Top 10 Crazy Things You Thought Were Illegal, But Aren't

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    There are things that are against the law, things that should be against the law, and things that aren’t illegal but frowned upon. Counting cards, owning a flamethrower and sitting in the back of a moving pickup truck? These are examples of things that should be laws, but are actually legal. WatchMojo counts down ten things you probably thought were against the law, but aren’t.

    If you’re interested in other illegal things, check out our lists of the Top 10 Illegal Things You've Probably Done at Least Once:, Top 10 Weirdest U.S. State Laws: and the Top 10 Awkward Baby Names (yes, some are illegal):

    00:53 #10: Sitting in the Back of a Moving Pickup Truck
    01:40 #9: Counting Cards
    02:36 #8: Owning a Flamethrower
    03:21 #7: Purchasing and Operating Lock Picks
    03:59 #6: Not Obeying Stop Signs on Private Property
    04:38 #5: Using a Radar Detector
    05:27 #4: Corporal Punishment in Schools
    06:27 #3, #2 & #1???

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Comments: 617

  • Random Commentator
    Random Commentator 7 days ago

    If a teacher come at me with a ruler tryin to punish me they gettin knocked tf out

  • Sparky Dood
    Sparky Dood 9 days ago

    A tank should not be an honorable mention that's fucking interesting,

  • DarthCruciare87
    DarthCruciare87 11 days ago

    So my ultimate dream of having sex with an animal while eating a human steak is not illegal after all. Good to know.

  • Sean Ballard
    Sean Ballard Month ago

    So u can fuck a goat but can't jay walk smh

  • Black Vulpine
    Black Vulpine Month ago

    Bestiality is legal? Christ...

  • MegaD81
    MegaD81 Month ago

    Cannaibalism shouldnt be legal reply if you agree

  • theStolenSense
    theStolenSense Month ago

    I used to get my ass beat with a paddle in elementary school haha just 17 years ago

  • hasin halim
    hasin halim Month ago

    #10 entry
    so indo actually

  • MitchCyanFilms
    MitchCyanFilms Month ago

    Great, I'm moving to the US.

  • Donivon Forbes
    Donivon Forbes Month ago

    in Missouri its legal to sleep with dead people

  • Jeff Padilla
    Jeff Padilla Month ago

    I live in southern most Georgia and the schools do not paddle children, they have removed that punishment years ago.

  • xArchangelSGE
    xArchangelSGE Month ago

    "Hello this is FPSRussia again"

    PANTYEATR1 Month ago

    holy screaming eagle shit! i'm getting a flamethrower!

  • Potato Gamer
    Potato Gamer Month ago

    dem so in MURICA i can own a tank

  • Lorenzo Macias
    Lorenzo Macias Month ago

    Thumbnail is so wrong. It's illegal to own and use a flamethrower in California. 😂

    • Lorenzo Macias
      Lorenzo Macias Month ago

      Didn't know they'll mention we have that ban on them. Haha.

  • Da Dragon Durp
    Da Dragon Durp Month ago +1

    Wait wait wait wait wait, people tought hitching a ride on the back of a pickup truck was illegal?! Man, you guys need to do some living.

  • Perkaholic
    Perkaholic Month ago

    Well I know what i'll be doing in front of cops now.

  • Juho Autio
    Juho Autio Month ago

    This means: Do not move in USA

  • Dynasty
    Dynasty 2 months ago

    Horse meat is so good

  • Darth odin
    Darth odin 2 months ago

    I'm gonna go fuck a chicken in my tank

  • Michel Twisk
    Michel Twisk 2 months ago

    having sex with animals is illegal in The Netherlands

  • Charles Britannia
    Charles Britannia 2 months ago

    The US is crazy

  • Green Thunder
    Green Thunder 2 months ago

    I don't wanna live in Kentucky anymore

  • Blaze The Singer
    Blaze The Singer 2 months ago

    If it wasn't illegal before it will be soon lol

  • Benjamin Katz
    Benjamin Katz 2 months ago

    Why would people think it's illegal to drive barefoot? That's how I prefer to drive. Gives much better feel of the pedals.

  • Samantha Koval
    Samantha Koval 2 months ago

    Great video :) I am quite sad about #3 Women being Topless, how some states do have laws against it. Are you serious? Oh course women should be able to go topless just like men do! I live in Canada and it's legal and all our provinces and territories.

    Like it's just boobs. Women's rights are much more important than someone's personal taste for public display. #freethenipple

  • AtrumNoxProductions
    AtrumNoxProductions 2 months ago

    Who in the world thinks driving barefoot is illegal?

  • General Ustino Bradley Hall

    cannibalism... GREAT! But how can i eat these people if murder is illegal?

  • Zexy Warlock
    Zexy Warlock 2 months ago

    7:20 the pregnant lady is having the most difficult time pouring milk...

  • Kejsarn
    Kejsarn 2 months ago

    all the rednecks in west virginia be running up in the woods trying to find a animal to fuck

  • Shadow Sniper
    Shadow Sniper 2 months ago

    Hans! Bekkomen de flammenwerfer!

  • Rodimus
    Rodimus 2 months ago +2

    Just imagine a monkey using a flamethrower in a Justin Bieber concert

  • KaosKontrol
    KaosKontrol 2 months ago

    00:57 was smooth af

  • SentinelMusic
    SentinelMusic 2 months ago

    The question is where can i get a flamethrower lol

  • LordDrakath15226
    LordDrakath15226 2 months ago


  • lanigirognithemos
    lanigirognithemos 2 months ago

    So what type of drivers license do you need to drive a tank. Just need to make sure before I go get me one.

  • PsychicMiner 2025
    PsychicMiner 2025 2 months ago

    Number 1 is great for Furries ;)

  • BunniesBunnyRBLX
    BunniesBunnyRBLX 2 months ago

    i think texas will allow swords and spears in certain public places. and knives under 5 ft long. somewhere in September i think.

    • BunniesBunnyRBLX
      BunniesBunnyRBLX 2 months ago

      i live in Texas so i know. i also used to lived in Mississippi. c:

  • jinggo78
    jinggo78 2 months ago

    Of course eating horse meat isn't illegal or McDonald's would go out of business.

  • Coolmusicplaylist
    Coolmusicplaylist 2 months ago

    F***ing an animal should be illegal everywhere

  • Coolmusicplaylist
    Coolmusicplaylist 2 months ago

    Y is cannablisim not illegal?

  • James L
    James L 2 months ago

    I fittin' to buy myself a tank

  • Coolmusicplaylist
    Coolmusicplaylist 2 months ago


  • Dexter Delvin
    Dexter Delvin 2 months ago

    So the southern states allow corporal punishment. They were also the last states to ban slavery.

  • Liam Sturgill
    Liam Sturgill 2 months ago

    In Kentucky, you can legally marry your first cousin, but marrying your sibling is illegal

  • Sam Siddiqui
    Sam Siddiqui 2 months ago

    owing a tank is legal what ??!!!!!

    • Brandon Coler
      Brandon Coler 2 months ago

      Sam Siddiqui its ridiculous but yes you can buy & own a tank in the US. Russia allows this as well

  • Máté Jancsek
    Máté Jancsek 2 months ago

    why would eating a horse illegal?

  • Karl Bisila
    Karl Bisila 2 months ago

    Of course California has the strictest laws

  • Nobody Nobody
    Nobody Nobody 2 months ago

    I'm confused about the flamethrower and tank, because people are not allowed to own weapons of mass destruction. Unless it's a vintage tank, and doesn't actually do anything...

    • Brandon Coler
      Brandon Coler 2 months ago

      Nobody Nobody when you buy a tank all weapons including the main turret will be disabled and you'll need the proper paperwork in order to drive the tank in public. for the flamethrower, you can own one if you're not in or was with the military as they deemed it "inhumane". unlike the tank, its illegal to use a flamethrower in public

  • Somone Random
    Somone Random 2 months ago

    Hey assholes, radar detectors don't work the cop will already have you marked by the time your radar detector picks them up. Also most police agencies have LIDAR now which radar detectors will not pick up

  • Jordan Deadley
    Jordan Deadley 2 months ago

    *Watches video*
    *Tells police to go fuck himself*

  • SteelBatoid2000
    SteelBatoid2000 2 months ago

    What happened to FPSRussia?

  • Tirkka
    Tirkka 2 months ago

    I'm certain all of them are illegal. but this is Finland what i'm talking about. Everything is illegal here. Even if it's not fun, it's still illegal.

    • Tirkka
      Tirkka 2 months ago

      Ok, sorry lol. Probably most others would be illegal, but at least a couple years ago #1 was illegal here only if you harm the other "participant". Disgusting, but not illegal.

  • Randy Jeans
    Randy Jeans 2 months ago

    I live in Kentucky so I can bang a Horse.

    But I won't.

  • DragonKazooie89
    DragonKazooie89 2 months ago

    Not only is owning a flamethrower legal, so is owning a Mini-gun!

  • ArtNinja 1224
    ArtNinja 1224 2 months ago

    faith in humanity destroyed from some of the laws from this list

  • Gozewijn Goossens
    Gozewijn Goossens 2 months ago

    Corporal punishment with a flamethrower is still illegal in some states.

  • randomdefender
    randomdefender 2 months ago

    So it's legal to do all these things yet it's illegal to collect rainwater

  • Garrett Griggs
    Garrett Griggs 2 months ago

    Actually owning lockpicks can results in being charged with possession of burglarious tools

  • malak as
    malak as 2 months ago

    why were the first two supposed to be thought illegal? They seem like everyday stuff to me. Well, here in Greece anyway.

  • Justine Hardy
    Justine Hardy 2 months ago

    i love horse meat, how could someone think it was illegal

  • Richard Gibs
    Richard Gibs 2 months ago

    what about masturbating on an aeroplane? if it is illegal was it pre 2000s?

  • C00ki3M0nst3r 3ATS
    C00ki3M0nst3r 3ATS 2 months ago

    Soo, if corporal punishment is legal in specific states, can I punish my teachers for giving out homework?

  • MyDragonDestroyer
    MyDragonDestroyer 2 months ago


  • Bryce Avise
    Bryce Avise 2 months ago

    can you own a sword?

  • Brian Corvello
    Brian Corvello 2 months ago

    Selling and dealing horsemeat isn't the problem. The crime it's infamous for is mislabeling it as beef. It's a type of con

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan 2 months ago

    What in the holy shit I was watching?

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan 2 months ago

    What in the holy shit I was watching?

  • VideoGamer
    VideoGamer 2 months ago

    America: the land of opportunities...especially when you can do any kind of crazy shit!

  • Worgen33
    Worgen33 2 months ago

    I imagine bestiality is kinda hard to differentiate from animal husbandry. I mean isn't the only difference if your wearing pants or not?

  • frankbauerful
    frankbauerful 2 months ago

    Who thought eating horse meat was illegal?

  • ApexPenguin
    ApexPenguin 2 months ago

    Adults marrying children with the consent of the parents didn't even get a dishonorable mention? Odd.

  • cavlory rebels
    cavlory rebels 2 months ago

    siting in the bed of a truck is illgal in texas because of the death count because of us dumb drunks xp

  • Mike Sol
    Mike Sol 2 months ago

    I am surprised that burning the American Flag isn't on this list. Many people think it is illegal to do so, but it isn't.

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 2 months ago

    OJ Simpson proved that murder is legal in California

  • BlueQuill 777
    BlueQuill 777 2 months ago

    Is KissAnime illegal?

  • Mother of the Universe
    Mother of the Universe 2 months ago

    Cool so I can go purchase a flamethrower and a tank!

  • Gloria Nkusi Mukazana 1999

    Laugh so hard when says speed limit and show fast and furious
    And says f word and show NWA

  • Amar Kamalulrahim
    Amar Kamalulrahim 2 months ago

    Well shit, time to fuck pigs and eat babies

  • Crazy Steve
    Crazy Steve 2 months ago

    Bestiality? Not illegal? HELL YEAH!

  • Austin Fisher
    Austin Fisher 2 months ago

    Because one day, I'm gonna wake up and get the idea to go to West Virginia and fuck a squirrel.

  • Reefresocotias
    Reefresocotias 2 months ago +1

    With the exception of the last three, none of these are crazy. In fact, most of these are reasonable. Honestly, Canadians have no sense of freedom anymore. We ought to invade them.

  • D Lucian
    D Lucian 2 months ago

    radar detectors are illegal in Illinois.. use to live in state and was told by a cop.

  • Beatrixacs300
    Beatrixacs300 2 months ago

    Well, those things might not be illegal (though it depends on the country), but the consequences of using them might be criminal.

  • Mojalistic
    Mojalistic 2 months ago

    i learned something thank you ^^

  • kasra khatir
    kasra khatir 2 months ago

    Forgot owning a Fighter Jet

  • kasra khatir
    kasra khatir 2 months ago

    ...In US

  • Da Pottrain
    Da Pottrain 2 months ago

    I guess cannibalism

  • Rashard Mccallum
    Rashard Mccallum 2 months ago

    Mojo's google search history must be weird.

  • Rashard Mccallum
    Rashard Mccallum 2 months ago

    Hit my kid and I'm going to fuck you up.

  • osip667
    osip667 2 months ago

    So why the hell did you censored those boobs when its legal.

  • FernTheYoutuber
    FernTheYoutuber 2 months ago


  • Phantom!
    Phantom! 2 months ago

    sub me plz

  • Phantom!
    Phantom! 2 months ago

    sub me plz

  • Jack the Insane
    Jack the Insane 2 months ago


    DANIELMAND DK 2 months ago

    What's the problem with eating horse?

  • Ears Of Doom
    Ears Of Doom 2 months ago

    Washing your grandmother's hair with, albeit frowned upon.

  • Craniac 324
    Craniac 324 2 months ago

    Well if 1 is legal in some states society is fucked up

  • Ulrik Caspersen
    Ulrik Caspersen 2 months ago

    This post may be considered slightly irrelevant, but I will dare it anyway: The one about obeying Stop Signs on private property, (#6) is universal across the world, as there are those countries where if an area is accessible by the public (ie. no fences or gates) the law governing traffic applies to all traffic in that area just like on public roads; and this includes obeying signs, speed limits and so forth.

  • - Mad -
    - Mad - 2 months ago

    topless women is a crazy thing??? you ameriburgers are fucked up in the head

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