Trump tweet about investigation due to Rosenstein was a surprize to his own legal team

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  • Mikhail Kryzhanovsky


  • Kathleen Tyson
    Kathleen Tyson Month ago +2

    Ladies and gentleman ...The Trumpy Horror Picture Show!

  • Len Black
    Len Black Month ago

    How would like to have him for a client?

  • Noble D.
    Noble D. Month ago

    Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference
    Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional' it's much more better
    to keep him far away from Europe,where there is no place for disgusted sick clowns .

  • Vince Anthony
    Vince Anthony Month ago +2

    Trump has a self-destruction wish.

  • ilovecanines
    ilovecanines Month ago


  • John Do
    John Do Month ago +2

    So Dumps confession in front of cameras was not enough evidence for corrupt itentions?

  • Steven Goo
    Steven Goo Month ago

    Everyone knows Trump and his associates are playing rough; and dirty. But, how does one gets evidence of foul play?

    Understanding Trump, Trump needs to think that he is the smartest. The best at it. No one, no one is better than Trump.

    Understanding Trump, Trump has a disability. The disability to understand what is good. Does Trump understand what Trump is talking about?

    Comey mentioned that Trump was not the target of the FBI investigations. Not many will think that every move by Comey is deliberate. Comey needs to trap the top rat. Every move, even seemingly cowardly, is effectively a deliberate investigative move by the top cop. Kudos to the FBI. Kudos to Comey.

    The Whole World Is Laughing.

  • ElPocho DelMundo
    ElPocho DelMundo Month ago

    So far from what I've seen, Barron is the cutest thing going in that family. Melania does alright but I often just feel sorry for her.

  • Randy Lundrigan
    Randy Lundrigan Month ago +2

    I think the truth is we are all ponds that rich and powerful people who want to control the world through politics use to get their wills done. We as the public for the 1st time in history are witnessing the exposure of the reality that we are lied to daily, we should not only believe what we hear but we must be very cautious about what we believe we see. People, 1% of all the population own 99% of the money. Think about that reality for a moment. That is a lot of money and a lot of power in the hands of some possibly ruthless people getting what they want. Trump is being guided around by Bannon who is driven by his theory of Muslim's being our enemy and want to destroy us. All the people around him Trump has people that have been in politics for 30, 40, or 50 years and they have hates for people and loves that go very deep. They hate the Clinton's and the democrats and hate the idea that the state should do anything to help the less fortunate in our land and believe if you are not a born American you should get nothing and they care nothing why some individuals find themselves in poverty. They are useless and should basically should be discarded. Look at all the Executive orders that are being done while chief Bannon keeps the firestorm in the media as a smokescreen to get done what he sees necessary. Why would you put people in charge of departments that have a history of trying to destroy that very department. heck it out. All of this is part of the plan and Trump's supporters are now conditioned to accept even the lies they know are lives. So dangerous. My friends, we are at a crossroads and as people that are honest and sincere, hard working and loyal. We can sit back and watch lies and greedy powerful people politicians tell us what we should or should not do or we can look at what we know is truth and do something to help save our future. This morning I awakened and on the news it was reported that the USA had shot down a Russian jet in Sierra and Putin was very upset and called this an act of aggression on the part of the USA. My first thought was. "I don't know if I believe that because it may be Trump and Putin feeding us what they want us to believe another lie". I may be wrong but when I come to this lack of belief of what I hear and see from these rich people, this pond is fed up.

  • on the outside looking in

    Trump Trolls are out in force here, I guess the Russians must have been busy rallying his deplorable base

  • NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535

    The more trump tweets the harder it'll get for his keister kissing lawyers to defend him. Keep talking Donny boy, your mouth is clearly your own worst defense xD

  • Robert M
    Robert M 2 months ago +2

    This investigation thing gets bizarre the the day! It's bad when a lawyer needs a lawyer!

  • Robert M
    Robert M 2 months ago +4

    The amount of lies I hear from the republicans are more than the stars of heaven! Starlight Starbright what lies can I tell tonight?

  • Michael Avery
    Michael Avery 2 months ago +2

    Lawyers! We the People don't need more talking heads talking, We need application and prosecution of the Law !
    Everyone all ready knows the who ,what, when and where. WE NEED AND DEMAND ACTION !!!
    If this debating does not stop, DC, is going to find the final solution coming up and down the road for all off them. IT ISN'T ABOUT YOU, IT'S ABOUT US !!!!

  • V W
    V W 2 months ago +2

    No tweets about being concerned about the U.S. ship collision in Japan and he brags how he cares about our soldiers.

  • Dan Burden
    Dan Burden 2 months ago

    CNN shouldn't be allowed in the WH

  • Dan Burden
    Dan Burden 2 months ago

    These fools have wet dreams every nite about Watergateing Trump

  • Dan Burden
    Dan Burden 2 months ago

    I question the in

  • Dan Burden
    Dan Burden 2 months ago


  • Dan Burden
    Dan Burden 2 months ago

    Witch hunt it is Oboma got college aid as a foreign student, Trump ought to fire all the judges he appointed because they're fraudulent appointees

  • Chum Kh
    Chum Kh 2 months ago +1

    In a bloody mess has Trump put the loyal people close to him. His mouth and tweets got the better of him.

  • Torpedo Of Truth
    Torpedo Of Truth 2 months ago +2

    Baron looks like such a troubled child. He looks like he hates both his parents and he looks suicidal.

    Poor child.

  • michael chanial
    michael chanial 2 months ago +1


    • ben stein
      ben stein 2 months ago

      michael chanial fuck you

  • Thomas Longhway
    Thomas Longhway 2 months ago +1

    CNN lies to fucking much

    • bislig2alabama
      bislig2alabama 2 months ago

      File a complaint with the F.C.C. against CNN and have their broadcast license to broadcast over the PUBLIC airwaves revoked.

  • Angela J
    Angela J 2 months ago

    What happen to "Innocent until PROVEN to be Guilty" what is this crap of "Guilty until we can prove you did something wrong"? Who can stand against this ideology??? It is a witch hunt... and we know how many thousands of innocent people died by that movement. Today it is Trump... tomorrow it could be you... think about it.

  • Vicki Springer
    Vicki Springer 2 months ago +14

    Trump is learning WH is not Trump Tower or reality show...Trump and his family have lived in a very insular world...they just don't understand why they can't make the real world go along with their narrative.

    • Helena de Boer
      Helena de Boer Month ago

      poor Trump..? dont be ridiculous....when you opt for this position, you better be well informed and know everything you must know to be a responsible leader

  • Jim Battersbee
    Jim Battersbee 2 months ago +3

    CNN is crap

  • Beverly Frazier
    Beverly Frazier 2 months ago +2

    you are very fake news...

  • richard barndon
    richard barndon 2 months ago

    This EVIL vendetta against the, 'White Race',
    The, (White Children of The Garden of Eden)!

    The Words below have nothing to do with: Racism or white supremacy, that,
    is forbidden in the: 10 Commandments.
    (We were instructed to love and forgive our neighbours’ Trespasses,) and we do, our best!
    (As remorse, sincerity and sorrow), ‘must precede’, forgiveness, obviously.


    LUCIFER –SATAN 666- (and NWO)
    White face Agents, The Fake-Jew Khazarians,
    (They Pose as Jews) (But are not true Jews) (They do not have the true DNA of the Jews),
    These Secrecy Clad, Elite Zionist Fake Jews, ARE TRYING TO,DESTROY AND,

    (They Use Islam), Food Poisons, Animal Hormones, Fluoride in Water, Air Poisons, Fake Vaccines-Transgender-Transhumanism. Fake News, Fake Democracy, Fake Money backed by Fake words, Fake Truth, Fake Christians, Fake Central Judges, Fake Police, (Their Job is to protect the system, the Banks, the Rulers, the civil peace, ‘not you’), Fake Education, as the Real Knowledge, sadly is hidden entirely from you, thus we have Fake Equality, there is no such thing, as equality.
    Fake Free Masonry, (It has nothing to do with stone building) and all to do with True knowledge Secrecy, nothing Free about that.
    (Secrecy is opposite to Free, I hope you agree),

    THE NWO- Satan-Lucifer 666 MODEL, as, that is an anti- family, anti white, anti –moral, anti normal, Trans hybrid gender-Trans Hybrid human model, where humans have a robot assist brain, inserted as transplants and as inserted implants, all to control you, to remove your FREE WILL, and,
    turn you off using WIFI, if you cause trouble, such as by speaking: THE TRUTH
    The White Family-------is in tatters, ((not by accident)).
    Yes they have destroyed the White Family, using Holly Wood-Immorality, and TV rubbish.
    When they destroyed the White Family, using Financial Stress and Taxes, Drugs,
    while the very rich, Elites/Illuminati/ Zionists or Fake Jew Khazarians, escape!
    The white families, NON COMPLAINING VICTIMS stopped having kids,
    (nothing is by accident), THAT IS ANOTHER DELIBERATE PLAN.
    Thus the White Race, the (Smartest race) by invention and discovery standards,
    slowly, dies out, By (SLOW INDUCED) EXTERMINATION!

    Islam, forbids Inter-marriage! (No one calls them Racists)!
    Fake-Jew Khazarians, forbids Inter-marriage. (No one calls them Racists)!
    Ruling Monarchies, forbids Inter-marriage! (No one calls them Racists)!
    Jews forbids Inter-marriage! (No one calls them Racists)!

    If the White Christians, however,
    forbids Inter-marriage: THEY so quickly CALL US, RACISTS !

    Thus also we THE WHITE RACE, have:
    Fake Justice and Fake Fairness. AND DISCRIMINATION,

    (1 set of Rules for the White Race) but, (No rules for the others)!

    Thus in fact the White Race, (From the Garden of Eden) are the, (( true victims ))
    (( Wrongly called racists)) , (( Suffer Inequality )), (( Suffer Discrimination )) &
    AS A WHITE RACE, All because we came from: The Garden of Eden, placed there by Yahwah Eloheem, Grand Creator God. (He is jealous of us) as royal children of Yahwah.
    We are: The (White Children) of The Garden of Eden!

    It is revenge by Lucifer 666---------against our creator God, Yahwah Eloheem,
    Yahwah also gave him Free Will.

    WE THE (WHITE RACE), IS BEING 'EXTERMINATED' & made infertile!
    We were: Placed Into the Garden of Eden, by,
    Yahwah Eloheem,
    (our natural DNA Father), the Creator God of Earth and space and everything that exists. (Including) Mr Lucifer- Satan 666. (Fallen Rebel Angel CO.
    Just look who (The Luciferians Satanists, 666 NWO), target first:
    NOW. Look at (White Race Europe): The White (Children of The Garden of Eden)!
    Look at what they do, and have done to them. (Wake up) (Satan has infiltrated them).
    They have forgotten who they are and from where they came.
    Hopefully after reading this, they will remember, and will FIGHT BACK.
    Notice: Only the white race are being victimized and attacked, seXually and physically.
    This is start of Tribulations. Wake up, unite and FIGHT BACK, its your only chance, dear whites. Yahwah Eloheem, made you white, for a purpose, it is, (not by) accident.

    No one is explaining or warning you!! Whites, your time is up. Nibiru is close by.
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    (No Warning) WHEN THE OCEANS MOVE! (No Warning) They know when it comes. They have Telescopes at forbidden Antarctica But you don’t.
    They- have their underground cities all -ready,
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    The: 'WHITE RACE', from The Garden of Eden.
    What is their aim now?
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    These Fake-Whites-Fake Christians-666,Fake Elites/Illuminati/ Zionists or Fake Jew Khazarians WANT A NUCLEAR WAR WITH THE WHITE RACE RUSSIANS AND PERSIANS,

    Dr Paul Craig Roberts, esteemed man, in the President Reagan Admin, tries almost every single day to warn you about this! This group (Fake white race) acting as (Fake Jews), is so deadly and successful. What else can you expect, they are of, the DEVIL-SATAN-LUCIFER-666. Expect nothing less. Don't, give up! Fight back.

    Soon paper money is worthless, Rich people will be poor again, all, (over -night)!
    (No Warning), Just like, (No Warning) when Nibiru, soon arrives,
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    Elites and kids, are all Safely stowed away in Bunkers/Cities, underground!
    No such thing for "you" , White Children, from the GARDEN OF EDEN.

    Blame the Fake-Christians and Fake Elites/Illuminati/ Zionists or Fake Jew Khazarians!
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    Signed THE TRUTH

  • jug gernug
    jug gernug 2 months ago +4

    trumps enemys so scared of his tweets. they keep insisting he stop tweeting.

    • William Ridge Sr.
      William Ridge Sr. Month ago

      jug gernug It's not fear, they are tired of hearing that whiny little bitch cry.

  • Steven Goo
    Steven Goo 2 months ago +5

    It's quite obvious. You get what you deserve. The BEST. You will need lawyers.

  • Val Simon
    Val Simon 2 months ago +3


    • TheMaryam1891
      TheMaryam1891 2 months ago

      Val Simon Truth just look at Michael Flynn putting himself into quite a risky position and DJT unbelievable support to this day.

    • Coma White
      Coma White 2 months ago

      Anyone who rants in caps with spelling mistakes and incomplete sentences while calling others an idiot, is indeed the idiot themselves.

    • Pâque Feal
      Pâque Feal 2 months ago

      Val Simon, as said by other comments, Trump tweets said exactly was CNN is reporting. Conclusion: Trump is mad.

  • Navillus 55
    Navillus 55 2 months ago


  • randy hayes
    randy hayes 2 months ago +2

    just stfu and support our president stop lying to the public

    • Vicki Springer
      Vicki Springer 2 months ago

      randy hayes Sure you want everyone to stfu...his ignorant narrative is yours...another knuckle dragger wading in the shallow end of the gene pool.

    • Light Winters
      Light Winters 2 months ago

      randy hayes
      Why should anyone support a president who betrays everyone who works for him? He even betrays himself.
      He goes behind the back of those lawyers he hires to help him - he can't help himself.
      Putting your trust in such a person is not having any self worth or self respect 😞
      You are worth a far better president!

    • Es S
      Es S 2 months ago

      randy hayes another uneducated Trump supporter. Trump himself twitted that the same people who told him to fire Comey are the same people that are investigating him now. Since your brain is too small to fathom stuff as such , "same people" are his people.. Now, go read or else you will look numbnuts.

  • Susie Que
    Susie Que 2 months ago +2

    That fuck actually said, Sessions recused himself because he didn't disclose conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador. That is a lie. CNN doesn't even care what their people say anymore. It looks like CNN is skipping the allegations and unknown sources, and just flat-out lying. Unbelievable.

    • Susie Que
      Susie Que Month ago

      Sessions recused himself the very day he was appointed AG, because he worked on Trump's campaign. He didn't want to give Libtards any excuse to question the results of an honest investigation. And they would have, and ultimately did, anyway.

    • hasoevo
      hasoevo Month ago

      Susie Que . If that's a lie, then what was the reason Sessions recused himself from Russia investigations?

  • Tony Ciano
    Tony Ciano 2 months ago

    Questions within
    the Media are never answered. She stings with the reassurance that all is not
    right, and so she uses gossip, hopeless misdemeanors and stories of rank
    understanding unworthy of judgement. In this way, this royal wench, forces you to
    be hopelessly rooted to the past, and have no inkling of what to do for the
    future. Sitting stalemate with her traitorous compatriots or confused enemies,
    political and social adjustments become ever so slight, and so any responses
    are unlikely to bring about positive social changes.

        The media is
    always the fork in the road. Either you go left or you go right, but, in the
    end, there is only a limited number of ways to go to solve humanity’s issues;
    One: Mind your own business. Two: before you claim judgement on another, take a
    good hard look at who you are yourself. Third: If there are major conflicts to
    solve, control and maintain, believe in the moment and, if you are able,
    capable and willing, be active and do what you can.

         The media is the
    hugest failure of any kind due to her greedy need to corner and capture the
    souls of her sponsors, the global public and, in terms of knowledge and true
    wisdom, her own people who, to make a dollar and protect the harlot’s own
    personal security, will lie to the heavens until her body become sickly, turns
    to grey and disappears from any form of humane humility.

          Vanity is the
    main weapon of the media. Name brands are the ammunition. Your attention is the
    victim. Your innocent wish to criticize others to comfort your uncertainty is
    also wishy-washy and you end up just spending too much time or more money, (hard
    earned money), that should make you happy. Instead, however you continue living
    into the future carrying on believing consumerism, excessive polluting from way
    too many cars and forcing others to work slave hours in third world poverty
    stricken nations will produce enough goods to keep you going until the end of

           Time is now.
    This second and every other moment that follows to exist is what life is
    absolutely for. Pretend that you know more about life from watching and
    listening to some reporter, some main stream movie stars, some overpaid teacher
    or engineered protesters, singers or athletes, and all you end up with is the
    understanding ( and belief ) that they are better than you are. So, truthfully,
    when the media have questions for you to consider, the way to really answer the
    question is to use your own intuition, your own personal thoughtful beliefs of
    what is the best resolution to make everything work out all right.


    Public scrutiny and Personal Insecurity


    The Networks, the glossy magazines,

    The newscasters with hearts of sand

    The movie stars and singers with pride and artificial beauty

    Put you in place like a rabbit in a cage while promising you

    They know the best to everything.


         Your hearts
    belong to you.

    Your souls belong to God so

    This way you will never lose the urge

    To keep your mind clear without being vain

    And remember that whatever day it is

    Keep it that way so that you

    Will still be there tomorrow.


     News has just become

    Movies and television are purely fictitious and

     magazine lifestyles
    are useless and impractical.

    The only way to control the media is to consider

    Her lack of integrity, and that her only goals

    Are to take away your sincerity to understand that

    You are okay, and no one has the moral right

    To say anything otherwise.


    Read between the lines.

    Questions in the media are always unanswered.

    Forcing you to believe whatever any speaker claims

    Is foolhardy and, as well, recognize how the media is often

    Subjected to you by people who have no choice but to

    Protect her false crown of make believe and unaccounted for

     human reason.

    @Antonknebenson ( FB ) Antonio Ciano


    Hi,Bring Peace to The WORLD:The Urantia Book,REV:2:17; Our
    only TRUE Holy Grail about God and Jesus from The HOLY GHOST:Love, Share, AMEN

  • Brenda McIntosh
    Brenda McIntosh 2 months ago +2

    You CNN people are either truly ignorant or you think the american public is..

    • Jim Battersbee
      Jim Battersbee 2 months ago

      Brenda,  the media, and most Trump supporters, are pretty ignorant. CNN have those "panels"  of talking heads, its crap.

    • 7rob27
      7rob27 2 months ago

      Brenda McIntosh
      A big part of the American public is ignorant. That's the only explanation to the non Americans for this horrible and pathetic crybaby President.
      The whole shit show right now screams BANANA 🍌 REPUBLIC.

    • modern rebel
      modern rebel 2 months ago

      Brenda McIntosh WE THANK GOD FOR THE REPORTING OF CNN & MSNBC otherwise trumps mind manipulation and prophganda would penetrate the minds of SAME PEOPLE

  • Carmen Santana
    Carmen Santana 2 months ago +12


    • SHESTAKEN Jones
      SHESTAKEN Jones Month ago

      Says the person's who's been brain washed and doesn't even know it, SMH, Oh wait...You were born stupid!

    • Irma Knight
      Irma Knight 2 months ago

      No, let him keep on tweeting. Give him enough rope to hung himself. LOL

    • Clair Duffy
      Clair Duffy 2 months ago

      Carmen Santana No. He keeps it. I'm having too much fun...

    • BI K
      BI K 2 months ago

      No, let him keep it! The sooner he'll be gone.

    • Es S
      Es S 2 months ago

      Carmen Santana Trump is his own enemy, not the media.

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