The Future of Human Evolution

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  • Do you like drinking milk or chatting with your friends? Well, you can enjoy those because of the evolution happened over the past million years, and we are still evolving. Let's find out what will we be like in the future with us!

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  • BlueTeamPlayer
    BlueTeamPlayer 7 days ago

    when they say shorter and heavier, they mean hips right?
    Because a future of short fat women sounds bleak

  • Jack Smith the logic guy

    "there is no evidence that are brains are shrinking whatsoever

  • Ardipithecus Ramidus
    Ardipithecus Ramidus 28 days ago

    I honestly don't think that we are really going to evolve much in the future. Since our population size is so large and people from all around the world are connected I just think that we will become more and more similar to each other due to gene flow between previously isolated populations, resulting in a loss in geographical variation. This will not shift our phenotypic mean, but it will result in a decrease in variation between individuals. natural selection and genetic drift will still result in changes in allelic frquencies, however these will be diluted in the large gene pool so that even successful alleles will not be able to reach fixation, this will prevent changes from accumulating over successive generations. We will enter evolutionary stasis and only "wobble" about our phenotypic mean without changing much over
    a long period of time. I think only the iscolation of small populations (somehow) or a catastrophic event that reduces population size and destroys our interconnected civilisation will be the only way we can evolve further.

  • Kevin C-137
    Kevin C-137 Month ago +1

    I want my tail like a saiyan back

  • iicharliieii 2142
    iicharliieii 2142 Month ago

    The shrinking brain for efficiency idea actually makes a lot of sense in the genus homo
    Humans have one physical advantage over other animals: extreme endurance
    Bipedalism gives us an extremely efficient gate, meaning that although our prey can run faster, we can run further
    Currently 20% of the bodies energy is used by the brain, yet it only makes up 2% of its total mass, so a more efficient, yet equally as capable brain should be a welcome addition.

  • Metal Shen 75 eletric bald eagle

    I engineered humans into anthropomorphic animals.

  • Grady Eilts
    Grady Eilts 2 months ago

    So who is more evolved? Is there a race that is more evolved than on other? Who will break out and become the next evolutionary super being and what will that being be called? Will dogs pass us? Will we evolve far enough to create intelligent life? Will that life form reject us as creators and accept evolution as fact

  • gamerpro980
    gamerpro980 2 months ago

    the truth is natural selection is the real god

  • TheBittenBullet
    TheBittenBullet 2 months ago

    I think this video should have touched on the problem with genetic entropy. I would think that would be most important when considering the future of human evolution.

  • TheBittenBullet
    TheBittenBullet 2 months ago

    How would domesticating cattle turn on the gene for digesting dairy? Do we just assume this to be a coincidence? If so, it seems like a big one -- and an extremely lucky coincident at that.

    • renge9909
      renge9909 Month ago

      I believe it's more that there is a disposition for a mutation of that gene which controls dairy tolerance. For a long time, there was no big deal whether the gene was on OR off, because it had no effect on survival. Both types of people were weaned off breast milk, carried on with their lives, and reproduced at roughly the same rate, thus carrying on both on and off genes. With the domestication of cattle, and thus a more steady source of nutrition dense milk, the ON gene became more and more favored because more ONs were surviving to reproduce.

  • 88Brunosky
    88Brunosky 2 months ago

    I thought that there was a type of bacteria that allows us to digest milk. I've read that if lactose intolerant people drink small amounts of milk over time the bacteria will populate their gut and they will become lactose tolerant. I didn't think it was about a gene being turned "on" or "off"

  • The Hyper Cube
    The Hyper Cube 2 months ago


  • Meganite03
    Meganite03 3 months ago

    In the future, we will all be allergic to gluten.

  • Morgan Green
    Morgan Green 3 months ago

    This does not sound right.

  • Luis Cardenas
    Luis Cardenas 3 months ago

    Do you agree with the ideals of Professor Simon Barron Cohen?

  • BeccaBuckLebowski
    BeccaBuckLebowski 3 months ago

    Ssshhhtt.... don't say anything about digesting milk wouldn't be natural too loudly.
    The vegans could hear you! ;)

  • Spencer Marcum
    Spencer Marcum 3 months ago

    humans developed language "rawr XD"

  • whizkid
    whizkid 3 months ago

    Did he say "better nutrition" ? in the US?!.. did I hear that right? :D)))

  • sammy95
    sammy95 3 months ago

    we will evolve into aliens

  • CVB/Erdem
    CVB/Erdem 3 months ago

    When i die, im going to get alive again in 1.562 years!!!

  • ratoig
    ratoig 4 months ago


  • hubba-lubba wubb-fuck
    hubba-lubba wubb-fuck 4 months ago

    Lol, *idiots everywhere in the comment section* sorry.. never been a sucker for comedic excuses and lying to oneself..

    Humanity is just against the truth, that's all, people saying we evolve.. or just generally getting better in any sense is lying to themselves.. we have never had as many diseases as we have now, or inequality in food supply.. or diverse and confusing sexual orientation.. even though it feels like ya won't experience any of the diseases and suffering because ya are delluded to think we have it better now than back then just because of some advances? And that evolution says we shed our fur to protect us against parasites or whatever? We have so many deadly diseases now, Ebola and aids is an "least" concern.. the next thing in our evolution would probably be complete baldness, no follicles and I don't know if that have any significant change.. but it's definitely a minus for us.. most of us woulds freeze in a few higher degrees and so on.. and girls would look weird as fuck.. we'll have baldness activists first lawl.. not even kidding.. humanity becomes more of a joke by the decade.. it's going fast now..

  • Hei C
    Hei C 4 months ago

    The more Kartrashians in the news, the more our brains are shrinking.

  • Hei C
    Hei C 4 months ago +1

    Wall-E has already predicted the future.

  • Professor Foxtrot
    Professor Foxtrot 4 months ago

    Women will be heavier and have smaller brains. The future will have more feminists?

  • YamiYami17
    YamiYami17 4 months ago

    My guess we will get back to being monkeys seeing how dumbly people believe in evolution ...

  • Markiss Johnson
    Markiss Johnson 4 months ago

    If women will become shorter and thicker, will men become taller and thinner?

  • Joshua Pritt
    Joshua Pritt 4 months ago

    I just love this youtube channel and how they talk about the science behind why we are evolving the way we are most channels would talk about the different ways we may evolve but they go in depth short and sweet I like it

  • Draw With Michael Art Studios

    how many Christians are there here?

  • Reddix1993
    Reddix1993 4 months ago

    "Shorter and slightly heavier women had more children"...*Cough* Mexicans *Cough*

  • Edward Augustus
    Edward Augustus 4 months ago

    "In ten generations?" By the way the human population is growing, there won't be any humans left. We will have destroyed everything, including ourselves!

  • Funn Chip
    Funn Chip 4 months ago

    Bigger brains,c section births

  • John King
    John King 4 months ago

    You need to test people from other country's with different bloodlines.... i shouldnt have to tell you this.....

  • Master
    Master 4 months ago

    you will never live in past or future but you will live in present forever so just and your not gonna live to see the future so please guys xD

  • Master
    Master 4 months ago

    why people care about past and future just care about present xD

  • Tommy Lapointe Blondin
    Tommy Lapointe Blondin 4 months ago

    Apparently humans are also getting sexier since attractivness made a huge part of mate selection in the past few hundreds of years

  • Elmos Mayora
    Elmos Mayora 5 months ago

    Artificial Intelligent will become our part life to advance more knowledge and new tehcnology.Human evolve like robot to span life more longer.I mean Bionic human.Maybe..its feel like alien.We will live a new planet like mars and other life planet .

  • marroon rider
    marroon rider 5 months ago

    3:25 this is why the whites around me are so dumb.

  • John Reidy
    John Reidy 5 months ago

    Check the Book on AMAZON titled FUNNY MONKEYS that suggests a sudden saltation event could change the specious to become more "Hive Minded" by way of Bio-electrical transference changing human metabolism. PTSD, mental disorders, depression now cured. 3/8/2017

  • Ashton Goh
    Ashton Goh 5 months ago


  • Abiy BattleSpell
    Abiy BattleSpell 5 months ago

    tht does suck fatter kids cuz five bucks there bigger due to inactivity dammit nature

  • Adrián
    Adrián 5 months ago

    Quick correction; 20.000 years b.C. = Prehistory / Around 3.000 years b.C. = History.

  • Maria Prado
    Maria Prado 5 months ago

    I think about this video all the time and It makes me super worried. I really dislike the idea that humans biologically speaking are likely to become dumber with evolution. I mean I get the brain size isn't 100% perfect in correlation with what we consider "intelligence" (it's is kind of an arbitrary concept) for example dolphins have a larger brain than humans and we generally consider humans to be smarter than dolphins. But still the idea that humans are as a species going to be come less "smart" over time and less fit to survive in nature as individuals makes me extremely uncomfortable and honestly a little pessimistic. In conclusion I like this video and find it very informational but also I hate it a lot and it gives me anxiety.

  • Sam Al Balushi
    Sam Al Balushi 6 months ago

    i think this may sound weird but i think aliens are real and we are gonna be aliens

  • MegaMementoMori
    MegaMementoMori 6 months ago

    I think that Lamarck was right and soon it will be normal for babies to be born with tattoos and piercings.

  • José Rodriguez
    José Rodriguez 6 months ago

    I have a question for this channel to see if they could answer it . Witch raise was the first raise to exist in human history?

  • Sean Lewis
    Sean Lewis 6 months ago

    At the end with you speaking of the breeding program ideas where we could make humans like we make avatars in video games made me think of the bene gesserit and their breeding programs.

  • Yon Ki
    Yon Ki 6 months ago

    Why is the future of human evolution around my anus?

  • Afrodisiac
    Afrodisiac 6 months ago

    Bio major here. Usually I'm fine with the facts that you present in your videos, but the part about the shrinking brain can be misleading. For one a bigger brain doesn't equal a smarter brain, even in proportion to body size. If that was the case then men would be smarter than women, something that might be funny during a standup routine, but complete nonsense in terms of science. Human brains are getting smaller because their getting more efficient and using up less energy (like you implied); however this discrepancy in brain size really doesn't affect intelligence in a major way that we can conclusively see. Our ancestors were just as smart, but ultimately used up more energy to do so. Becoming dumber over time would have been stupid since humans had to survive in the wilderness for hundreds of thousands of years. No way in the last 10,000 years has natural selection favoured stupider people, but when more humans compete for more resources saving energy becomes very important. Hence, the energy guzzling brain needs to be made more efficient to reduce its energy consumption. I don't have the citations on me now, but I also read a paper a few months ago regarding brain size in hominids which stated that Denisovans and Neanderthals both had larger brain mass than modern humans. However, the overall trend for the shrinking brain seems to be asymptotic i.e it's eventually going to plateau at an equilibrium where our physical brain has reached max efficiency.

  • toshiko
    toshiko 6 months ago

    Humans aren't getting dumber.
    Of course, they lick each other's butthole and call it 'sex'.

  • Peter Dao
    Peter Dao 6 months ago

    Shawty short and thick 😍have my babies

  • Trott y
    Trott y 6 months ago

    I have a few questions. whats stopping another evolution of better homosapiens ? The earth is about 4.5 billion years old and Im told evolution takes 1 million years, that would mean it took about 4500 years to get were we are today. In that time frame no other species can rival our possibilities ? Also what bc stands for again? its used in science teams I think.

  • István Sipos
    István Sipos 6 months ago

    I tried and tried but I simply could not find any useful material on this, so I ask you:
    Why are skin- hair- and eye colour, facial and body features, hair type and many other things so diverse by caucasians, and less or much less diverse by all the other races? I don't say that all the Far Eastern people look alike, but they f.e. have the same hair colour, and they never have blue, gray or green eyes. What is the evolutionary benefit of this similarity (if any) or what is the reason for it? I am just asking, because the Far East is huge, with all kinds of different climates. If we compare the northern part of Japan to the southern part of Vietnam f.e, we find totally different weather and climate, yet people in these regions are far less different from each other than a Norvegian dude is different from a Spanish dude, f.e

  • Gewey
    Gewey 6 months ago

    Let's find out what will we be like in the future with us! hurt my brain a little

  • Billy Te
    Billy Te 6 months ago

    The brain thing makes no sense. It seems incredibly unlikely that a smaller brain would have any negative effect on reproductive success in the future.

  • SaE Truth
    SaE Truth 6 months ago

    Evolution is a myth and a dangerous religion.

  • Panda
    Panda 7 months ago +1

    I don't understand why scientists use that excuse that we evolved from apes when they don't know something. If we evolved from apes why are there still apes not evolving into humans yet?

    • AndySiner
      AndySiner 6 months ago

      We didn't evolve from apes. Evolution doesn't claim that we did. We split away from the apes and evolved alongside them simultaneously. Apes aren't unevolved versions of humans. They're just as evolved as we are.

  • Rodrigo J. Da Silva
    Rodrigo J. Da Silva 7 months ago

    we will lose our finger/toe nails and hair

  • ibrahimxgames Videos
    ibrahimxgames Videos 7 months ago +1

    Humans in the future are going to be tall af

  • Anthony Callender
    Anthony Callender 7 months ago

    This is a stupid question but it just came up to my mind, is it possible for humans to be immortal, or maybe to like evolve to be immortal.

  • eli dennison
    eli dennison 7 months ago

    i have seen Idiocracy, i have seen how it turns out.

  • garnerharp
    garnerharp 7 months ago

    PROVE ME WRONG!!! how solid of a theory is evolution? how accurate is carbon dating? how many people really believe we grew out of rain falling on rocks for millions or billions of years? do you really know what you believe in? people don't even like being in the rain today, do you really think we evolved under those kind of circumstances. fucking please¿ "college educations trumping common sense" FUCK YOU! how many powerfull rich world leaders believe in evolution but swear in on the bible? how many secretly worship a higher power behind locked doors with there ferternal brothers? do you know whos calling the shots people? do you know what they believe in? why do you think they want you to believe in evolution so bad that they force it in every public school & 99 % of colleges in the fucking world but then they go worship and have rituals and take secret oaths all oriented around the bible and more importantly around jesus and the new testament? someone or something is trying to steal your power of beliefe in God or a creator if you will, by forcing a false doctine of evolution in every school. and you must have school or you wont be successful, you have to earn a 'DEGREE' before you can have a successful position in soceity. College is set up by the same people who worship higher powers behind locked doors, they tricked you in to it with the basic promise of money. they don't want you to believe in God and they want you to focus on money, think about it for a second. For the love of money be the root of all evil, WORDS FROM THE BIBLE, THAT THEY SWEAR IN ON.... evolution is such a dumb thought that you have to believe in just like the concept of God to an evolutionist you have to belive in it. PROVE ME WRONG!!!

    • wooe
      wooe 6 months ago


  • Official Goose Studios
    Official Goose Studios 7 months ago

    Hah you idiots evolve by having Off spring?! I evolve by fighting other creatures like me. Eventually ill grow 8 feet tall and turn purple with my mouth taking up 80% of my body. Then ill need to be traded to reach my final stage.

  • Human791
    Human791 7 months ago

    So basically were gona get shorter,fatter and dumber

  • montia larson
    montia larson 7 months ago

    You don't need a brain anymore to be alive or thriving, you only need money or a rich family. How sad.

  • jin kasuma
    jin kasuma 7 months ago

    you all know Idiocracy is our future (;

  • akli maron
    akli maron 7 months ago

    so you say future women will be fat and short... sigh

  • Filia Luna
    Filia Luna 7 months ago

    The increased size of human skulls might be caused by an increase in the amount of babies born through Caesarean section (since babies with larger heads are surviving through birth and growing up healthily, procreating).

  • вељко
    вељко 7 months ago

    natural selection isnt true at all. look at america

  • Anouar Yassin
    Anouar Yassin 7 months ago

    i dont know if studies prooved yet that people with bigger brains are more "smart" !! This sounds weird, and if at the end bigger and smaller brains can be equally very efficient, that looks like the brain efficience has no direct relation to brain size ! so what the hell is the brain efficiency you are talking about ???maybe it is the organization of the brain that makes the difference not the size or mass of it

  • Mohamed Haroon
    Mohamed Haroon 7 months ago

    You're talking of adaptation as "evolution". My two cents is that you guys should stick to topics that are unanimously agreed upon in the science fraternity and not delve into futuristic hypotheses based upon theories with large gaping holes in them? That being said, I love the rest of your videos keep them coming.

  • Jaddua Jones
    Jaddua Jones 7 months ago

    2:31 I wouldn't be too sure about that...

  • godlessyurifan
    godlessyurifan 7 months ago

    Why is it that so often in the context of human evolution larger brains are almost always assumed to = higher intelligence, but in pretty much any other context scientific consensus remembers that this assumption had been disproven a long time ago? People who have bigger brains aren't necessarily any more or less smarter than people with smaller brains - we've known this for over a hundred years or so by this point. Animals that are smaller tend to have smaller brains, but this doesn't have much to do with relative intelligence - for instance, corvids are on par with primates in terms of intelligence, regardless of brain size. And yet in conversations about the evolution of human intelligence, it seems the size of the brain is always just assumed to be an indicator of intelligence. I can understand if there just isn't a whole lot to go on besides corpses and stone tools, but frankly I think this brain size thing just isn't what it's often made out to be.

  • Jay Son
    Jay Son 7 months ago

    You forgot to mention Idiocracy!

  • Paumonsu
    Paumonsu 7 months ago

    We are doomed

    CHRISTIAN CRUSADER 7 months ago

    no need to believe in evolution its just only theory

  • dentpeninde
    dentpeninde 7 months ago

    the brains of america's are getting bigger from nutrition but not evolutionary change? they are synonymous.... what are you guys talking about?

  • Cihad
    Cihad 7 months ago

    Nah, the brain isn't getting more efficient. Humans are definitely getting dumber ..

  • Hunter Martin
    Hunter Martin 7 months ago

    And people always told me backwards evolution wasn't real.

  • vgman94
    vgman94 7 months ago

    Women are getting shorter and heavier. Dear God, no. I have also notice a trend in my personal life that tall, slender, educated women tend to have less kids. Seems that those with taller genes and better brains seem to naturally off themselves procreationally speaking. :(

  • Mui Shin Gon
    Mui Shin Gon 7 months ago

    How many genders will exist with in 20 generations??

  • Jarlaxle Daerthe
    Jarlaxle Daerthe 8 months ago

    The reason for short fat chicks getting pregnant more is because they are easy and desperate, thus they get knocked up by every 2nd drunk guy....

    Evolution isn't always progression...

  • Azzarinne
    Azzarinne 8 months ago

    Whoa, no way. Americans' heads have been getting bigger? **hides**

  • THErepare man16
    THErepare man16 8 months ago

    im just waiting for us to evolve into furries

  • rich law
    rich law 8 months ago

    this video is wrong as there are more than 2 genders!!!

  • Dante S. Martin
    Dante S. Martin 8 months ago

    Is there any possible way to somehow make humans biologically immortal, like lobsters, through genetic modification? And if so could you genetically modify already developed humans, say with maybe a retro virus?

  • BraveShot Ent.
    BraveShot Ent. 8 months ago

    If ppl go through with genetically modifying their kids then those kids should be banned from playing sports and that includes high school, college and the pros.

  • BraveShot Ent.
    BraveShot Ent. 8 months ago

    Genetic modification should not be used ever to give someone strength, muscle mass, etc. if you want all that then get in the gym and EARN IT, just like i did. Otherwise you can't have it. Because it devalues actually earning all those skills and disrespects the ppl who did earn it.

  • ihartevil
    ihartevil 8 months ago

    ever think that shorter fatter females are stupider and that only morons have babies because science also proves that

  • Mark Sayler
    Mark Sayler 8 months ago

    2:36 like a smart phone

  • Dylan R
    Dylan R 8 months ago

    3:34 ShiShow

  • Exar Kunman
    Exar Kunman 8 months ago

    I hope we don't go the blue eyes and blonde hair route! Omg LMFAO

  • Zei Shei
    Zei Shei 8 months ago

    Yeah. our predators have evolved too. It's the humans we are with. lies deceit lust greed are what we suffer from n the cause of suffering.
    We use our brains only to satiate our emotions of greed n lust. We don't need larger brains now. lol.

  • ipissed
    ipissed 8 months ago

    Just one thing you are missing with all your smart ass studies. Mexicans are breeding like cockroaches so yea short fat ass whores are taking over.

  • Voluntae et Sapierem VeritasnForma

    Pure bullshit men, stick to the lemon battery...

  • Jungle Lion
    Jungle Lion 8 months ago

    Humans create that history saying cow milk is good for a human body....cow milk is for cow babies to drink not Man.

  • COPS .101
    COPS .101 8 months ago

    Question for scishow:what will technology be like in 2030s-2050?

  • I love K-drama
    I love K-drama 8 months ago

    efficient does not we're dumb it simply means our small brains needs a small amount of energy because we only use a small amount of intelligence. well atleast we have genetic engineering.

  • Adero Forsythe
    Adero Forsythe 8 months ago

    I love watching this channel and had a question. can you give me details on the one meal a day fad I see going around? I was wondering how healthy is it? what about Callorie requirements? is it for people still growing and developing? would it affect age or gender? are there data about it? lol sorry I'm blasting you with questions. Looking forward to your answer.

  • Divine Linker
    Divine Linker 8 months ago

    Shit! I waited for idiocracy to happen just to find out it was happening for the last 20000 years.

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