WHY I CAN'T BE A TEACHER // Grace Helbig

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  • I've been thinking about what I would do if I wasn't a youtuber. And then I realized I would not be good at those other things. Here are just a FEW reasons I couldn't be a teacher. Kudos to all the educators out there! (also, I spelled 'conflict' wrong. NEED ANY MORE REASONS I SHOULDN'T BE A TEACHER??)

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  • Estelle Nuutinen
    Estelle Nuutinen 23 minutes ago

    grace would be he best teacher EVER

  • Angel M
    Angel M Hour ago

    seriously need some merch with "Eat a Dick Potato!" on it now

  • MariusIoannesP
    MariusIoannesP 2 hours ago

    I can't remember the last time Grace did like sketch comedy like this, but I love it, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

    Ten years on Youtube I think calls for a cake.

  • Dean Mansour
    Dean Mansour 3 hours ago

    How old is u

  • thawthepast
    thawthepast 4 hours ago

    teach a peach

  • Ursula Craney
    Ursula Craney 5 hours ago

    Grace only has 3 million ??? I thought she had way more

  • Lizzie W
    Lizzie W 8 hours ago

    not that my opinion means anything, but i would rather have Grace as a my teacher than any of the ones i have at the moment. anyone relate?

  • livbensonx3
    livbensonx3 11 hours ago


  • Jonni Machado
    Jonni Machado 12 hours ago

    this brought me laughter

  • Sumbul Ishdavletova
    Sumbul Ishdavletova 14 hours ago

    you anyway would be better than some teachers in school. Really

  • Squishy Lydi
    Squishy Lydi 15 hours ago

    I love you grace but watching you makes me feel a new level of alone and awkward in my own home. Just imagining you doing this alone in your house... I don't know.

  • steven s
    steven s 18 hours ago

    It's not my fault she said it, I mean she asked what she said

  • Yuvan Shankar
    Yuvan Shankar Day ago

    I want to be your friend. That's all I have to say.

  • Kat Culbertson
    Kat Culbertson Day ago

    Never stop using that vibrator in videos, Grace. Better yet, just make it your fucking logo. It cracks me up so hard

  • Lauren Hernandez

    Omg this was amazing

  • Foundation
    Foundation Day ago

    She spelled it 'conflic'

  • Osbaldo Orozco
    Osbaldo Orozco Day ago

    Why is she me?

  • Pepsi Usa
    Pepsi Usa Day ago

    your'e beautiful. keep up the good work. your shirt says stroke singles.... whatever happened

  • nonspecific1234
    nonspecific1234 Day ago

    The "You are? I am! Yes, I get it, all very good letters!" ( U R, I M) pun took me watching this video 3 times to get. Well played, Grace.

  • J Cherry cola baby

    Why is there still not a button where I can like every one of her videos all at once?!

    OLGA SANCHEZ Day ago


  • Bodie Thaxton
    Bodie Thaxton 2 days ago


  • Elizabeth Clifford
    Elizabeth Clifford 2 days ago

    Thank you Grace! I thought I wanted to be a teacher, graduated UC Davis 1999 with all the BSsses and all. Still working my college job out in the hot sun and getting dirty and sunburned (and I love it) I wouldn't even substitute teach if my living expenses counted on it. I make way more than a teacher by the hour...Plus side is I am really good at what I do and I could probably beat Brooks in arm wrestling 😂

  • Courtney Reiss
    Courtney Reiss 2 days ago

    This is hilarious. I could totally see you as a teacher that has tenior and is just done

  • Lukus Wilson
    Lukus Wilson 2 days ago


  • Fllowerchillld
    Fllowerchillld 2 days ago

    Do why you can't be an astronaut

  • John Kennery
    John Kennery 2 days ago

    wellllll....I get WHY...but....needs tweaking

  • Paul Borst
    Paul Borst 2 days ago

    I am a teacher and I have all of those concerns. I honestly don't know how other teacher memorize 200 plus student's names every year and caring about teenage drama is exhausting. Please study and do your homework. Make some effort to make both our lives easier.

  • Juan Gallegos
    Juan Gallegos 2 days ago

    She can't be a teacher basically because she would have sex with students because she only thinks about dicks and masturbation, she would be a cool/sexy teacher in my opinion tho xD

  • Aaron Wolfenbarger
    Aaron Wolfenbarger 2 days ago

    Ok so were pretty sure if you plugged in just about any normal thing you cant do it but while you were making the video you pretty much gave away what it is you are good at and baby we men don't judge you for it we celebrate your mouth of a thousand dicks! So suck us off and quit complaining! You cant really talk with your mouth full and since you don't like doing videos then...........

  • Dickcheese143
    Dickcheese143 2 days ago +1

    Maybe cause you look like a whore.... Whores can't teach.... They can't even count! #whoreburn

  • Alexandra B
    Alexandra B 2 days ago

    Honestly she needs more views!!!!!

  • Lonnie Jones
    Lonnie Jones 2 days ago

    Grace I love you

  • Nora JustAGirl
    Nora JustAGirl 2 days ago


  • Matthew needham
    Matthew needham 2 days ago

    What a load of verbal shit.

  • Task Force Red Airsoft

    Why is she using a vibrator 😂😂

  • C Anon
    C Anon 2 days ago

    baitin whore.

  • SacredVenom
    SacredVenom 2 days ago

    Looks at the thumbnail*
    Me:Is that what it think it is? Yep thats wat i think

  • xxhapsxx
    xxhapsxx 2 days ago

    rip off like community channel you all leave us aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..........

  • Beddy Tear
    Beddy Tear 2 days ago

    suck a thousand potatoes

  • Vezexis
    Vezexis 2 days ago

    This was great haha I like this series

  • Chris Bishop
    Chris Bishop 2 days ago


  • Megan fraga
    Megan fraga 2 days ago

    crying of laughter rn😂😂

  • Anna Meinhardt
    Anna Meinhardt 2 days ago

    So many dicks...

  • Lizzie's_ Vlogs'n'stuff

    Why she got a vibrator!!!!!!!😂😂

  • Easter and Smiley
    Easter and Smiley 3 days ago

    Ok so where just going to pretend we didn't see a VIBRATER!!

  • whitestar618
    whitestar618 3 days ago

    as a teacher i cant tell you the number of times ive wanted to call out a student for basically being so lazy that a tuber is more active...."show me your smarter than a potato" got me in trouble last year....but i think you captured what a lot of teachers are going through daily- now if you will excuse me, i have to write plans for 5 different preps and prepare for a sports parent meeting...cheers

  • Andrew Arce
    Andrew Arce 3 days ago +3

    Why the hell is this in my recommendation I'm not even subbed to her

  • Allison Drakulich
    Allison Drakulich 3 days ago


  • Vito Vercetti
    Vito Vercetti 3 days ago

    So much dick

  • Maddie's World
    Maddie's World 3 days ago

    Wow! She's been doing YouTube for 10 years and she only has 3M Subscribers

  • BigArm
    BigArm 3 days ago

    Hi Gracie ;) Just discovered your channel. Your really funny

  • Stormbow
    Stormbow 3 days ago

    4b: Can't spell "conflict".

  • oogenshnagen
    oogenshnagen 3 days ago +4


  • katie keene
    katie keene 3 days ago

    i fucking live for this shit

  • hiyasaya
    hiyasaya 3 days ago

    I have a crush on Potato

  • Addison Land
    Addison Land 3 days ago

    I have had teachers do all of these things

  • King Mango
    King Mango 3 days ago

    Cosby did nothing wrong

  • Patrycja Krauze
    Patrycja Krauze 3 days ago

    This was so funny to me cause my name is patrycja 😂

  • RambleSetGo!
    RambleSetGo! 3 days ago

    ...I AM a teacher... and these are a daily struggle. Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...

  • Alejandro Raudales
    Alejandro Raudales 3 days ago +1

    Heavily disagree

  • Nicky Malara
    Nicky Malara 3 days ago


  • slowhand500
    slowhand500 3 days ago +2

    I don't think you would make a good teacher either Grace.

  • Taatham
    Taatham 3 days ago

    This is definitely gonna be on a 'Cringe Compilation' Video.

  • DeadXachXD
    DeadXachXD 3 days ago

    You just described my English teacher

  • Jay Corvidae
    Jay Corvidae 3 days ago


  • Zombiffix
    Zombiffix 3 days ago

    Something tells me thats not a back massager

  • ThrobbinHood
    ThrobbinHood 3 days ago

    I'd love to see you (or Laci Green) do any of the jobs the men I know do lol.. and we can sit at home, in AC, on our fat asses, holding a camera, complaining.. Yea. Let's switch and see how we all do!

  • Matty Meredith
    Matty Meredith 3 days ago

    I was almost a teacher...then decided Youtube was the proper profession lol

  • Shanko.D. Ace
    Shanko.D. Ace 3 days ago

    Damn you so hot

  • Itz_Ya_Boi_Cheezy
    Itz_Ya_Boi_Cheezy 3 days ago +1

    Why are u using a vibrater to stir ur coffee

  • Mark D
    Mark D 3 days ago

    She could teach dick eating 101.

  • Alon Bronsztein
    Alon Bronsztein 3 days ago

    i agree

  • Sarah Lustig
    Sarah Lustig 3 days ago

    Please do more of these! They're hilarious!

  • Camille McClain
    Camille McClain 3 days ago

    This was a great birthday present. Thank you Grace.

  • Sarah Joy
    Sarah Joy 3 days ago

    can u pls try an d b a plumber??

  • Jason
    Jason 3 days ago

    YOU.... i like you, you're funny XD

  • Zero Quanta
    Zero Quanta 3 days ago

    Fist time here, "SHE" is really hung up on DICKS????? She has been doing it TOOOO long for herself and has graduated to the XXL Vibrator. When she turns it on the neighbors TV go Wonky. Fist up, Fight for Truth.

  • Al Phuckya
    Al Phuckya 3 days ago

    Gotta love the patented Hitachi Stirrer 5000. Stirs the coffee and the clit

  • UpAndUps
    UpAndUps 3 days ago

    I think you just need a good dick down. It really seems like it... well good luck on finding it.

  • Eclectic.
    Eclectic. 3 days ago

    Why i can't be a corrections officer.

  • InstagatorPublicater

    Your ploys do not fool me. You have not explored the possibility of an erotica teacher. Recommended.

  • Kadz12
    Kadz12 3 days ago

    So what did she say through blinking Morse code?

  • DW Jackson
    DW Jackson 3 days ago

    3,674 down 169.8%
    lame stuff = decreased subs

  • George Hodge
    George Hodge 3 days ago

    >mixes tea with a female masturbation aid
    *youtube sleeps*
    >non "trendy" YouTuber swears once

  • WeirdoProductions100

    I wish she recorded her using that vibrator and posted it on a website for all to see

  • Bina Bianca
    Bina Bianca 3 days ago


  • Distant Minded
    Distant Minded 3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure she was stirring her drink with a masturbation toy😂 if not then I'm just dirty

  • Quinton McCoy
    Quinton McCoy 4 days ago

    lol. This actually reminds me of one of my teachers from high school. She was awesome, my favorite teacher, one of the best teachers, and all around the funnest person to talk to.

  • Amanda Escalante
    Amanda Escalante 4 days ago

    I love these videos yes go u

  • Helix Productions
    Helix Productions 4 days ago

    Your humour is 🙌🏼

  • ayayayify
    ayayayify 4 days ago

    I click the bell and it says "error please try again"

  • Brian P
    Brian P 4 days ago

    What is this garbage

  • Bevin Magama
    Bevin Magama 4 days ago

    Suck a thousand dicks lol!

  • Code
    Code 4 days ago

    Wow so lame

  • Beth Blanchard
    Beth Blanchard 4 days ago

    Please continue with this series for as long as you can.

  • Amanda Hanchock
    Amanda Hanchock 4 days ago

    i already know this is gonna be a good series

  • Benjamin Reimann
    Benjamin Reimann 4 days ago


  • MulletMan5702
    MulletMan5702 4 days ago

    Grace is adorable

  • micha awad
    micha awad 4 days ago

    Fuck you nigga

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