Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review – A PC Guy's Perspective

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    Can the S8 bring Android back into Linus' pocket on a daily basis?

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Comments: 8 183

  • HipsterDoge
    HipsterDoge 59 minutes ago

    iphones are shit

  • R9 490
    R9 490 5 hours ago

    idiots use fucking overpriced shit of iphone

  • Andrew Arr
    Andrew Arr Day ago

    Dude.cinema mode amolifies the saturation..go for base mode or photo mode

  • Charles Hocker
    Charles Hocker Day ago

    You kinda gave it away at the have an Android watch on your wrist.

  • Techy Taco
    Techy Taco Day ago +1

    But can it run crysis?

  • Pötikkä Pötikkälä

    Anyone still rocking the S6 Edge like the cool kids back in the day when buttons were a thing?

  • TylerFire
    TylerFire Day ago

    Tfw the battery percentages were the amount of battery life the apps had used, not a percent out of a total usage.


    More powerful than most PC's

  • A Troll
    A Troll 2 days ago

    How does display look unnatural? That iphone screen has a white tint with its vintage technology, unless you have eye problems then the world you see would have a white tint and i could see how vibrant colors would seem unnatural to you.

  • Soper Frazzy
    Soper Frazzy 2 days ago

    Couldn't those fingerprints on the fingerprint sensor be used to unlock the phone in some way?

  • UncleBiscuits79
    UncleBiscuits79 2 days ago

    I wonder if the mobile hotspot issue on the quick toggles was a bug in the past? I just got my S8 Plus, and I see the mobile hotspot toggles (I'm using T-Mobile)

  • Shane V
    Shane V 2 days ago

    He’s really going to go back to the iPhone when the iPhone 8 hits being that the screen is now built by Samsung. Also I’ve seen a lot of battery shootouts between iPhone 7 and s8 plus and the S8 plus is winning hands down with about 40% battery life left while iPhone 7 has 15% left at end of tests. Me personally am going with the Galaxy Note 8 next week!

  • noxdark1
    noxdark1 2 days ago


  • KolbászSpangli 15
    KolbászSpangli 15 3 days ago

    i think samsung big shit.....tiny dick japanese,or random shit i dont care another mobile phone factory

  • InfinityGamer+
    InfinityGamer+ 3 days ago

    Why has no one important reviewed the Galaxy s8 active?

  • SharpShotGif
    SharpShotGif 3 days ago

    There is an option to turn the app menu icon on. So the swiping up to access the apps is optinal.

  • dysprosium
    dysprosium 3 days ago

    0:20 probably because you were using the heavily bloated touchwiz shitshow that is samsung. not android's fault

  • João Victor Schiavo

    > S8 Review
    > PC Guy's Perspective
    > doesn't talk about PC mode
    > dislike

  • J-C
    J-C 3 days ago

    great great GREAT review. every review should be made like this. straight to the point, very honest, neutral objectiveness. great video.

  • Hideika Gaming
    Hideika Gaming 4 days ago

    I'm studying to become a software engineer in college and I still prefer my iPhone 7 Plus over anything it works so flawlessly

  • Steven Asher
    Steven Asher 4 days ago

    Odd. My mobile hotspot button is in my drop down.

  • CokeCph
    CokeCph 4 days ago

    i think that samsung raised the design bar for all smartphones for the future with S8

  • Craig Locke
    Craig Locke 4 days ago

    those dbrand skins make every thing look so cheap

  • philip dillon
    philip dillon 5 days ago +1

    Apple is trash you Cunt!

  • The Silent Few
    The Silent Few 5 days ago

    WOAH, SCREEN 16% BATTERY USAGE? MY GS6 HAS 33% USAGE. you're one lucky son of a-*phone dies*

  • Kronogen
    Kronogen 5 days ago

    cinema is the most saturated preset lel use rgb whichever rgb they have.

  • Constantine Fetter
    Constantine Fetter 6 days ago

    custom rom bro

  • RMA
    RMA 6 days ago

    I'm right about to find out whether if he is switching phones, if he does, i dislike if he doesn't, then like it.

    (Please choose iPhone)

    Wait what use both phones? This is disgraceful...

  • BTPPaintBallTeam
    BTPPaintBallTeam 6 days ago

    What's with this new fad of no headphone jack on phones how is going back a step a good thing

  • sdauz
    sdauz 6 days ago

    god he whines a lot! talk about first world a-hole

  • Michael Buie Films
    Michael Buie Films 6 days ago +1

    Great review

  • kankasin
    kankasin 6 days ago

    Lol i can understand everything but screen ? Even biggest iphone fanboys say samsung screens are much better, and new iphone finally will use amoled. And you say iphones screen better, thats funny :)

    • meismehaha
      meismehaha 6 days ago

      Better color reproduction, Samsung has better resolution but iPhone has more *realistic* colors, Samsung saturates them and makes them pop which may look pretty but it is not realistic.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams 7 days ago

    Facial ! Messy! * giggling*

  • Shaunak De
    Shaunak De 7 days ago

    The no hotspot button is a carrier preference.

  • House Music by dattrax

    Funniest tech reviewer and always super thorough and has interesting observations.

  • RandomUser221
    RandomUser221 7 days ago

    Smart watch is not a watch... It's just a tech toy, not a real watch by definition.

  • Roberta Pinnock
    Roberta Pinnock 8 days ago

    They are trying to immitate LG Stylus plus 2 though

  • Thomas Klemenc
    Thomas Klemenc 8 days ago

    "Why do i have so much toe jam" - hmmm

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson 8 days ago

    literally unsubscribing

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson 8 days ago +1

    these opinions are so shit and the battery on Samsung is amazing compared to the fucking iPhone and other smartphones

  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson 8 days ago

    I liked this channel until this video.

  • Joseph Rees
    Joseph Rees 8 days ago


  • Monsta Saleens
    Monsta Saleens 8 days ago +3

    You cant be a Windows boy and then own an iphone. you might as well go to mac os for pc's.
    Windows = Android
    Apple... well is Apple.

    how are you so tech savy and dont know about root? if ur complaining about battery life just root the phone with a custom rom and fix it urself.

    • Monsta Saleens
      Monsta Saleens 5 days ago

      no, im just saying how advanced windows is and how advanced android is.
      then apples products arnt advanced at all theyre for the simple minded people to use.

    • meismehaha
      meismehaha 6 days ago

      By that logic Windows = Windows Phone

      Dude you can have an iPhone and use Windows, or vice versa.

  • shine doe
    shine doe 8 days ago

    watching on my galaxy s8

  • Rhandy
    Rhandy 9 days ago

    its weird to me complaining about samsung locking 1 tiny thing away which they will most likely change when you're using the prison of phones yourself

  • Xusia Xod
    Xusia Xod 9 days ago must be mad.

  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim 9 days ago

    What is it with Samsung and their battery problem? Note 7 and now S8 series? Come on Samsung. I thought you guys are better than that.

  • bobo dodo
    bobo dodo 9 days ago

    What keyboard is he using at 10:00 ?

    • Horwarth
      Horwarth 3 days ago

      bobo dodo Swiftkey :)

  • Ddd Bbb
    Ddd Bbb 10 days ago

    Dislike from blind childish apple sheep

  • 2px
    2px 10 days ago

    Is it just me or does typing on IOS always feel better and more precise?... I wonder why... hmm.

  • Tristan DaVoulas
    Tristan DaVoulas 10 days ago

    Linus has to be the last person I would ever have expected to use an iPhone

  • Daehee Yeon
    Daehee Yeon 10 days ago

    Is it only me who think he exactly looks like David Tennant (even the voice)

  • sehar amanat ali
    sehar amanat ali 10 days ago

    I thinks iphone a very good and branded company and phone maker first they self used and check they feel it's parfce and they lunched iphone company no one cheat in iphone I sea it becouse I use parsanaly then i sea I love it iphone I is a best company in the world i mean to sea in life one time used thanks

  • Alex Liu
    Alex Liu 10 days ago

    Headphone Jack (WOW), im ded

  • Mustafa Manya
    Mustafa Manya 10 days ago

    note 8 or buy s8 plus now?

  • Nintendork
    Nintendork 10 days ago

    Basic (sRGB), Photo (Adobe RGB), Cinema (DCI-P3, often used for 4K), and Adaptive (default, wide gamut).

    Obviously you will get oversaturated colors on sRGB youtube content with a higher gamut DCI-P3.

  • Nintendork
    Nintendork 10 days ago

    You don't use the cinema profile, YOU USE BASIC PROFILE, THATS THE CALIBREATED ONE.

  • HasNoStings
    HasNoStings 10 days ago

    I thought the only thing hot in your pants was the entire pair because samsung beats all haha im not funny i want to die

  • Minh MC
    Minh MC 11 days ago

    You should add another 8Gb RAM and water cooling to the S8

  • Fire Koala_963
    Fire Koala_963 11 days ago

    There's LINUS CAT TIPS????!! 10:25

  • Scrub Placeholder
    Scrub Placeholder 11 days ago

    I got a huawei mate 9, incredible battery life, and never ever have i had an energysucking app. Got 2 google accounts set up. And when i just started using the phone i sometimes got a notification saying an app takes a lot of energy, i close it then, but this havent happened for months now.
    Bought the 64gb dual sim version for 475 euro. Suck on that apple and samsung, my phone is in my opinion better, and a lot cheaper.

  • CaptoVark Gaming
    CaptoVark Gaming 11 days ago

    S8- can scuba with charge wirelessly has audio jack while still waterproof
    Iphone7- ugh bluetooth...can get wet from jump into pool
    Yea ohkay

  • Saiteja Sunny
    Saiteja Sunny 11 days ago

    Don't waste 13 min of your life by watching this video..

  • TrVTropKillaz
    TrVTropKillaz 11 days ago

    Linus your iPhone misses you

  • MrSuperfabio1
    MrSuperfabio1 11 days ago

    idk about you linus but my hotspot action is on the quick settings

  • Jawad Ahmed
    Jawad Ahmed 11 days ago

    needs rgb

  • Amer Abu-Rashid
    Amer Abu-Rashid 12 days ago

    hey guys im going for a phone for the first time in 6 years im trying to decide between the S8, LG G6, OnePlus5, or Xperia XZ Premium which should i buy??

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man 12 days ago

    Linus, Quantum leap is not a "huge" leap. Quantum mechanics deals with particle physics, this means they only made a small step forward. A less than microscopic step, if you will.

  • Daniel Law
    Daniel Law 12 days ago

    All these prons and cons I hear are having to swipe here and moving my finger awkwardly there, where as most would be grateful to have a new flagship regardless lol

  • chojintheorig
    chojintheorig 12 days ago

    My s2 with costum kernel is still the bomb. Writing this comment right now from it. My friend got the s7 last year and the battery is already dry haha

  • EndlessVibez
    EndlessVibez 12 days ago

    Linus, your head is cut off on my s8 plus lol zoom out for your s8 users

  • Sly Marbo
    Sly Marbo 12 days ago

    Linus cat tips O_o :D

  • Bayu Avrianto R
    Bayu Avrianto R 12 days ago

    U can't use a picture to recognize ur face on scanner

  • Ahoy matie
    Ahoy matie 12 days ago

    Would you buy an iPhone running Android or galaxy running ios

  • Jaedyn Chilton
    Jaedyn Chilton 12 days ago

    I'll still be that one OnePlus 5 freak sitting alone in the corner
    But I can accept that

  • Tosan Esoko
    Tosan Esoko 13 days ago

    Apple fanboy alert!

  • Gilly The Ghillie
    Gilly The Ghillie 13 days ago

    Why do I have so much toe jam?

  • Gareth Packard
    Gareth Packard 13 days ago

    People actually tolerate haptic feedback while typing? I can't stand my phone vibrating every little thing I do. Plus, I don't want to use battery life for an electric motor all the damn time.

  • Isweariamnotabot128 Really

    Just get a rom like emui if you like ios Android better because that's a option

  • JourneyModz
    JourneyModz 14 days ago

    You must have a defective S8 because I've had mine for a while and never had issues with any pop ups

  • jobine ross
    jobine ross 14 days ago

    now we all know linus gets his hair cut at great clips

  • Fraser McMahon
    Fraser McMahon 14 days ago

    Lol Linus just close all but the most important apps in multitasking to save so much battery life hahahahahah

  • TFallPlayer02360
    TFallPlayer02360 14 days ago

    You have to add the mobile hotspot button to your quick toggles. It's still there.

  • Logan Sylvestre
    Logan Sylvestre 15 days ago

    I think they look ok, but I would never buy it. love my iPhone to much

  • Jayesh Mange
    Jayesh Mange 15 days ago

    my device came up with you have 20% battery left right when you said poor battery management of android 😂😂

  • Ze Germanz
    Ze Germanz 15 days ago

    I used the S8+ and Pixel XL in a shop and the Samsung just felt so laggy like it would stutter at just opening the menu or YouTube. The Pixel XL was unbelievably quick and smooth but it's just so boring in it's design.

    I'm torn, the fancy good looking Samsung with me software or the Pixel XL with amazing software but meh hardware design.

  • jose luis meza
    jose luis meza 16 days ago

    Want great battery life? Get a moto g5 plus. Awesome battery life and good performance.

    I AM PROMETHEUS 16 days ago

    Linus take back what you said about bixby.

  • TheVirus
    TheVirus 16 days ago

    I am the guy who has no money to buy anything

  • Sandkasten36
    Sandkasten36 17 days ago

    Usually there's a good atmosphere in the comment section. One Video about the S8 and all the apple/samsung fanboys start their childish fight again.

  • Lane bardo
    Lane bardo 17 days ago

    I would've thought Linus to use a Nextbit Robin.

  • GLaDOS
    GLaDOS 17 days ago

    I got s8 for $100 using my premium roger membership. Feels like a crime.

  • zD Lin
    zD Lin 17 days ago

    I have both s7 and iphone6 ...I switched them at least 7 times ( I bought s7 a year ago). I do not care about iMessage and Facetime since I used WeChat since 2012, and all of my friends and families use it. I used both phones similarly, but the battery in my s7 drain faster than my ip6... Seems Google never want to fix it (or they cannot fix it?) I know Google Pixel, but compare to other brands like Samsun Sony Huawei etc.. The only upside for Pixel is the pure Android system.
    I used Android since Gingerbread, and I switched to iPhone when iPhone5 came out.

    I really like the screen on s7, but some minor problem is kind of annoying. Like the Bluetooth volume.  s7 will not memorize the volume setting in the device. The iPhone, on the other hand, will remember which speaker/headphone/earphone/vehicle you used, and save it. I used 2 Bluetooth headphone 1 speaker, and pair my phone to my roommate, my family, and my car, and that's frustrating when I try to set the correct volume every time.

  • Jason Wilde
    Jason Wilde 17 days ago

    Worst video yet

  • niman ali
    niman ali 18 days ago

    Where can i buy the case at 02:53

  • Jordan Semmel
    Jordan Semmel 18 days ago

    Who uses the speaker... seriously

  • Nicolas Torres
    Nicolas Torres 19 days ago +1

    the s8 and s8+ seem to be fantastic phones in terms of performance and such but honestly that's not what it's about anymore. It's about the user experience now and the fact that you have so much bs preinstalled and have to resort to rooting and/or a custom rom to get rid of all the bloatware doesn't exactly scream good ux. That's one of the reasons why I wouldn't go for a Samsung phone again.

  • Ted-O-Maniac
    Ted-O-Maniac 19 days ago

    july 2017 update - the mobile hotspot shortcut is back . dont know since when , thought i should mention it for some people

  • enchanted minecart
    enchanted minecart 20 days ago

    Then you're going to have to need a dongle if you're going to use the iPhone 7 hahaha:)

  • Google Assistant_COPS
    Google Assistant_COPS 20 days ago


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