Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 - Ji Changwook, Hyunwoo, Lee Seyoung [ENG/中文字幕/2017.01.30]

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    - This Week's Hot Click : Celebritie's New Years Greetings, BTS donation news, On Juwan and Jo Boah, Jang Kiha and IU, Lee Sangyoon and Uie breaking up
    - Interview with Sunghoon
    - Photoshoot Interview wigh Ha Jiwon
    - Cooking Date with Hyunwoo and Lee Seyoung
    - Guerrilla Date with Zo Insung, Jung Woosung, Bae Sungwoo
    - Interview with Ji Changwook
    - Korea's 100 Favorite Rivalries ranking 100-81
    - Movie "Yes, Family" Interview : Jung Mansik, Lee Yowon, Esom
    - Entertainment Weekly Play List :
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  • Runtime: 1:4:7
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Comments: 48

  • Luminita Sacerdoteanu

    It must be amazing to have Wookie as a friend! He is extremely funny!

  • Ananya Neralla
    Ananya Neralla 1 month ago

    Ji Chang wook's Voice~😘 He could tell me bed time stories and I would never deal with insomnia ever again~😍

    ZALEHA BINTI SHARIF - 1 month ago


  • Trishiny Sunshine
    Trishiny Sunshine 2 months ago

    Deep fry the meatballs 😂

  • Monbebe Megan
    Monbebe Megan 2 months ago

    Achoo couple is the best.

  • GO! Go! Zeppeli!
    GO! Go! Zeppeli! 2 months ago

    only came here for ji chang wook :) and he is finally in a romance drama ~

  • Jayson Novida
    Jayson Novida 2 months ago +1

    so happy to see ha ji won...

  • İlknur Çakır
    İlknur Çakır 3 months ago

    ji chang wook tabiki 🤗🤗

  • Peter Ngo
    Peter Ngo 3 months ago +1

    Lee Seyoung, Ji Chang Wook, and Ha Ji Won!!!

    • usy79
      usy79 1 month ago

      Peter Ngo 3

  • Arnal Dejesus
    Arnal Dejesus 3 months ago

    guys did you notice me there?

  • quena sit
    quena sit 3 months ago

    ah choo couple

  • Jhane Garwinen
    Jhane Garwinen 4 months ago

    ji changwook awesome

  • 1passingby1
    1passingby1 4 months ago +1

    4 of Ha Ji Won's leading men appear in this video and one supporting actor (Jung Mansik). She's a queen.

  • Lee Hưng Jr
    Lee Hưng Jr 4 months ago +2

    ji chang wook very good

  • Jackie C
    Jackie C 5 months ago +10

    same, I thought Wookie and Ha Ji Won would be there together....the feels lol :) I'm dying to see them reunited again

  • Reava Bennett
    Reava Bennett 5 months ago +13

    Chang Wook oppa is the actual character of the Emperor from Empress Ki. I keep expecting him to call Nyangie any moment. 😂😂😂

  • Mariam Farah
    Mariam Farah 5 months ago +14

    Ji chang wook is so cute and hilarious

  • Daisy W
    Daisy W 5 months ago +23

    Watching JCW from 38:16

  • Esther Piry
    Esther Piry 5 months ago +4

    love to see HJWon - JC Wook n this the lead actor's 'King' handsome n nice guy

  • tenderness911
    tenderness911 5 months ago +13

    ji chang wook😍😍😍😍so cute

  • A A
    A A 5 months ago +40

    Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook in one video.. ahhhh my Empress Ki feels😭😭❤️💔

  • David Strider
    David Strider 5 months ago +1

    when is melissa and lee joon ki gonna be on?

  • JaeHye Yon
    JaeHye Yon 5 months ago +10

    beautiful Han Ji Won...EmpressKi tal tal and Nyang...

  • Huog Pham
    Huog Pham 5 months ago +13

    loving Ji Chang Wook so much

    • usy79
      usy79 1 month ago

      Huog Pham . ㅋㄴㄴ

  • Tranquilityx
    Tranquilityx 5 months ago +19

    Ji Chang Wook is so fucking beautiful, I cryyyy! 😍😭♥

  • M Chua
    M Chua 5 months ago +20

    I saw ji Chang wook and knew I had to watch!!

  • Grach0410
    Grach0410 5 months ago +6

    Mi Ha Ji Won y mi hermoso oppa Ji Chang wook salieron en el mismo programa 😍 aunque en entrevistas diferentes pero por lo menos salen los 2 jajaja

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 5 months ago +5

    seriously when seyoung asked so cutely "who made this~?" and hyunwoo responded with "i made it~!" I ALMOST DIED FROM AN EXCESS OF SUGAR INTAKE.

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 5 months ago +4

    AHCHOO COUPLE !!!! <3

  • mmmkd dhhhf
    mmmkd dhhhf 5 months ago +3

    They should date for real they perfect for each other

  • Naina Dhaliwal
    Naina Dhaliwal 5 months ago +9

    I thought this was hello councillor 😭

    • Aurora
      Aurora 5 months ago

      Naina Dhaliwal hahaha same

    V TAE TAE MARK GOT-7 BTS 5 months ago +1


  • Demi Ng
    Demi Ng 5 months ago +3

    ah choo❤

  • jogie
    jogie 5 months ago +1

    Where's Hello Counselor? :(

  • vanessa martinez
    vanessa martinez 5 months ago +3

    y que aga de comer

    • vanessa martinez
      vanessa martinez 5 months ago

      V Otaku
      todas queremos uno 😢

    • ZIEZ Gamer
      ZIEZ Gamer 5 months ago

      vanessa martinez 😃😂😂😂 yo tambien xD

  • vanessa martinez
    vanessa martinez 5 months ago +4

    Quiero a un coreano en mi casa 😢

  • Elijah Shadow
    Elijah Shadow 5 months ago +1

  • taetae v
    taetae v 5 months ago +11


  • taetae v
    taetae v 5 months ago +1


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