Crazy People OVERREACTING in Public Compilation

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  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones Hour ago

    Über driver is my fucking hero! The cunt talks to me like that and she shows up at her destination in the trunk of my car with a fucking pickax in her head.

  • Foreverzero2003
    Foreverzero2003 16 hours ago

    I would tell her, "Alright, I'll drive you to the police station if you like?"


  • Bill Accord
    Bill Accord Day ago

    The crazy passenger and the lady who can't stand seeing other couples happy both need to get publicly hanged.

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 3 days ago

    I wouldn't be sitting there with that ignorant bitch, I would be callin the cops saying either they get her out or I will be getting her out.

  • txlady1049
    txlady1049 3 days ago

    passenger to Uber driver -- "Go back to your country"
    LOL, at least he can speak English -- she's speaking some foreign language.

  • D Winslow
    D Winslow 4 days ago

    The lady at 13:35 seems a little sexually frustrated. Just saying......

    • D Winslow
      D Winslow 4 days ago

      And she keeps calling the woman that was kissing the guy a whore........what about him? Is his actions not as bad as the "whores" actions? I think the complaining woman was so jealous its funny.

  • lasher840
    lasher840 4 days ago

    Wait so there was a little kid trapped in the elevator? Fuck that those people weren't acting crazy.

  • MaskedKillerFox
    MaskedKillerFox 5 days ago

    I've been called a slut in front of my girlfriend (now ex) and my boyfriend so I know how it feels, let's just say I broke the bitches nose, never mess with me or call me a slut.

  • phapnui
    phapnui 6 days ago

    If I was a Uber driver I would electrify the back seats. They get out of line, they get a jolt and go flopping around like a halibut. They keep it up, they get another jolt.
    Or better yet, and ejectomatic rear seat. They get out of line and they go flying 50 feet up in the air like a jet fighter pilot bailing out.

  • SyMoane75
    SyMoane75 8 days ago

    I wanna knock that last bitch out!

  • SyMoane75
    SyMoane75 8 days ago

    OMFG! The first clip is fucking annoying! Just get out of the guy's car already!

  • Kat Small
    Kat Small 9 days ago

    I have so much respect for Uber drivers

  • Equinox End
    Equinox End 9 days ago

    Imagine a black person calling the cops when they need help,hypocrites

  • RDA8191
    RDA8191 10 days ago

    The bitch in the sushi place is the epitome of a lonely, jealous, fat bitch that hates attractive girls. Just reeks of jealousy and pathetic-ness. Typical hypocritical feminist/leftist. I guarantee she's both and you see their true colors. She has no problem calling a skinny girl a prostitute, whore, slut, and throwing racial slurs around too, but I guarantee she pretends to crusade against all that shit. Leftists and feminists are disgusting hypocrites

  • RDA8191
    RDA8191 10 days ago

    "pull every fire alarm"......"JUST PULL THE FUCKING DOOR YOU PUSSIES"...these people are examples of why you see crowds of idiots running around in circles screaming in emergency situations. Completely helpless morons that just resort to panicking. Take a deep breath, calm the fuck down, you spaz, and start problem solving

  • RDA8191
    RDA8191 10 days ago

    Jesus Christ, I fucking hate you ghetto ass, fat black bitches. Nobody likes you, you are society's lowest pieces of shit

  • superwonder
    superwonder 13 days ago

    People don't understand the difference from public and private.. every restaurant is public. Almost everything is public. Here in the US. Only time it's private is when. You physically own the land aaaΓ aand business. I'm sorry but growing up in a time when being photographed wasn't a big deal. And seeing so many people defending the wrong person is bullshit. Go back 30+ years and this wasn't even a thing. People work for money and to provide for their families. Now all you fucking (kids), want hand outs don't wanna work for it. Cause you were raised to be babies your whole life and if you cry enough you get your way. Sorry but that's not how the world works.

  • Chris Cunningham
    Chris Cunningham 14 days ago

    Bitch needs a shot of pepper spray to move her stupid ass out of the car.

  • Chris Cunningham
    Chris Cunningham 14 days ago

    Stupid bitch can't speak. He needed to just pull her mouthy, animal ass out of the car and leave her at the side of the road.

  • Showtime
    Showtime 14 days ago

    Shes just mad shes not getting any cock with you ugly fat ass.

  • Kandie Prince
    Kandie Prince 14 days ago

    Cwol da cwops πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love her accent

  • mr clean
    mr clean 14 days ago

    I would've kept driving 😭so she'll still have to pay all this shit. Smh she buggin

  • Just Me
    Just Me 15 days ago

    I would be willing to bet that the woman that was going off on the couple in the restaurant had just found out that her boyfriend/husband had left her for a better looking woman.

  • Yvonne Hunter
    Yvonne Hunter 16 days ago

    I think the girl in that last video forgot to take her meds... lol

  • barbara chipley
    barbara chipley 17 days ago

    Mr. Uber....I didn't realize she was in the back seat. lol

  • Blizard the lizard
    Blizard the lizard 18 days ago

    The way the first guy handled that nasty girls attitude is quite inspiring really. He didn't want to go to the same level she was and may himself look like a fool. He knew there was no point in arguing with her. Lot is respect to him because I know a lot of people wouldn't of handled it the way he did.

  • Big RayRay
    Big RayRay 18 days ago

    I like how you think @ecoy

  • 0311TYPE
    0311TYPE 20 days ago

    #2 Fat 'n' Frantic!

  • Andrea Westfall
    Andrea Westfall 20 days ago

    She is wasting his work time and should have to pay for every minute!

  • Andrea Westfall
    Andrea Westfall 20 days ago

    The second someone acts like that, call the cops and give them the damn boot!!!! I can't stand people with a mouth and attitude like that. So disgusting!!!

  • Susan Fielding
    Susan Fielding 22 days ago

    Dear driver: You are a saint, but next time just call the police and have them remove the trash from your car and put it on the side of the road where it belongs. I wish I could give you a medal !!!

  • Harlequill
    Harlequill 22 days ago

    How to win an argument: Repeatedly scream "Cahla kaups!" 100 times.

    And she's talking about calling her man. Bitch, we know you don't have a man, otherwise you wouldn't be using Uber.

  • TG Naruto
    TG Naruto 26 days ago

    So that hot chick in the thumbnail wasn't even in the video, what a clickbait

  • Guy Fieri
    Guy Fieri 26 days ago

    idk how to feel about number 2

  • Armswieldthehero
    Armswieldthehero 28 days ago

    Umm, the people having problems with the elevator... if it's a recurring problem... just take the stairs you lazy dumbasses.

  • Rebekah Altizer
    Rebekah Altizer 29 days ago

    1 Is a completely fucking insane cow and I honestly hope she ends up alone and cries herself to sleep. She is just an ugly person.

  • Adam Trombino
    Adam Trombino 29 days ago

    FYI, if you pull the fire alarm in most buildings in America, it automatically shuts down the elevator, sending it to the main/lobby floor and locking it there.. just sayn...

  • Adam Trombino
    Adam Trombino 29 days ago

    #3 is a fight over a phone charger?! Jeeze..

  • A
    A Month ago

    #2 looks like a heard of obese cows needing to be slaughtered

  • A
    A Month ago

    i hate black women except for in pornography

  • Trev Kess
    Trev Kess Month ago

    That first girl is an idiot domestic violence in home violence she's soon retarded

  • the no name guy
    the no name guy Month ago

    the second ones a bunch of fat people who dont wnt to go down the stairs

  • Dee Cee
    Dee Cee Month ago

    (Item 1) He really should have called the police.

    She's acting like she's crazy...

  • TexasBlonde51
    TexasBlonde51 Month ago

    What is it with black women who think if they repeat it over and over and over they will get their way. This woman is BSCrazy and needs to be jailed for assault. Her boyfriend needs to see her berserk behavior and run, run away fast.

  • Larry McDonald
    Larry McDonald Month ago

    Take her to the Police Station save the taxpayers the gas money.

  • draconiclady0610
    draconiclady0610 Month ago

    1st Crazy Asshole: Now this sort of person pisses me off. There are women that get beaten up, assaulted and everything else and bitches and cunts like this cry wolf when NOTHING happens to them and they are just mildly inconvenienced or vaguely (if you squint) insulted. If she had been assaulted....WHY THE FUCK IS SHE STAYING IN THE CAR? RUN, DUMBASS, RUN! I don't believe for a second she's been assaulted, but still.
    2nd clip: First off "There's no camera's right" THERE'S ONE IN YOUR FUCKING HAND! Second: If you pull the fire alarm, and there is no fire...I'm fairly certain that's a crime and you can get a ticket or a summons. Now, if your kids are in the elevator, YOU NEED TO CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT AND THE POLICE, and if you had put the phone down and called, they are most likely on their way. The people of the hotel can't do much with the elevators, if they are not trained they can't do it, and they are just standing there to warn people to not attempt to use the elevators at this time and to possibly direct the police and rescue services. They're not emergency personnel!
    Third clip: Prude.

  • Vickie Hicks
    Vickie Hicks Month ago +1

    Damn he is calm. I don't think I could have been.

  • Elite Behind the door

    Kudos to the first First guy for being calm. I would've dragged the bitch out by her hair

  • Shawnee Tate
    Shawnee Tate Month ago +1

    The first video, she keeps saying she will tell her "boyfriend." I DOUBT she has a boyfriend, what man in their right mind would put up with a crazy bitch like her. And I would have yanked her out of my dam car if that was me she was disrespecting.

  • CoopyKat
    CoopyKat Month ago

    I cannot understand why in the hell these Uber drivers do not just physically throw these dumb ass bitches out of their car?!

  • Bob Lazuli
    Bob Lazuli Month ago

    She kept saying, "CALL THE COPS! CALL THE COPS!"How I heard it:"CALL THE COPS! CALL THE COPS! BECAUSE YOU HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO DO THAT!"Side note: She said he was going to jail, but for what? She invaded his private space, made an unnecessary scene, and threatened him, while he asked her to get out politely, and didn't even want the cops involved in the first place.

  • Ridgeway David
    Ridgeway David Month ago

    I understand its scarey to be stuck in a lift, but things like happen, it wasnt the hotel staff's fault.x

  • Emerick Belasco
    Emerick Belasco Month ago

    The 1st bitch deserves a firm back-handed pimp slap across her loud, ghetto mouth.

  • Perry Bouchard
    Perry Bouchard Month ago

    the woman in first video probs doesn't even have her own bank account her bf is probs paying for that rat bag

  • Pete Richardson
    Pete Richardson Month ago +1

    Jesus GOD. Who raised these people?!

  • Ikerus0
    Ikerus0 Month ago

    Oh man, that chick needs to get checked just so she can learn that she can't be an entitled asshole.
    One day, someone isn't going to take it, and whether it's right or not, she may just get knocked the fuck out.

  • RDC Tarantula
    RDC Tarantula Month ago

    yeah, the new fad, clapping and shouting in rhythm. sooooooooooooo ghetto.

  • Cold Winter
    Cold Winter Month ago

    <(β€’_β€’)/ Ooooooo HELL NOOO!!

  • Alexa Chucala
    Alexa Chucala Month ago

    #1 Take your meds

  • Alexa Chucala
    Alexa Chucala Month ago

    what the hell are people in the second video doing?

  • Alexa Chucala
    Alexa Chucala Month ago

    The girl has no phone, no money, and no leverage. Just get out!

  • Brooke Walley
    Brooke Walley Month ago

    that last woman needs to be institutionalized! wow!

  • alanah natalie
    alanah natalie Month ago

    am I the only one who was cracking up at the last one? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this lady was something else

  • Limeade
    Limeade Month ago +1

    Number 1. was just salty that she couldn't get a boyfriend, nonetheless be a prostitute. Also, props to the couple in the last one, for the lady refraining from being unnecessarily rude.

  • Kylie Wilson
    Kylie Wilson Month ago +1

    How many dickhead's does it take to open an elevator door ? LMFAO πŸ˜€

  • Kylie Wilson
    Kylie Wilson Month ago +1

    Holly shit that chick was a total psychopath and the guy was a martyr for staying relatively calm with that bushpig going off her guts in the back seat .Personally my approach would had been slightly different and would have ended a whole lot quicker . I would have screamed to a halt parked the car jumped out and reefed the bitch out by her hair whilst giving her a few good kicks to the ribs on her way down to eat some sidewalk and jumped back in and drove off .BAHAHAHA 😈 As you can tell I am not one to suffer no one's bullshit .

  • goddessvenom
    goddessvenom Month ago +1

    Last lady yelling "I'm from California!" Well that explains it lol!

  • steampunk ninja
    steampunk ninja Month ago +1

    what's funny is... the woman in the last clip is a lonely cam girl bitch with no boyfriends

  • joshua serafini
    joshua serafini Month ago +1

    That's the most ghetto girl I have ever seen. No respect for herself at all. So immature, she's acting like a wild animal

  • FlyyMoney4Eva
    FlyyMoney4Eva Month ago +2

    Plot twist:

    The red haired nut in the last video is cam girl. Real life facts. You can google it I'm sure. Something public freakout cam girl or something along those lines...gotta love the irony.

  • Tmacco 242
    Tmacco 242 Month ago

    in 2, why were they on an elevator ALONE!?. Where were the parents?

  • Thomas Diaz
    Thomas Diaz Month ago

    Maybe I would do same thing at no.2

  • Sheila White
    Sheila White Month ago

    im a elderly black women when we was coming up we would not talk to no men like what is the matter with these younger women.a man is the king and you is the Queen.but these WOMEN now days at like fools.

  • Sheila White
    Sheila White Month ago

    bitch get out his car.

  • Gabriella Musgrove
    Gabriella Musgrove Month ago

    ok the 2nd one is ok cuz the works did shit and there kid could of died over time from no air so 2nd one is a ok

  • jimmelay71
    jimmelay71 Month ago +1

    The last ladies name is Anna Storelli I think. She has a public Facebook page if you want to have fun.

  • Izsak Jorasz
    Izsak Jorasz Month ago

    Wait...ALL of THAT with the Uber driver was because he didn't have a charger??!!!!

  • Izsak Jorasz
    Izsak Jorasz Month ago

    It's amazing how many black people demand respect from whites, but many of them don't even respect themselves. Notice how they call each other stuff like "Nigga" (even nigger) or "dog?"

  • lauren hooker
    lauren hooker Month ago +2

    the first guy was soooo chill i would've freaked out. especially after she said she was going to roll the windows down and say he was raping her

  • Cameron Hinkel
    Cameron Hinkel Month ago

    why would you pull the fire alarm, was there a fire? no...

    • jimmelay71
      jimmelay71 Month ago

      I thought maybe she was freaking out because her little kids were in there. A grown ass man was stuck. Pathetic.

  • scott craig
    scott craig Month ago

    Dumb ass bitch talk her lyin ass out of a ride. Why dont these black bitches realize we all hate them the psycho bitches

  • Hless421
    Hless421 Month ago

    Breaking news: Making out is not considered having sex.

  • cutthe27
    cutthe27 Month ago +3

    "There's black people... and there's niggas"

    -Chris Rock

  • Alex .Pitts
    Alex .Pitts Month ago

    the crazy lady at the end did make a seductive video of her own too, another channel made fun of her and showed the video. lol

  • Darran Clarke
    Darran Clarke Month ago

    The last woman is obviously sexually frustrated it is unbelievable!!! not sure if it is the man or the woman she is full up with suppressed desire and hated for!!! she has a major issue and good on them keeping calm despite her abuse, it was equally laughable and very aggressive,,,,,that woman needs a serious hard shag, just so she can get it out her system!!!!

  • David E.S.
    David E.S. Month ago

    Tell me that last women ended up under arrest in jail and then to a mental hospital.

  • Guy Will
    Guy Will Month ago

    two words. pepper spray

  • Yoshi B.
    Yoshi B. Month ago

    The last chick was clearly jealous. Obviously no one is touching that.

  • Bryce Conn
    Bryce Conn Month ago

    I feel bad for that respectable gentlemen in the first clip.

  • Honest Comments
    Honest Comments Month ago

    If i am locked up in an elevator i would explode like them as well. My claustrophobia will get me so fast.

  • Emma R
    Emma R 2 months ago

    sounds like she was saying corn on the cob

  • KoKi GAmI
    KoKi GAmI 2 months ago

    With that last woman's understanding of sexual assault I'm guessing she identifies as a transgender lesbian fidget spinner

  • Nevermind
    Nevermind 2 months ago +1

    idk why I am watching this when I am tilted as fuck after losing a csgo comp match, I got a mad anger boner right now

  • marta gil-vaz
    marta gil-vaz 2 months ago +1

    The film "Misery" was depicted from the last lady

  • Jonn wray
    Jonn wray 2 months ago

    Last time I saw a leg like that it was in a KFC bucket!

  • O Salgado
    O Salgado 2 months ago

    what a pyscho crazy lady.. the uber driver is very patience. I would have dragged her ass out, crazy ass female.

  • Jax16.Debate
    Jax16.Debate 2 months ago

    All those fake ass people trying to win an Oscar with that trapped in the elevator routine.

    BENDER IS AWESOME 2 months ago

    Blacks have some sort of glitch in their brains. To repeat their words.

  • Tiffani G
    Tiffani G 2 months ago

    I think the "youre sexually harassing me" lady just needs to get laid and could be a bit mentally off....just an observation.

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