How To Become a Hacker - EPIC HOW TO

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  • JMW KING123
    JMW KING123 4 hours ago

    I'm a gray hat

  • Lewis Ward
    Lewis Ward 4 hours ago

    Orange hat (it is where u hack money coins do cheats)

  • JakeDexter123
    JakeDexter123 7 hours ago

    When he said "Hey pay attention" I was looking away to take a drink and it scared me to death

  • Classy Banana
    Classy Banana 19 hours ago

    Very funny

  • jabari bryce
    jabari bryce 20 hours ago

    how to become a porn star jk u the best what about nutrul

  • awesomeness gaming
    awesomeness gaming 21 hour ago

    I wanna hack snail to get Tessa's channel

  • Little T Certified
    Little T Certified 22 hours ago

    Can you do it on a iPad?

  • Saitama X10
    Saitama X10 22 hours ago

    Chuck Norris imposter anyone?

  • big mac
    big mac 23 hours ago


  • Elijah Symons-Crofts

    Why tf am I watching this?

  • Trippy Memez
    Trippy Memez Day ago

    just hacked a toothbrush

  • 505netflixing
    505netflixing Day ago

    i want to do this, but learning everything is just too much effort.

  • Yhwh Yashua
    Yhwh Yashua Day ago

    wow to be a worthless thief 101. lololololllololl

  • JN 70
    JN 70 Day ago

    Sony got "password" as their password smh

  • JN 70
    JN 70 Day ago

    dedos no "DDOS

  • Alex sundstrom
    Alex sundstrom Day ago

    If I would be a hacker I would be a white hacker

  • Alex sundstrom
    Alex sundstrom Day ago

    Guys don't be a hacker

  • Noah
    Noah 2 days ago

    It's OS "ten" …

  • dimapinto limbona
    dimapinto limbona 2 days ago

    how to become hacker in roblox

  • sans 101
    sans 101 2 days ago

    You going to go to jail view be a hacker guys

  • Mark Stone
    Mark Stone 2 days ago

    To learn hacking contact

  • Emma. Grimmett
    Emma. Grimmett 2 days ago

    I just wanna get my neighbors wifi XD

  • Mishu Deb
    Mishu Deb 2 days ago

    boss i want a fb account

  • Ash Slayer
    Ash Slayer 2 days ago

    U forgot red hat hackers

  • Boujeegang 69
    Boujeegang 69 2 days ago +1

    I am ganna do good hacks to stop bad hackers

  • Raditz
    Raditz 2 days ago

    I'm the kinda of guy who want to be a hacker to hack other ducey hackers

  • James Copeland
    James Copeland 2 days ago

    Time to hack North Korea Rob them blind

  • Python Coder
    Python Coder 2 days ago

    More like how to become a script kiddie

  • Gigflakes Dog
    Gigflakes Dog 2 days ago

    How to become a horse

  • Mackenzie and Games
    Mackenzie and Games 2 days ago

    Hack exspensive games into free on the App Store 🐱

  • Mercy from Overwatch

    i'm trying to hack roblox with Command Prompt....

    does this mean i can hack roblox?

  • kayla ridgeway
    kayla ridgeway 3 days ago

    i never bean a hacker before

  • kayla ridgeway
    kayla ridgeway 3 days ago

    i want to be a robolx hacker can u tell me plssssssssssss

  • bts frat party
    bts frat party 3 days ago

    When you take hacking classes from your dad and know how to hack into camera systems :|

  • NAME
    NAME 3 days ago

    You forgot about Grey hat hackers

    Grey hat hackers are hackers who work for good, without working with the law

  • Lim Jia En
    Lim Jia En 3 days ago

    Imma hack Love Dance for 100 000 Diamonds...💎💎

  • justin tahmassebpur
    justin tahmassebpur 3 days ago

    5:44 its important to stay viligant

  • NoThisIsPatrick
    NoThisIsPatrick 3 days ago +2

    *what if the cia put this vid up to see how many people would watch*

  • Yellow Jackets
    Yellow Jackets 3 days ago

    How to be popular in high school

  • Minecraft King
    Minecraft King 3 days ago

    I want to hack exploding TNT account

  • mister smooly
    mister smooly 3 days ago

    *why is this comment section so cancer??*

  • BITTU123100
    BITTU123100 4 days ago

    I want to became a hacker so tell me more.

  • MD Rejaul karim
    MD Rejaul karim 4 days ago

    How to become a spider man ?

  • Ellen Oliveira
    Ellen Oliveira 4 days ago

    for your hacking jobs contact the genius perfectgenuinehackers @ gmail . com . we are the best

  • Raymondttn Nguyen
    Raymondttn Nguyen 4 days ago


  • Margaret Shaw
    Margaret Shaw 4 days ago

    Are you racist

  • Aiden Pearce
    Aiden Pearce 4 days ago

    Im The Vigilante

  • W C
    W C 4 days ago

    its 2017

  • nick limbach
    nick limbach 5 days ago

    get kali linux mess around with payload search exploit that suits your need perferable remote command execution. DONE

  • Overwatch Memes Are The Best

    I want to hack Ruby Rube and Durv :)

  • ChangelingTale the commenter

    What about TOR??!

  • ChangelingTale the commenter

    U forgot the grey hat hackers

  • ChangelingTale the commenter

    How to become a sniper

  • duke335 baby
    duke335 baby 5 days ago

    Why tf would you want to hack people

  • Lionel Messi_fan
    Lionel Messi_fan 6 days ago

    I gave my friend a life hack, so i am officially a hacker B)

  • zian Nasir
    zian Nasir 6 days ago

    how to hack wifi password please upload video

  • LionRS2014
    LionRS2014 6 days ago


  • The Dragon
    The Dragon 6 days ago

    hey you hacker have 16 type 1 type = 1 color bro (and i'm White)

  • Human 0.3
    Human 0.3 7 days ago

    Top youtuber #1

  • The FutureImmortal Flash

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • The FutureImmortal Flash

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Roblox Dank Kush
    Roblox Dank Kush 7 days ago

    That white hat and black hat thing was racist

  • Anime clan
    Anime clan 7 days ago

    Do how to become a moder

  • Epic Bloxxter
    Epic Bloxxter 7 days ago

    when i saw this i was thinking it was gonna teach me to learn html coding instantly

  • Fotus Dh
    Fotus Dh 7 days ago

    how to survive the purge

  • Franz Schönherr
    Franz Schönherr 7 days ago

    I just came here to see all the 12 year olds in the comments saying they can hack.

    JOKER VS HACKER 8 days ago



  • ChristineIchikawa///RobloxianGaming Taurtis09

    Tbh i need to get my classmates fb account bcause she got hacked and if me and my other classmate didnt say anything we will get drop out

  • Cameron Wical
    Cameron Wical 8 days ago +1

    Forgot about grey hats bro

  • Yellow Jackets
    Yellow Jackets 9 days ago

    How to be a movie star

  • Yellow Jackets
    Yellow Jackets 9 days ago

    How to Jedi

  • Imfromfuture
    Imfromfuture 9 days ago

    How to become a hacker?
    Step 1. Learn a good amount of knowledge of at least three different coding languages.
    Step 2. Learn how computers work.
    Step 3. Learn how Internet works.
    Step 4. Decide what to use your abilities for.

  • Cody White
    Cody White 9 days ago

    Watch dogs

  • shristi Shrestha
    shristi Shrestha 9 days ago

    Me : I am a hacker
    He : why??? what u did ?
    Me : I hacked coins
    in games ..i can hack any games i am a pro hacker broo.
    He : man...ooh really how ??

    ELI AND RARA MUHAMMAD 9 days ago +2

    I want to hack roblox

    ELI AND RARA MUHAMMAD 9 days ago +1

    I want to hack roblw

  • British V -The-Invader

    You don't need to be a programmer anymore dude . Who is this guy , you can get any script or tools you want now you do not need to be a programmer , this guy has been reading to many far fetched books and watching to many movies .

  • Gayle says
    Gayle says 9 days ago

    Game changing and professional hacking,contact or on instagram @whitehacckerr,social media(facebook,twitter,instagram),bank accounts,if you feel you have being cheated and your being over debited,contact WHITEHACCKERR now!

  • Medicine Surgery
    Medicine Surgery 9 days ago

    This guy is a fool

  • Emilis Andrikaitys
    Emilis Andrikaitys 9 days ago

    wait i thought i was going to become a game hacker

  • Kevin John
    Kevin John 10 days ago

    You forgot to include red hat.

  • Ahmad Wazir Aiman
    Ahmad Wazir Aiman 10 days ago


  • Mado
    Mado 10 days ago

    How to grow that mustache 😂

  • Shadow_Gamer 236
    Shadow_Gamer 236 10 days ago

    i am the don't weigh a ton don't need a hack to gain respect upon streets

  • My beautiful and amazing mistress

    That black and white hacker analogy is dumb, the world isn't black and white, there's the in between, it depends on the situation. Like hackers who gave us jailbreaking are the good guys, while the former hackers who betrayed their ideals and became security consultants for Apple to prevent jailbreaking, are the villains!!! Freedom for the people!!!!

  • Sͥamͣyͫ
    Sͥamͣyͫ 10 days ago

    if you wanna be a hacker just be a white hat

  • Ramses Sanchez
    Ramses Sanchez 10 days ago

    That would be so dope

  • Baee kitten MSP
    Baee kitten MSP 10 days ago

    Thanks for helping its helped me to be hacker

  • PHOENIX kxng
    PHOENIX kxng 10 days ago

    He forgot to say grey hat

  • PHOENIX kxng
    PHOENIX kxng 10 days ago

    theres an app on playstore named hacking tutorials download it

  • Funny Vines 2
    Funny Vines 2 11 days ago +1

    I want to be black hat when I be a hacker

  • Skijjj
    Skijjj 11 days ago

    Thanks for the common sense man

  • The Seceret Gamer
    The Seceret Gamer 11 days ago +1

    I disliked this video because my mums car got hacked and she couldn't use the brakes and she had very little money like £5 so if she hacked she couldn't buy a new car 🚗

  • YT RustyCoins
    YT RustyCoins 11 days ago

    i wanna be black hacker YAY!

  • Fintlix
    Fintlix 11 days ago

    now i can hack roblox

  • legendary hacker
    legendary hacker 11 days ago

    pls u also subscribe to my chanale

  • cyanchie paul channel plays minecraft and more

    how to survive the end of the world

    UWAIS LONE RANGER 12 days ago

    you forgot the grey hats

  • mathias lobben
    mathias lobben 12 days ago

    He forgot grey hats

  • Alia Baloch
    Alia Baloch 12 days ago

    How to hack online Games

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