How to escape quicksand

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  • The first step to getting stuck in quicksand: Don't freak out. Humans actually can't drown in the stuff, because we float in it. Getting out can be simple, if you follow these instructions.

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  • Sophia Hipolito
    Sophia Hipolito 5 hours ago

    Why is it called QUICKsand even though you get stuck, you sink SLOWLY? So then lets call it Slowsand!

  • jder
    jder 13 hours ago

    That music tho

    SANTIAGO THE LEGEND 18 hours ago

    1:35 How the hell am I supposed to spin my arms all the way around like that.

  • Celestia Virux
    Celestia Virux 18 hours ago

    Wrong! You could sink and suffocate ! Instead you should put water in it to make it more easy to move or put some spit on it! Use belt if you are going in groups maybe rope could help

  • Sasha Dumas
    Sasha Dumas 18 hours ago

    But, for God's sake, these advices are rubbish: search for National Geographic video 'Can you survive Quicksand', disconfirms all the things told here

  • Powerrush Power
    Powerrush Power 1 day ago

    This is not the way. Dont try it!

  • Figo ayoub
    Figo ayoub 1 day ago

    Im watching this while my cousin is sinking in it

  • FreeLynx
    FreeLynx 1 day ago

    how to swim in sand 101

  • Yousef Al-Khiyami
    Yousef Al-Khiyami 1 day ago

    That's so fake, u can't survive quicksand if there was no coastguard in sight even National Geographic did a video

  • Idioticduck 131
    Idioticduck 131 1 day ago

    Quicksand is not real oh my god ugh

  • Crystal Gamer
    Crystal Gamer 2 days ago

    Sorry but how do you 2D

  • Inquisitor9906
    Inquisitor9906 2 days ago


  • Fluffy Panda
    Fluffy Panda 2 days ago

    wait but you can't move your legs in quicksand

  • Rey Patange
    Rey Patange 2 days ago

    That backstroke was the wrong way lol

  • TWrecks
    TWrecks 2 days ago

    you're backstroking the wrong way dummy

  • Godsey
    Godsey 3 days ago

    And that's how you flop like a fish

  • Yuxi Gao
    Yuxi Gao 3 days ago

    That guy is not human

  • C1Ansy
    C1Ansy 3 days ago


  • nelson sy
    nelson sy 3 days ago

    What about kids ._.

  • Mexican Giraffe
    Mexican Giraffe 3 days ago

    no such thing as quick sand its just water mixed with sand and if you do step on this its not hard to get out of

  • emmaiscool56
    emmaiscool56 4 days ago

    just snap your spine and the quicksand will think it's so horrendous that it will scream and set your free.

  • Pookie 0102
    Pookie 0102 4 days ago +3

    i did it and i died 👍👌

  • ChelseaFC !!!
    ChelseaFC !!! 4 days ago


  • ZeroGaming YT
    ZeroGaming YT 5 days ago

    Cool help alot

  • geniegogo
    geniegogo 5 days ago

    there's no way that is a backstroke, following this video might actually kill you. Could be bad. So you're supposed to know what part to disregard?

  • Bio DnD
    Bio DnD 5 days ago

    instructions unclear got my dick stuck in my friend

  • fiabeans
    fiabeans 6 days ago

    I was walking down and then my foot sank down 3 feet so I literally just pulled my foot out.

  • Anfex 101
    Anfex 101 6 days ago

    This video isn't correct ,you can't just move your legs and create a water pocket because your legs are super stuck like you are in concrete.

  • Phoenix Dude
    Phoenix Dude 6 days ago +1

    I feel so sorry for that homeless looking man losing those 98¢ Walmart sandals

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez 6 days ago

    i cant bend that much 1:24

  • Wildman2012
    Wildman2012 6 days ago +1

    What if I'm not a cartoon character?

  • яαиα
    яαиα 7 days ago

    these vids are so satisfying wtf

  • channel 5 nudes
    channel 5 nudes 7 days ago

    his arms are messed up. muscular on top and toothpick on bottom

  • Unknown Power
    Unknown Power 7 days ago

    This only works sometimes

  • Tim Bhodi
    Tim Bhodi 7 days ago +3

    This is bullshit. I actually got stuck in quicksand yesterday and just one leg were completely in it. Just one leg, and I were stuck like hell. I couldnt move my leg for one fucking centimeter. Leave alone one meter, like this guy is doing in the animation. 10 people came te help me and they started digging me out. After 20 minutes my entire leg finally was digged out enough to pull out my leg. No fucking way that you can escape like the dude in the animation did. No way.

    Sorry for my bad english im Dutch.

  • Awesome Kobra
    Awesome Kobra 8 days ago +1

    RIP Sandals January 25 2017

  • ImNoobx RBLX
    ImNoobx RBLX 8 days ago

    how to dance in 2018..


  • ma k
    ma k 8 days ago

    it sounds easy on a screen

  • Lizzy the pup
    Lizzy the pup 8 days ago

    I was in quick sand but it was more water than sand and more I was playing with quick sand

  • Nattaliy ナツコ
    Nattaliy ナツコ 8 days ago

    The music tho

  • sillyjak
    sillyjak 9 days ago

    THIS IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!>:(😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Vilmos Chia
    Vilmos Chia 9 days ago

    what if you are fat as hell

  • Sandip Borade
    Sandip Borade 9 days ago +3

    i had read the same process in a book

  • Team Snake
    Team Snake 10 days ago

    It says to not have ur friend pull u out or your upper body will dislodge

    But half ur body is always better than nothing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dialogue Afghan
    Dialogue Afghan 11 days ago

    why the man is having beard whereas the girl is half naked??

    what are you truna promote.

    is it your rage / hate ??

  • carrie mills
    carrie mills 11 days ago

    acctually you can drown in quicksand

  • Mark webber Fan
    Mark webber Fan 11 days ago +3

    They won't pull half of you out

  • Rafael Payumo
    Rafael Payumo 11 days ago

    sir how about my shoes?

  • NotRandomJustInsane
    NotRandomJustInsane 11 days ago

    I hope they know some instagramers have stolen this video

  • Nafisa Ahmed
    Nafisa Ahmed 12 days ago

    In other words all Tech Insider is trying to say is "Happy Death"

  • xLamEx Man
    xLamEx Man 12 days ago +1

    Look at that women's face

  • C. Fabiola P.
    C. Fabiola P. 12 days ago

    Yes right try that for real.

  • esperto acquari
    esperto acquari 12 days ago

    i try this now

  • redstone craft guy
    redstone craft guy 13 days ago

    Why do I need to know how to eascape quick sand? Quick sand isn't deep enough to kill you

  • IAmDatOneHuman
    IAmDatOneHuman 13 days ago +1

    What if your hair gets stuck in it?

  • Tabish Shaik
    Tabish Shaik 14 days ago +1

    When the backstroke isn't backwards

  • Bruh- No- Bruh
    Bruh- No- Bruh 14 days ago +1

    What if your arms get stuck while doing the backstroke ? 😱

  • Diamond Jeweler
    Diamond Jeweler 14 days ago

    now I know how to escape the quicksand

  • Nrarara raww
    Nrarara raww 14 days ago

    when your panicking you wiggle your feet stronger and after panicking do what steps in the video

  • Wytroxx - Agar
    Wytroxx - Agar 15 days ago

    1:49 10/10 rolling skill 👌😂💯

  • Amaan Kudroli
    Amaan Kudroli 15 days ago

    Backstroke ? I cant do a fking front stroke

  • Jungwoo'sSmile IsLiterallyKillingMefr

    I'm watching this while I'm trapped in a quicksand right now.

  • Bradley Chan
    Bradley Chan 16 days ago +1

    " It Is Impossible To Drown ", Huh? And If You Put Your Face In? -.-

  • Woopy 1
    Woopy 1 16 days ago


  • Gerda Gegužytė
    Gerda Gegužytė 17 days ago

    one more thing to add to my bucket list...

  • forestsoceansmusic
    forestsoceansmusic 17 days ago

    The quicksand I QUICKLY went down to my waist in was beside a mountains creek, but something told me to throw myself sideways (as I went down) towards the firm ground and get a hold of shrubs and rocks. It was very hard pulling my legs out but I did it (obviously). It felt like I was going to keep sinking over my head if I hadn't done that. At no stage did I feel the bottom.
    There was no one else around. I was exploring beside a creek where there was no path.

  • MaximusStars
    MaximusStars 17 days ago +1

    "Sticky Situation"
    Nice one.

  • Hacked By zelda
    Hacked By zelda 17 days ago +1

    This fucking animation looks like it was made from "GoAnimate"

  • PSZPlays115 .935
    PSZPlays115 .935 17 days ago

    Fake. If you really want us to die just send assassins.

  • VeganButera
    VeganButera 18 days ago +1

    "If nautical nonsense is something you wish;
    *Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!"*

  • Stephanie Paulo
    Stephanie Paulo 18 days ago +1

    the video is gonna get people killed lmao

  • DezDragons
    DezDragons 18 days ago

    666k subs, XD

  • 3a an
    3a an 18 days ago

    666k subs!!

  • m dasi
    m dasi 18 days ago

    666 K SUBS OMG

  • angelo gallo
    angelo gallo 18 days ago

    did you guys know i trap in the quciksand and am sk scread i just do like swimming

  • планета Нептун

    I’ll do this tomorrow

  • SdmGames a
    SdmGames a 19 days ago

    And for kids???

  • King Paul
    King Paul 19 days ago

    is this escape real?

  • Aa aa
    Aa aa 19 days ago

    I once got stuck in quicksand, I tried doing this but I only sunk faster and got chest deep, my friend had to call 911 they got me out but my legs were paralyzed for 2 days.

  • Satty Singh
    Satty Singh 20 days ago

    But think how dirty you'd be in the end...


    I subcribed!!

  • SharpyCodeX
    SharpyCodeX 20 days ago

    good thing the shoes werent jordans

  • xXsamXx
    xXsamXx 20 days ago

    1:49 I'm not a monster expert but I think that's Satan

  • Dazzle Tune
    Dazzle Tune 20 days ago

    Lol the comment section in this video is hilarious! XD

  • agaverus hutagalung
    agaverus hutagalung 21 day ago

    So if another person or your friend pull you, you will die

  • evilsonic9999
    evilsonic9999 21 day ago

    I find this funny lol

  • Mohit Rahaman
    Mohit Rahaman 21 day ago

    Instructions not clear. Head stuck in quicksand.

  • iMAX3D
    iMAX3D 21 day ago

    TOOOO BAD MUSIIIIIIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phamsta
    phamsta 22 days ago

    the music is remarkable

  • James Albright
    James Albright 22 days ago +1

    If you don't know how to backstroke, the way you get out is, well first of all you have to get your legs out simply lay on top of the quicksand. Doing this will help balance your weight. Once you laying down on the quicksand quickly roll out of it. :) ( BTW this might not work, because I saw it in a cartoon. But still if you don't know hot to backstroke try this)

  • Enrique Navarrete
    Enrique Navarrete 22 days ago

    The rolling looks more like a seizure to me

  • Jesse Vlog
    Jesse Vlog 23 days ago

    that happend to me

  • Helena Menache
    Helena Menache 23 days ago

    Inspired by bear grylls. It's just in rephrase

  • Pheonix Hunter
    Pheonix Hunter 24 days ago

    Roll like a fish out of water ROLL

  • CosminFTW
    CosminFTW 25 days ago

    I watched the national geographic channel video I don't think this is possible.

  • FireProBoy Socheat
    FireProBoy Socheat 26 days ago

    Wow! Thx for saving my life I am just a kid but I can survive that quicksand from yesterday

  • Edwin Reyes
    Edwin Reyes 26 days ago

    Better idea is to ask a friend for a bucket.

  • Pro Piv PL
    Pro Piv PL 27 days ago


  • Nyree Kirby
    Nyree Kirby 27 days ago +2

    Woah woah woah if it's impossible to drown in quicksand because you can FLOAT how is it possible to drown in what're (of which you float)?

  • Gaurab Bijukchhe
    Gaurab Bijukchhe 27 days ago

    I feel like I've seen this video before.

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