Alien movies, so far this looks bad but lets see.

    Skipping to the end I think the whole movie gave a clear and for me interesting and terryfing explanation to the existence of Aliens as we know from the movies before. The concept that the android David created or perfected the Aliens to the form in the previous films (which is we all know in the future according to the movies) and David was created by humans shifts the whole perspective of the movie into the direction of a much greater evil than the Aliens, David the Android and the reasons behind the existence of the Aliens. Its not about the Alien anymore it is about something that humans created.

    David says in the movie Humans are a dying species grasping for resurrection (this is true, thats why they are colonizing another planet) and they dont deserve to start again and he is not going to let that happen. So one answer to the mystery of the Original movies is Humans created the Androids and by the logic and reason programmed into it, David realized humans are not a worthy species of living. This theory is well known in lots of science fiction and I think its interesting, from an androids perspective this conclusion is valid and that is scary in my oppinion.

  • TylerMcQuarrieMusic
    TylerMcQuarrieMusic 6 days ago

    Well evidently, David The Fingerer didn't actually MAKE the Xenomorphs.

    According to the novelization and deleted scenes, he studied the work of the Engineers and made the Xenomorph based on the work that The Engineers have already done. Apparently, the Engineers made the Xenomorphs as a weapon once, and it became too powerful and deadly, so they killed the species off and cast it out. David was just reviving and engineering an already existing species.

    But hey, would've been pretty nice if that was IN THE FUCKING FILM EH?

  • Eugenio Arpayoglou
    Eugenio Arpayoglou 7 days ago

    Call Alejandro Jodorowsky for the next film!

  • Taronamic
    Taronamic 8 days ago +1


  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams 8 days ago


  • Kurtis Vandermiller
    Kurtis Vandermiller 8 days ago

    Can we just get the covenant from halo to glass the planet

  • Yolo !!!
    Yolo !!! 8 days ago

    does the alien queen identify as female ? :)

  • Alberto Bertolin
    Alberto Bertolin 8 days ago

    Ridley Scott is dead to me.

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus 9 days ago

    RIP all Lovecraftian aspects of the Alien franchise.
    Shouldn't even be called Alien anymore, call it Familiar because all the mystery is gone.

  • Coos Oorlog
    Coos Oorlog 9 days ago

    I preferred the theory that aliens had evolved somewhere. It sounds so much more interesting and intriguing. Sure the chemical weapon narrative is also interesting and fascinating but... umm... why couldn't they make a separate film with that idea, something that had nothing to do with the aliens-franchise?

  • Mark Rushow
    Mark Rushow 9 days ago

    After rewatching I love the movie and had to rewatch again. It is now in my favorites. After getting over disappointment in expected direction the story was going in. It is so good.

  • vezner
    vezner 10 days ago

    The official novelization indicates that the engineers already created the xeno. David is just tinkering with their shit.

  • stayve
    stayve 10 days ago

    i agree the colonists were all retarded AF. but i actually liked the movie minus the damn flute scenes. and the twist at the end actually caught me off guard where its david and not walter

  • liveguy
    liveguy 10 days ago

    No mention of the Deacon and what happened to it either.


    This movie grossed less than batman&robin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ultrasteel
    Ultrasteel 10 days ago

    10:42 This is what has become of the Alien Franchise. :(

  • Dexas Moru
    Dexas Moru 11 days ago

    David. Davids. David III. David Resurrection. David: Covenant.

    Joe forgot David vs Predator 1 and 2.

  • Gabe saenz
    Gabe saenz 11 days ago

    FUCK. it couldve been so much better... like the part with David and the white alien. but no ....

  • sanna karppinen
    sanna karppinen 11 days ago

    you are too harsh. I understand your passion and detication to movies but you are to hash. to me I ow the movie makers a lot, movies saved my life . when i was a kid i never had any friends , i was bullied and i was molested by a family member. only thing that kept me alive was movies they are only company i had so even these days movies arent the best but it is better than nothing and with out Ridley Scott, George Lucas , Steven Spielberg i would had ended my life long ago. so out my gratitude i disagree 50% your rant.

  • Terror
    Terror 12 days ago

    Rule 34 for David and Walther

  • Yoroiful
    Yoroiful 12 days ago

    I personally liked the movie. The only problem I had was this retarded woman who failed at everything.

  • bryan lara
    bryan lara 12 days ago

    the best scene was when she tried to kill the alien, but slipped on some blood and blew up everyone on the ship.

  • William Payne
    William Payne 12 days ago

    Can't disable me

  • Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Alliance 12 days ago

    "I'll do the fingering."

  • Atticus X
    Atticus X 13 days ago

    selling out Joe... blocking comments?, attacking fans..disabling like button...your better then this joe...come on man

  • Steve Doyle
    Steve Doyle 13 days ago

    Man I can't fucking wait for Blade Runner 2049! Ridley on course to destroy 2 of favorite movie franchises back to back. Will just need to resurrect Maximus Decimus Meridius in feudal Japan for the hattrick.

  • reignmans
    reignmans 13 days ago

    Ridley Scott just negated everything that james Cameron brought into the franchise. he canceled his whole story with the Queen and shit. i like the movie , but i dont like how a robot that has god complex created the aliens.

  • DAEMonRaco
    DAEMonRaco 13 days ago

    I was checking something odd I remembered from prometheus and I found it: if david created those xenomorphs, why prometheus already have a sculpture of a alien queen in a wall inside the ship they find? Am I mistaken or that's a timeline screw up?

  • watertree studios
    watertree studios 13 days ago

    Is it true Noomi Rapace wanted to much money for Covenant and it had to be rewritten ???

  • nicodimus2222
    nicodimus2222 14 days ago

    Your face is out of focus the entire video, Joe.

  • DanteJames4
    DanteJames4 14 days ago

    I was so hoping that Shaw ended up being the queen. Or that David would get killed by the Alien, as that would have been a great comeuppance for his pride and arrogance. But no, they end it on a crappy cliffhanger. Btw no one was fooled into thinking it was Walter. No one.

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell 14 days ago

    Alien 1 had a genius team of people that had evolved from the film Dark Star. That team didn't last past the original Alien. Very obvious.

  • Para Romance,ecchi,hentai hater trooper

    who in a god damn idiot would made a xenomorphs? just bc of a bio weapons? why? has humanity became more stupider in aliens?

  • Marthy Weed
    Marthy Weed 15 days ago

    david has used elizabeth to make first eggs, you sayd it ridley thought it and its in the movie

  • RedBattalion9000
    RedBattalion9000 15 days ago

    The Conclusion. Humans should hire "PEADATOR" as support crew for space adventure, instead of crazy android. But, don't forget present exchange(lol).

  • RedBattalion9000
    RedBattalion9000 15 days ago

    My impression is 7/10.It's good, but I HATE story aspect of "alien covenant". Air infection is too much uncontrollable for bio weapon, so David invented face-hugger style? I don't understand thought of David. If David want to make perfect new species, air infection is far more better than face-hugger. And, the concept of "weapon" is human's thought, android DO NOT think like that, right? David is just fucking AI, he is not "SKYNET". The concept of weapon is meaningless for David. Or, if David want to make "pure" perfect organism, he might not choose parasite creature. Because parasite creature can't live without other organism. Alien is'nt perfect organism. This is most terrible broken point of story.

  • cicero
    cicero 15 days ago

    D A V I D

  • Aditya King
    Aditya King 15 days ago

    Let's learn how to flute android. lmao 5:26

  • Ernest O'Connor
    Ernest O'Connor 15 days ago +2

    David vs Predator

  • Jim Slav
    Jim Slav 15 days ago

    *Fanboy nitpicking.* Engineer goo was already a weapon of mass destruction with or without the xeno. Facehugger was birthed in Prometheus by Shaw and impregnated the engineer at the end. Just because it was massive doesn't mean it wasn't a facehugger. The xeno only makes sense as a weapon as it kills all hosts too quickly and cannot live in harmony in any ecosystem. Stop complaining, Joe, and *PAY MORE ATTENTION.*

  • blarg
    blarg 16 days ago

    Wasn't this movie supposed to answer the questions from prometheus?

  • RaPtOr9600
    RaPtOr9600 16 days ago

    Just saw it and i like Alien resurrection even more now.

  • Ethan Groff
    Ethan Groff 16 days ago

    I really liked alien covenent, and i honestly was "okay" with the origin but i would have preferred if the aliens were a bio weapon created by engineers when they found the deacon and modify it into the aliens with theyre style

  • MrGixxer17
    MrGixxer17 16 days ago

    Nobody needs or wants to know where the Alien came from, the first two movies worked in part because the Xenomorphs were a complete mystery. It's no surprise that the first two movies are the only good ones.

  • Joyastommato 69
    Joyastommato 69 16 days ago +1

    Honestly if I was helming a project like this, I would do a good 85% of everything in the film differently. For example, I would keep the ideas of Prometheus there, keep the David character and Shaw, flesh out the new characters in an interesting way. Instead of reintroducing the Xenomorph in this film, I would get rid of the Xenomorph almost completely, and keep the Neomorph as the primary antagonist of the prequel series leading up to the last film in the prequel trilogy, THEN finally revealing the big badass Xenomorph we all know and love. Instead of Shaw being dead, she could have been mutated into a protomorph queen by David with the black goo. And maybe Shaw killing David at the end of the film.

  • Xipe Totek
    Xipe Totek 16 days ago

    David didn't create the xenomorphs or neomorphs. He "refined" or altered them. You need a chill mode.

  • Torva Messorem
    Torva Messorem 18 days ago

    I've always wondered why there are no combat model androids. They can obviously give them superhuman strength

  • Torva Messorem
    Torva Messorem 18 days ago

    I watched it yesterday. It was bad. Really bad.

  • ForsakenSavior
    ForsakenSavior 19 days ago

    @Angry Joe i would have to definitely agree with you on all of your points about the film as hardcore Aliens fan and give it a 5/10 at most but if i had to disagree with you on any point it might be the spin off of the origins of the Aliens. i thought it was interesting that the android David was the one that tried to create a perfect organism and trying to genetically modify and breed them differently. Since David was created to be perfect he now wants to also create a perfect machine or creature in his own image.

    it might not hold to much weight as an answer but it was still an interesting concept to me. but i am very disappointed as somewhat of fan of prometheus as well they just scrubbed the whole idea of going to the Engineers home planet in just a couple of seconds in the film...... and god damn are all the scientist and people so stupid in these films like IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE I WILL STICK MY FACE INTO EVERY UNUSUAL AND SUSPICIOUS THING ON THIS PLANET!!! lmfao

  • Michael Schröder
    Michael Schröder 19 days ago

    Overcomplicated bullshit that no one understands, instead of a simple, but believable story and characters: signs of a dying franchise.

  • KingPanda
    KingPanda 20 days ago

    Fuck the xenomorphs

  • Poor Whiteboy From Wigan
    Poor Whiteboy From Wigan 22 days ago +1

    I'll do the fingering

  • The K Gamer
    The K Gamer 22 days ago

    Nope he did not make the aliens look at the book he's following instructions to make aliens as there are pictures of them in the book

  • MuShinnen
    MuShinnen 22 days ago

    So.. how the fuck have the predators been hunting xenomorphs for centuries when David an android in the far future of humanity's development didn't create them until much later.. yet.. a queen and her brood was found in Antarctica long before David was even a technological possibility.. what in the fuck?

  • Carlos Alvarez
    Carlos Alvarez 23 days ago +1

    This movie is a perfect example of Jeff Goldblum's famous quote from JP used correctly.

    "You patterned it, you packaged it, you slapped it on a plastic lunchbox and NOW YOUR'E SELLING IT!

    If you watched it you would know.

  • AndroidParadox
    AndroidParadox 24 days ago

    Still better than Alien 3.

    ATLIS GAMING 24 days ago

    no no no David only did some upgrade to the alien. in the lore of alien covenant he discovered that the people on that place was making the alien which David soon tested on Shaw.

    the reason why he DIDN'T kill Shaw was because Shaw was dying from the black ooze in Prometheus when she had to take out.... whatever the fuck it is. so David made a alien/human looking hybrid which the art could be found in the film and then it died. then David mixes Shaw DNA with the alien the "engineers" made then making the alien we know love.

    so David didn't made the alien its was them.

  • xRoni7x
    xRoni7x 24 days ago

    First act was fine. Got interesting in the second. Third act was garbage. Saw the David Walter swap coming. As soon as that cut happened it was obvious. Not to mention it literally showed Walter heal 5 minutes ago then you see him with facial scars unhealed.

  • orionblack
    orionblack 24 days ago

    So..who said that was the entire space faring race in the movie? They did look different from the prometheus movie,and also why do you think he cared about on over the other? I mean he wasn't trying to reincarnate shaw you don't suppose. These all are still work in progress (the xenos) even the xenos at the end is not even the final product. To many rose shaded glasses I think, I prefer this alien lore compared to the insect version that aliens tried to implement.

  • PirateGamARRR
    PirateGamARRR 25 days ago

    Completely disagree, the movie was great, and the story was pretty good. A few bad decisions here and there, but overall a good movie.

  • Kalle Bowo
    Kalle Bowo 25 days ago

    Hey man first of all, I am totally on your side. That movie was shit. Anyway, just wanted to ask where did you get your Pulse Rifle from? ^^

  • Alex May
    Alex May 26 days ago

    You are a dick the mobe was grst

  • Ghostkripp
    Ghostkripp 26 days ago

    So you dilike alien covenant, but think Suicide squad is an ''Awsome fucking movie!*. k den

  • thefuge
    thefuge 26 days ago

    Alien lost it when they came up with the grey goo, or the spores. If the weapon is a bioweapon, why even bother to use a queen and eggs? so stupid. A few grenades with the spores could wipe out an entire planet.

  • thoughtharvestmike
    thoughtharvestmike 26 days ago

    Could not agree more. The Alien franchise never needed an origin story. Their ability to spread across the galaxy with no technology by simply sneaking aboard ships was scary. An android duping a bunch of naive colonists into a game of Starcraft cheapens the story that was perfectly fine not knowing where it all started. It's not a franchise about the Xenomorphs anymore, it's about mankind's creation turning on them. Or rather, mankind's creation's creation turning on them.

    So the obvious next step in the 3rd is to have David's own creation turn on him. Congrats Ridley Scott, you've taken a gold mine of source material and turned it into interstellar Terminator. And not even the good ones. It's Terminator Genesys. Where we really get to see that stupidity willed it to happen, not the threat itself being unstoppable.

    The only way I'll ever pay money for another Alien/Predator movie is if Dark Horse Comics somehow rises from the dead to right the ship and puts to use the better stories of A, P, and AvP that they've had on paper for over a decade now.

  • Starsailor
    Starsailor 26 days ago

    I understand your critique, and on some aspects I can agree with you. But at the same time you are the same guy who said amazing things about the new Star Wars movie or John Wick 2, which are way waaaaaay dumber than all the dumb stuff you complain about in this movie. Regarding this movie you did not stop to mention all the things that were done right..the crew, the suspense, the action sequences, the ship and so on. So many stupid things happened also because, lets face it, people ARE stupid and they do put their faces in front of face huggers eggs and shit like that. We do so much dumber things like that on a daily basis.

  • Grimteristic
    Grimteristic 27 days ago

    Technically the xenomorphs come way before this franchise because in avp they existed before the first movie alien so timeline is Fucked

  • BloodyBatons
    BloodyBatons 27 days ago

    Ya honestly whats the point of prometheus if everyone including the engineer dies and theres not even anything that explains what happens with the deacon there

  • BloodyBatons
    BloodyBatons 27 days ago

    I have no idea how they are going to finish these prequels. Its like ridley is making it up while filming

  • B Johnson
    B Johnson 28 days ago

    Couldnt agree with your summary more!

  • no hassle
    no hassle 28 days ago

    Alien 3 was the conclusion to Aliens. Any other explanation would be just fan boy stuff.

  • TheBanjoShow
    TheBanjoShow 29 days ago

    It was satisfying seeing that bitch roll down the ramp of the ship like a hotdog on fire, I'm talking about the bitch that managed to actually blast like ten shotgun shells into the side of the ship, missing the alien every single time, as she was crying for no reason.

  • Nicholas van der Waard

    Joe, I disagree with your video and think you're overreacting for click-bait and extra views.

  • Mike Liu
    Mike Liu 29 days ago +1

    Ridley has a android fetish

  • Jeb Jub
    Jeb Jub 29 days ago

    How could they do this to Gigers creature. What a travesty.

  • Steven
    Steven 29 days ago

    Go and read up about the writers of AC- Jack Paglen and Michael Green. Paglen wrote fucking Transcendence, and Green did GREEN LANTERN!!!

    In other words, every single aspect of this film, from the writing to the acting was a flop.

  • Diplamatik Juan
    Diplamatik Juan Month ago

    The little alien mimicking David, raising it's arms like "Taa-Daaaa!" had me rolling on the floor

  • That guy...
    That guy... Month ago

    Is there timetravel in the univurse? i remember that the predator and alien have been fighting for ever (in human history atleast due to get a "propper" alien you needed a human) Or did Alien vs predator not exsist anymore? because in that movie you get to see mayans (or something) get sacrefised as alien hoasts for tech trade with the predators...

  • Soligen Music
    Soligen Music Month ago

    The film was dumb, the writers were very dumb and I feel dumber for having watched it.

  • MegaBearsFan
    MegaBearsFan Month ago

    Why can't the alien just be an ALIEN? Just another species that happens to have evolved as a highly versatile parasite-predator.

  • latvian dragon
    latvian dragon Month ago

    ther not the same engeners

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