Chandelier - Postmodern Jukebox ft. Singing Sad Clown Puddles - As Performed On America's Got Talent

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    *as seen on America's Got Talent here:*
    Our friend Puddles (from Puddles Pity Party) returned to perform a haunting rendition of Sia's new single, "Chandelier." Keep up with Puddles' travels here:

    Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox:

    The Band:

    Puddles Pity Party - vocals
    Molly Fletcher - violin
    Reenat Pinchas - cello
    Adam Kubota - bass
    Allan Mednard - drums
    Scott Bradlee - piano
    Arrangement by Scott Bradlee

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    Jun 27 - Rochester, NY
    Jun 29 - Victoria, BC
    Jun 30 - Vancouver, BC


    7/13 - Chicago, IL
    7/14 - Toledo, OH
    7/15 - Rochester Hills, MI
    7/16 - Cleveland, OH
    7/19 - Saratoga Springs, NY
    7/21 - Holmdel, NJ
    7/22 - Boston, MA
    7/23 - Wallingford, CT
    7/25 - Philadelphia, PA
    7/27 - Baltimore, MD
    7/28 - Raleigh, NC
    7/29 - Greensboro, NC
    7/30 - Charlotte, NC
    8/01 - Boca Raton, FL
    8/02 - Jacksonville, FL
    8/04 - Atlanta, GA
    8/05 - Nashville, TN
    8/06 - Rogers, AR
    8/08 - Dallas, TX
    8/09 - Houston, TX
    8/11 - Phoenix, AZ
    8/12 - Los Angeles, CA
    8/13 - San Diego, CA
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    18 Dec - Reims, France
    19 Dec - Nancy, France  


    20 Sep - Perth, Australia
    22 Sep - Melbourne, Australia
    23 Sep - Brisbane, Australia
    24 Sep - Adelaide, Australia
    26 Sep - Wollongong, Australia
    27 Sep - Canberra, Australia
    28 Sep - Sydney, Australia
    29 Sep - Auckland, New Zealand
    01 Oct - Christchurch, New Zealand
    03 Oct - Wellington, New Zealand
    Twitter / Insta: @PMJofficial
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  • Runtime: 3:22
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  • Magicanist A
    Magicanist A 13 hours ago

    He sang this on America's got talent and was amazing!!!!! I started to cry

  • Gabby_D
    Gabby_D 13 hours ago

    He needs to sing Frank Sinatra!!

  • Twenty Øne Samurais At The Crybaby Ball!!!!!!!

    AGT fans where you at?

  • chris thornton
    chris thornton 20 hours ago

    His not blinking is also a bit scary. Don't ask why but it is. Fabulous though!

  • Isabella Gloetzner
    Isabella Gloetzner Day ago +1

    He should come to New Mexico not part of Mexico by the way

  • OptifIex
    OptifIex Day ago

    If Gaga and Bowie had a baby...he'd be huge, like 6'6" wear lots of makeup, do very dramatic performance and stay in character...wait a minute!

  • Isabella Gloetzner
    Isabella Gloetzner Day ago +1

    I'm short so he will be really talk to me scary!:/

  • Isabella Gloetzner

    I love him so much wish I could meet him in real life

  • Pepina Lopressor
    Pepina Lopressor 2 days ago

    On days like this, I am super grateful for the Puddles of this world. He is a gem.

  • GT C
    GT C 3 days ago +1

    The left girl who playing violin is very beautiful.

  • Mikey oo
    Mikey oo 3 days ago

    Man you have a great voice you don't need those voice enhancers it's muddying your singing sounds better natural

  • Isabella Gloetzner
    Isabella Gloetzner 3 days ago

    I want him to sing to me right now

  • Enisa Sanchez
    Enisa Sanchez 3 days ago

    I will forever tear up listening to this...

  • For An Angel
    For An Angel 4 days ago

    The way he keeps fondling his furry black balls makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

  • Andrea Urquiza
    Andrea Urquiza 4 days ago

    Sia is fresh manure compared to Puddles (moe.jpg (?)

  • Ahmet Kilic
    Ahmet Kilic 5 days ago

    boyle bır ses yok super otesı ses BRAVO

  • Ian Riensche
    Ian Riensche 6 days ago

    Where's this guy been hiding all this time?

  • Cody Sutton
    Cody Sutton 6 days ago

    please puddles sings bottom of the world by Tom waits.

  • aitch1
    aitch1 8 days ago

    chica on the cello...yeah baby

  • Max Jackson
    Max Jackson 8 days ago

    What does it mean when he rubs that Pom Pom?

    • Cody Peabody
      Cody Peabody 4 days ago

      I've wondered that myself. The best guess I could come up with was that's a nervous tic that Mike uses to flesh out Puddles. Clowning is about imparting emotions through tiny details.

  • Arshpreet Sidhu
    Arshpreet Sidhu 8 days ago +1

    me too

  • partyspecialists
    partyspecialists 9 days ago

    I Love you Puddles

  • Michael Villasuso
    Michael Villasuso 9 days ago

    sir I would appreciate it if you put your balls away plz and thank you 😂😂

  • Rishabh Thakur
    Rishabh Thakur 9 days ago

    Did anyone notice the black guy killing it on the piano in the back

    • ribzer57
      ribzer57 13 hours ago

      Rishabh Thakur the pianist is behind the violinist. The black guy is playing the drums. Easy mistake to make, but this is the pianist's channel, so we know who's playing that even when we can't see him.

  • Tom Wid
    Tom Wid 10 days ago

    creepy clown in his free time..when he is not creepy

  • SkittyMelody
    SkittyMelody 10 days ago

    I think that the AGT version is better and I am 100% not saying that as a negative point!! You can feel so much more emotion there, and I never thought anything could beat this! Who better than Puddles himself! 💖💖

  • Andy Gaill
    Andy Gaill 10 days ago

    welldone you make this song so beautiful than the original

  • Ethan's ARTS
    Ethan's ARTS 11 days ago +1

    and then there's me...

  • Blue butterfly 367
    Blue butterfly 367 11 days ago +2

    He truly has a golden voice.

  • hydee ferrer
    hydee ferrer 11 days ago +1

    Bravoooo Puddles!!!!

  • civerangel
    civerangel 11 days ago

    so much passion from a sad clown. this performance makes my emotions go over 9000

  • Mr Texton
    Mr Texton 12 days ago

    This video made in 2014 his audition was in 2017... ILLUMINATI

  • Lettuceturtle
    Lettuceturtle 12 days ago +1

    I permanently want to hug him, he's the only clown I'd hug.

  • RaptorNX01
    RaptorNX01 12 days ago

    (Looks at title)
    (Looks at date)

    Dat title-fu

    well played.

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker 12 days ago +2

    Love this guy...slows the song down...then he takes the words and rams them in your head..different class

  • wernergruen
    wernergruen 12 days ago

    so much better than the original song. great. fucking great. awesome.

  • Christina Marie O'Brien
    Christina Marie O'Brien 12 days ago +1

    Please get him on tour with you guys!!!!

  • Marie Caudillo
    Marie Caudillo 15 days ago +1

    Ugh so beautiful I have no words

  • Lucía Nuñez
    Lucía Nuñez 15 days ago

    Lol payaso xd

  • shacharco
    shacharco 16 days ago


  • ecoots
    ecoots 16 days ago

    its too bad we will never get the dynamic range from this video as you could in real life.

  • OwlEyes
    OwlEyes 16 days ago

    Watch him sing this on americas got talent 2017 if you havent alrteady. his voice is alot deeper and it sounds so much better imo

  • Fosca Cordidonne
    Fosca Cordidonne 16 days ago

    omg now Puddles i realized you're perfect to sing Frank N Furter's songs of "Rocky Horror Picture Show"! please <333

  • Samuel Rocha
    Samuel Rocha 16 days ago

    Fucking, amazing!

  • J Brown
    J Brown 17 days ago


  • William Alvarado
    William Alvarado 17 days ago

    Puddles, your so dope man ! 💯

  • 吳宇欣
    吳宇欣 18 days ago


  • sxxcrispi82
    sxxcrispi82 18 days ago

    I fell in love with the girl on the cello <3

  • The goddamn veteran
    The goddamn veteran 18 days ago

    I love this guy. I mean clown.

  • Ox
    Ox 18 days ago

    And I'm in love with the girl on the left.

  • BOSScula
    BOSScula 19 days ago

    How tall is this fella?

  • Ivan Anastasov
    Ivan Anastasov 19 days ago

    You are absolutly amazing brother !

  • Zsolt Benyó
    Zsolt Benyó 19 days ago

    I was cured of the clown's phobias
    thank you ! Puddles

  • Anantha Perumal
    Anantha Perumal 19 days ago

    ..."1..2..3, 1..2..3 blink.
    1..2..3, 1..2..3 blink"...

  • GymnaSticks
    GymnaSticks 21 day ago

    He made it to the live show on AGT .. let's see how far he goes !

  • Ayesha
    Ayesha 21 day ago +1

    I prefer to hear this song with Puddles' voice more than Sia's voice.

  • Felicia Kosasih
    Felicia Kosasih 22 days ago

    Thank you for uploading this. Omg i really love your version! ;)

  • Howard Li
    Howard Li 22 days ago

    Good Good very good Thumbs up

  • SynergyCeleste
    SynergyCeleste 23 days ago +1

    Wow... I would say that Puddles voice has certainly grown-up a lot in the last 3 years! The AGT version was much better, just about perfection. I would like to see this Postmodern Jukebox, version re-done, someday...

  • Sadist Miming
    Sadist Miming 23 days ago

    I'm sad not having to see the drummer's face clearly

  • fernandez fernandez
    fernandez fernandez 23 days ago

    i love the violin player

  • Doc Hallenstein
    Doc Hallenstein 23 days ago

    This piece makes me take a huge introspective look at my life tonight. Morning is coming.

  • Anne Tee
    Anne Tee 23 days ago

    He reminds me on Steve Barton

  • Dimi Atniel
    Dimi Atniel 24 days ago

    Violin girl marry me. P.S. - Postmodern Jukebox let's get a Chuck Berry song going!

  • maximas
    maximas 25 days ago

    I can watch him all day long

  • bayoubiker71
    bayoubiker71 25 days ago

    I want Puddles to do Cake by The Ocean

  • luxphotosbyelinton
    luxphotosbyelinton 25 days ago +1


  • john robert
    john robert 25 days ago

    I love the title adjustment to try and garner more views.

  • wasif ador
    wasif ador 25 days ago +1

    ' the sound of silence' will be the most best with his voice

  • Humble Speaker
    Humble Speaker 26 days ago

    hit like if you're here after AGT 2017

  • lukas bondevik
    lukas bondevik 26 days ago

    Posted on my birthday, nice!

  • Lorie Love
    Lorie Love 26 days ago

    Anyone else notice Puddles play with his belly button lol

  • King Puffy
    King Puffy 27 days ago

    his face at 1:46

  • NippelousErectous
    NippelousErectous 27 days ago

    Wow, that girls ass is amazing at playing piano!

  • AndreTheGamer5000 Plushies!

    Whoever Disliked Are A Jealous Sad,Mad,Clown

  • G. R.
    G. R. 27 days ago

    i love u Mr. Puddles. :)

  • Kr4k3n
    Kr4k3n 28 days ago +1

    Better than the original one

  • Eduardo Licona
    Eduardo Licona 29 days ago +1

    no me canso de escucharlo...I never get tired of listening ...

  • Norberto Torres
    Norberto Torres 29 days ago +1

    Who here after his agt performance

  • Andrés Rincón
    Andrés Rincón 29 days ago

    its amazing

  • workingraveyard
    workingraveyard Month ago

    The man never blinks.

  • Luxarina LoL
    Luxarina LoL Month ago +3

    The violin player is my teacher she told me to watch this

  • Fatima Ramirez
    Fatima Ramirez Month ago

    I like this but I'm not convinced about the male voice. I mean the track is awesome. I loved it but I would like to hear this one with a female voice.

    • porkinwitz
      porkinwitz 28 days ago

      Puddles is not a male or female. Just a "sad clown with a golden voice".

  • ealdc1
    ealdc1 Month ago

    Bravo!!!!!!!!!!! maestro

  • Keturunan Melayu Sejati

    6ft 8' singing Clown.. what a scary..

  • Mark Barrios
    Mark Barrios Month ago +1

    I want to see the views hit 6,666,666 its not that far away! even cooler 9,999,999

  • vasco
    vasco Month ago +1

    Had to come back after seeing a video of him in AGT. Great job, Puddles! ♥👏

  • Ai
    Ai Month ago

    The end is fucking funny, he just stares at you like you've done the most horrible thing in the world.

  • Med Khalil
    Med Khalil Month ago

    so good...why dont you try "left outside alone" i think you will do it so well.

  • Cannabis Chad
    Cannabis Chad Month ago

    Puddles The Singing Clown <3

  • Ashley Zepeda
    Ashley Zepeda Month ago

    ooooo man i thouh this was at 1017 😫😫😫😫😫

  • suseal
    suseal Month ago +1

    this is not "as performed on america's got talent". this version is million times better

  • Grell Sutcliff
    Grell Sutcliff Month ago

    why is he not blinking.

  • Marcelo Aranega
    Marcelo Aranega Month ago

    Man You are amazing! if You came front muito country we are take muito tickets to ser YouTube show. congratulations

  • ruth louderback
    ruth louderback Month ago +3

    This guy makes my goose bumps have goose bumps. He is amazing.

  • pumken
    pumken Month ago

    jaust have to do a xmiss albm now

  • Violin Teacher
    Violin Teacher Month ago

    This was so compelling I couldn't look away. Irresistible. Perfect in execution from all the musicians. The ensemble rhythm was as sharp as glass, but I couldn't look away from his face. Mesmerizing! At the end, it's like I'm stuck in this state of confusion and sorrow wondering how I got there.

  • Learnmore
    Learnmore Month ago

    never thought your will reach AGI
    you was already famous over YouTube

  • Kat Morgen
    Kat Morgen Month ago

    I love this

  • ColonelBumButt
    ColonelBumButt Month ago

    I wish I was a talented musician so I could hang out with beautiful women like this.

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