How to escape quicksand

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  • NoobGaming105
    NoobGaming105 9 hours ago

    How to break your Spine..

    1:Lay Down
    2:Backstroke Weirdo.
    3:Congrats u escaped
    Also Backstroking will just get your arms stuck.

  • Kiran Kulkarni
    Kiran Kulkarni 11 hours ago

    the guy doesn't know how to do backstroke

  • The Mc Goat
    The Mc Goat 23 hours ago

    Best option someone call 911!!!!!

  • Eli Yangi
    Eli Yangi Day ago

    I ain't loosing my shoes the quicksand is going to get a piece of these hands before I do that

  • LP TV
    LP TV 2 days ago +1

    What if your shoes are Jordans?

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk 2 days ago

    "it's impossible to drown in quicksand"

    Yeah that's a lot of horse shit. I just watched a LiveLeak video of a man who taped himself trying to escape and guess what? He died. Whole reason I'm here. Maybe he didn't "drown" but he suffocated. It's all about how deep you go. If your nose and mouth are covered you'll eventually pass out and die, so yeah it isn't "impossible". Use common sense dumbasses.

  • Holson
    Holson 3 days ago

    How to fuck your spine n.169 ('Cause of the animation)

  • ColorX
    ColorX 3 days ago

    Why just u dont call 911?

  • Feline685
    Feline685 3 days ago

    That was actually a great idea like if agree👍

  • Stattic Mods
    Stattic Mods 3 days ago

    1:20 what are those

  • Lego man2006-_-
    Lego man2006-_- 3 days ago


  • Goof Trooper
    Goof Trooper 3 days ago

    They said if you have to, lose your shoes

  • Craig Foy
    Craig Foy 4 days ago

    Tried it. Didn't eork. I'm dead now

  • SirBeautimus
    SirBeautimus 4 days ago

    Fuck you, I'm not losing Yeezy's.

  • bryan ganduno
    bryan ganduno 4 days ago

    How would you get your shoes of the quicksand

  • Pirate Kings
    Pirate Kings 4 days ago

    So how will I get my shoes?

  • namazzi
    namazzi 4 days ago

    FAKE if you wiggle your legs you will go In more BUT laying on your back helps a little bit

  • harry guest
    harry guest 4 days ago +1

    Instructions unclear got my dick stuck in the boat

  • Itz_ Angieee
    Itz_ Angieee 4 days ago

    so you basically shut the hell up, swim in air, and escape. yeah thats so simple,

  • Douglas Richards
    Douglas Richards 5 days ago

    You can drown in quicksand I'm pretty sure and if not you can easily kill yourself through the pressure or just bring in the same place for so long

  • Alden Alexander
    Alden Alexander 5 days ago


  • Iam Xorry
    Iam Xorry 5 days ago

    What If its Children??

  • Mike-el Ollivierre
    Mike-el Ollivierre 5 days ago

    It didn't work

  • Scottthe raps
    Scottthe raps 5 days ago

    im watching this while im stuck

  • Jess Kawaii
    Jess Kawaii 5 days ago

    1:51 "they see me rolling they hatin" 😁

  • Freddie Ruston
    Freddie Ruston 6 days ago

    What about your arms what is they get stuck

  • Kenji Games
    Kenji Games 6 days ago

    What about youre dick? What will happen? Ill guess the QuickSand will suck it...
    You get huh?
    Because the Quicksand Suck right? Ok ill stop now

  • Louis Li
    Louis Li 6 days ago

    Wow... Interesting

  • DeProGamer Efe
    DeProGamer Efe 7 days ago

    Oh .take of your shoe,but what if i have nike,s

  • ApollODST PK7
    ApollODST PK7 7 days ago

    How tf do you backstroke In quicksand

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson 7 days ago +1

    "Wiggle your legs" what if we have weak legs?

  • Ex xViperx
    Ex xViperx 8 days ago

    You know how hard it is to move your legs or arms In quicksand dumbshits

  • Try Out
    Try Out 8 days ago

    dude i am sure this is wrong. i herd u shoudnt move too much. this guy wants everyone to die or something

  • Mr. Cookies
    Mr. Cookies 8 days ago

    How to escape a quicksand:
    Just don't go to the quicksand.

  • SweetTea sgood
    SweetTea sgood 9 days ago

    wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah

  • JaydenMasterGaming
    JaydenMasterGaming 9 days ago

    THIS ISNT FUNNY ITS HELPFUL AM I RIGHT? sorry caps. Like plz and click #jaydenmastergaming and 1:25 is not possible

  • Cadence Young
    Cadence Young 9 days ago

    Good animation

  • help me reach 500 subs without any video!! !

    I watched this when i was in quicksand

  • Vortex Striker
    Vortex Striker 10 days ago

    Well I don't know how to do a back stroke so I'm doomed

  • max
    max 10 days ago +1

    Those skinny legs

  • Logan Paul Vlogs
    Logan Paul Vlogs 10 days ago +1

    boi we dont go to super professional gymnastics

  • Erison Murollari
    Erison Murollari 10 days ago

    But but thr shoes

  • Xtreamkyleyip Plays
    Xtreamkyleyip Plays 10 days ago

    Rember guys don't wear Jordan or yeezy if you are going to the beach you might get trap in quicksand and you need to survive out the quicksand you will lose those shoe

  • Logan Paul Vlogs
    Logan Paul Vlogs 11 days ago +1

    0:38 what actually makes it dangerous is that you break your spine

  • sugarplum isawesome
    sugarplum isawesome 11 days ago

    Yeah no the more you move the more it traps you here is how to really get out: fucking scream you lungs out for help

  • SnorpBoy08
    SnorpBoy08 12 days ago


  • Tommy Vailes
    Tommy Vailes 12 days ago

    Good to know thanks

  • greencreepercreeps !!!

    Ok maybe before trying to get out,shout for help.

  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilence 13 days ago

    This was great. Everytime quicksand comes up the only survival tip is don't struggle or you'll sink faster! O... K so how do you get out then? This vid gave an answer

  • 351cleavland
    351cleavland 15 days ago

    This happens to me aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time!

  • Millie Burton
    Millie Burton 15 days ago

    And, this technique keeps you free of sand when you manage to escape

  • J Kook
    J Kook 15 days ago

    Spine breaker*BTS😂😂

  • Isaac Santana
    Isaac Santana 16 days ago

    01:49 best "rolling" animation ever

  • Paulius Urbonas
    Paulius Urbonas 16 days ago

    Fun fact the day after i watched this i got stuck in quick sand

  • SkylarJonesZ Channel
    SkylarJonesZ Channel 16 days ago

    I know how,be quicker than the sand lol

  • Carl Musni
    Carl Musni 16 days ago

    Fun fact: It takes the same strength to pull a person out of quicksand as it does to pull a car.

  • ManipulativeMudkip
    ManipulativeMudkip 17 days ago

    an easier way: don't go to the beach

  • Vonnyb39
    Vonnyb39 17 days ago +1

    How to break your ass 101

  • Ugly Stuff Plz sub to me

    cool way to get out but not cool when u lose ur $30000 shoes

  • Ugly Stuff Plz sub to me

    cool way to get out without my $30000 shoes

  • gaou201
    gaou201 17 days ago

    Me:let's go to the beach!

    Me:sees 1:49

    Me:forget it lets just get outta here and go to another beach if I see that again ever in my life I'm drowning myself

  • Uriah367
    Uriah367 17 days ago

    Don't tell me she is looking there.... 1:55

  • Doggyboi
    Doggyboi 17 days ago

    Wiggling your legs is a bad idea

  • Hybrid Reptilians
    Hybrid Reptilians 17 days ago +1

    *You don't sink in quick sand* finally a video that shows what I'm trying to say to the stupid people who argues *ur like, so stupid you DO sink dum dum* thank god you saved me from the dumbasses!

  • Alternate Current
    Alternate Current 19 days ago +2

    Seems easy, *tries it out the next day and accidentally died by dehydration*

  • grean Perrsin
    grean Perrsin 19 days ago +2

    1:49 And here we have a worm, in his natural habitat wiggling his way out of the quicksand he got stuck in

  • That green dude
    That green dude 20 days ago +1


  • Gaming MineCraftBros
    Gaming MineCraftBros 20 days ago

    That's not true you can suffocate in quicksand I was 9 and i had it up to nearly my neck

  • BangaBudgeBogan
    BangaBudgeBogan 20 days ago

    Directions not clear. Got my dick stuck in a toaster

  • homestuck Kid
    homestuck Kid 20 days ago

    You saved my i fell in quick sand i grabed my phone and saw this and it worked thanks

  • Kaylee Lane
    Kaylee Lane 20 days ago

    False, I got trapped in quicksand and I died. Unliked 😑

  • Lissy Pritchard
    Lissy Pritchard 20 days ago

    Come to England. It is very possible to not survive quick sand and is not this easy to escape

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 21 day ago

    Guys this is bullshit

  • SavageGamer
    SavageGamer 22 days ago

    What if you have dry feet and you lose your shoes everyone will make fun of you

  • SavageGamer
    SavageGamer 22 days ago

    1:27 when you see god but you cat move your head

  • toge Ka
    toge Ka 23 days ago

    *Nature be like*: lol, try clearly will die😂
    *Logic be like*:Wrong direction idiot...your arms and the way you go gosh
    *Physics be like*: How can the wind blow the ships in two different direction..gosh
    *Me like*: beautiful beach I want too :( my vacations are rip GOOASHH

  • I-am Becbec
    I-am Becbec 23 days ago

    Me while doing the backstroke in an opposite way and still escape from quicksand

  • I-am Becbec
    I-am Becbec 23 days ago +1

    Just ask Jason Derulo how to escape quicksand.

  • Sbs9au sysjjs
    Sbs9au sysjjs 23 days ago

    One day I got stuck on quicksand buy i didn't know what is a quicksand and for some reason I escaped easliy

  • Gaming Universe
    Gaming Universe 23 days ago +1

    i can't even backstroke in the swimming pool.. and u ask me to backtstroke in a quicksand?

  • Fun Channel
    Fun Channel 24 days ago

    The rolling though

  • hinimee
    hinimee 24 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought Quicksand existed only in Movies?

  • This is not vision k bye

    10/10 Accurate
    10/10 Helpful video

  • Blaster Dark
    Blaster Dark 24 days ago

    He used the force to get his shoes off

  • Justice May
    Justice May 25 days ago +1

    at 1:37 that's not backstroke

  • ?taco?
    ?taco? 25 days ago +1

    Fucking bullshit you can drown in quicksand

  • Showplay
    Showplay 25 days ago

    You can't wiggle your legs, quicksand is like concrete. You will only sing further down if you try.

  • Alex Barnes
    Alex Barnes 25 days ago

    This is is so fake LOL

  • YourFace 598
    YourFace 598 25 days ago

    Damn, his legs are messed up

  • Angel Nwosu
    Angel Nwosu 25 days ago

    There's just one iddy biddy problem...Were not cartoon

  • Calvin Lam
    Calvin Lam 25 days ago

    Everybody's leared something new while I'm just sitting here wondering how his shorts didn't get stained. (I know it's just an animation but I think it should at least have the basic reality things)

  • TocaLlama
    TocaLlama 26 days ago

    You can drown in their

  • Stoic Josh
    Stoic Josh 26 days ago

    Rip shoes


    Who else is watching this even though we're not gonna be in this situation JUUSSTTT in case?

  • LennyChu Plays
    LennyChu Plays 26 days ago

    This is hopeless. On the last step I'll just get caught by a fisherman thinking I'm a fish.

  • Sally Bollywood
    Sally Bollywood 27 days ago

    This comment section has me dying

  • UniFartz
    UniFartz 27 days ago +1

    I watched national geographic's video about how to escape quicksand. Youre not meant to wiggle your legs or you will go deeper (i think thats what they said)

  • HotdogSausage
    HotdogSausage 27 days ago

    but what about my slippers?

  • MoonliestOfTheMen
    MoonliestOfTheMen 27 days ago

    If I ever see quicksand at the beach, I'll walk away, grab someone's kid, and throw them in head first.

  • Tastyquicksand
    Tastyquicksand 27 days ago +1

    I find it Tasty

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