'Kevin Hart Gets Caught Cheating' Deleted Scene | SafeWord | MTV

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  • Armando Reyes
    Armando Reyes 8 hours ago

    SmartAss Lmfaooo

  • Sunny Sandhar
    Sunny Sandhar 4 days ago

    LMAO now he's actually a Chester loool

  • Hunit Days Of Summer
    Hunit Days Of Summer 4 days ago +1

    how ironic is the title of this video given the recent events?

    • chiraq legendz
      chiraq legendz 4 days ago

      Hunit Days Of Summer Lmaoo i was bout 2 comment this😂😂😂

  • Nathan Lu
    Nathan Lu 4 days ago

    yeah till he got caught cheating for real lol

  • That Booty
    That Booty 4 days ago

    Now he actually got caught cheating but on his wife lol

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 4 days ago +1

    0.10: Kevin Hart u cheated u a cheater!

    Kevin Hart: Omg They Got me now 😳

    His face expression makes sence now

  • indigo Rager
    indigo Rager 4 days ago +1

    oh... guess this is the wrong cheating Kevin hart video

  • RussRussGee
    RussRussGee 5 days ago +1

    well.. guess he did turn out to be cheating LOL

  • King Puma
    King Puma 5 days ago +1

    I don't think he cheated in this game but those pics look pretty damning.

  • Tommy Andrews
    Tommy Andrews 5 days ago

    Well damn

  • Anthony Young
    Anthony Young 5 days ago +8

    lol now he literally got caught chelating

  • Hay Yo
    Hay Yo 5 days ago +2

    Yeah them pictures in the back of the car look sketch

  • its destinymendoza
    its destinymendoza 6 days ago +2

    They should put Chris Brown and Tyga on the show

  • Otho Williams Jr.
    Otho Williams Jr. 7 days ago

    That ruined the tweet they sent during the Show. That's why You use the "Safeword," duh...lol...Show don't need to be fixed. Use the "Safeword" if Your Uncomfortable with the tweet/s. Booooo!!...lol
    It's only fun and games, looks like a fun show though!

  • Teen Titan
    Teen Titan 7 days ago +5

    kevin lowkey looks annoyed

  • Jonathan Pijuan
    Jonathan Pijuan 8 days ago +1

    this show is to make beef. simple as that

  • alwaysbusiness4
    alwaysbusiness4 8 days ago +3

    a pimp never gets caught🥃🎧🤔

    • Lavar Ball
      Lavar Ball 4 days ago

      alwaysbusiness4 He Got caught

  • Daniel Pompper
    Daniel Pompper 8 days ago


  • Shade Savage
    Shade Savage 8 days ago +1

    Stay Woke

  • Zakaria Jama
    Zakaria Jama 8 days ago +19

    dont open below

    goddam ur savage give 1 like 😅

  • Mr. Super sound sonic
    Mr. Super sound sonic 8 days ago +1

    Kevin get expose

  • Amy Wall
    Amy Wall 8 days ago

    Add me on Snapchat:lilmary2014

  • MagicallyMunira 234
    MagicallyMunira 234 8 days ago

    Why they gotta do Kev like that 😭💗

  • Compton 187
    Compton 187 8 days ago

    Whats the beat at the end ?

  • CooLExperiment
    CooLExperiment 8 days ago


  • Mohamed Gueye
    Mohamed Gueye 8 days ago +8

    MTV y'all know y'all clickbaited us just a little.

  • Brian Baltazar
    Brian Baltazar 8 days ago

    Lmao Kevin Hart would do that

  • Robert Walters
    Robert Walters 9 days ago +1

    " I suggest you fix your game show " 🤣🤣

  • ZenvoEvolution
    ZenvoEvolution 9 days ago +1

    I'm so lost, I'm from the UK and have no clue of what they're on about. Plus I barely understand that first guy 😂someone explain please

  • Mary Collins
    Mary Collins 9 days ago +1

    I love Kevin sm he's a great comedian bro

  • Jonte Ded
    Jonte Ded 9 days ago +71

    "I suggest you fix your game show" 😂

  • gloster sonia
    gloster sonia 9 days ago +2

    Finessed 😭😭

    THE PLUG 9 days ago +3

    they need to fix there show

  • T Cook
    T Cook 9 days ago +1

    uuuugh this is not a good game to play...but I like Kevin......hey make more movies please with the Rock

  • success2471
    success2471 9 days ago


  • success2471
    success2471 9 days ago +2

    You cheated leg and tryna justify it and got called out. fact

  • gershon garbrah
    gershon garbrah 9 days ago


  • down aker
    down aker 9 days ago +2


  • Oreste Duncan
    Oreste Duncan 9 days ago


  • C thomas
    C thomas 9 days ago

    Call me. 516 262 2967

  • Elizabeth McMenamin
    Elizabeth McMenamin 9 days ago

    This is shit

  • Tman Zander
    Tman Zander 9 days ago +10

    1 season wonder. .

  • Juniper Punch
    Juniper Punch 9 days ago

    ok.. I'm lost

  • fastblackkid
    fastblackkid 9 days ago

    clickbait like a mf hahaha

  • Isaiah Jones
    Isaiah Jones 9 days ago

    I was the 9,000th viewer

  • xhag1x
    xhag1x 9 days ago

    Have a dislike Mtv just out of virtue. Not even for this particular video just because.

  • JelloItsMe
    JelloItsMe 9 days ago +2

    What was even going on? They were yelling over half of the conversation...

    • hismija89
      hismija89 9 days ago

      JelloItsMe the rest of the tweet basicly said I'm on a game show the last tweet was not real. But needs to stay up 24 hours.

  • Huffing Swag
    Huffing Swag 9 days ago

    Omg check out mine video

  • Jay Andre'
    Jay Andre' 9 days ago +13

    This show gon last for 3 seasons max.

  • Third High Productions
    Third High Productions 9 days ago +3

    Weed Smokers! I'd really appreciate it if you could head over and subscribe to my channel! <3

  • Essence Bennett
    Essence Bennett 9 days ago +14

    i watched this show and it was actually really funny lol

    • FaerieSensai
      FaerieSensai 8 days ago

      EpicFailsTV Because her black what??

      Maybe you should get a firm grasp of English grammar, before you try to insult somebody.


      XxROCKSTARxX3 8 days ago

      EpicFailsTV what does skin color have to do with anything?

    • Essence Bennett
      Essence Bennett 9 days ago

      EpicFailsTV lmao nice one. you're reported btw.

    • EpicFailsTV
      EpicFailsTV 9 days ago

      Essence Bennett because your black obviously your gonna like it

  • Young JAMAICAN
    Young JAMAICAN 9 days ago +212

    This Man kevin hart Just single handedly Killed the show 😂 In a good way

    BLVCKPROFESSORX 9 days ago +1

    listen not hear but listen

  • May Flower
    May Flower 9 days ago

    Can you upload the part with Marlon Wayan's #SAFEWORD

  • ploftin93
    ploftin93 9 days ago +291

    Kev right that ain't cheating that's being smart.

    • Liah Taylor
      Liah Taylor 3 days ago

      pipimp100 stop it

    • pipimp100
      pipimp100 3 days ago

      Naw, Kev is a scary little bitch for that move!!!

  • Awesome Web1
    Awesome Web1 9 days ago +38

    Boy, this show is weird asf in my opinion...

  • Musty Waters
    Musty Waters 9 days ago +159

    hes right fix your gameshow

  • Jerome Brown
    Jerome Brown 9 days ago +130

    That is smart tho lol

  • Haris Bokhari
    Haris Bokhari 9 days ago +45

    ruins the point of the tweet thing if he just posts that... this show is not great

  • Ria Green
    Ria Green 9 days ago +391

    When they told on him, Kevin should have fake fainted like his Grandma 😂

    PABLO RODRIGUEZ 9 days ago +74

    I unsubscribed :)

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith 9 hours ago

      Me too, show is fucking lame

    • Marie Zavala
      Marie Zavala 5 days ago

      You act like we will miss the life Pablo 🤣😂

    • PoorHomieJoey
      PoorHomieJoey 6 days ago

      nooo pablo whyyy bro wtf

    • waLTron52
      waLTron52 8 days ago

      No Pablo! Don't unsub, please!!!! OMFG why?.....WHHHHHHHHHHHHY?!!!

    • Bando H
      Bando H 8 days ago

      you're acting liek anyone's out here crying over pablo rodriguez unsubbing on youtube

  • Yui Chan
    Yui Chan 9 days ago +7


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