Logic - Black SpiderMan ft. Damian Lemar Hudson

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  • Hollist DR
    Hollist DR 16 minutes ago

    Logic is so lit

  • RhinoAg
    RhinoAg 35 minutes ago

    Saying "black and proud" is just as dumb as saying "white and proud". There's nothing to be proud of based on what skin color you were born with. Base your pride on accomplishments. #stopwiththedivision

  • Leighton Gair
    Leighton Gair Hour ago

    Can someone explain to me what he means about "Black Spider-Man" I don't understand

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 30 minutes ago

      He's saying how they should allow spider man " peter parker" to be black

  • Eric Lysne
    Eric Lysne Hour ago

    Ive had enough Lord save you all.

  • Eric Lysne
    Eric Lysne Hour ago

    what the fuck is wrong with him.... most art is so fucking bad nowadays. I hate this so much.

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 46 minutes ago

      Eric Lysne I cannot understand what you saying?

  • h y d r a 冻结
    h y d r a 冻结 Hour ago

    love this guy, true artist.

  • Black NEGRO
    Black NEGRO 2 hours ago

    Logic is literally the realist nigga he gives me hope

  • Tyler caro
    Tyler caro 2 hours ago

    When Patrick took off that wig I was shook

  • Joelgutz 01
    Joelgutz 01 2 hours ago +1

    We need a song with Logic, Chance, Gambino and Khalid

  • Bigkevin26
    Bigkevin26 2 hours ago

    There no way he half black

  • Heriberto Gutierrez
    Heriberto Gutierrez 2 hours ago

    I love you logic!!

  • Matt W
    Matt W 3 hours ago +1

    so, if black people hate white people and this boy is black and white, how do black people like him?

  • Adam Buenteo
    Adam Buenteo 3 hours ago

    Shit should be trending

  • HardSwipe COC
    HardSwipe COC 3 hours ago +1

    For all the people hating white people fuck off, for all the people that hate black people, for anyone who hates anyone fuck off. Let's not make it about one race let's make it about all!

  • Matt W
    Matt W 3 hours ago

    so, what is this about? he wants to be black?

  • Mr. Bohimia
    Mr. Bohimia 3 hours ago

    His name is Myles morales for your information

  • rush
    rush 4 hours ago +1

    3:35 was a bald guy getting a haircut lol?

  • Fahim Rahman
    Fahim Rahman 5 hours ago +1

    I don't want to be black, I don't want to be white, I wanna be a man! Respect😤

  • Charms Martinez
    Charms Martinez 5 hours ago

    Beautiful fucking song

    SPoNgEbOB SQUarEPanTS 5 hours ago

    He choose the perfect name for himself

  • Jay Hoody
    Jay Hoody 5 hours ago

    I fw this tbh

  • sparky
    sparky 6 hours ago

    Even though I fuck with this song there is a Black Spider-Man

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 28 minutes ago

      sparky he's talking about peter parker being black he has said he knows of miles

  • Akito
    Akito 6 hours ago

    Uuhhh there is a black spider man 😂😂 just fuckin love this song

  • kenya williams
    kenya williams 6 hours ago

    I like how logic is just eating pizza

  • BoLTz〽
    BoLTz〽 6 hours ago

    logic gives vibes, logic makes you wanna live. logic is literally my favorite person in the whole world. I wouldn't even call him a rapper. hes more. hes not a rapper or singer or anything hes just a very special person and I'm definitely a die hard fan.

  • eh dah
    eh dah 7 hours ago

    There is a black spiderman his name is Miles Morales

  • Jorge  Yanez
    Jorge Yanez 8 hours ago

    logic the dude who wants the world to be a batter place and I support that

  • Mario Roman
    Mario Roman 9 hours ago +4

    People: Did u hear lil pumps song
    Me: I listen to logic a real rapper that will go down in history.

  • Lynx
    Lynx 9 hours ago +1

    Let Spider-Man be red please

    ARELIS MACAS 9 hours ago

    This is fire

  • Lucas Basilio
    Lucas Basilio 9 hours ago

    Ow likes

  • Quinten Royer
    Quinten Royer 9 hours ago

    Fuck the people that just go music video to dislike he spits truth

  • Shaequan Graham
    Shaequan Graham 9 hours ago

    I love him sfm

  • Imthesupercool Batman
    Imthesupercool Batman 10 hours ago

    This guy is a real man

  • kirsten gallen
    kirsten gallen 10 hours ago +1

    Literally only discovered logics music tonight and I'm in love!!

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 26 minutes ago

      kirsten gallen welcome to the rattpack " thats the name of logics fan base" we have a motto and its peace love and positivity

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores 10 hours ago

    Not a slave to the Stereotype

  • oliviaklj
    oliviaklj 10 hours ago +4

    patrick starr snached my wig off

  • StinGaming
    StinGaming 11 hours ago

    i like logic i just think he sings about race too much

  • Jumana Labib
    Jumana Labib 11 hours ago

    0%naked girls
    0%Drugs (and the rapper isnt actually high)
    💯 % meaning.
    I respect logic and his music im also disappointed he has fewer fans than lil yachty and these rappers.

  • Enzo Miles-Bebber
    Enzo Miles-Bebber 11 hours ago +3

    Asians are not mentioned a single time _ _

  • Drew LoMonaco
    Drew LoMonaco 12 hours ago

    Miles Morales

  • Tarlochan PUREWAL
    Tarlochan PUREWAL 12 hours ago


  • Princess Money
    Princess Money 12 hours ago

    The guy singing at the end voice is so good💕💕

  • jewer tube
    jewer tube 12 hours ago

    Logic is the best

  • Rewstou
    Rewstou 12 hours ago +1

    Was he talking about Donald Glover in that one lyric?

  • Trevor B
    Trevor B 12 hours ago

    Fuck her with that hey!🖕🏻

  • 1396yuki
    1396yuki 13 hours ago

    This came out on my birthday!!!

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 13 hours ago

    Mad love and respect ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ omg finally someone who makes common sense

  • dorianjp
    dorianjp 13 hours ago

    hope all the niggers go to a concentration camp

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 25 minutes ago

      dorianjp go home 12 year old kid

  • 23fiftin
    23fiftin 13 hours ago

    I really love logic, the only rapper who doesn't rap bout sex and money and bitches and drugs

  • DCJ
    DCJ 14 hours ago

    The dislike button is a good indicator that shows the number of racists who watched this video :D

  • yoboidre ballin!
    yoboidre ballin! 14 hours ago


  • sublime nicolas ibara
    sublime nicolas ibara 14 hours ago

    moi je dirait cest trop cool

  • Vikrant Panday
    Vikrant Panday 15 hours ago

    Yeah most superheroes are white and it's sort of racist but just imagine a black spiderman.

    Fuck no!

  • Tiger Flamingoes
    Tiger Flamingoes 15 hours ago

    I'm not that into american rap but logic is an exception - this is just so fuckin good

  • Vikrant Panday
    Vikrant Panday 15 hours ago

    I wanna kill my self! Why did you capitalize the "m"?!?!?!?! I'm questioning my life

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget 15 hours ago

    These people look more like they're in a weird aerobics class than an actual choreographed dance

  • iiKinqLuke
    iiKinqLuke 15 hours ago +3

    4:19 Bottom left Logic's wife gets hit in the eye by confetti lmfao

  • Raynard Ryson
    Raynard Ryson 15 hours ago

    Miles Morales?

  • Royal James
    Royal James 16 hours ago

    I love logic

  • thisura thiranagama
    thisura thiranagama 17 hours ago


  • amityxvx
    amityxvx 17 hours ago

    omg i love this

  • joshua lee
    joshua lee 17 hours ago

    He needs to give those pants back to his stepdad..... That said, his lady is H O T ~~

  • Play4 Fun
    Play4 Fun 18 hours ago

    he is more White Than Black Anyways!

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 24 minutes ago

      Play4 Fun well his dad is white his mom is white put that together and you get 50/50

  • Jordan T
    Jordan T 18 hours ago

    This reminds me alright

  • T -!nfinity
    T -!nfinity 19 hours ago

    How!? How can even in a beautiful song as this the minute you scroll down you find hate comments? How!?

  • Manuel Munoz
    Manuel Munoz 19 hours ago +1

    Miles morales aka black spiderman

  • The Variety Channel of youtube

    Those cats talking at the end were a great idea!

  • pyang pyang
    pyang pyang 20 hours ago +1


  • Ethan Bradberry
    Ethan Bradberry 21 hour ago +2

    This was good until black Spider-Man fucking dabbbbbbed

  • Wzky
    Wzky 22 hours ago

    I do fucking love logic, but I do think he gets too hung up on this biracial stuff, don't get me wrong I love the message but listening to his other music he has mentioned it a fair few times, I don't feel like he actually needs to go off about it anymore, maybe just mention it now and then not dedicate a full song, that said maybe that's why he did this I don't really know. Either way it's still a good song just sorta, putting my shitty opinion out there.

  • RSfandude
    RSfandude 23 hours ago

    Not even his mom and dad loves him, thats sad man

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 23 hours ago

    Is Logic another white hating white race?

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 14 minutes ago

      Pickle Rick ahh but your eyes are deceiving you Rick, you see Logic has a white mother and a black father so he is biracial

    • Pickle Rick
      Pickle Rick 19 minutes ago

      ZZ Unlisted he's clearly white

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 22 minutes ago

      Pickle Rick he doesn't hate white people he wants everyone to be equal also his biracial

  • IfIDieTomorrow
    IfIDieTomorrow 23 hours ago

    holy vocals!!

  • IfIDieTomorrow
    IfIDieTomorrow 23 hours ago

    The end ... oh god I was cryiiiiing!! With headphones und full volume, gosh I can't!!! Perfect song!!

  • Dramatic Interest

    the black Spider-Man was made in 2011 bro lol

  • Ryan Farmer
    Ryan Farmer Day ago

    22mill and he only has 1/8 of the subs of pewdiepie and he has 5.7mill or some shit thats crazy bro

  • Sarah Gough
    Sarah Gough Day ago

    patric starrrr

  • YoungA170
    YoungA170 Day ago +4

    Nice sound! Wish you guys can check out my music too. Thanks

  • AcXiD Scythe
    AcXiD Scythe Day ago +1

    u shouldve called this miles

  • Trinity Foy
    Trinity Foy Day ago

    His actually good in he pouring his heart out in this song

  • Qi'Arian Wallace

    Lol she snatched the wing off

  • Littlemikey Boi
    Littlemikey Boi Day ago

    Wow I love his messages in his songs

  • Spliterex
    Spliterex Day ago

    this music break racist.

  • My Channel
    My Channel Day ago

    I fucking love logic, he's just doing him and it makes me smile

  • Milton - twitch.tv/squidyy17

    I just thought of something brilliant #LOGIC4PRESIDENT

  • Oisuzy11 Cuh
    Oisuzy11 Cuh Day ago

    If yall read comics y'all would already know that a black Spider-Man already exists lol

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 21 minute ago

      Oisuzy11 Cuh yea logic is very aware of miles morales, what he's trying to say is why can't peter parker be black

  • Alayna Qualls
    Alayna Qualls Day ago +1

    Then cats tho 😂😂😂

  • Im Medi
    Im Medi Day ago

    Best Song Ever!

  • Leilany Aviles
    Leilany Aviles Day ago +1

    Dem cats tho

  • no tea for you
    no tea for you Day ago

    So ur telling me he white ......... he sound black😂😂

  • AD Sakari
    AD Sakari Day ago

    I have so much respect for you Logic for being "Just You". Being multi-racial myself I understand you perfect !! Love me as I am !! Keep making good music !!!

  • Qveen Shayy
    Qveen Shayy Day ago

    I feel like the ones who disliked are racist like its mostly about black people why wouldn't you like unless you're racist

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 20 minutes ago

      You would be surprised to see how many black people hate logic cause they think he isn't actually black

    • Ballers Nation
      Ballers Nation Day ago

      Qveen Shayy maybe it's white ppl who are mad that logic is part black

  • Daizy Slay
    Daizy Slay Day ago +4


  • Nerdy Lupita
    Nerdy Lupita Day ago

    I love the way he is just eating pizza in the middle of the video😂

  • Smile JEM
    Smile JEM Day ago

    Guess what there is a black spiderman, Miles Morales. YOU DID👏🏾

  • PrestigeKills
    PrestigeKills Day ago

    Motivational, wassup?

  • Robert Flores
    Robert Flores Day ago

    Black ppl act like we owe them something! Fuck that man tired hearing bullshit like this! YOU DONT SEE US MEXICANS DOING STUPID SHIT Y'ALL BE DOING! ALL THESE RAPPERS ARE GAY ASF THO

    • ZZ Unlisted
      ZZ Unlisted 17 minutes ago

      Yoo guys chill not all black people are needy assholes and not all mexicans are border hoppers we aren't going to get along if we're all fighting all the time we need to stand together

    • Robert Flores
      Robert Flores Day ago

      True Finessa whatever dude.

    • Ballers Nation
      Ballers Nation Day ago

      Robert Flores no nigga I'm not gonna STFU I have the right to comment whatever I want and being a trend follower hell yeah I am if I like the trend

    • Robert Flores
      Robert Flores Day ago

      True Finessa stfu dude ur just trend follower! I can tell by your name on YouTube! Your stupid asf!

    • Ballers Nation
      Ballers Nation Day ago

      Robert Flores Fuck Mexicans fucking border hoppers think you guys are the shit I'ma be glad we Donald Trump's deport your ass

  • Jasmine Hauter
    Jasmine Hauter Day ago

    KHALID 3:32

  • Jasmine Hauter
    Jasmine Hauter Day ago

    Y'all who's sees Patrick star 2:44

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