French Montana - A Lie ft. The Weeknd, Max B

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  • Geo Mantilla
    Geo Mantilla 21 minute ago

    Gusta esto si eres Peruano! Perú en los comentarios. Vamos hermanos/as ❤️✨🥀🇵🇪

  • Geo Mantilla
    Geo Mantilla 21 minute ago

    Gusta esto si eres Peruano! Perú en los comentarios. Vamos hermanos/as ❤️✨🥀🇵🇪

  • Esharido
    Esharido 27 minutes ago

    The weeknd the new drake

  • Beau J Browning
    Beau J Browning 30 minutes ago +1

    It's lit ! If your watching this check out my music after ! Thanks everyone

  • MattyBeanie MUSIC
    MattyBeanie MUSIC 53 minutes ago


  • Music Industry
    Music Industry 58 minutes ago

    The wave is back max b

  • Lamelo Ball
    Lamelo Ball 1 hour ago

    I see max b I click

  • Camila Vera
    Camila Vera 1 hour ago


  • roman2011
    roman2011 1 hour ago

    What a stupid uninspiring video

  • ElectusHD
    ElectusHD 1 hour ago


  • Aliyah Walker
    Aliyah Walker 1 hour ago

    what filter did they use to try and make everyone look whyt

  • boss god
    boss god 2 hours ago

    Yalla yalla yalla🎶

  • Nike P
    Nike P 2 hours ago

    I Saw the wave god and clicked

  • Selenator88 Queen noticed

    XO for life when he started dating my queen it was unexpected but the 2 people I have been with sense basically day 1 it's like okay this is pretty fucking lit 💜🔥💫

  • Kari Perales
    Kari Perales 3 hours ago

    I came here after hearing it in Selena's story 👸🏽

  • Dm sonic
    Dm sonic 4 hours ago

    Here for MAX B I Respect Frenchy for Putting Max on dis 1 its a BANGER


    Free Max B

  • HaveAShotOfDeeZzz
    HaveAShotOfDeeZzz 5 hours ago

    Yo its just funny, no disrespect but this is funny yo free thattt niiiggga!! owwww....These comments are funny as shit tho hahah niggas like oh "I see the wkend and I click" hahah niggas dont know Max bruh

  • CJ
    CJ 5 hours ago


  • Matthew McIntosh
    Matthew McIntosh 5 hours ago

    They should make a video, where everytime the Weeknd says a lie it speeds up 20%. Like if you agree

  • YoungA170
    YoungA170 6 hours ago +18

    Im a rapper trying to get recognition, can you guys give my music a listen Thanks

  • Arri Wintress
    Arri Wintress 6 hours ago +1

    Wait not one black female.. not one.. yuall niggas is dum corny I wish us black females could come together and boycott these bitch ass niggas..they idolize every race except their own. Self hatred is a real thing ... I know they're beautiful women of all races.. but dam how u look down on ya own.. sad .. I wish we could pull these bitches off the shelves.. cuz all they do is encourage black men to kill each other and fuck bitches out of their race.. it's like they want us extinct and we're helping them..

  • Arri Wintress
    Arri Wintress 6 hours ago

    Thumbs down .. corny

  • Lopez 4 Life
    Lopez 4 Life 6 hours ago

    Weekend is bae asf

  • shahzad khan
    shahzad khan 6 hours ago +1


  • Jewls Candice
    Jewls Candice 7 hours ago

    Dope song! Love it 🔥

  • Lastperson #803
    Lastperson #803 7 hours ago


  • Rocky Lynn
    Rocky Lynn 8 hours ago

    The weeknd is sooo fine!

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 8 hours ago

    Max Biggaveli saved this song along with The Weekend

  • Kudi_Dryp is my Instagram follow me

    Hello world!! I'm an upcoming music artist can you guys listen to my music and show support Thanks

  • Harry Official
    Harry Official 8 hours ago

    this nigga french can't make a hit by himself u will always find him sucking a feature from another talented artist

  • Ibukun Ishola
    Ibukun Ishola 8 hours ago

    I see Nav

  • Si sd
    Si sd 9 hours ago +2

    As an artist, as soon as you got Max B in your song, it ain't your song no more - so wavey

  • Zahra Ezzahheri
    Zahra Ezzahheri 9 hours ago

    #Love weeknd#Always x💕o

  • al dance
    al dance 9 hours ago +2

    Boss don. Free max all day

  • John Medina
    John Medina 9 hours ago

    Sounds religious..a lie a lie more like Allah Allah Allah

  • Lil Rope
    Lil Rope 10 hours ago +2

    MAX B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xxkid xX
    Xxkid xX 10 hours ago +1

    right here XO XD XO all the wayy

  • Sara mamedova
    Sara mamedova 10 hours ago

    i'm Xo fan but i ain't feeling this song

  • Max Miller
    Max Miller 10 hours ago

    How the fuck does Rocky come out of nowhere every video?!?

  • Alexandra Leonte
    Alexandra Leonte 10 hours ago

    The Weeknd ft French Montana* 😂

  • locateyourhuevos
    locateyourhuevos 10 hours ago

    Your boy french montana looks like he got held after school back in the day for remedial english & math class

  • Arturo Williams
    Arturo Williams 10 hours ago


  • Clara Guillaume
    Clara Guillaume 11 hours ago

    endless import tension pidzgg across study little rather use.

  • Drissldn92
    Drissldn92 11 hours ago

    ok Thank you Harry Fraud

  • Young Pablo
    Young Pablo 11 hours ago

    Anyone agree max b part was kind if litt

  • Roselyn Arzu
    Roselyn Arzu 11 hours ago

    Good song baby

  • Xy xy
    Xy xy 12 hours ago

    Waiting for DJ Khaled to suddenly pop up lol

  • jay E
    jay E 12 hours ago +1

    " he at ma level thats a lie" The weeknd dissing french on his own track..ah lie 😂

  • rav rauli
    rav rauli 12 hours ago

    Thought he was saying allah

  • lady Dine
    lady Dine 12 hours ago


  • Rennie c
    Rennie c 12 hours ago

    The weeknd ft French Montana**** not the other way round 😁😁😁

  • Cameron Warner
    Cameron Warner 13 hours ago

    great beat fam

  • Hog Head G-Note
    Hog Head G-Note 13 hours ago

    finally french wit sum heat

  • Matata
    Matata 13 hours ago

    how did they get max b on this track while he's in prison

  • michael rolls
    michael rolls 13 hours ago

    They fucking with us that's a lie

  • punishment916
    punishment916 13 hours ago

    silver surfer, max biggavel

  • kavisha Munasinghe
    kavisha Munasinghe 13 hours ago

    lmao rocky in the back

  • Daniel Doros
    Daniel Doros 13 hours ago

    Super song, like always, Weeknd is the best! I love you man!

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown 14 hours ago +1

    I love Montana.

  • Lawrence Desper
    Lawrence Desper 14 hours ago


  • The Mac Project
    The Mac Project 14 hours ago

    The Weeknd owns this song. He is the majority in this.

  • Carmelo Cruz
    Carmelo Cruz 14 hours ago +2

    Loving the Wave 🌊, great music once again.Major Respect to FRENCHY,free Max B,Connecticut stand up

    YOU KING 14 hours ago

    best of the best moroco

  • Fatih Zengin
    Fatih Zengin 15 hours ago


  • Bella Love
    Bella Love 15 hours ago +1

    Love this song xoxoxoxoxox

  • The Wave
    The Wave 15 hours ago +2

    Frenchy takin care of the wave. Bigga aint guna b blackballed in 2-6, realtalk

  • Muki Moe
    Muki Moe 15 hours ago

    see educated hip hop heads would click this for max b more than the weeknd but whatever

  • darlingsalazar
    darlingsalazar 15 hours ago

    Every time when they start videos like this they play that scary ass music then play the dope song

  • LowkeyKieran
    LowkeyKieran 15 hours ago

    suck nobz

  • Shoaib Sabir
    Shoaib Sabir 15 hours ago

    At 1:02 who is that hispanic model she is soo fine yo!

  • Neon Man
    Neon Man 16 hours ago


  • Matthew McIntosh
    Matthew McIntosh 16 hours ago

    This Song Is A Lie

  • Selena Barrett
    Selena Barrett 16 hours ago

    I love you the weekand

  • infamous 757 in the Building

    I was here for MAX Honestly 🌊🌊🏄💪💯

  • Eliott Ruiz
    Eliott Ruiz 17 hours ago

    My favorite part is when max b start rapping #freemaxB

  • parth kulkarni
    parth kulkarni 17 hours ago +2

    Any fucks for Max B?

  • OctaviusBlaze
    OctaviusBlaze 18 hours ago

    I don't think 1 black woman was in this video 😭😂😂😂

  • DexModdingTeam
    DexModdingTeam 18 hours ago

    R.I.P Chinx

  • CherylJamieable
    CherylJamieable 19 hours ago +2

    Hey who ended up here Today?
    no lie to say i am gonna watch this till death
    and i bet french never used *_authentic views d0t c0m_* as PSY using and getting fame

  • Liz Aguilar
    Liz Aguilar 20 hours ago


  • prince silver
    prince silver 20 hours ago

    that fake ass helicopter tho

  • ilyas omar
    ilyas omar 20 hours ago

    The video title is wrong.

    Correct: The Weekend - A Lie ft. French Montana, Max B

  • ezra fernandez
    ezra fernandez 21 hour ago


  • ricer civic
    ricer civic 21 hour ago

    HE DIDN'T KILLED HIMSELF WTF?! Is it the end of the world? :o

  • Its_bryce1234
    Its_bryce1234 22 hours ago

    Song ends at 4:10 thank me later

  • OTF Princess
    OTF Princess 23 hours ago +1

    🔥🔥🔥 check out " Ameer YD " his music be LIT too people sleep on him from Chicago

  • Larry Pierce
    Larry Pierce 23 hours ago +25

    I love music. My son Joshua Pierce is working to be great. I love my son and know he will become a rap superstar. Please listen to his music He is going VIRAL soon. I believe in him

    • Hehehe ha
      Hehehe ha 22 hours ago

      Your son will be famous

  • Merry Alemu
    Merry Alemu 23 hours ago

    The kignz from the mother land👑👑

  • BestDeath 999
    BestDeath 999 23 hours ago


  • Alex One-shot
    Alex One-shot 1 day ago

    As soon as heard max B clear as day i was hype!!

  • Big Molleto
    Big Molleto 1 day ago

    Me han eliminado mi canal de youtube Ayúdame por favor suscribete y te devuelvo🙏 🙏 soy cantante

  • Big Molleto
    Big Molleto 1 day ago

    Me han eliminado mi canal de youtube Ayúdame por favor suscribete y te devuelvo🙏 🙏 soy cantante

  • Monica Le
    Monica Le 1 day ago

    Less darker than his old stuff

  • Weldit hagos
    Weldit hagos 1 day ago

    why do not say nigga french montana

  • Thecla Jallim
    Thecla Jallim 1 day ago

    Selena always asking abel to sing for her before she goes to bed

  • The Moheagon
    The Moheagon 1 day ago

    Come show some love to my music 💯💯💯🔥

  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C 1 day ago

    When your so Puerto Rican you spotted that flag real quick.

  • Jake Carlson
    Jake Carlson 1 day ago

    Montana's head so big it look like it photoshopped on his body in every shot

  • Raymond Moralez
    Raymond Moralez 1 day ago

    who else here for Abel I mean I am not " A lie "

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